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Translated by: BioTech


ARMS Jan 06 Vol 211

Project Umbrella Translation

Prologue (pg 26)

September 29,1998.

6 years ago, I said farewell to my peaceful life and shining future, I will never forget that day.

The beginning is those bizzare murders in Arklay mountain. The T-virus leaked from Umbrella's research facility, and then the virus broke out in Raccoon City, the civilians were infected, and the whole city turned into a living hell with walking deads (Zombies).

Considering the seriousness of this disaster, the president and the Congress of the United States decided to carry out the "Sterilization". By October 2nd, 1998, Raccoon City was wiped out from the map.

Afterwards, this disaster was called "Umbrella Incident".

This incident shocked the whole world, and after Raccoon City's destruction, Leon joined a secret underground organization who was fighting against Umbrella.

After this incident, the US goverment suspended all of Umbrella's bussiness for the seriousness of that tragedy in Raccoon City. Influenced by this, Umbrella's stock prices crashed, and this giant international enterprise was actually dead.

For surviving from the hellish Raccoon City, and getting considerable acclaim in many operations after that, Leon got trained as a special agent of the United States, and then assumed the responsibility of protecting the president's family. Until the president's daughter was kidnapped by someone and disappeared....

Leon was in charge of this top secret investigation, and according to the intelligence, the information of a sighting of a girl that looks very similar to the President's daughter in a rural village in Europe was confirmed, so he went off there immediately.

The Birth of Leon's Handgun (Pg 32-33)

My name is Leon S. Kennedy.

1998, it's a dramatic year to me....

In that year, I was involved in the "Umbrella Incident" which rocked the whole nation. I really wanted to live a peaceful life, but this dream was broken because of that disaster. At that time, I was very interested in those bizzare murders that occured in Raccoon City, so I wrote this city down on my deployment wish paper and got involved in this incident at the day I reported for duty to the force. I survived from that living hell, and then recieved special training as an agent of the United States. I'm directly under the President's command and my main responsibility is to protect the President's family.

However, not very long after I finished my training, the president's daugter was kidnapped by someone, so my first mission is the most difficult "VIP rescue" one, and I would be sent abroad on this operation....

"I'm shit out of luck..." I started to curse it.

According to our intelligence, there's reliable information of a sighting of a girl that looks very similar to the President's daughter in a rural village in Europe. I was ordered to go there immediately and on top speed, so I started to prepare for it.

Since I heared of this mission, I had very bad feelings about it. For my experience of  being in a dead place, my gut told me that it's not just a field investigation.

For my preparation, I went to a shop.

"Kendo Gunshop."

The owner is a very famous gunsmith, his name is "Joe Kendo", he was originally a SWAT member, and had completed many practically impossible missions, which made him become a legend.

The special force of Raccoon City called "S.T.A.R.S." also used the guns customized by him to fight and survived from hell. I thought a top gun customized by Joe was quite necessary for this mission.

"Hey Leon, what's wrong for coming this late?" He asked me candidly, just like he always does. Though having retired from military service, his eyes are still very sharp.

"I want you to customize a gun for me, boss..."

"Ahh, no problem!! What kind of gun do you want?" Before he finished his talking, Joe discovered the atomsphere is unsual, so he asked me again, looks like his eye-sight could even penetrate my mind.

"The base gun is M92F, specifications are Brigadier Slide... Wilson type 3 point sight... Hybrid type grip...."

"Wow, you've surprised me, it really sounds like the 'Samurai Edge'."

"Yes.. I have bad feelings, so I want to use your master-piece this time."

"I see, the Samurai Edge is a great gun indeed, this custom can surely bring the function of the M92F to its maximum. In a sense, it probably has reached the level of a Combat Auto. However, the Samurai Edge is just a gun with great popularity. It's custom-tuned so that almost everyone, even a boy can use it, it's not a perfect gun. The ultimate tactical gun doesn't need a base gun, even every screw should be redesigned. I'm gonna show you an excellent one, though it's still a pilot run."

