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Albert Wesker Profile Photo (BIOHAZARD 5)
Albert Wesker without sunglasses (biohazard)
Albert Wesker (Dark Legacy attire)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)
Albert Wesker in Black Combat Gear (BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica)
Albert Wesker in Suit (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)
Albert Wesker (BIOHAZARD 5)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil - Gamecube)
S.T.A.R.S. Retreating to the Arklay Mansion (BIO HAZARD)
Albert Wesker Concept Art (biohazard 0)
Albert Wesker Portrait (Resident Evil - Gamecube)
Original Wesker Battle Game Epilogue (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Code: Veronica)
Albert Wesker (PACHI-SLOT biohazard)
Albert Wesker Concept Art (Resident Evil CODE: Veronica)
Albert Wesker in S.T.A.R.S. Uniform (PACHI-SLOT biohazard)
Albert Wesker in S.T.A.R.S Uniform (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)
Albert Wesker Concept (Resident Evil 5)

Personal Data

Date of Birth: c. 1960
Date of Death: 07/03/2009
Gender: Male
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White


Albert Wesker

Dr. Albert Wesker was Test Subject No.13 in the Wesker Project who specialized in biotechnology and bioengineering and promoted artificial selection and forced evolution. He was an utmost elite individual with a formidable grandeur-filled appearance, always wearing deep-black sunglasses that gave him an unapproachable air. He began a career in the Umbrella Corporation as an executive candidate and research scholar and later as an executive and a chief researcher at the forefront of B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapons) and t-virus research.

When t-virus research reached a certain level of completion at the hands of his colleague William Birkin, he transferred to the intelligence division with a tour in the U.S. Army before being assigned as Captain of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service). He injected himself with an experimental virus in the Mansion Incident to become superhuman and defected to a rival company where he collected viral weapon data. He obtained several viruses and organisms, leading the hegemony of the B.O.W. underworld for several years after Umbrella's bankruptcy. He secretly joined TRICELL to facilitate development of the Uroboros virus.

He was a perfectionist who made no mistakes and possessed sharp insight with outstanding judgement respected by those around him. He was quiet, clear-headed, calm and composed with dignity and style appropriate for an elite, but since he lacked basic human emotions, he had a cold and impersonal image. All he could do was live a life of self-affirmation by becoming the absolute chosen one through an ultimate goal of human mass extinction and forced evolution. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Early History

In 1960, Albert Wesker was born in the U.S. as an only child to middle-class parents of notable achievements. From a young age, he felt isolated and harbored hatred for humanity. He harbored particular disdain for war and pestilence, believing humans to be an evolutionary dead-end in need of order, deliverance and rebirth.

He was selected as Subject No.13 in the Wesker Project, the plan of Oswell E. Spencer to create a superior human species with the Progenitor virus. He was mentally conditioned to instill the knowledge, morality and common sense promoted by Spencer and given the surname Wesker after the project's chief scientist. However, he possessed an even greater neo-human trait compared to the other Weskers, an absolute ambition.

In his teenage years, he aspired to become an executive in Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical company owned by Spencer. He was selected to attend the Umbrella Executive Training Center and at some point began wearing sunglasses to mask his expressions, even at night, making it difficult to discern his emotions. During these years, he was notably conceited. 10

Education (1977)

At 17 years old, Wesker became a research scholar and junior executive candidate in the Umbrella Executive Training Center outside Raccoon City. He was taught by James Marcus, an authority on virology and co-founder of Umbrella. Marcus promoted a rivalry between Wesker and another candidate, 15 year old William Birkin. The contrast between the two earned Wesker the nickname "Practical Al" from the school's assistant director, and they became two of the only individuals Marcus trusted. 11

In November 1977, Wesker noticed Marcus' human experiments and reported them to Spencer. Three months later, Wesker and Birkin stole the t-virus developed by Marcus under Spencer's order. On July 29, the training school was shut down while Wesker and Birkin were promoted as chief scientists assigned to oversee the t-Virus Project in the Arklay Laboratory. Wesker received a PhD and ended his time as a research scholar. 12

t-Virus Project (1978-1991)

On July 31, 1978, Wesker arrived at the Arklay Laboratory for the first time with Birkin. He first encountered the laboratory's primary virus test subject, Lisa Trevor, and her body bound to the pipe bed moved something in his mind and caused him to ponder about the ultimatum of either successfully accomplishing the research or withering away like her, and he wondered if this reaction was part of Spencer's plan.

