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Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: XX/06/2012
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown


Abraham Jackson

Abraham Jackson was an Umbrella Co. researcher.

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In March 2012, Jackson was assigned to oversee the experiment trial of mercenary 3A7 in an abandoned Umbrella Corporation laboratory. If the mercenary survived, Jackson would gain an opportunity to advance within the company by reviving the CQBZ battle system.

On April 1, after twenty hours Jackson and 3A7 arrived at the Mediterranean island headquarters of TRICELL Inc., the site of a bioterrorism attack by a rival company. He came into conflict with a coworker he nicknamed "Honker", who saw little value in CQBZ and was heavily invested in B.O.W.'s (Bio Organic Weapons).

On May 21, Jackson and 3A7 traveled to the southern European mountain village where the Plaga was discovered, now a blockade district violated by the local residents who had now been infected by a wild recessive Plaga. During this time, the organization's top brass including an illusive commander began observing 3A7's progress.

On June 18, Jackson and 3A7 traveled to District 12 of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, where a weakened Plaga Type 2 had resurfaced, in order to collect combat data. Later that month, Jackson became deeply suspicious of the commander and managed to obtain one of his hairs in order to run a DNA test. However, he was discovered and murdered by the commander, replaced on the 3A7 experiment by Beatrice Bertrand.