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Personal Data

Date of Birth: c. 1960
Date of Death: c. 2011
Gender: Female
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Alex Wesker

Alex Wesker was a former Umbrella Corporation scientist and Test Subject No.12 in the Wesker Project among the final thirteen candidates and one of only two survivors of the injection of an experimental stage t-virus variant strain. She was a rival to Albert Wesker, who she considered a brother. 1

She was a fan of the German writer Franz Kafka with deep love and hate for his "The Metamorphosis" novella due to the depiction of siblings Gregor and Greta Samsa. She vowed that she wouldn't abandon her brother like Greta or become a monster like Gregor. She would share her brother's destiny to become a god and be reborn in an appropriate form. She believed that fear was the ultimate driving force for humanity born from human instinct as the basic emotion that keeps humans alive as the most powerful motivator. She believed that to control fear was to control life itself. 2


Wesker was born in 1960 to parents of notable achievements and was taken by the Umbrella Corporation as a test subject in the Wesker Project advanced by CEO Oswell E. Spencer, who used the subjects to create an idealized model for an evolved humanity. Like all other subjects, her surname was chosen after the project's chief scientist at the time. She was given a special education and possessed superior intellect and leadership skills. She joined Umbrella and worked secretly under Spencer after gaining his trust, and was assigned as the new chief scientist of the Wesker Project.

In the 1990's, she met Albert Wesker in the Umbrella Intelligence Division and the two became rivals giving each other higher standards. During this time, she hid her real identity and a painting was commissioned by Spencer to commemorate the meeting of his two "chosen" children. She viewed Albert as a brother but developed near-romantic feelings and harbored a deep respect for him as an equal and someone who shared her experiences. 3

In 1998, she was administered an experimental stage variant strain of the t-virus created by William Birkin. She survived but failed to adapt due to an incurable illness having weakened her body, leaving her with no superhuman abilities. On August 28 that year, she filed a report on the Wesker Project's status in response to the reported death of Albert Wesker. 4

In 2000, Wesker took Umbrella funds and travelled to Sushestvovanje Island promising to bring back industry to the residents. She claimed that the island was geographically and climatically suited to studying new medicines and hired many residents to build a tower and a research facility within the failing mine for the ostensible purpose of manufacturing pharmaceutical products. This action led to her being adored and called a savior by most of the remaining islanders.

In 2004, Spencer enlisted Wesker to develop a virus with the attribute of immortality found in the Progenitor virus. He gave her funding, equipment, supplies, researchers and test subjects to develop the virus, based in his research facility in a former American military base on Sonido de Tortuga Island. 5 6 She spearheaded the Kodoku Project, based on an ancient Chinese curse, using the survival of the fittest theory of pitting B.O.W.'s against each other under a variety of conditions until only one survived. The virus contained within the last survivor would theoretically make the host immortal.

In 2006, Wesker and her personnel abandoned Spencer's island and cut contact with him. 7 With little progress on the Kodoku Project, she formulated a new plan to digitize consciousness and transplant it into another body. The new host required mental strength able to conquer fear. She permanently relocated to Sushestvovanje Island to continue this research and approved development of the t-Phobos virus, a variant t-virus strain that triggers in response to fear via secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

In 2009, Wesker heard of her "brother" Albert's death and was deeply saddened. Realizing she didn't have much longer to live due to her illness, she expedited development of the mind and memory transfer system for the transmigration of her consciousness. Wesker's researchers recovered samples of the Uroboros virus from Africa, along with some TRICELL Inc. equipment, and she viewed it as a dreadful virus with potential. At some point, she injected herself with t-Phobos in order to demonstrate her mastery over fear, unable to transform because she was never afraid but conversely unable to adapt to the virus.

Sushestvovanje Island Incident (2011)

By 2011, Wesker recklessly hurried to complete the rebirth ceremony. She colluded with TerraSave official Neil Fisher to supply him with a sample of the Uroboros virus in exchange for providing several TerraSave affiliated individuals as potential hosts. However, she knew he was an apprentice of Morgan Lansdale and never intended to give him the sample. She observed and communicated with the test subjects, including Claire Redfield and Moira Burton.

Subject No.9 Natalia Korda was the most compatible host as she was mentally strong due to trauma in the 2004 bioterrorism incident in Terragrigia. Fisher captured Korda and brought her to Wesker, who sedated her after a brief conversation and placed her in the transfer machine. Wesker loaded a syringe gun with a sample of the Uroboros virus and shot Fisher in the neck, infecting him to kill Redfield and Burton. She then enacted the final phase of the plan, to kill herself. However, at the final moments before shooting herself in the head, she feared for her life. This activated t-Phobos within her and caused her to resurrect and mutate into a deformed, brain-damaged form.

Six months after the tower's collapse, Korda awoke in confusion as Wesker's consciousness attempted to take control. The attempt failed and Wesker's consciousness faded, promising to take control when Korda least expected it. In these six months, the original Wesker's damaged mind became obsessed with the crude assembly of living things and inanimate objects. She detested Korda as the "false one", believing her plan failed due to Korda's mental strength and that there should only be one Alex Wesker. She conducted crude development of the B.O.W. Revenant and released many to kill Korda. She found Korda's teddy bear Lottie and ripped it apart, pinning it to a board so that Korda would see it.

After Barry Burton arrived on the island and met Korda, Wesker encountered them at the base of the tower but was separated after Burton caused the room to collapse. She later appeared outside the mine and prepared to kill Korda after knocking Burton away unconscious. However, just as Korda lost consciousness from strangulation, the "other" Wesker's consciousness took hold and stared at the original Wesker, who recoiled in terror at the sight of "herself", rocking the foundation of her existence with the realization that her plan had succeeded. She retreated into the mine and taunted Korda over the bracelet. She injected herself with the Uroboros virus in order to overcome her fear of facing her other self and kill Korda, sending her into an even more monstrous state.

Wesker was killed by the combined efforts of Barry Burton and Claire Redfield, with the latter destroying her with an RPG. Afterwards, Korda was adopted by the Burton family with Wesker's copied consciousness remaining hidden inside her.

Rebirth (2013)

On June 30, 2013, the adopted Korda read and watched news reports on the bioterrorism incident in Tall Oaks. This experience enabled Wesker's copied consciousness to take control of Korda's mind. Meanwhile, the Red Queen α created by the original Alex Wesker continued to run an unknown Gregor Project.


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