Throughout the 1980s, Wesker oversaw t-virus and B.O.W. development in the Arklay Laboratory. In 1981, he was frustrated by Birkin's jealousy of Alexia Ashford and while his colleague's work ethic was affected, he investigated the t-virus' secondary infection nature, which incited doubt within him about Spencer's intentions. He began to feel his limits as a researcher and planned to join the Umbrella Intelligence Division hoping to access information revealing Spencer's true goal. In 1983, he was relieved by Birkin's renewed spirit after the report on Ashford's death, but his suggestion to recover the t-Veronica virus she developed was vehemently opposed by Birkin.

In 1988, Wesker and Birkin entered a secret agreement with Spencer to assassinate James Marcus and steal his research results. He led agents into Marcus' laboratory and gloated over his dying mentor. However, this event sparked the first twinge of distrust of Spencer in Wesker's mind. He imagined that if Spencer murdered a so-called friend, he himself wouldn't be exempt. Due to this potential danger, Wesker formulated a plan to abandon the company but was forced to wait for a perfect opportunity to carry it out. At some point, he received an invitation from Umbrella's rival company to defect and join them.

Wesker worked with Birkin on the Tyrant Project to develop the ultimate B.O.W. However, the project stalled due to a lack of test subjects genetically compatible with the t-virus variant needed to create a Tyrant. In the meantime, Wesker turned to the Nemesis Project conducted by the Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory involving the use of a parasitic B.O.W. to increase the intelligence and combat capabilities of another B.O.W. The project had a fatal fault as the prototype parasite killed any test subjects. Wesker schemed to correct this flaw and monopolize the project, and used Spencer's backing to obtain the prototype parasite.

Wesker and Birkin administered the prototype parasite to the test subject Lisa Trevor, but it vanished when it attempted to enter her brain. While trying to find out why, Birkin noticed mutant genes in her body harboring the basis of a new virus, naming it "G." Wesker later compiled his time as a chief scientist in a report he sent to Ada Wong. 13

Agent Career (1991-1998)

In 1991, after approval of the G-Virus Project, Wesker transferred to the Umbrella Intelligence Division to investigate Spencer's true goal, knowing the G-virus was beyond his abilities as a researcher. Due to his knowledge of virus secondary exposure, he was recruited by the U.S. Army as a chemical officer and supplied them with biohazard prevention data. In exchange for his assistance, he gained access to information on the Army's bio-chemical weapons program for Umbrella, leading to his promotion as an executive.

At some point, he met Alex Wesker, unaware of her true identity, sparking a rivalry that pushed them to elevate each of their standards. Unknown to him, she developed familial and romantic feelings for him. A painting of the two was commissioned by Spencer which stayed in her posession. 14 He also met Spencer's butler Patrick, who remarked that he was transfixed by Wesker's cold and difficult to read eyes. 15

In 1992, Wesker met an Edonian emigrated woman in her early 20s with the surname "Muller." A brief relation between them led to the conception of a child. Wesker disappeared and a pregnant Muller returned to Edonia unable to inform Wesker of the pregnancy. She gave birth to a son, Jake Muller. His mother remained enamored with Wesker until her eventual death, but he never knew of his son. On July 31, 1995, Wesker and Birkin reunited at the Arklay Laboratory to carry out the final disposal of the test subject Lisa Trevor.

In April 1996, Wesker returned to Raccoon City and was appointed at Umbrella's recommendation as Captain of S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service), a special operations unit of the R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Department) funded by Umbrella. During this time, he acted as LDR (Leader) and took notice of Chris Redfield, the unit's top marksman. He was the only member equipped with a wireless headset receiver as opposed to a standard-issue radio, giving him a tactical advantage.

Over the next two years, Wesker conducted counter-intelligence activities to prevent S.T.A.R.S. from uncovering Umbrella's illegal activities in Raccoon City. He was usually mild and close to impartial for the sake of giving calm and precise instructions in the event of emergencies, and he gained the trust of his officers. He also had a strange habit of bearing a faint smile in times of danger, but there were few who noticed. He remained chief of security at the Arklay Laboratory and served as a research adviser on development of the Tyrant (T-002 Type).

