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Released: March 1999


Scenario: FLAGSHIP, Noboru Sugimura, Hirohisa Soda, Junichi Miyashita, Kishiko Miyagi


BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM The Female Spy Ada Lives

BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM The Female Spy Ada Lives (バイオハザード2 ドラマアルバム 〜生きていた女スパイ・エイダ〜) was a radio drama written by FLAGSHIP centered on the character of Ada Wong after the events of BIOHAZARD 2. It was originally broadcast on Radio Osaka in early 1999 and later released by publisher Suleputer as a drama album with the title BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM. It is set in an alternative universe timeline from the games. 1

Project Umbrella Translation

The French Force Dispatches

The Old Château of Nightmares


Come Back to Life, Ada!

Page 1



Executive Producer: Kenichi Tanaka (CAPCOM)
Producer: Mareo Yamada (CAPCOM)
A&R: Hidenori Shinohara (CAPCOM)

Scenario: FLAGSHIP
Noboru Sugimura
Hirohisa Soda
Junichi Miyashita
Kishiko Miyagi

Drama Director: Toshihiro Sato
Drama Coordinator: Kisuke Koizumi (Jinnan Studio)
Sound Effect: Hiroki Nozaki (Onjyuku)
Mixing Engineer: Hiroyasu Yamashita (Hiro Sound Technic)
Recording Studio: Studio Echo
Mastering Engineer: Yoshihiko Ando (Harion)
Mastering Studio: Harion

Music: CAPCOM Sound Team
Yasunori Mitsuda (Procyon Studio)
Yoshitaka Hirota

Art Coordinator: Satoru Ishii (Sony Music Communications)
Yoshiaki Hosoda (Sony Music Communications)

Art Designer: Masato Suzuki (Sony Music Communications)
Image Creator: Hideto Yasuda (Sony Music Communications)

Promotor: Yuka Fujiwara (CAPCOM)


Page 2

THE FIRST NIGHT - The French Force Dispatches


In 1998, the American Midwestern town of Raccoon City collapsed due to the T-Virus and G-Virus covertly developed by the international corporation, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals.
Sherry, the daughter of Dr. William Birkin who created the two viruses, was able to escape from Stone Ville, a town of fear affected by the viruses with the help of Meg and Sheriff Allen, but this time the stage has changed to France and a new incident has broken out.


(SE) Vakvakvakvakvak... the echoing sound of helicopter rotors.
It's a French Air Force combat helicopter.
The crew is the chief, Commandant Jacob (33 years old), and his subordinates Caporal Philippe (26 years old), and Caporal Gaston (24 years old).
(SE) Radio noise. The soldier's stop talking.

Radio Voice: "This is Operation Command Headquarters. Respond, Loire Tigre, respond (repeat)"
Joel: "This is Loire Tigre... Everything's smooth..."
Gaston: "I wanna get back home early and have some wine."
Jacob: "Target point soon. Joel, turn on the searchlight."
Joel: "Roger!"

Philippe's Monologue: "October 5, 1998, current time 2044. Mission Code: Loire Tigre. Description: Caporal Raúl Philippe. Unit 405 of the French Air Force 21st Airborne Division, we've received an order against Loire Village in southwest France, population approximately 1200, to burn the whole village down. An unidentified epidemic has occurred and we've received reports that the village has been wiped out in just three days, with no survivors."

Joel: "Chief, church roof visible at 10:00."
Jacob: "We've arrived at Loire Village. Let's burn it down with the napalm nice and quick and go home."
Gaston: "Roger. Number one, fire!... Number two, fire!..."

(SE) Napalm bombs are fired in sequence. The sound of buildings bursting into flames.

Gaston: "Hahahaha, it's a bonfire. Number thre-- (starts to say)
Philippe: "Wait Gaston! Someone's there! A person's running at three o'clock, chief!"
Jacob: "What!?"
Gaston: "It's a woman. Headed for the church, wearing a red battle suit... ah, she's got a handgun."
Jacob: "Lend me the binoculars! (startled) That woman..."
Philippe: "Do you know her?"
Jacob: (Covering up) "Joel, land the helicopter in the village square."

