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BIOHAZARD 1.5 Scenario & Description

This article contains parts of the scenario and event messages of the Biohazard 2 prototype known as "1.5".

BIOHAZARD 2: The Story

July 25, dawn. The chopper of the missing S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team returned. The conditions of the protected surviving officers were weak and seriously injured, and they were immediately transferred from the local police infirmary to the state general hospital.

Based on their eyewitness accounts, an investigation into the giant pharmaceutical company "Umbrella" was started, revealing the truth of their biological experiments.

2 months after the outbreak in the forest area. The whole of Raccoon City is now overrun by countless wandering zombies and has turned into a city of death. A strange skin disease has struck the city and is spreading at an unbelievable speed. Almost all the people in this town start to turn into a zombie.

Located in the center of Raccoon City, the Raccoon Police Department is no different from everywhere else. Attacked by zombies, its functions are completely terminated. On the top floor room of this station, some Raccoon police officers are trying to survive this. Somehow, they managed to defend themselves from those zombies, but they're almost running out of food and ammo and have reached the limit of their stamina. The city has been overrun by zombies, and the number of the dead keeps rising rapidly as time rolls.

As one of the survivors, the rookie cop Leon who just assumed his position has determined to enter the police station in order to discover a new path for his escape. In the meantime, the main gate of the station is broken through by a girl riding her motorbike. Her name is Elza. She also came here to find a way to survive.


Movie No.1
「未公開映像」Unreleased Footage
「警察署にたてこもるレオンとエルザ」Leon and Elza barricade themselves in the police station.
「生死をかけた戦いはここから始まった」A life-and-death struggle started from here.

Movie No.2
「下水道から郊外へ脱出をはかるレオン」Leon tries to escape to the outskirts through the sewer.
「はてしなく続く道程をさまよう」The wandering path continues with no end.

Movie No.3
「郊外の製薬工場にたどりついたエルザ」Elza arrived at the pharmaceutical factory on the outskirts.
「そこで一体、何を見たのか!?」What the heck did she see!?

Movie No.4
「研究所に踏み込むレオンとエルザ」Leon and Elza step into the laboratory.
「サバイバルに終わりはあるのだろうか」I wonder if there is any end in survival?



Leon's scenario begins on the rooftop of the police station where, according to Kamiya-san, a helicopter is flying away. During a scene, he says, "...Oh, that's just freaking great!! Now what am I gonna do?" The Japanese subtitles read,
「おい、冗談だろ?」Are you kidding me?
「・・・クソッなんてこった」Damn, what the hell...

Leon returns to the rooftop later on.
「ホールは・・・」A hole...
Note: Also "hall" though it doesn't fit the context.

Leon enters the next area, a stairwell platform.
「そうだ!部長にこのことを報告しないと」 That's right! I have to report this to the chief."

In the Chief's Office, Leon finds Brian injured on the couch.
「私なら大丈夫だ」I'm all right.
「今は自分の安全をかんがえろ」Think about your own safety now.
In Elza's scenario, the Japanese subtitles read,
Note: The model in his office seems to be related to the city's "Clear 21st Raccoon" plan.

Leon encounters Marvin Branagh on the second floor of the police station. The Japanese subtitles read,
「みんなゾンビにくわれたか」Was everyone eaten by zombies?
「それとも、ゾンビになっているかだよ。」Or turned into zombies?
Note: In "The Main Character Comparison Image" , his name is spelled "Māvu~in", but in the final release it's "Mābin". Height 193 cm .

Elza examines a panel in the shutter corridor. The event message reads:
「ボタソがある」There's a button.
「押しますか? Yes No」Will you press it? Yes No

Leon enters the firing range in the basement and examines the shooting booth.
「スイッチがある」There's a switch.
「押しますか? Yes No」Will you push it? Yes No

Leon encounters a mysterious woman in the parking garage. Her name is Linda and she is an Umbrella researcher. The Japanese subtitles read,
「会わなかったのか?」 Don't tell me you didn't see them?
Note: She looks similar to Ada Wong of ‘Biohazard 2' who is Chinese-American. She is wearing a black shirt under her lab coat with an ID card attached to the pocket on the left side of her chest.
After that scene, they meet Marvin in the next room.
「上のさわぎは何だ?」What‘s the noise upstairs?
And all three enter the vehicle maintenance room.
「地下に逃げるってのはどうだ?」How about escaping through the sewer?
Note: Lit underground.
Leon pushes the crate aside with the help of Marvin.
「下に何かいるかも知れないし」 Maybe there's someone underneath.
「こんなX があるだろ?」 Is that possible?

Elza and John investigate the meeting room on the second floor.
「地上に行っちゃダメだ!!」Don't go up there!!
Note: He is a large man wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans held up by suspenders and wears his watch on his right wrist.

Elza and John follow Sherry to a manhole outside the station.
「XX 内に女の子がいるの」There's a little girl inside XX.
「戻らなきゃ」I gotta go back.


In the sewer of Leon's scenario, Marvin and Linda disappear around the corner.
「マーヴィン00 2」 Marvin00 2

Elza and John meet Sherry in the sewer.
...Oh, it's a big watch! 「・・・まあ、大きな時計ね!」
Note: It's referring to the pocket watch that Sherry wears around her neck. It was replaced by a pendant in ‘Biohazard 2‘.

