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BIO HAZARD Directors Cut -Inside of BIO HAZARD-

BIO HAZARD Directors Cut -Inside of BIO HAZARD- is an in-depth guidebook released to supplement the "Directors Cut" version of BIO HAZARD. As well as a detailed walkthrough for the game, the book features extensive information of the characters and enemies in the game as written by scenario writer Kenichi Iwao, as well as supplemental material related to the "Mansion Incident" portrayed in the game. It features background story details which relate to the series world-view. Also included in this article is information which was contained in the "BIO HAZARD -Inside of BIO HAZARD-" book released a year earlier, which contained information that was cut from the Directors Cut re-release in order to accommodate the new gameplay additions.

Project Umbrella Translation

The Biohazard Incident - Biohazard Incident Investigation Committee (Page 012)

At the Time of Investigation File Reading

This investigation file describes the details of the virus leak accident biohazard (referred to below as the Biohazard Incident) in the Umbrella Corporation's BC (Bio-Chemical) weapons research and development facility, which occurred this July in Raccoon City. As compared with the investigation reports (*editor's note) which merely traced the surface of the incident based on private sector reports submitted in the past, these documents serve as profound detail which gets more to the core of the incident. Mentioned below are the contents of three files which constitute these documents. I would like you to refer to them when you read each file.
In addition, it is a precautionary measure but naturally, this document is top secret. Reading, copying or reproduction of this document without the consent of the authorities is declared to be punishable by federal law.

FILE1: S.T.A.R.S. Internal Document (Page 013)

This file is a a textbook prepared for S.T.A.R.S. officers just before the biohazard incident in Raccoon City. At a glance, it looks like an ordinary manual but due to the description of enemies believed to have higher abilities than humans, it is considered to be indirect evidence of the encounter with S.T.A.R.S. officers and Bio Organic Weapons having been set up. In addition, the preface by S.T.A.R.S. Captain Albert Wesker is introduced below.

(First part omitted)... I was delivered this manual concerning various skills that you should master as my S.T.A.R.S. officers. However, these are the minimum necessary and you should be informed of further skill acquisition to be performed through actual combat.
It should be noted here that S.T.A.R.S. is only one end of a police organization and is not military. Therefore, skills of first aid for investigation and injured people are asked more of officers rather than combative skills such as hand-to-hand and shooting. In other words, priority is given more to civic relief and prevention of criminal offenses than active elimination of offenders and terrorists.
In the chapters that follow, the various skills required as officers as I first stated are explained, but I want you to recognize well that the techniques which avoid or prevent combat are more important than combat techniques, and I want you to make use of them for the accomplishment of your noble duty to protect the safety of our citizens.

S.T.A.R.S. Captain Albert Wesker

S.T.A.R.S. Organizational Outline (Page 014-015)

  • Background of the Establishment

S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service)
A special operations unit belonging to the Raccoon City Police aimed at strategy and rescue for peculiar crimes. In 1996, this S.T.A.R.S. was established by the Raccoon Police Department. At first, it was purely experimental for dealing with special crime in order to respond to the diversifying needs of high-grade crime, such as cyber crime, with a vast network of troops, new kinds of narcotics and new methods of terrorist attacks utilizing BC (Bio-Chemical) weapons. However, at the time of this establishment, several local major private companies including the Umbrella Corporation, which had a huge factory group in Raccoon City, contributed to the funding of S.T.A.R.S. as part of the "Bright Raccoon 21" major city project, leading to the establishment of an elite group with elite staff, advanced equipment and an extensive intelligence network.

  • Nature of the Organization

Originally, although S.T.A.R.S. should only be part of a police organization, it differs from public institutions including the regular police to some extent, due to its special circumstances (its sponsors are private companies). In particular, the characteristics of its screening during enlistment are striking and, based on the reputation of the ability-orientated elite group, recruitment is carried out by a scout system on a merit basis regardless of sex, age or personal history.

  • Function Details

As mentioned earlier, the missions of S.T.A.R.S. are special operations, but specifically, its four main duties are preserving public order, VIP escort, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue. In counter-terrorism operations in particular, it is estimated that they have capabilities equal to the SAS (Special Air Service), known as the world's best. In fact, since particularly large-scale terrorism has not occurred after the unit's inauguration, their abilities have still yet to be demonstrated, although their hostage rescue rate in bank robberies, kidnapping and siege cases by drug addicted patients, etc. have reached 80% and future such activity is expected (regarding the remaining 20%, it is confirmed that the hostages were killed before S.T.A.R.S. intervention).

  • Equipment/Formation of Teams

During operations in S.T.A.R.S., the team's formation is based on a five man cell (five person formation unit). Since twelve officers are present in S.T.A.R.S., they are divided into two groups, A (Alpha) Team and B (Bravo) Team, and missions are carried out by irregular six man cells. However, it is only a principle and they may hold military-like large-scale operations with three sets of two man cells (two person formation of an advance-guard foremost and a sniper).


