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Ada Wong (biohazard 4)
Ada Wong (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)
Ada Wong in Casual Outfit (biohazard 4)
Linda (BIOHAZARD 1.5)
Ada Wong Artwork (BIOHAZARD 2)
Ada Wong Artwork (Resident Evil 2)
Ada Wong in Gala Dress (biohazard 4)
Linda (BIOHAZARD 1.5)
Ada Wong in Casual Outfit (biohazard 4)
Leon, Ada, Ashley (biohazard 4)
Ada Wong BIO2 Costume (biohazard 4)
Ada Wong with Shotgun (biohazard 4)
Ada Wong in Gala Dress (biohazard 4)
Ada Wong with Chicago Typewriter (biohazard 4)
Ada Wong in Commando Outfit (biohazard 4)
Ada Wong (BIOHAZARD 2)

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1974
Gender: Female
Height: 173 cm
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Chinese
Ethnicity: Asian/White


Ada Wong

Ada Wong (alias; real name unknown) was a Chinese spy with exceptional physical abilities, stalwart heart and composed mind capable of coping with severe situations and handling even the most difficult requests without fault.

She had her own "true purpose" and often betrayed organizations and clients in order to achieve it. This true purpose is still unknown and whether she truly cared for anyone or simply used her charms to manipulate people was never clear.

She acted secretly in the background of many biohazard incidents and collected information which became useful to several organizations, while at the same time operating to undermine them. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Early History

Little is known about Wong's life, although she is known to have had a dark past. She received special training in firearms, marksmanship, martial arts and acrobatics as a spy for a Chinese underworld crime syndicate involved in black market arms trading.

As an independent contractor for the syndicate, Wong worked for many external clients and organizations but often betrayed them as a means to fulfill an unknown "true purpose." One of her known clients was Derek C. Simmons, a high-ranking U.S. government official and leader of the secret organization The Family. Simmons appreciated her as an excellent spy and imposed many orders on her for his own ideals and ambitions. He harbored a distorted attachment and love for her and thought they were a perfect partnership due to the genius characteristics they both shared.

B.O.W. Underworld Infiltration (1990's)

In the 1990's, Wong's syndicate ordered her to infiltrate the rising B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) underworld to carry out industrial espionage centered on gathering information on this new type of weapon.

She first approached the rival company of the Umbrella Corporation, but the rival company's top brass were puzzled as most of her career was unknown except for her outstanding capabilities. Her uniquely clear history allowed her to join the company, although under heavy suspicion. At this time, Umbrella was the only B.O.W. manufacturer in the world due to their specialized methods of creating a new retrovirus, the "t-virus." The rival company ordered Wong to infiltrate the Arklay Laboratory, the main biological weapons laboratory of Umbrella, to gather information on the virus.

Wong infiltrated the Arklay Laboratory posing as a researcher and was able to obtain extensive information on the virus after entering a relationship with the facility's chief scientist, John Clemens. During this time, her name was used as Clemens' password and she learned of the existence of the developmental G-virus from him. In May 1998, Wong was unable to steal the t-virus due to an accident which caused the virus to leak and decimate the laboratory.

She escaped the doomed facility with her expert skills and subsequently infiltrated Umbrella Headquarters. In September 1998, Wong learnt that Umbrella was nearing completion of the G-virus but the researcher who developed it had refused to hand it over to the company. She brought this information to the rival company and was approached by Albert Wesker, a former Umbrella employee who had secretly joined the rival company two months before. He later provided her with a report detailing his past in Umbrella. 10

Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)

Based on Wong's information, Wesker knew that the rebelling researcher was William Birkin and planned to save him in order to acquire the G-virus. He employed Wong and initially ordered her to infiltrate the secret underground laboratory in Raccoon City to save Birkin and recover the G-virus. However, the plan was too late due to the U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service) having already begun their recovery operation.

Wong learnt that a reporter named Ben Bertolucci had been investigating the "cannibal disease" spreading throughout Raccoon City but was locked in the jail cells of the city's police station. She believed he may have had information on a route to the laboratory and took advantage of the chaos in the city to infiltrate the R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Department). She reached the building's parking garage but was blocked by a police van, where she almost shot and killed a rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy after initially mistaking him for a Zombie.