Page 3

Joel: "But the square's a sea of flames, it's dangerous to descend!"
Jacob: "It's fine, land."

(SE) That moment, the church roof makes a roaring sound and burns down.

Philippe: "Merde, the roof went up in flames!"
Gaston: "The woman's trapped under the roof!"
Jacob: "Hurry up Joel!"

(SE) The helicopter descends.


(SE) The helicopter lands in the roaring, burning village.

Jacob: "Everyone put on your quarantine masks."

*After this, since all the members put on masks, their voices are muffled.

Jacob: "Joel, standby here so we can take off anytime. Here we go men!"

(SE) Footsteps of three people running. The roaring of the burning village houses.

Philippe: "There. Under that rubble!"
Jacob: "Drag her out. I'll contact HQ. This is Loire Tigre, Operation Command Headquarters, respond. Operation Command Headquarters, respond.
Radio Voice: "This is Operation Command Headquarters."
Jacob: "We've found a survivor in Loire Village. Carrying a handgun in a red battle suit. Might be the woman applicable to A of file no. 43... (gradually fades away)"
Gaston: "Philippe, this woman's clearly not French. I'd say she's Chinese or Taiwanese."
Philippe: "Come on, keep going. I'll drag her. Now!"

(SE) While grunting and pushing the rubble, the two pull out the body.

Philippe: "I'm beat. Phew."
Jacob: "Roger (he turns off the radio and returns), need help? Philippe, take away her handgun. Her identity's unknown, check her body."
Philippe: "Nothing there."
Jacob: "All right, Gaston, carry her on your shoulder. Return to the helicopter."

(SE) Suddenly, BANG! An explosion echoes.

Gaston: "Oh no chief, the chopper, the helicopter's exploded!"
Jacob: "What!? Joel!?"
Philippe: "He jumped out of the cockpit. He's running here."

(SE) The heli bursts into flames. Footsteps come running from it.

Page 4

Philippe: "Are you all right Joel!?"
Joel: (panting) "Merde, a moment later and I'd be dead. The house in front of me burnt down and crushed the helicopter."
Gaston: "No kidding. How can we go home like this?"
Woman (Ada): "You..."
Gaston: "The woman's waking up."
Woman (Ada): "This place is..."

*Imagine Ada speaking calmly and indifferently from beginning to end.

Philippe: "This is Loire Village."
Jacob: "Philippe, contact headquarters and request a rescue."
Philippe: "Roger. This is Loire Tigre, Operation Command Headquarters, respond (repeats)."

(SE) But only a rushing sound comes from the radio.

Philippe: "I can't get through."
Gaston: "Is there no answer? The chief used it just now and he got through."
Philippe: "This is Loire Tigre, Operation Command Headquarters, respond (repeats)."
Jacob: "Joel, map?"
Joel: "Oh man. I left it in the heli."
Jacob: "Sacré bleu. South of the village was definitely a forest. Everyone start moving."


(SE) Calls of owls and insects.
The squadsmen walk, stepping cautiously on dead leaves.

Jacob: "Halt! Come here, it's safe. And take off your quarantine masks. Rest."

*Everyone takes off their masks and returns to their normal voices.

Jacob: "By the way, lady, what's your story? Let's start with who you are. What's your name?"
Woman (Ada): "..."
Gaston: "Huh, cat got your tongue?"
Jacob: "What're you doing in Loire Village?"

*But in the end, the woman doesn't answer.

Gaston: "You!"
Woman (Ada): "You guys aren't MPs or the police. I'm not obliged to answer."
Gaston: "Come again!?"
Jacob: "Stop it. We'll know right away if we take you back to HQ. Philippe, did the radio go through yet?"
Philippe: "It's a no-go. Respond, Command Headquarters. Respon... (begins to say)

(SE) Thuds and noises.