LDR (Leader):
The commander makes tactical operation decisions in the field and is the brains of the cell. The captain and vice-captain are responsible to undertake the duties in S.T.A.R.S.

PM (Point Man)
Location scout in the front line during the mission. Reconnaissance and securing the position ahead of time are the duties. The most resourceful officer often falls in this category.

BUM (Backup Man)
Forms a duo with PM for main duty to cover advance guard and takes action in a two-man cell. The position requires a high level of precision same as PM.

OM (Omni Man)
Transporting various types of equipment and the mobilization of heavy armaments are the duties. Strategic actions away from the advance guard are required.

RS (Rear Security)
Rear guard such as guarding HQ and the helicopter are the duties as well as sniper depending on the mission. Two officers for this position in S.T.A.R.S.

S.T.A.R.S. Officer List (Page 016-17)


Name/Albert Wesker
Age/38 Blood type/O Height/183cm Weight/84.5kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skill/S.T.A.R.S. Captain. A specialist of biotechnology and former Army engineering officer.
Position/LDR (Leader)
Note/Inaugurated as Captain by the dispatch of Umbrella Corp.

Name/Chris Redfield
Age/25 Blood type/O Height/181cm Weight/80.4kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skill/He possesses a helicopter pilot license. Shooting skills are No.1 on the team. Excels in the powers of observation and insight.
Position/PM (Point man)
Note/Former U.S. Air Force officer. Discharged from the military due to trouble with superior officer.

Name/Jill Valentine
Age/23 Blood type/B Height/166cm Weight/50.4kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skill/Specialist of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). Because she is skillful with her fingers, she also excels at trap removal and lock-picking.
Position/RS (Rear security)
Note/Joined S.T.A.R.S. because she cannot abide by criminals who threaten innocent lives.

Name/Barry Burton
Age/38 Blood type/A Height/186cm Weight/89.3kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skill/Very extensive knowledge of firearms. Also responsible for routine replenishment of firearms in the team.
Position/ BM (Backup Man)
Note/Married with two daughters. Will caution be needed for his strong sense of justice?

Name/Joseph Frost
Age/27 Blood type/B Height/179cm Weight/72.3kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skill/Qualified service technician and handling hazardous materials. In charge of vehicle maintenance in the team.
Position/OM (Omni Man)
Note/There are concerns about behaviour in emergencies due to warm nature.

Name/Brad Vickers
Age/38 Blood type/O Height/183cm Weight/84.5kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skill/Specialist in information processing. Above average ability related to communications equipment and possesses a helicopter pilot license.
Position/RS (Rear Security)
Note/A little cowardly under pressure.


Name/Enrico Marini
Age/41 Blood type/O Height/190cm Weight/83.0kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skill/S.T.A.R.S. Vice-Captain. Proud to be a cut above the others in survival techniques.
Position/LDR (Leader)
Note/ His strong mental strength is recognized by everyone. Hobby is golf.

Name/Kenneth J. Sullivan
Age/45 Blood type/O Height/188cm Weight/96.8kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skills/He holds a Ph.D in chemistry, and specializes in protective measures against chemical weapons.
Position/PM (Point Man)
Note/Enthusiastic about landscape gardening and hobby is dog training.

Name/Richard Aiken
Age/23 Blood type/AB Height/172cm Weight/62.5kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skills/In charge of communication for Bravo Team. Compared to the other officers, combat discipline is slightly inferior.
Position/BUM (Backup Man)
Note/A good young man who is always cheerful and smiling.

Name/Forest Speyer
Age/29 Blood type/A Height/182cm Weight/71.1kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skills/In charge of cyber crime (counter hacker). Shooting skills contend for first and second place in the team.
Position/OM (Omni Man)
Note/Driving skills are above average even at the hobby level.

Name/Edward Dewey
Age/26 Blood type/A Height/193cm Weight/112.1kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skills/Helicopter pilot of Bravo Team. Speciality is the sniper rifle.
Position/RS (Rear Security)
Note/Giant of the team. Hobby is dancing.

Name/Rebecca Chambers
Age/18 Blood type/AB Height/161cm Weight/42.1kg Fingerprint/
Technical Skills/In charge of medical. Extensive knowledge related to chemistry and has also already graduated from university (did not acquire degree).
Position/RS (Rear Security)
Note/Will her abilities compensate for inexperience?

S.T.A.R.S. Weapon Guide (Page 034-039)


An Italian 9mmX19 caliber large military pistol manufactured by Beretta. Due to its tough structure based on MIL specifications, ease of handling and excellent double action trigger rapid fire characteristics, it has become the standard adopted gun in S.T.A.R.S. and many police, including the U.S. Army. Since voices within S.T.A.R.S. felt that the 9mmX19 caliber was inadequate in this case, they are due to perform a re-trial of the standard handgun.


A large double action revolver of 357 magnum caliber. A cooling mouth called a ventilated rib was opened in the barrel to improve hit rate. It is popular among gun nuts for its good looks and high level of performance, capable of tolerating the use of powerful magnum bullets. It's not a standard adopted gun of S.T.A.R.S., but Barry carries this gun in the game as his private possession. A high power handgun maniac, he usually uses the M29 and 3inch 44 magnum.