In May, after the t-virus leak in the Arklay Laboratory, Wesker prevented employees from leaving the grounds or making phone calls. He was assigned to lead the "Reclamation Project" to reopen the executive training center as a replacement for the Arklay Laboratory. 16 On July 22, Wesker was charged with the "X-DAY" procedure to gather B.O.W. embryos and combat data within the Arklay Laboratory using S.T.A.R.S. as combatants then destroy the facility along with the officers.

On July 23, Wesker dispatched S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team and sabotaged the helicopter's engine in order to force them onto the ground to engage the B.O.W.s so that combat data could be collected. Wesker also received an experimental virus from Birkin and was informed that it had the chance to revive him with superhuman abilities. Unknown to them, this virus was being used by Spencer to screen the more genetically gifted children of the Wesker Project. 17

Ecliptic Express Incident (Jul. 23, 1998)

On July 23, Wesker joined Birkin in his secret underground laboratory to coordinate the two investigation teams of the Reclamation Project. However, the training facility was filled with escaped B.O.W.s and a new creature called the "Mimicry Marcus", and the first investigation team was wiped out.

As the second investigation team traveled to the training center on the Ecliptic Express train, Wesker sent Delta Team of the U.S.S. (Umbrella Security Service) to investigate the train and take control. Around the same time, the helicopter of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team crashed. While observing the interior of the training facility and discovering that Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen had reached it, the Queen Leech taking the form of James Marcus appeared to Wesker and Birkin via the monitors in the facility. He revealed that he was the one who had caused the recent outbreaks, prompting them to begin investigating him.

Realizing that the series of biohazard outbreaks would expose Umbrella, Wesker set a plan into motion to fake his death and join a rival company he had previously received an invitation from while bringing with him B.O.W. embryos and data as bargaining points toward a high position within the company. He parted ways with Birkin and left to gear up the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team under the pretense of a search and rescue operation for the lost Bravo Team. While attempting to return to Raccoon City, Wesker encountered Umbrella executive Sergei Vladimir, who suspected he intended to betray Umbrella.

Vladimir sent his custom Tyrant "Ivan" to kill Wesker. However, Wesker escaped using the training facility's explosion as a diversion. Vladimir used the RED QUEEN defense AI to revoke Wesker's access to the U.M.F.-013 (Umbrella Mainframe No.013) containing the company's research data, a central part of his plan.

Mansion Incident (Jul. 24, 1998)

On July 24, Wesker reached the Arklay Laboratory and separated from Alpha Team by retreating to a secret room from which he recorded combat data using the facility's cameras. He surfaced only briefly to assassinate Enrico Marini, who had discovered his betrayal, as well as lure the surviving members back into the mansion, release the Hunter B.O.W. specimens and remind Burton of their arrangement. He waited as Burton lured the others to the Tyrant's room, where Wesker injected himself with the experimental virus.

He revealed his true intention to S.T.A.R.S. to steal Umbrella's research and sever himself from the company with the Tyrant in his possession, then released the Tyrant itself and allowed it to attack him. As he died, he was certain of the plan's success. However, S.T.A.R.S. went beyond Wesker's imagination and destroyed the Tyrant, dealing a blow to his plans by destroying his ultimate gift that would have quickly earned him a position within the rival company's top brass.

Wesker awoke to hatred. The virus had revived him and gave him superhuman abilities, making him a deviant of the natural world surpassing humanity. However, another blow to his plan came when he attempted to steal Umbrella's research data, only to realize that his access was revoked by Vladimir. He swore revenge against him and trapped Lisa Trevor within the exploding building. He escaped and successfully defected to the rival company, but with a damaged reputation. He was presumed dead for several months and his official report of death was filed on August 28, 1998. 18

While Wesker succeeded in stealing a large amount of B.O.W. combat data, the Hunter master data and the t-virus, the interference of Sergei Vladimir prevented him from stealing the rest of Umbrella's research data. Along with the destruction of the Tyrant at the hands of S.T.A.R.S., his plan was dealt a significant blow and his reputation suffered. In response, he turned to a backup plan in order to regain his lost honor and pride, the recovery of the G-virus developed by William Birkin. Due to the experimental nature of the virus he injected himself with, it was unstable. In order to sustain life as a superhuman, he later needed to regularly take doses of the drug PG67A/W. Overdosing on this drug could cause him to lose his abilities or die.

Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)

After the Mansion Incident, Wesker learned from the rival company's spy Ada Wong that a scientist refused to turn the G-virus over to Umbrella. Wesker knew that the scientist was Birkin, and feeling indebted to his former colleague, he ordered Wong to infiltrate Raccoon City and rescue him along with the G-virus as a gift to the rival company in order to restore his damaged reputation.

On September 23, before Wesker and Wong could execute their plan, the U.S.S. led by HUNK attacked Birkin and stole the G-virus. A dying Birkin injected himself with a sample of the virus, becoming a monster and killing most of the squad, leaking the t-virus in the process. As a result, t-virus infection within the city spread at an exponential rate. Wesker was forced to deploy Wong to infiltrate Birkin's laboratory and recover a sample of the G-virus while he observed from the shadows to preserve his "deceased" status. He remembered that Birkin once said he hid research results in his daughter's pendant and redirected Wong to locate Sherry Birkin.

Wesker recorded the combat data of G-Birkin and the Nemesis-T Type and also witnessed Wong's interaction with rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy, for whom she betrayed the rival company in order to save his life. Wesker prepared to abandon her for this, but she presented a tissue sample from G-Birkin containing the G-virus. Viewing her talent and skill as invaluable, Wesker changed his mind and provided her with a means to escape the city via an Umbrella helicopter leaving the city. Wesker's recovery of the G-virus earned him greater power and influence within the rival company. Sometime after the incident, Umbrella learned of his survival and affiliation with the rival company. 19

Rockfort Island Incident (1998)

In December, based on intelligence from a spy on Rockfort Island, Wesker learned of the supposed reawakening of the presumed dead Alexia Ashford. Unknown to him, it was actually her twin brother Alfred Ashford dressing as her. The rival company ordered Wesker to capture Alexia in order to acquire the t-Veronica virus from her body. He led a raid on the island using the company's special operations unit H.C.F. (Hive/Host Capture Force) and believed the virus would be useful for his own ultimate goal.

On December 27, Wesker led an air strike and ground assault on the island, leaking the t-virus in the process. However, H.C.F. discovered that Alexia was not on the island. Wesker confronted Claire Redfield and decided to use her progress on the island to ascertain Alexia's true location. He then encountered Chris Redfield before being interrupted and departing to the Umbrella Antarctic Base.

Although Alexia was obliterated by his former subordinate, H.C.F. recovered the corpse of Steve Burnside, who was injected with a recombinant strain of t-Veronica. Wesker determined that the virus was useless in his plans and remained behind briefly to take revenge on Chris Redfield, but the two were separated by an explosion and vowed to meet again. His recovery of the virus gained him further influence within the company.

Sacred Snakes (2001-2002)

In 2001, Wesker came into contact with drug lord Javier Hidalgo and identified himself as a virus trafficker. He sold t-Veronica to Hidalgo as an analeptic drug for his terminally ill daughter, Manuela Hidalgo and confirmed Hidalgo's theory that replacing her organs on a regular basis would hold the virus at bay. In return, Wesker requested a large sum of money and a collusive business partnership with the Sacred Snakes crime syndicate.

Ada Wong attempted to gain information from Hidalgo's organization, but after her activities were reported to Wesker, he claimed she was an Umbrella spy and attempted to make Hidalgo use her, enabling her to infiltrate Hidalgo's organization. However, Hidalgo instead ordered her killed, but she escaped. 20 In 2002, Wesker was present in Amparo during the biological disaster orchestrated by Hidalgo and observed the destruction of the V Complex. After the incident, Jack Krauser approached Wesker and became a loyal subordinate. Wesker's true purpose for selling t-Veronica to Hidalgo remains unknown.