Philippe: "Chief?"

Page 5

Jacob: "What's the matter Philippe?"
Philippe: "A noise in the area just now..."
Jacob: "A noise?"

(SE) But you hear the sound of the wind. The chirps of insects. The sound of an owl.

Gaston: "Come on, I can't hear anything..."

(SE) Soon, a thud sound. Next, uhhhh... A sound like someone groaning.

Joel: (in terror) "What's that? Is something there?"
Philippe: "Is anyone there!? Come out if you are!"

(SE) Several groaning voices overlap and steadily approach.

Woman (Ada): "That sound... Where's my gun!? Give it back to me. Hurry up!"
Philippe: "It's people! Between there and here. A lot are walking over here."
Joel: "I see. I don't think Loire Village was completely wiped out. Those who survived must've hid in the forest. Well, everyone's there. Come over here!"

(SE) Footsteps, Joel runs.

Jacob: "Stop it Joel! Come back!"
Joel: (from far away) "It's OK chief, these are the Loire Village locals, just as I thought. Phew, good, they're safe. Answer m... (starts to say) What... Ouch, the flesh on their faces has rotten and the skin's peeled off. I can see this guy's internal organs from his belly... What happened!?"
Jacob: "Get away Joel! Those guys are Zombies!"
Philippe: "Zombies!?"

(SE) The next moment, the Zombies attack Joel.

Joel: "Ough, let go, help me!"
Gaston: "Get away Joel! Merde!"

(SE) BANG, BANG, more gunshots.

Gaston: "It's no use. They won't go down even when shot. What the hell are they!?"
Woman (Ada): "A Zombie won't die unless you shoot the brain! Just give me back my gun!"
Jacob: "Give it to her Gaston!"

(SE) BANG! BANG! The sound of gunshots and the sound of a Zombie falling with a groan.

Philippe: "Joel!"
Jacob: "It's hopeless. We can't save him anymore. Just get away. Run!"

Page 6

(SE) The groans of approaching Zombies. Everyone runs while firing.
(SE) A river murmurs. Everyone runs out of breath and have coughing fits.

Philippe: "Chief, what is this!? Wasn't Loire Village completely annihilated in the epidemic!?"
Jacob: "Calm down. All right, there's something I haven't told you men yet. In truth, ten days ago, an American Midwestern town named Raccoon City was completely destroyed due to a T-Virus secretly developed by the international corporation Umbrella Pharmaceuticals. Everyone in the town turned into Zombies."
Gaston: "Jesus...!!"
Jacob: "Five days later, this time it's Loire Village."
Philippe: "How'd it spread from America to France in just five days?"
Jacob: "Ask this woman. Ada Wong."
Philippe: "Ada Wong?"
Jacob: "Raccoon City collapsed five days ago, this woman escaped and came here to France. Then at the same time she appeared, Loire Village was eradicated."
Philippe: "In other words, this woman spread the T-Virus in Loire Village."
Ada: "No. I definitely didn't do that."
Gaston: "Then why'd you come to France!?"
Ada: "...!"
Jacob: "That's enough. She's not a woman who'll talk easily. Philippe, change the frequency and keep calling HQ. This abduction isn't getting us anywhere."
Philippe: "Understood. This is Loire Tigre, Operation Command Headquarters, respond."

(SE) Philippe changing the radio frequency while calling.

Philippe: "Merde, no one's there. This is Loire Tigre... Loire Tigre!"

(SE) Among the noise, the voice of a young woman is heard.
*The woman is the voice of Christine.