After meeting Kennedy, she schemed to manipulate him as a tool to accomplishing her mission. After speaking with Bertolucci and learning of a way into the sewers where she could infiltrate the laboratory, she abandoned Kennedy. Meanwhile, she was issued another order by Wesker to locate and abduct Sherry Birkin, as her pendant contained a sample of the G-virus. She successfully obtained the pendant after briefly encountering Sherry, who dropped it upon running away.

In the sewers, Wong was shot at by Annette Birkin but narrowly saved by Kennedy, who was injured. Wong pursued Annette, who recognized her as Clemens' girlfriend. Their encounter was cut short and Wong reunited with Kennedy and tended to his wound. His action had moved something in her heart and began to change her state of mind; she began to fall in love with Kennedy. The two located the laboratory entrance, but Wong was injured by "G" and once again left Kennedy, but the change in her emotions made her risk her own life to later save him from the Tyrant (T-103 Type). She was seriously injured in the process and shared a kiss with Kennedy before faking her death, afraid of slowing Kennedy down.

Kennedy took the G-virus sample Wong had recovered from Sherry's pendant, and Wong was forced to replace it with a tissue fragment of "G." She provided Kennedy with a rocket launcher to destroy the Tyrant and escaped the laboratory before its destruction. Over the next day, she patched herself up and traversed the sewers to reach the city and rendezvous with a contact at the Apple Inn. Although she was in a critical condition, she found the Apple Inn and discovered that the contact had killed himself out of despair over the situation, with Wesker's face on a video monitor. He expressed disappointment about her betrayal with Kennedy due to its consequences for the rival company, and prepared to leave her to die until she showed him the "G" tissue fragment. Realizing the value of her skills, he informed her of the city's imminent destruction and a means to escape by helicopter, and supplied her with a hookshot.

Wong wondered about the extent of damage a leak of the G-virus would cause and became disillusioned with Wesker, knowing he would kill her when she was of no use to him. She made her way through the streets and encountered the Tyrant R. After defeating it, she used the hookshot to latch onto the helicopter and successfully escaped the city wounded but alive, and with the G-virus in her possession. The extremely difficult mission to recover the G-virus became a steadfast evaluation for her, and the name Ada Wong became a legend among those engaged in espionage.

One day, while gazing at herself in a mirror shortly before her next mission, she looked at the scar given to her by "G" as she tried to protect Kennedy, and began to weep. Over time, she came to terms with the change in her state of mind caused by her interactions with Kennedy, and although she was no longer in love with him, she maintained an attraction to him. The G-virus was a consequence of business between herself and Wesker, and she resolved to return the debt for him saving her life. After discovering that Derek C. Simmons was responsible for the "Sterilization Operation" that destroyed Raccoon City, she deemed him dangerous and severed all connections with him. 11

In 2001, Wong approached the Sacred Snakes crime syndicate in South America posing as a B.O.W. broker. She informed them that the dummy company of Umbrella they were purchasing from was cooking their books with overpriced samples, and offered to supply the full information in exchange for their sales information. 12 However, her cover was blown by Wesker who informed the syndicate's leader Javier Hidalgo that she was an Umbrella spy. She escaped but failed to obtain the syndicate's information. 13

In 2003, Wong learned that Wesker had approached the TRICELL Pharmaceutical Division from one of her informers Ricardo Irving, an employee of the TRICELL Natural Resource Development Division. 14

Plaga Recovery Mission (2004)

In 2004, the rival company recovered a tissue sample of an ancient parasitic organism known as the "Plaga" in a remote mountain region in Southern Europe. Wesker ordered Jack Krauser to infiltrate the Los Illuminados cult which unearthed them and gather information. In order to ensure acceptance into the cult, Krauser abducted Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. President, and turned her over to the cult. Despite being accepted into the cult's inner circle, he was not trusted to come near the sample and was forced to request that Wesker send in Wong. At the same time, he reported the existence of a "subordinate species" and a "dominant species" of the parasite.