Umbrella's End (2003)

In February 2003, bizarre murder cases occurred in the Caucasus region of Southern Russia, identical to the murder cases of 1998 that led to the Mansion Incident. Wesker investigated the incidents and gained information on the secret Russian branch of Umbrella and the company's preparations for a revival. He vowed to end the company. 21

Wesker received reports from the rival company's spies in a remote Caucasus village used by Umbrella as a "hangar", one of many storage facilities throughout the world used to hide various assets including developmental B.O.W.'s and viral antibodies lying in stasis. The spies reported that the t-virus had leaked in the village. Wesker traveled to the village in order to recover research data and the Hunter δ. He encountered his former subordinates Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in the process, but chose to use them for his own ends.

His plan failed as the research data was destroyed. However, he successfully retrieved a disk containing internal diagrams of the Caucasus Laboratory and leaked information on the laboratory and new Talos B.O.W. to the Russian government, which hired the Private Ant-Biohazard Service that Redfield and Valentine belonged to. On February 18, Wesker infiltrated the laboratory using the raid by Redfield and Valentine's unit as a distraction. He leaked the t-virus, killing Sergei Vladimir's two Ivan bodyguards and stealing the company's perfected t-virus strain. He confronted Vladimir, who injected himself with the t-virus. He questioned Vladimir on Spencer's location but gained no answer, and the former colleagues fought. After killing Vladimir, he saved the data to a hologram memory disk and erased the U.M.F.-013 and the RED QUEEN.

Vladimir's mutation led Wesker to a hypothesis that the mutation of a host infected with a Progenitor virus variant was partially affected by the host's mental state. 22 In a secret deal with the U.S. government, Wesker used some of the data as incriminating evidence against Umbrella and anonymously testified against Spencer, leading to the company's bankruptcy. He gained access to Umbrella's remaining resources and assets and planned to establish an organization surpassing it to perpetrate and veil his ultimate goal of the mass extinction and forced evolution of humanity. He passed the perfected t-virus onto the black market in order to perpetuate an age of bioterrorism.

After Umbrella's final judgement, Wesker approached Excella Gionne, a young director in the pharmaceutical department of the conglomerate TRICELL. His interest in her was piqued by her intelligence and character, and he decided to use her to secure himself a position within the company. He supplied her with the t-virus and t-Veronica, as well as the technology to make use of them. Gionne rose within TRICELL and established a secret biological weapons department. TRICELL was to serve as Wesker's backup plan in the event of betrayal by the rival company, which learned of his collusion with TRICELL through its employee Ricardo Irving, an informant to Ada Wong.

Plaga Incident (2004)

In 2004, the rival company discovered the existence of the Plaga, an ancient parasitic organism released by the Los Illuminados cult with the ability to control hosts and bestow superhuman abilities. Wesker enacted an operation to recover the parasite by ordering Jack Krauser to kidnap the daughter of the U.S. President, Ashley Graham, and use her to infiltrate the cult. Krauser joined the cult but was distrusted by its leader Osmund Saddler. Wesker contracted Ada Wong to join the operation as backup with the ulterior motive of using both her and Krauser to monitor each other and ensure neither acted as a double agent against him.

Wesker used Wong to gather intelligence, but after ordering her to eliminate U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy, she deviated from the mission. He instead ordered Krauser to assassinate him, but this attempt was foiled by Wong. Wesker was betrayed by Wong after she sent him a mere subordinate species Plaga, while sending the dominant species sample to the rival company's top brass. Wesker was very hurt by her betrayal, but it was not a total surprise to him and he continued to contract Wong. His loss was mitigated by acquiring the dead dominant species Plaga from Krauser's corpse. He cloned it and began his own research, taking the first major step towards a new goal.

Soon after, Wesker gained complete control of the rival company. Until now, Wesker had obtained many viruses and organisms, including the t-virus, G-virus, t-Veronica and the Plaga. Armed with these, he obtained status, wealth and honor. Materially, he was contented. However, Wesker continued to harbor a constant discomfort being unable to fathom the true goal of Oswell E. Spencer. He had said that his superfluous capital investment into B.O.W.'s was abnormal. Originally, the merit of a biological weapon was that it could be developed cheaply and considering combined use with normal weapon systems, extreme B.O.W. development was thus far unnecessary. Wesker questioned why Spencer persisted in B.O.W. production.