The bayonet attached to the officially adopted M16A2 assault rifle of S.T.A.R.S. A large and strong combat knife which the U.S. Army also employs and can also be used as a wire cutter in combination with a sheath.
Although the knife isn't used much in S.T.A.R.S. and isn't very important equipment, training is often carried out. The M9 is mainly used in survival situations or in jungles and dense forests when firearms cannot be used.


A gun so famous it could be called synonymous with shotguns, made by the American Remington corporation. It has various variations and is used in public institutions such as the police and came to be familiar among civilians as a weapon for hunting and self-defense. The Remington employed in the mansion was a forehand grip type with a wooden stock and was kept for the use of the researcher's self-defense.


The Grenade Launcher was not officially adopted within S.T.A.R.S. where the use of weapons with more power than necessary is not consented to, but was used in lectures for combat. Concerning the grenade gun in the game, it's a proto-model of a new product of Saco Defense Corporation, a major military manufacturer, and was supplied out of nowhere by firearms specialist Joseph. There are three in the unit and the models slightly differ. Forest carried it in this investigation.


This flamethrower was made by Umbrella Industries and originally developed for experiment facilities. Since flames had the greatest effect on living things, they were prepared in case of emergencies such as the escape of laboratory animals.

A fuel specially made by Umbrella Industries combining various scientific substances.


A four twin rocket launcher. It was confiscated during a transaction between organized criminal organizations, the country that made it was not clear and the shady thing slept in the storage warehouse of the Raccoon Police Department. Because the attached instructions are in kanji, it's believed to be an Asian product. Barry took it in this investigation and loaded it onto the helicopter. Only Brad knew it and it seemed to be a secret to Wesker and the other members.

The BIO HAZARD Case - S.T.A.R.S. Internal Document (Page 040)

The details and actual contents of the battles in the above-mentioned documents are surprising, and were passed on to many branches (like professional, as it were, military affairs organizations). There is no end to the question of why such a full-scale manual was necessary for S.T.A.R.S., which should only be an annexed organization of the Raccoon City police. When I think in retrospect, S.T.A.R.S. was probably made to systematically deviate from the general police, and was there not an intention to turn them into soldiers of the Umbrella Corporation?
Now, for S.T.A.R.S. after the incident, since more than half of its officers died in the line of duty, including the Captain and Vice-Captain, it has become substantially impossible to perform its functions. In future, personnel recruitment etc will be performed and it has not been determined whether the organization will be retained in its current form or whether the Raccoon City police will absorb the organization, but in either case substantial organizational restructuring will be performed so as to not tread on the same rut.

FILE2: Umbrella Corporation Bio Organic Weapon Research Memo (Page 041)

For many years, our company Umbrella has continued research and development of Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.) which meet the needs of our customers, and this time, we have finally succeeded in the commercial manufacture of the t series, a crystal of the latest biotechnology. This series uses the newly developed t-Virus and it is possible for almost all existing living things to be used as B.O.W. bases. As a result, phenomenally low cost and high versatility have been realized, and some problems such as the conventional task of difficulty of control...... (The rest is omitted)

Quoted above is a draft of a B.O.W. release document seized from Umbrella Pharmaceuticals after the biohazard incident in Raccoon City. It is believed it was probably set for military authorities or various large companies as customers, but as a result, the curtain was closed on the development and trading plan of these B.O.W.s in the form of the horrifying biohazard.
Now, in connection with the criminal investigation of this Umbrella head office, confidential material related to various incidents besides this was discovered. The research memo shown below on the following page is also one of the seized documents and was prepared by multiple researchers of the B.O.W. development team. Intrinsically, it seems like a summary memo of the release addressed to customers quoted earlier made by the Public Relations Department that avoids detailed and intricate descriptions not needed by customers, hence some parts missing accuracy can be seen. However, because the document concerned works out the abnormality of this matter, it is essential as valuable evidence in prosecuting the devilish work of the Umbrella Corporation, and was greeted with the approval of the parties concerned.

Notes regarding viewing research memos seized from Umbrella Pharmaceuticals (Page 042-043)

August, 1998
The incident that happened at Raccoon City was due to a release of biological weapons and a bio-weapon-grade pathogen that were being secretly developed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, and produced casualties of workers who worked at the research facility and civilians nearby the facility. This incident has already been resolved due to S.T.A.R.S. intervention.
In this bio-weapons leakage incident, which happened over a period of several months following the spring of 1998, Umbrella concealed the incident from the beginning and except for a handful of workers, no Umbrella employees knew about the incident. Furthermore, instead of attempting to better understand the incident, the company forced researchers to report data from time to time about the incident in order to advance development of further bio-weapons. The research memos related to bio-weapons shown on the next page are information that was reported to Umbrella Headquarters over a period of several months from the time of the beginning of the incident until S.T.A.R.S. intervention, and were ultimately collected by this committee. These memos contain information about bio-weapon characteristics and their usefulness as weapons. Most memos are shown in their original form. Furthermore, in order to be ready for any similar future incident, information on how to deal with bio-weapons disposal is provided with the cooperation of S.T.A.R.S.
Some of the information in these memos indicate bio-weapons that were not intentionally developed, but instead were created by chance as the result of an accident, etc. We can see how the company completely disregarded common morals as it forced workers to gather information and work to commercialize bio-weapons, even though they were subjected to great risk.