In order to control Wesker, who had gained power and influence within the rival company and threatened to destroy it from within, the top brass enacted a plan to have Wong monitor him, which would ensure that they kept each other in check and limit any betrayal. The rival company demanded that she only send Wesker a subordinate species Plaga as a proof of loyalty to them. Conveniently, a researcher hired by the cult named Luis Sera had sent an e-mail for help to an old college friend, who was now dead. Wong intercepted the e-mail and learned that Sera wanted to leave the cult. After she told him who she was, he asked to be taken into protective custody. She decided to offer him a deal: she would protect him if he stole the sample from the cult as collateral. She was attracted to his humanity and suggested his importance in her mission to the rival company.

In Autumn, Wong arrived in the remote mountain region controlled by the cult and began conducting intelligence-gathering activities behind the scenes under Wesker's instructions. There, she encountered Leon S. Kennedy again after six years. Minutes after ending her reunion with him, Wesker ordered her to kill him, deeming him a risk to the mission. She was shocked by the cold order to kill Kennedy and kept a cautious distance from him to avoid it. However, she occasionally offered minor assistance to him and devised a plan to use Kennedy as a distraction as she secretly completed her mission, use Sera to gain the sample, and use Krauser to take the fall for the entire incident.

Her plan began to go wrong. Sera was killed by Osmund Saddler and the sample fell back into the cult's hands. Krauser, who was secretly operating between Wesker and the cult, distrusted her and posed a threat to both herself and Kennedy. She sometimes used and sometimes supported Kennedy in pursuit of her goal and after finding a speedboat, she brought him to the isolated island controlled by the Los Illuminados. There she planted explosives to destroy the island's facilities, along with a jet ski to serve as a means of escape for Kennedy.

She was contacted by Wesker, who informed her that he had tasked Krauser with assassinating Kennedy. She turned her back on Wesker's orders and saved Kennedy. He later defeated Krauser and she reported him as dead to Wesker. However, a heavily wounded Krauser reappeared and attacked her, and she finally killed him in order to prevent him from reporting back to Wesker.

She saved Kennedy from Saddler and defeated him to acquire the sample, but was subsequently knocked unconscious and taken captive. She was released by Kennedy in his confrontation with Saddler, who transformed. They fought together to defeat him, and like his battle with the Tyrant six years ago, Wong gave Kennedy a rocket launcher at the critical moment of the battle. However, she then stole the dominant species sample from him. After boarding the rival company's helicopter, she tossed him a key to the jet-ski she prepared. She then activated the explosives she had planted and departed.

"I didn't do this for evil." Just as her words described, Wong delivered a mere subordinate species Plaga sample to Wesker as the rival company ordered. She detailed her mission in a report she compiled as it was carried out, and sent it to her syndicate. 15 Although Wong's betrayal had hurt his plans, Wesker managed to recover a dead dominant species Plaga from Krauser's corpse and took control of the rival company. Just as the original top brass suspected, he eventually ran it into ruin, and it soon collapsed.

The Death of Wesker (2009)

In 2009, another piece in Wong's "true purpose" was moved when Albert Wesker attempted to take control of the world with the use of a new virus. Through the B.O.W. underworld, she heard news of his death in Africa during a confrontation with the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

Her heart felt slightly empty due to such a powerful existence suddenly vanishing, and reflected that the time she spent partnered with him was instrumental to accomplishing her "true purpose" and that his death would repaint the image of various forces on both sides in the world of biological weapons. With Umbrella, Wesker, TRICELL and the rival company gone; she set her sights on investigating The Family. 16

Eastern Slav Republic (2011)

In 2011, Wong was hired to infiltrate the civil war-torn Eastern Slav Republic to steal a sample of a synthetic Plaga species and destroy the facility housing it. This species was developed by scientists employed by Svetlana Belikova, the country's first female President. This species enabled the control of certain B.O.W. models in its egg stage, but caused the host to become a Ganado when matured. For this reason, Wong deemed it a defective product. She meticulously planned to orchestrate events in a way that would lead her straight to her objective.