Radio Voice: "This is the Lisieux Village Police Station, Arles District. Who's calling?"
Philippe: "I'm connected! This is a tactical unit of the French Air Force. Can you hear me!?"
Radio Voice: "I hear you."
Philippe: "Our helicopter's gone and we're lost in a forest. Contact the French Air Force and tell them to send rescue."
Radio Voice: "I don't quite understand what you're saying. Unfortunately this is a small rural police station, and the Chief's out right now, even if I called the other officers there's only one police chief, can you call again later?"
Gaston: "Hey, wait a minute! It's not so simple to call back since we don't have a phone."
Jacob: "Let's change that. Listen to me, lady. Our current position is the forest about two kilometers south of Loire Village. Let us know the nearest site with people."
Radio Voice: "South of Loire Village? If that's the case, if you go west there's the château of Comte Henry. A caretaker should be there, and a phone as well I think."
Jacob: "The château of Comte Henry. Got it. You've got to contact the military somehow since we're headed to the château. A good girl should be able to handle that."
Radio Voice: (with laughter) "I'll do it somehow."

Page 7

Jacob: "OK, let's leave for the château. Gaston, don't take your eyes off Ada. Since she's not vital, shoot her in the leg if she tries to escape."
Gaston: "Roger."


(SE) The sound of insects and howling dogs.

Philippe: "There. It's that château."
Gaston: "It's quite old. Spooky."
Jacob: "At any rate, there should be someone inside."

(SE) Footsteps walking on the stone pavement and the repeated knocking on the door.

Jacob: "Is anyone there!? Answer me!"

(SE) Repeated knocking on the door, but there's no reply.
(SE) Creee! The sound of the door opening solemnly.

Philippe: "The gate's not locked."

(SE) Footsteps going inside.

Gaston: "If anyone's here, come out!"

(SE) It's silent, except for the sound of a ticking clock.

Philippe: "The woman on the radio said there was a caretaker, but..."
Gaston: "Ah, chief! Look at the floor!"
Jacob: "Hmm...! It's a bloodstain. It's not just the floor. On that wall, and that wall... Is something in this château!?"

(SE) Just at that moment, behind them, creee, SLAM!
The sound of the door closing and locking automatically, glatchhh.

Gaston: "The front door closed on its own! (runs closer) It's no use. It's locked, we can't get out!"
Jacob: "What the hell do you mean!? Is anyone there!? If you are, come out!"

(SE) But there's no answer.
Only the echoing sound of a ticking clock...

Page 9

THE SECOND NIGHT - The Old Château of Nightmares


"The T-Virus which struck the American Midwestern town of Raccoon City crossed continents in the blink of an eye and struck the small Loire Village in France. The French Strategic Air Command proceeded with incineration of the village and protected an industrial spy calling herself Ada Wong, but just after that, they were pursued by Zombies and escaped into a mysterious château."


(SE) Silence. The sound of a clock ticking away time.

Jacob: "Is anyone here!? If you are, come out!"
Gaston: "It's no joke. We're stuck in this château."
Jacob: "Philippe, call the Liseux Village Police Station with the radio."
Philippe: "This is the French Air Force. Lisieux Village Police Station, respond."

(SE) The woman's voice can be heard among the noise.
*The voice belongs to Christine

Woman's Voice: "This is the Lisieux Village Police Station. I'm the officer from a little while ago. Have you arrived at the château of Comte Henry?"
Jacob: "We reached the front a while ago, but we're locked in."
Woman's Voice: "You were locked in?"
Jacob: "On top of that there are bloodstains left everywhere, what on earth happened in this château?"

*There's no reply.

Jacob: "Hey, what's wrong?"
Woman's Voice: (with fear) "That... to be honest with you, there was a case there five years ago."
Jacob: "A case?"
Woman's Voice: "The late Comte Henry went mad and suddenly slaughtered eight servants with an axe."
Gaston: "Hey, quit it. What a ridiculous story."
Woman's Voice: "Since then, the château seemed to be haunted, and no one went near it."
Gaston: "Hey you, not this damn château of all places."
Woman's Voice: "But because of that I'll ask whether there's a caretaker."
Jacob: "Understood. What should we do to get out of this château?"
Woman's Voice: "I could definitely answer that if I had the blueprints. We used them for the investigation back at the time of the case five years ago. I might find them if I have a look."
Jacob: "ASAP please. (Turns off the radio) Okay, until she finds the blueprints, Gaston and I will investigate inside the château. Philippe, you wait here and watch Ada. Let's go, Gaston."