Biohazard Incident Investigation Committee

  • B.O.W.

B.O.W. stands for and refers to Bio Organic Weapons secretly developed by Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. The aim of this B.O.W. research project was the production of powerful soldiers exceeding the strength of humans, and was a crazed plan that entered the realm of "playing god" in order to develop various bio-weapons by modifying the genes of animals and humans. Apparently still in the experimental stage, the ultimate B.O.W. remains incomplete. Continued investigation should further the truth.

  • Clay Virus

One unavoidable and important factor in Umbrella's B.O.W. development is the pathogen called the Clay Virus.
The Clay Virus takes up residence in the cells of the host just like a normal virus, and self-propagates by using the synthesis properties and energy of proteins. In other words, the protein and nucleic acid synthesis program of cells that have been infected with the Clay Virus is rewritten based on the nucleus of the virus, resulting in growing numbers of new Clay Virus nuclei. The most significant attribute of the Clay Virus is in how the infected cells themselves are subjected to mutated evolution.
After infection, the Clay Virus spreads throughout the victim's body and affects its systems, starting with internal secretory systems, spreading to nearly all organs making up the body, such as the skin, muscles, nerves, circulatory, respiratory, digestive and skeletal systems. One major transformation is an unusual increase in growth hormone and the tendency for the body to increase in size. The effect of the virus on the muscular system - to multiply the strength of the host organism - is particularly surprising. For the nervous system, the virus dulls sensations of pain and fear, while at the same time significantly increasing aggression. These are the important elements which make a B.O.W. a weapon.
On the other hand, metabolism is slowed down significantly and some B.O.W. species undergo tissue decay, making them not particularly pleasant to look at.
In addition, the Clay Virus fundamentally functions as an intermediary of genetic combination between different species that would normally be unstable, and it appears to make it relatively easy to perform complex genetic manipulations together with the Clay Virus.

  • Clay Virus Strains

The Clay Virus prototype was discovered during an experiment using a primitive arthropod. Various subspecies were created from the prototype within various living organisms that became hosts, with several virus strains currently known to exist today from strains α-ε. In particular, the ε-strain is an almost perfect form of the Clay Virus and is also known by the alternative term t-Virus (Tyrant Virus).

  • Infection Route

According to reports, the Clay Virus began leaking in an accident and initially seemed to be an airborne strain, but later became a transdermal strain. This was discovered from documentation indicating that hazmat suits were required for the Clay Virus ε-strain during the early days of the incident, that two organisms preyed on infected individuals and became infected during the middle part of the incident, and that S.T.A.R.S. personnel weren't infected even when injured by Zombies and other infected individuals during the later part of the incident. The Clay Virus ε-strain virus presumably has a property to evolve with the progress of time and external environment, gradually stabilizing over time from the airborne ε-strain virus, infecting and multiplying within host organisms and becoming a transdermal ε-strain variant. It can be said that the Clay Virus is a type that gradually grows less infectious over time.


ZOMBIE (Page 044)

The Clay Virus ε-strain variant which leaked due to an accident in the Raccoon facility also infected personnel. As a result, these Zombies were born. When Zombie is heard, the impression is that of a ghost of hell revived from a graveyard, but they aren't exactly dead. For humans attacked by the Clay Virus ε variant, the cerebral neocortex necrotizes and they become kind of brain dead, their actions limited merely to simple survival activity along with instinct. As a result, they move to the feeling of starvation and are a sad existence wandering in a quest for food. Moreover, although the body is enlarged due to the an unusual secretion of growth hormone, appearance itself becomes a decomposed corpse due to the remarkable drop in metabolism.
Apparently, their habits before infection slightly remain and they focus on and roam around places which had a relationship to them. They also seem to be able to handle the simple action of opening and closing doors.

If infected with the ε variant, the neocortex portion of the cerebrum which controls higher order functions such as memory and language will necrotize. Based on the found diary of a researcher afflicted with the Clay Virus, we can grasp that the cerebral necrosis advances gradually. A state in which memory and human thought were lost each day was recorded in the diary.

ZOMBIE as a Weapon

Although humans who lose the sense of fear and become insensitive to pain due to the Clay Virus are ideal, the biggest problem is that nobody is able to control them as expected. A Zombie attacks by approaching an opponent, then holding them down and biting them to the extent that they vomit gastric juice. Like other B.O.W.s, a Zombie's value as a weapon is practically nought, as they don't have the intelligence to follow commands.
Interestingly, they preferably attack humans. Whether it's an effect of the Clay Virus or an inherent hidden dark side of humans themselves, Zombies always exhibit a dark, deep obsession for raw human flesh. According to reports, horrifying situations of Zombies attacking Zombies seem to occur.