Wong first planted the corpse of a Licker β in a warehouse, where it was spotted by the American government via surveillance camera and used as proof of B.O.W. use in the conflict. She knew this would result in Leon S. Kennedy being sent to investigate, who she could once again manipulate to aid in her own objective. She then infiltrated the republic's government posing as a BSAA observer, and reunited with Kennedy again to warn him of the capital's imminent sterilization. She was found out as a spy by Belikova, who issued an international warrant for her arrest with Interpol. Wong was captured and detained in the underground nuclear bomb shelter where the new Plaga was stored.

She escaped and used Kennedy as a distraction to obtain one of the Plaga, but also helped him escape. With her mission a success, she presented the Plaga to her client via video feed but wondered whether or not to send it to them. The client offered to erase her arrest warrant in exchange, but Wong liked the idea of the warrant on her profile. It is unknown whether this or not she fulfilled the deal.

There were very few records concerning Ada Wong. However, her name appeared in a report written by a CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent on the events in the Eastern Slav Republic. The BSAA denied her being a member, and as a result, the only people who knew about her involvement were Kennedy and the CIA. 17

Stolen Identity (2013)

In 2013, Wong investigated The Family. During an infiltration, she discovered a communications device with an incoming call from Carla Radames, a scientist who had been physically transformed into a doppelgänger of Wong by Simmons. Radames was projecting Simmons' face and voice through the device. She gave Wong details of a submarine and claimed it held something that would influence Wong's future. Although reluctant to get involved with Simmons, Wong went to the submarine to investigate what he (Radames in disguise) was up to. While there, she encountered several J'avo and found a six month old recording of orders from Simmons addressed to "Ada", but Wong had never heard them.

While escaping the flooding submarine, Radames informed her that a bioterrorism attack would be carried out the next day in the United States, followed by another attack in China and culminating in major cities around the world suffering the same fate, at the hands of "Neo Umbrella's Ada Wong." Wong assumed that Simmons planned to frame her and traveled to Tall Oaks in order to investigate.

On June 29, Wong reached Tall Oaks and discovered that Leon S. Kennedy had also been dragged into the bioterrorism. She saved Kennedy and his partner Helena Harper from the mutated Deborah Harper and informed them they were up against an organization which secretly controlled the nation. She noticed that Kennedy seemed confused about her and discovered a laboratory and video showing someone that looked exactly like her emerging from a cocoon. In a subsequent call to Radames, she revealed that she knows it isn't Simmons. Radames then revealed that the world would be destroyed, and Wong would be blamed. Then, Wong called Simmons himself and informed him that the doppelgänger he had created was attempting to destroy the world. She then departed for Lanshiang, China.

Wong arrived in Lanshiang to discover bioterrorism of an even bigger scale. While chasing down Radames, she saved Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller and eventually reached an aircraft carrier where she found a case containing documents and a voice recording related to her doppelgänger creation, as well as a key for a section of the Quad Tower. Carla Radames, a scientist employed by Simmons who had created the C-virus, was used as a test subject in "Project Ada", an attempt by Simmons to create his own "Ada Wong" utilizing a property of the C-virus. Radames despised him for this and formulated a plot to destroy the world his organization created. Wong finally encountered Radames, who had been shot and fallen from a great height. She reflected that if Radames had only sought vengeance on Simmons, she would've helped her, and that her conscience caused her to contact the real Ada Wong to help her. At that moment, Radames revived and mutated due to having injected herself with the enhanced C-virus strain she had created, and attacked Wong.

After defeating Radames, Wong commandeered a helicopter and returned to the city. She spotted Kennedy and Harper in the streets and provided assistance, and also helped them to defeat the mutated Simmons. She landed on the Quad Tower and left a rocket launcher and portable mirror containing a memory card for Kennedy with evidence to implicate Simmons, and set off to erase any evidence of her identity being stolen. Wong unlocked a secret section of the Quad Tower and discovered a laboratory and recording from Radames referencing her "ultimate creation." She found a hatching Chrysalid and destroyed the creature and the laboratory with gunfire, tossing the communication device planted for her days ago into the flames. She received a call informing her of another job, and accepted with her "vacation" now over.


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