(SE) Footsteps of Jacob and Gaston running off.
(SE) Now there's only the sound of the ticking hour hand.
(SE) Rustling.

Page 10

Philippe: "Hey, just because it's only us two, don't even think about trying to escape. I won't have any mercy over shooting you."

(SE) Philippe puts a cigarette on his zippo.

Philippe: "Do you smoke?"
Ada: "..."
Philippe: "I still can't believe the thought of those Zombies. Were they really Zombies?"
Ada: "..."
Philippe: "It was said the first incident occurred in the U.S's Raccoon City. Why were you there?"
Ada: "..."
Philippe: "No reply no matter what you hear, eh. Might as well ask a Zombie in that case. Hahaha..."
Ada: "Whatever you want, but believe it or not, you'll be in big trouble if you go licking the T-Virus."
Philippe: "Huh?"
Ada: "An American city with a population of over twenty thousand perished in just ten days. Countless people became Zombies and wandered for the flesh of others... We desperately escaped out of that."
Philippe: "We? Was there someone else too?"

(SE) That moment, in the distance, BANG! BANG! Gunshot sounds.

Gaston's Voice: "AAK, help me!"
Jacob's Voice: "Hold on Gaston!"
Philippe: (catching breath) "That's--!?"


Philippe: "Chief, Gaston! Ada, come on!"

(SE) Footsteps of the two running and dashing.


(SE) SLAM! Footsteps of the two running in the corridor and jumping to open a door.

Philippe: "Where are we!? Merde, what's with these corridors. It's like a maze, we're going in circles."
Jacob's Voice: (from a distance) "St-- stay away, don't come!"


Philippe: "Chief!"
Ada: "The voice's coming from below. There are stairs over there."

(SE) Footsteps of the two going down the stairs.


(SE) The footsteps of the two running, echoing around the concrete walls.

Page 11

Ada: "Look! Someone's collapsed over there."

(SE) When they stop, falling water drops become the only sound.
(SE) The two slowly approach the collapsed person.

Philippe: (holding his breath) "It's Gaston. He's dead... half the flesh on his face has been eaten, and the flesh of his stomach... Where's the chief? Chief!"
Ada: "I don't think they're Zombie wounds. It was probably..."
Philippe: "Huh?"

(SE) Then, arooohh... the howling of a beast is heard, pata, pata, footsteps creep near.

Philippe: "What, something's in the shade of the pillar."

(SE) The next moment, a Cerberus jumps out growling intensively.

Ada: "Get back Philippe!"

(SE) BANG! BANG! The Cerberus whines and collapses.

Philippe: "What is that dog!? Its skin's ripped off and its internal organs are coming out of its ribs. A zombie dog."
Ada: "It's called Cerberus, a monster more ferocious than military dogs."

(SE) Again... the pata, pata sound of a Cerberus approaching while growling.

Philippe: "They're coming again. From behind."

(SE) Several Cerberus howl approach and attack while howling.

Philippe: "It's no use. They keep coming one after another!"
Ada: "Run!"

(SE) BANG! BANG! The two run in spite of being attacked.

Philippe: "Merde, only a forked path, which way do we go?"

(SE) That moment, a voice is heard on the radio,

Radio Voice: "This is the Lisieux Police Station. Do you hear me? Please respond."
Philippe: "We hear you. Did you find the château plans?"
Radio Voice: "I found them. Where are you now?"

(SE) A Cerberus attacks.

Ada: "Watch out Philippe!"

Page 12


Radio Voice: "What's happening!?"
Philippe: "Nothing. Right now we're lost in the basement south of the entrance. Tell us how to get out."
Radio Voice: "South of the entrance?"