CERBERUS (Page 045)

A B.O.W. created with the Clay Virus βI-strain rewriting the DNA of a dog. Apparently, its features are at a degree similar to rather large dogs but muscular strength and combative instinct were drastically strengthened by the virus. In addition, since it doesn't have any sense of fear, its tolerance for pain and gunshots is higher than common military dogs and it attacks ferociously until it kills its opponent.
By applying the social nature of the original dog, tactical use was possible and the Cerberus entered the most successful category in test subjects assuming animals as hosts. Although clone production as MA-39 was carried out for the type using the Doberman pinscher as the host, which already possessed high capabilities as a military dog, variations using other dog breeds were also planned and deployment of the Cerberus series together in various intended uses was considered. A test on group practical use was conducted in the facility courtyard, but they escaped from the facility after the accident and became wild in the surrounding forest.

They mainly hang around the courtyard of the Raccoon facility and the mansion facing the courtyard. It is they that raise strange howls.

Cooperative attack by several Cerberus'.

An example of a cooperative attack. One pounces at the target and while it's already being attacked, the other rushes from the ground while it's disturbed.

Experimentally administering the Clay Virus to various dog breeds was planned. This is a conceptual drawing of a Saint Bernard base.

CERBERUS as a Weapon

The greatest feature of Cerberus is being able to harness coordinated activity with its companions, originally dogs. If Cerberus is trained, it can be made to act on several commands at once. Its weapons are its speed and sharp nails and fangs. After running around the target and disrupting them, they pounce and impose their entire body weight. Then they push down the weakened opponent and eat away at its throat. When more than one Cerberus deal with a single target, they cooperate and commence attacking in waves, attacking it in sequence without providing intervals for it to rest.


Secondary infected creatures. Each of these creatures preyed on the dead flesh of Zombies and Cerberus afflicted with the Clay Virus which began leaking in an accident, and malformed under the influence of the still active virus. As is often the case with creatures controlled by the Clay Virus, their personality becomes violent and their bodies become large. Although it's rare for them to positively attack, they pounce on men without fear if their territory is invaded or they are attacked. Of course, although all were creatures lacking in practicality as a B.O.W., they're reported here as samples of the Clay Virus' effects.

CROW (Page 046)

While the omnivorous jungle crows inhabiting the Raccoon outskirts pecked meat such as that of Zombies, they were secondarily infected with the Clay Virus. Although there's almost no apparent change, the crows go mad and attack without fear of gunshots. Once noise is made, it cooperates with others and attacks from above with its strong, thick beak.

WASP (Page 047)

Bees which fed on Plant 42's pollen were affected by the Clay Virus. They boundlessly grew large due to the abnormal secretion of growth hormone and usually came to possess bodies ten times the original size. Toxicity also increased with enlargement. They pounce mercilessly on foreign invaders approaching their nest.

ADDER (Page 047)

Adders which inhabited the forest area of Raccoon preyed on creatures carrying the Clay Virus and were secondarily infected. Although a change in appearance is barely seen, the hemorrhagic venom it originally carried became stronger. They live in tree tops and underground passages and attack prey by sensing body temperature.


Since gene manipulation can be easily performed on organisms with primitive body structures, research using spiders and insects was actively conducted at one time. This Web Spinner is one such B.O.W. developed in this early stage. In relation to growth, rewriting DNA caused the spider to become gigantic with no slowing down, but practicality as a weapon was not expected and the research was discontinued. However, the Clay Virus prototype inseparable from the success of later B.O.W.s was discovered in these test subjects.
The Web Spinner was disposed of leaving several subjects for data use, but one subject escaped and survived in the basement, continuing to grow. Furthermore, its body became huge and it was nicknamed Black Tiger, and this Web Spinner began to attack humans and was feared among the researchers.
Baby Spiders, babies of Web Spinners with egg sacs inside the womb, grow to some extent in the belly but crawl out as soon as the parent dies.

It hangs on ceilings and patiently waits for food. If prey passes by, it will suddenly pounce from above.

It is huge but the spider's original characteristics haven't changed. After the accident, it's believed to have mainly preyed on wild animals in the forest area.

WEB SPINNER as a Weapon

Although it has become large and aggressive, its behavior pattern is that of a spider. External control is ineffective. Since it has a characteristic to supplement its diet using prey that happens to pass by in its territory, if it is used as a B.O.W., a method of releasing it into the field of operation and letting it attack, dictated by its instinct, can be considered. Its repulsive appearance would also have the effect of causing opponents to panic. It has a strong and toxic digestive fluid, and after vomiting it and weakening prey, it presses down using its forelimbs and eats. It may directly bash it with the large nails on its legs. According to the name Web Spinner, it possesses a spinning gland to make thread, but it fundamentally cannot spread nests. According to the only report, the Black Tiger spread a considerably large-scale nest in a room of the Raccoon facility's underground passage.