Several days later, I went to Kendo Gunshop again to get that gun, and I almost couldn't breathe when I saw it.

"Completely.... new design..."

"Everything I think a tactical gun should have is added to this gun. A silencer is attached to the outer barrel, enhanced slide, 3 dot sight, and polymer frame attached with undermount, magazine catch for both left and right-handed users, and hybrid grip... this is absolutely a new Samurai Edge."

"Perfect, boss... now I feel I can make it."

"Of course you can! I can get it from your eyes, terrible mission this time?"

"Yeah, I'm afraid it's the most difficult mission..."

"Since that incident, you often seem to see phantoms, those dark phantoms. I think we can call this gun 'Gray Phantom', what do you think?"

I interrupted him and started to say something.

"No, I'm a spirit pulled out from my body, a ghost. I'm a man who disappeared from this world in that incident, no, I'm a man who can't exist in this world. Wandering in the dark and gray fog, I call it 'Silver Ghost'."

"Yeah... and come back alive, Leon.."

Dense fog was veiling the whole city, the agent went out of the shop, he walked away, and disappeared into the fog, just like a ghost...

(This story is made up by the author, and has no connection with the Biohazard 4 story.)

About the mark on the grip.

The mark on the grip of Leon's handgun was originally designed for the symbol of the United States - the bald eagle, but was later changed into Leon's personal mark - a Skull.

The Making of Leon's Handgun (Pg 34)

The Ultimate Full-scratch

At the beginning, we were thinking what its base gun should be for quite a long time. When you see this gun for the first time, it surely will remind you of H&K's USP or SOCOM-Mk23, but actually they are subtly different. We were crying, making the gun's slide and frame with some lamination of plastic sticks and plates, and eventually, it's time to make this full-scratch.

To the point of design, we directly transplant the USP's Trigger guard part, and the front part of the slide of SOCOM, which is same with the USP, an "Air Cocking Gun" to this gun. About the gun's forming, we mainly used the epoxy putty as the material. If dissolving in water, this substance would harden immediately, making it very easy to process. And when the material is in a state of semi-hardening, we brushed its whole frame, give it a frosted texture.

As for the mark of "Kendo·SHOP", it's directly taken from the slide of the limited Samurai Edge and put on this gun. However, the indication of transplantation would be very clear due to its silver silde, so we fill it with a little bulge to the slide, and carefully pare on its surface. We bought some water pipes from home center, and use the junction to make the silencer attachment (The screw) in front of the outer barrel. What's more, we also tried very hard to tilt the slide, which is lengthened because of the process on the junction, in order to make the barrel remain thin.

The serration on slide is made of some plastic sticks, they are equally spaced and attached to the slide. It's tedious work and takes a lot of time. Some mobilizable parts like the hammer and trigger are also attached, after processing on the Joints of the full model. This makes them able to function smoothly, and the trigger stop is also live. The medallion is carved when the epoxy putty is in the condition of semi-hardening. After the image of this gun was determined to be "Ghost", the idea of making Leon's personal mark "The Skull" as its medallion came to us. Something like the laser sight mount is diverted from the same parts of a air cocking gun. This is much shorter than the "BeamFord" laser sight, which was planned to be used in our early design, but was replaced in the final build. This leads to a result that the laser sight itself can't accommodate the battery, so the battery has to be moved into the grip, and a wire is connected in the code of the switch. The original switch is dummy, and the real one is put on the grip. Even this "Turing on" problem is carefully concerned, this is surely this model's good point.

The grip panel is made from the lamination of plastic plates, with the grain style painting on it. We pared off some plastic sticks to a appropriate size, and used them to make those screws. The rough surface of a sandal was cut off, combined with a half-moon shaped plastic stick, then formed in the solution of putty, and finally attached to the front and back side of the frame. The unique magazine catcher on both left and right side, and some other parts were also reproduced.