(SE) A Cerberus attacks.

Ada: "A dead-end."
Philippe: "Dive into that room!"


(SE) The two open the door and jump.
(SE) A Cerberus intensively follows.

Philippe: "Merde!"

*The door is closed but the Cerberus still tries to get in.

Philippe: "Bring that desk over. I'll hold the door!"

(SE) The sound of a desk being moved.

Philippe: "That's a bit of a relief."
Ada: "But there are no other exits, we're completely shut in."
Philippe: "Lisieux Village Police, were you able to get my people's whereabouts? This room..."

(SE) The vroom sound of an engine.

Philippe: "The generator's working. It'll supply electricity to many parts of the château from here."
Radio Voice: "Wait, here. There are two entrances."
Philippe: "Two?"
Radio Voice: "You went in the south side entrance. There's one more hidden door on the north side."
Philippe: "A hidden door?"


(SE) Footsteps of the two going up the stairs.

Philippe: "We've gone upstairs. There's a big door."
Radio Voice: "The grand hall. It's alright if you enter now. Go on in."
Philippe: "Roger."

(SE) Sound of opening a heavy door.

Page 13


(SE) The two enter.

Philippe: "What a terrific, gorgeous room. A piano and chandelier. So many portraits on the wall..."
Ada: "It's weird though. There's a lit fire in the fireplace. Half-drank tea on the table. Someone was here until just recently."
Philippe: "Lisieux Village Police, respond. We've entered the grand hall. What should we do from here?"

(SE) But with a heavy rushing sound, there's no answer on the radio.

Philippe: "Lisieux Village Police, answer me! Lisieux Village Police, respond!"

*Just at that moment, the shrill laughter of a woman echoes, an actual voice.

Radio Voice: "Hahahaha, you don't have to do anything now. As this place is your goal."
Philippe: "What!?"
Radio Voice: "Hahahaha, ahahahahaha!"
Ada: "Look! A young woman on the second floor stairs."
Philippe: "You, who are you!?"

(SE) Footsteps descend the stairs. It is Christine (21 years old).

Christine: "Caporal Philippe and mademoiselle Ada Wong, welcome to my château. My name is Comtesse Christine Henry."
Philippe: (shocked) "That voice!?"
Christine: (joking) "This is the Lisieux Village Police."
Philippe: "Ridiculous. So it was you on the radio."
Ada: "She coaxed and lured us in here."
Christine: "Toss away your guns."
Philippe: "What're you hoping to achieve?"
Christine: "Quickly would be good!"
Philippe: "Stubborn..."

(SE) The sound of throwing guns on the floor.

Ada: "Who are you?"
Christine: "Oh dear, in spite of your industrial espionage, you don't even know the family of Comte Henry."
Ada: "What? No way...!"
Christine: "That's right. The family of Comte Henry; my family has served as executives of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals for generations. In other words, this château is the secret France branch of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, and I'm in charge."
Ada: "Why'd you lure us here?"
Christine: "You ought to know that better than anyone, Ada Wong."
Ada: "Say what?"
Christine: "Don't play dumb, I know you're hiding the G-Virus. Return it to me."
Philippe: "G-Virus?"

Page 14

Christine: "You're a soft touch monsieur soldat. We, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, aren't simply the T-Virus. We successfully developed a more powerful G-Virus."
Philippe: "No..."
Christine: "I ordered my subordinate HUNK to transport it here from Raccoon City along with the T-Virus. But this woman and her friends interfered along the way and stole it."
Ada: "...Lies."
Christine: "Well, why was Loire Village contaminated with the T-Virus and completely wiped out? HUNK and the others with the G-Virus fought with you in that village, thereupon the virus leaked..."
Philippe: "Is that true, Ada?"
Christine: "We searched that village quite thoroughly later on, but in the end, we never found the G-Virus. The personnel who fought were all killed, except for this woman. If so, only this woman could have it. Am I wrong?"
Philippe: "Say something! Ada!"
Ada: "I literally don't have anything like the G-Virus."
Christine: "I see. So it can't be helped."