YAWN (Page 050)

It was originally a creature created for experiments in performing gene manipulation on reptiles (probably large squamata), but escaped and became huge and berserk under the influence of the Clay Virus ε-strain variant which later leaked in an accident. Its appearance itself is a large snake but traces of the gene manipulation can be closely seen on several parts of its body and can possibly be called a creature with characteristics of both reptiles and amphibians. Other than the properties of Clay Virus infection on its body, it's violent and aggressive. It made the Raccoon facility's mansion into its stronghold and, apparently, some researchers that survived after the accident fell victim.
It has a large body a little less than fourty feet and gulps humans in a single bound. Considering its size and quick movement, it seems it could become a powerful B.O.W. if put into practical use. Incidentally, Yawn is the nickname given by researchers and originates from its greatly open mouth which seems to completely yawn.

NEPTUNE (Page 051)

An early B.O.W. developed using the Clay Virus α-strain on Great White sharks. However as a result of the experiment, it was found that for organisms such as sharks with the old Clay Virus strain, immediate effects were meager and it became clear that substantial strengthening could not be expected, so the test subjects were abandoned and disposed of except for one for progress observation. Although it wasn't particularly successful for a B.O.W., it should be specially mentioned that a second generation was born from this Neptune. Sharks are ovoviviparous creatures. Perhaps the test subject conceived before viral infection. The mother shark altered due to the Clay Virus gave birth to dozens of off-spring, but all the fries died unable to tolerate the sudden changes in their bodies and only two remained. However, changes due to the Clay Virus similar to the mother were confirmed in the remaining two. They provided valuable data on the Clay Virus' influence on fetuses through the mother's body. Although we depend on cloning for B.O.W. production, biological weapons able to self-reproduce may be created in the future.

PLANT 42 (Page 052)

The Clay Virus ε-strain has also demonstrated its effects on not only animals, but plants too. When Umbrella Corp. researcher Henry Sarton injected the Clay Virus ε-strain into a foliage plant in the dormitory room out of curiosity, he discovered it had powerful influence on this kind of plant. Sarton named this test subject Plant 42 and continued observation, but when a few days passed it grew unimaginably huge and was simply left unattended in the end. Afterwards, Plant 42 continued growing rapidly without limit and became a monster actively moving like an animal and attacking humans with long ivies. Escaping somewhere its attacks can't reach is best. Caution is required when confronting it, attacks with live cartridges such as a Beretta or shotgun can't deal damage and have meager effect on the mysterious plant. If flame grenade cartridges are used, you can deal serious damage to Plant 42. Moreover, allowing its roots to inhale interphyletic weed killer is also an effective attack. According to Sarton's research, Plant 42 could be especially weak to the scientific chemical V-JOLT of the UMB series, which can drive it to completely cease activity or sharply decrease its vitality.


It's said that roots were spread all over and around the dormitory of the Raccoon facility, and researchers who passed by were frequently caught and had their blood sucked. Research material held many interesting but unconfirmed parts such as the unidentified method of prey recognition and presence or absence of intelligence as a plant-based B.O.W., but unfortunately Plant 42 has been disposed of by S.T.A.R.S.

HUNTER (Page 053)

A humanoid B.O.W. which saw completion from Clay Virus βII-strain development. After fertilization, the three-week-old embryo was genetically engineered using the Clay Virus and the DNA of other creatures was incorporated, strengthening it. As administration of a growth promoter was repeated, it was modified and the test subject became a complete organism following a period of approximately one year.
Although it's fundamentally a human-type creature, muscular power and reflexive speed were equivalent to a large carnivorous animal due to the Clay Virus' effects. Its body reached a level of perfection as a weapon and the thick keratinized skin covering its whole body has the same level of intensity as that of Kevlar fiber used for bulletproof jackets.
Although its intelligence is the degree of anthropoids such as orangutangs, it can understand and execute about ten kinds of commands through training. In addition, since it cooperated with other Hunters and hunted in brilliant combination, the name of Hunter was given. Although a small number, clone mass-production was carried out before the incident.

HUNTER as a Weapon

The Hunter's weapons are its hard, long claws extended on both hands and feet. Its basic tactic is hand-to-hand combat after rapidly closing in from the target's blind spot. Specifically, it first dashes to approach a target from a distance of 10-15 feet (3-5 meters). It abundantly uses various attack patterns of either shortening to a suitable distance from the opponent's chest and tearing it up with its sharp claws, or jumping greatly and attacking its opponent's head. When two Hunters cooperate, they specialize in combinations, as one jumps greatly behind the target and trifles with the opponent, the other one quickly approaches, interjects and strikes causing fatal injuries.

