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Personal Data

Date of Birth: c. 1970
Gender: Female
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Alyssa Ashcroft

Alyssa Ashcroft was a journalist. She was a rival of Ben Bertolucci who admired her tenacity and determination. She was a curious type who hungered for information, but was a sore loser whose strong, ambitious, pushy and argumentative demeanor often clashed with others. Despite her personality, she was caring and would help others in need. She incorporated lock-picking in her pursuit of stories and gradually became an expert.


In 1993, Ashcroft's colleague Kurt investigated the private hospital in Raccoon Forest due to mysterious in-patient deaths. 1

On May 25, Ashcroft entered the hospital looking for Kurt but witnessed him being eaten by Dorothy and becoming a Zombie, then trying to attack her. 2 After the hospital was shut down by the R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Department), Ashcroft lost her memory of the incident.

In 1996, Ashcroft wrote an article for News Comet Paper's October 31 edition detailing the discovery of a corpse and illegal waste dumping in the Aimes River. 3

On September 9, 1998, Ashcroft wrote an article in the Daily Raccoon newspaper concerning the robbery of Mac Reed's gun store. 4

On September 24, Ashcroft was embroiled in the t-virus outbreak in the city while working on her laptop in J's Bar. As she attempted to escape, she collected information about the outbreak. One of her escape attempts led her into Raccoon Forest to the abandoned hospital where she met its former administrator Albert Lester and regained her memory of Kurt's death. She uncovered the dark side of the Umbrella Corporation and escaped the city before its destruction. She published her findings in a Daily Advisor newspaper article entitled "What is a B.O.W.? Blowing the Lid Off This Horrifying Secret Project."

On January 16, 2016, Ashcroft published an article in the Dulvey Daily concerning the disappearances of twenty people in the town. 5


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