Spencer Estate Incident (2006)

In 2006, the question of Spencer once again flared up in his mind. In order to find out the answer, Wesker searched for Spencer's whereabouts. However, he went missing after Umbrella's collapse despite an international manhunt. Wesker used all of the rival company's power, money and time to finally uncover Spencer's location. However, Spencer himself leaked this information and wanted Wesker to find him without knowing. Spencer's butler Patrick gave the information to Ricardo Irving. He then passed the information onto Wesker himself through Ada Wong. 23

In August, Wesker arrived at the Spencer Estate in Europe and killed the security team. He met Spencer in the library and remained unable to measure his true intentions, a feeling he experienced many times when employed by Umbrella. Spencer explained his true goal to Wesker in detail, the use of the Progenitor virus to enact forced evolution of the human race and create a new world with a neo-genetic humanity with himself as "God" of a utopian world. The Wesker Project to create the perfect model human for this nascent humanity, and the nature of the virus within Wesker's body as a "screening" method to weed out the project's truly excellent subjects.

That was the true nature of the uneasiness Wesker felt. He wasn't interested in Spencer, his curiosity was programmed. In accordance with Spencer's expectations, he had also returned to him. However, in order to ensure his goal would be passed onto Wesker, Spencer lied by claiming he was the only survivor of the Wesker Project. Spencer knew that he would pursue Alex Wesker if he knew of her survival. However, Spencer miscalculated. The safeguard in the depths of Wesker's psyche was effective only when he was a mystery. There was no reason for Wesker to be quietly bound by it if he understood his true nature. Furthermore, he had grown old and was all the more close to death.

"God... I see. I will take over." With those words, Wesker severed the chains implanted in his childhood. At that moment, he was confronted by his former subordinates Redfield and Valentine. He thought of this as a revelation, the Homo sapiens who had interfered with his own plans many times. To Wesker, it seemed that there was still room for evolution. He disabled both agents in a short fight and prepared to kill Redfield, however, Valentine jumped at them and threw herself and Wesker out of a window and over the cliff.

Uroboros Project (2006-2009)

Wesker survived the fall and took a severely wounded Valentine with him. He went underground using his position in TRICELL, holding funds, research results and viruses. He formulated the veritable Uroboros Project and began ascending the steps to become a next-generation god. He kept Valentine alive in a cryo-sleep state planning to use her as the Uroboros Project's first test subject upon completion as a modest revenge against her interference in his previous plans.

However, the sensors supervising her vital signs detected abnormal values that attracted Wesker's interest. He discovered a mutant strain of the t-virus in her body which rejuvenated and surfaced before vanishing completely, leaving behind strong virus antibodies which delighted Wesker. Development of the Uroboros virus had ran into difficulties beyond expectations as the initial strain derived from the Progenitor flower was too fatal for use on humans. Wesker used her antibodies to weaken it and kept her alive to produce them. 24

In 2009, the Uroboros virus was completed. However, due to Valentine's high purity antibodies, Wesker decided to instead use her as a test subject for the P30 drug. The drug eroded her mind and kept her alive as Wesker and Gionne's personal "toy." However, through the efforts of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, Wesker was overdosed with the PG67A/W drug and his plan was ruined as the plane intended to spread the virus crashed into a nearby volcano.

As an adapter to the Uroboros virus, Wesker absorbed a large amount of the virus from a missile. This made him more powerful and overcame his limits, but brought him to a  grotesque condition. As he could control the Uroboros pustule collective, he wasn't consumed by the virus. He grabbed a metal fragment as a weapon and attacked the two agents, falling into the lava and attempting to pull their helicopter in with him, but he was completely obliterated by two rockets.

Legacy (2009-Present)

News of Wesker's death spread through the B.O.W. underworld to several individuals and organizations, including Ada Wong and Alex Wesker. His death left Wong with a slight feeling of emptiness due to such a huge presence vanishing. His death also devastated Alex Wesker, leaving her saddened and lonely as a result of losing someone she regarded as a sibling, an equal and had a romantic interest in. She ordered her researchers to recover a sample of the Uroboros virus from Africa in order to study it. With Wesker dead and his affiliated organizations collapsed, the U.S. government's protection of Sherry Birkin was no longer necessary and she was released from house arrest under the condition that she become a government agent.


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