CHIMERA (Page 054)

As part of the B.O.W. development project, the genetic synthesis of two or more creatures was frequently conducted from the middle of the project. By combining the characteristics of each individual creature, they succeeded in creating other creatures with superior abilities. Originally, the combination of creatures of different species groups at the gene level was naturally unstable, but they were supported by the Clay Virus which promoted abnormal evolution, enabling higher forms of life and making divine achievements possible. This Chimera B.O.W. is a product named after the hybrid creature Chimera seen in Greek mythology with the heads of a lion, goat and dragon. It was created through the somewhat insane method of copying the gene structure of an insect (in this case, a fly) into the ovum of an artificially inseminated human and allowing it to develop inside the human female's womb and making her give birth to it. The developed prototype grew rapidly at almost the same rate as the fly's growth cycle and became an adult after eclosion.

A comparison between the skeleton of a human arm and the skeleton of a Chimera arm.

A newborn Chimera prototype. Since the data was destroyed, this is a conceptual drawing.

CHIMERA as a Weapon

The Chimera, in which a fly was fused with a human at the gene level, was brilliant. It was able to to hold onto and move on ceilings with the strength of its sharp nails and strong limbs. It secretly crawls over its prey's head and makes a surprise attack. Its skeleton is warped, giving it destructive power and agility both exceeding the Hunter, produced by large muscles, and the level of its combat ability is considerably high.
However, although several clone subjects were cultured, its intelligence was unfortunately extremely low and practical use as a B.O.W. was shelved. In duplicate cloning types, the ability to hold onto ceilings and greatly jump was lost, but movement speed on the ground rose.

As a result of the fusion between an endoskeleton human and an exoskeleton insect, the Chimera's skeleton inherits the nature of both half-and-half and is complicatedly intricate.

TYRANT (Page 055)

Although many biological weapon development experiments were conducted in the Raccoon facility, the Tyrant Project, the development of the ultimate B.O.W. utilizing the Clay Virus ε-strain, was considered top secret among them. But because the incident regrettably occurred before the research was complete, the definitive report of the Tyrant Project was not made, leaving only data submitted just before the incident. Although the Clay Virus ε-strain had the epochal property to instantly evolve a creature it assimilates into, practicality was regarded as questionable in the beginning since creatures administered with it were unable to endure the dramatic physical changes and often died.
As a way out of the dead-end research, a method was devised to use an adult male with physical strength and immune system resistance for the host of the Clay Virus ε-strain. Healthy prisoners were chosen as the base and body strengthening surgeries were collectively conducted with them. Among the four test subjects, three subjects died, but the surgery of the remaining one succeeded wonderfully and showed favorable progress.

The T-002 possesses several cardiovascular systems. Although it looks quite complicated, arterial blood and venous blood are not mixed, and its metabolism is also active.

TYRANT as a Weapon

The biggest feature of the Tyrant favorably developed within the adjustment tank is its several independent cardiovascular systems. The huge sub-hearts visible on the surface of its body distinguish it. Since strong cardiopulmonary function was achieved, its mobility and reflexive speed greatly exceed the record numbers of conventional B.O.W.s and the drop of metabolism due to the virus is also suppressed to some extent. In addition, its intelligence is high for an individual using the Clay Virus and includes a power of understanding almost equal to a human. It can carry out various commands more easily than the Hunter. Its main means of attack is stabbing with the claws on its left hand. It destroys targets in melee combat utilizing power and speed.
As a biological weapon with both performance and intelligence, the Tyrant was to become the ultimate B.O.W. Afterward, it merely awaited completion while adjustments were repeated, but the project was regrettably interrupted in the accident.

Umbrella B.O.W. Research Memos (Page 056)

So far, no noticeable changes have appeared in the financial condition of the Umbrella Corporation, the ringleaders of this incident. It is not because the full extent of the incident has yet to be told to the general press, but the fact that only one Umbrella Corp. facility caused the explosion accident is superficial. Naturally, the criminal investigation following the incident was socially responded to as an "accident" and concluded with the result of only having minor influence on the stock market.
In future, even if the situation changes and develops into the arrest of executives, we should refrain from acting too rashly considering the magnitude of the Umbrella Corporation's influence (according to information from a reliable source, it seems there are some with support from senators and even presidential aides). In any case, further future criminal investigation is pending.


R.P.D. Secret Document THE BIOHAZARD INCIDENT Report

In the early summer of 1998, horrible cases in which entire families were slaughtered by intruders of unknown identity occurred one after another in the Raccoon City suburbs. It appears this series of continued bizarre murder cases have now tentatively calmed down due to the police's announcement they were "done by stray Dobermans which escaped from an Umbrella Corp. facility." In some civilian reports, it seems that theories of "alien experiments on human bodies" and "immortal killers" are still rampant, but these rumors will no doubt be forgotten soon. If need be, we're ready to leak to the media about the collusion between congressman K and the drug criminal organization in question, but it seems this measure is unnecessary at this time.
At any rate, only we the top brass of the police and the few surviving S.T.A.R.S. officers who touched the case directly know the whole picture. Properly speaking, we normally would've immediately requested for a criminal investigation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), but we needed to independently install an incident investigation squad in consideration of this incident's peculiarity and the former connections between the police and Umbrella Corp.
Prepared here is a report by a party concerned with the incident who'll become the core of the investigation. Although the actual report was conducted via oral statement, it's been summarized with few exceptions. Of course, even if there were pros and cons regarding the reliability of this unbelievable case report, as indicated on the attached sheet, the reporter's psychiatric examination results were completely normal. Investigation for further truth must await the results of the compulsory investigation of Umbrella Corp., but future correspondence should first be urgently determined based on this report.