Elza examines the computer in a flooded room. The description reads,
|Now Running..........
|Now Running..........
|Now Running..........
|Now Running..........
|Now Running..........
|Now Running..........
|Now Running..........
「システムエラー」System Error


Leon and Marvin ascend to the street area.
「マーヴィン! これは...」Marvin! What is this about...
「ラクーン警さつの警かんじゃないか」These are cops from the Raccoon police!
「今じゃXXXわれてないはずだ」Well, now we can't break the...

The Japanese subtitles in Elza's scenario read,

Elza, John and Sherry examine a lockaed door in the alley with factory overpass, which is, of course, locked.
「・・・エルダ 」Elza...
「私、ヒミツの入り口を知ってるの」I know a secret entrance.
「ヒミツの入り口?」A secret entrance?
「ここよ この中から入れるの」It‘s here. I can enter in this.
「シェリー! 待って!」Sherry! Wait!
「トビラのところで待ってて!」 Wait for us at the door!

In Leon's scenario, the opposite door is locked. There's also a scene with Marvin who is bitten by a zombie soon after.
「カギがかかっている」It's locked.

Sherry pushes a crate across the floor, and climbs on top.
「電げんがある」There's electric power.
「電げんを入」Enter electric power.
The electronic lock is released.
As Elza,
下ろしますか?」 The breaker is raised... Will you lower it?
「ブレーカーは下がつていろようだ。。。」 The breaker has been lowered...

She reunites with Elza and John at the entrance. The Japanese subtitles read,
「間一ぱつってヤツだな!」That's what you call a close call!
「もう少しでサツにくいつかれてた所だぜ」We almost got caught by the police!

In another scene with Elza she pushes the same crate across the floor.

Elza examines the elevator's control panel at the back of the warehouse.
「エレベーターX」 Elevator
Note: The warehouse is equivalent to the marshalling yard of ‘Biohazard 2'. In other words, it's the secret entrance of Umbrella's underground laboratory. In both scenarios, the player encounters the first form of G here. However, each scene is different.

After you defeat 'G' with Leon, the creature pursues Leon, Linda and Marvin to the elevator and tries to pry the door open using it's mutated arm. Linda fires a few shots as they descend.


Leon examines the locker in the CT scan room.
「げん重にロックされている」 It's locked by a double auto-lock.
「開けるにはIDカードが」 You need an ID card to open it.

Leon examines a device at the back of the laboratory where Dr. Birkin is attacked by U.S.S. in the final release.
「ウィルスにかかわる械 だろう」It seems to be a machine related to viruses.
「特に必要とするものはない」 There's nothing special about it.
Note: William was a "good person" in this version.


01 - Combat Knife
02 - Pipe
03 - Browning HP
04 - SIG. P228
05 - Beretta M93R
06 - Glock 18
07 - S-Redhawk
08 - Remington M870
09 - Hand Grenade
10 - Acid Hand Grenade
11 - Incendiary Hand Grenade
12 - Ingram M10
13 - SPAS 12
14 - Flamethrower
15 - Grenade Gun
16 - Grenade Gun
17 - Rocket Launcher
18 - HL2K NC51 (MC51)
19 - Fire Extinguisher
20 - 9mm Parabellum
21 - Shotgun Ammo
22 - Magnum Ammo
23 - Flamethrower Tank
24 - Standard Grenades
25 - Acid Grenades
26 - Incendiary Grenades
27 - Truth
28 - Antidote Grenade
29 - Nitro Capsule
30 - Strong Acid Drug Capsule
31 - Ignition Drug Capsule
32 - Memory Card
33 - First Aid Spray
34 - Antidote Spray
35 - Green Medicine*
36 - Red Medicine
37 - Blue Medicine
38 - Mixed Medicine GR
39 - Mixed Medicine GG
40 - Mixed Medicine GB
41 - Mixed Medicine GGR
42 - Mixed Medicine GGG
43 - Mixed Medicine GGB
44 - Mixed Medicine GRR
45 - Mixed Medicine GRB
46 - Net
47 - Pliers
48 - Unassigned
49 - Unassigned
50 - MD Media
51 - MD Player
52 - Time Bomb
53 - ID Card 1
54 - ID Card 2
55 - ID Card 3
56 - ID Card 4
57 - T Virus
58 - G Virus
59 - Enzyme
60 - T Vaccine
61 - G Vaccine
62 - Pocket Watch
63 - Fuse
64 - Repair Plug
65 - Key Disk
66 - Communications Startup Card
67 - MD Player With Disc Inserted
68 - Water Key
69 - ID Card M
70 - ID Card L

* The medicine appear as 'chemical' in an early version of the reworked Biohazard 2.


"One creature that did not make it to the final version is the half-man spider phantom. He has the lower part of a human and the upper part of a spider." - Shinji Mikami
Note: I believe the word Mikami used for spider phantom is "kumo bakemomo" (クモ化ケモ). Kumo means spider and bakemono means ghost, phantom or monster. So "half-man spider monster" is a better description. Also, "Spider Man" is used in the ‘Biohazard 2' PC version. According to Mr. Kamiya, it had no actual name.

We contacted Curator about translating his version of 1.5 on October 22, 2009. He replied with, "No. I tried to find someone when I had a chance to grab screenshots a year ago but couldn't. I lost most of my screenshots when I was sent a virus during the year and had to re-format the PC."

There are no related games or films.