(SE) The sound of a handgun slide.

Christine: "I give up too, but both of you are going to die. Starting with this soldier."
Philippe: "What!?"
Christine: "Blame Ada. This woman put you in this position by not handing me the G-Virus."
Philippe: "Ada..."
Christine: "Go to hell, monsieur soldat. Hahahaha, ahahahahahaha!"

(SE) The sound of Christine's crazed laughter...

Page 15


Caporal Philippe and others of the French Air Force burned down the T-Virus contaminated Loire Village and helped the industrial spy Ada Wong, but they were pursued by Zombies and escaped into an old château; however, it was the secret France branch of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals.
The two fell into the trap of Comtesse Christine and were confronted at gunpoint, having fallen into a crisis of certain death."

(SE) Catchh, the sound of a handgun slide.

Christine: "Go to hell, monsieur soldat. Hahahaha, ahahahahahaha!"

(SE) But the next moment a door bangs! It opens and Jacob comes jumping out.

Jacob: "Enough of this, Christine!"

(SE) Barabarabara! The gunshots of a machine gun firing briefly.

Christine: "Ahhh!"

(SE) The gun's bullets fall to the ground.

Philippe: "Chief!"
Jacob: "Watch out, Philippe."
Christine: (groaning) "Owaugh, Commandant Jacob, what's going on? The military promised to cooperate with Umbrella... If it instead kept quiet on the transport of the G-Virus from the U.S. to this château, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals would give the bioweapons we later developed preferentially to the military."
Jacob: "That was the arrangement. But the G-Virus vanished en route. Whoever got their hands on it could do as they please."
Christine: "What did you say!?"
Jacob: "I've cleared up all of your men in this château. You got to mine too!"

(SE) Barabarabara! The machine gun fires.

Christine: "Ahhhhhhhh!"

(SE) Crashing through the window glass while screaming
Christine falls.

Philippe: "Chief!"

(SE) Footsteps running toward the window.

Page 16

Philippe: "She fell into the garden... Chief, what'd you mean!?"
Jacob: "Do yourself a favor and search Ada. Christine would've mentioned it too. That woman's hiding the G-Virus. Take it."
Philippe: "But--"
Jacob: "If that's too much trouble, you can check after I turn her into a corpse."

(SE) Clicckk, Jacob points his gun.

Philippe: "Chief!?"
Jacob: "Make it quick... I won't hesitate. Trust me, I'll shoot her dead."
Philippe: "Stop it chief!"

(SE) Philippe hurls himself at Jacob.

Jacob: "Uwaugh!"

(SE) At the same time, barabarabara! The machine gun fires and falls to the ground.

Jacob: "What're you doing Philippe! You imbécile!"

(SE) A terrible fight begins.

Philippe: "A- Ada! Pick up the pistol and machine gun and get away! Hurry!"

(SE) Ada's footsteps evading and catching the machine gun. Philippe knocks Jacob off his feet and escapes too.

Jacob: "Ahh, wait, Philippe! ... Foutre...

(SE) Sound of an owl.
(SE) Ada and Philippe run out of breath.

Philippe: "What's the chief doing!? I didn't think he was that kinda guy."
Ada: "Look! Christine's body isn't there. She should've fallen here."
Philippe: "There are traces of blood. Leading over there..."

(SE) Footsteps walking slowly.
(SE) That moment, a thud upthrusts from the abyss.

Philippe: "An earthquake!?"
Ada: "No! The ground, the ground's sinking!"
Philippe: "It's a turntable! We're on top of a turntable!"


(SE) The turntable roars and descends.

Page 17

Philippe: "Down to where..."

(SE) The descent stops with a crash.

Philippe: "It stopped."
Ada: "This is... (gasp)"


(SE) The two's footsteps resounding eerily in silence.