*NOTE: Stubbornly, this report only recorded the incident occurring and not Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine themselves. Actions not in this record were carried out and they specified that Chris and Jill possibly obtained some sort of findings.


Sequel to the event

The Arklay Mountains laboratory was completely destroyed by the previously mentioned explosion. The ensuing fire also spread to the neighboring trees. The local fire department and national guard troops struggled to contain the fire, but a large area of about 750 acres (about 300 hectares) of forest had burned by the time the fire was put out. However, the one saving grace of this disaster is that the true source of the fire has never been revealed. It should also be noted that the four survivors have not been cleared of suspicion of virus infection, and their whereabouts remain unknown.

List of Biohazard Incident Victims

  • S.T.A.R.S.

Albert Wesker (A Team)
...Stabbed in stomach by the Tyrant in the research lab basement and killed instantly. Cause of death thought to be shock due to internal organ trauma.

Joseph Frost (A Team)
...Bitten to death by Cerberus in the mountain forest. Direct cause of death was a broken spine suffered in the attack.

Enrico Marini (B Team)
...Instantly killed by gunshot wound to the chest in the central courtyard (garden). The killer was determined to be Albert Wesker based on circumstantial evidence.

Kenneth J. Sullivan (B Team)
...Heavily injured body found in the mansion on the first floor. Cause of death was Zombie-inflicted head and neck injuries.

Richard Aiken (B Team)
...Died shortly after being found in front of the mansion attic. Body was covered with claw wounds, severe scratches and bite wounds from the left shoulder to the right leg. The direct cause of death is thought to be "Yawn" shock.

Forest Speyer (B Team)
...Body found on the mansion's second floor terrace. Direct cause of death: blood loss due to claw attack.

Edward Dewey (B Team)
...Only right wrist and below was found in the Arklay Mountains. With most of the body missing, unlikely to be able to determine the cause of death.

  • Umbrella Pharmaceuticals

46 Mansion & Dormitory Personnel (estimated)
...Became Zombies due to viral infection and most were shot dead by S.T.A.R.S. officers. However, from documents discovered in the mansion, at least one suicide was confirmed.

25 Laboratory Personnel (estimated)
...Nearly all died from attacks by other workers who were infected by the virus and turned into zombies. Perhaps because there was early knowledge of the news that the virus had leaked out, the number of workers committing suicide were greater that of the mansion.

7 Researchers Visiting from Headquarters (estimated)
...All of these were missing and unaccounted for, with no bodies found. In some cases, they could be held isolated by Umbrella, so confirmation of their whereabouts must be carried out urgently.

22 Test Subjects Type A (names unconfirmed)
...People turned into Hunters through virus injection. Nearly all were shot dead by S.T.A.R.S. officers. They're thought to have been homeless people or people with an otherwise irregular place of living, so identity verification would be extremely difficult.

1 Test Subject Type B (name unconfirmed)
...A test subject who became a Tyrant through experimental treatments such as virus injection. It wasn't possible to find the body due to the lab explosion, making identity verification impossible.

  • Civilians

Raccoon City Residents - 4 families, 13 people (estimated)
Victims of attacks by Zombies or Cerberus escaped from the research facility.

Travelers from Other States - 7 people (estimated)
Thought to have been attacked by Cerberus while mountain climbing. All except two were lone climbers.

The victims indicated in the above list are only an estimate based on an ongoing investigation. The number of victims is expected to increase as details of various documents produced by the forced investigation of Umbrella are verified. Also, due to a sudden increase in the numbers of lost or missing persons reported to the city police since the spring, it is believed that there are still many potential victims.


Summary of Investigation Files

The above is all results of the investigation. But I can't help but suppress swelling anxiety as the full picture of the incident is elucidated like this. In other words, would virus contamination really end like this? This is what I've heard.
What has become clear due to the criminal investigation of the Umbrella Corporation is that there are still unknown portions when it comes to the properties of the virus which contaminated the Arklay Mountains facility. The bacteriology advisor in our committee is of the opinion that it may be a P3 level virus with extremely low infection ability (similar to the AIDS virus), but that's a mere guess. Currently, contamination of facilities outside the site hasn't been confirmed and the situation has not continued, but we are withholding prejudgment for the time being. worst but thinking about the possible contamination of Racco n C y, we should take future countermea ure ......

*The above document was discovered on the desk of an official of this case who suddenly went missing. It seemed to predate a clean copy and typos in the latter half are significant, but we dared to place the original because its association with the case was recognized.