Philippe: "It's huge... Is this some sort of lab?"
Ada: "It's all so similar."
Philippe: "Huh?"
Ada: "It looks just like Umbrella's G-Virus lab in Raccoon City."
Christine: "Hahahaha!"

(SE) Just at that moment, Christine's high-pitched laughter echoes through a speaker.

Christine: "That's right. This is where William and Annette Birkin first studied the G-Virus."
Philippe: "You're still alive Christine!?"

(SE) The sound of a nearby shutter going up.
(SE) When the shutter finishes going up, uhhhh... groaning sounds, and many Zombies come in.

Philippe: "Zo-- Zombies!"
Christine: "Hahaha, researcher Zombies. If bitten, you'll instantly become a Zombie. If you don't want that Ada Wong, give me the G-Virus."
Philippe: "Run Ada!"

(SE) Barabarabara! A machine gun firing and the two's footsteps escaping.
(SE) Banging a door! They kick it down and come into another corridor.
(SE) Instantly, BANG BANG! Gunshots resound.

Ada: "Watch out!"
Jacob: (from far away) "Ada! Give me the G-Virus!"
Philippe: "Chief!? ...Where are you!?"
Jacob: "Heh heh... search Ada, Philippe. Make it quick. Won't you follow your superior officer's order!?"

(SE) BANG! BANG! Jacob fires a gun.

Philippe: "Stop it Chief!"
Jacob: "Ahahahaha!"
Christine: (hatefully) "Jacob... I won't let you get the G-Virus. Ada, even though you escaped from Raccoon City with Leon, you won't get away this time."
Philippe: "Leon?"

Page 18

(SE) Instantly, BANG!
A Cerberus intensively breaks a window.

Philippe: "Watch out!"

(SE) Barabarabara! A machine gun firing.

Jacob: "Philippe, search Ada! Bwahahaha!"


Philippe: "Damn, from both sides. Run Ada!"

(SE) Footsteps of the two running.
*Jacob and Christine's laughter echo.
(SE) Zombies and Cerberus attack.
(SE) Footsteps of the two desperately fleeing, but the next moment,

Ada: "Aahhh!"

(SE) Ada's scream trails for a long time.

Ada: "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!"
Philippe: "Adaaaaaaa!"

(SE) Ada's feet slipped and she fell into a deep opening


The whisper-like voice of a man emanates from somewhere.

Voice (Leon): "Ada... Ada..."
Ada: "Leon..."
Voice (Leon): "Ada, I'm a police officer. It's my duty to protect you."
Ada: "Stop, Leon..."
Voice (Leon): "Ada... Ada..."
*The sound of Philippe overlays the voice.
Philippe: "Ada... Ada..."


*Reality quickly returns.

Philippe: "Ada, get hold of yourself, Ada!"
Ada: (waking up) "Uh... where are we?"
Philippe: "I've figured it out. It's a warehouse. You lost your footing and fell from the upper floor. Don't move too much. You're hurt, rest a bit."

Page 19

(SE) Falls silent with bit-by-bit echoing drips of water.

Philippe: "Ada, who's Leon?"
Ada: "Huh?"
Philippe: "You were repeating his name deliriously. The man you escaped from Raccoon City with."
Ada: "..."
Philippe: "You don't wanna say? That's fine."


*Christine is looking for Philippe and Ada with a monitor.

Christine: "Where did those two go? Where are they?"

(SE) Sound of pressing switches on the control panel one after another.

Christine: "Oh hello. Hehe... in that place.

(SE) Then, the door behind makes a sound and opens.

Christine: "Who!? (in surprise) ...Jacob!?"

(SE) BANG! A gunshot.

Christine: "Oof..."

(SE) The sound of falling with a thud.

Jacob: "Hahaha... The princess can play quietly in Heaven."

(SE) The sound of turning on a switch.

Jacob: "Philippe... do you hear me, Philippe?"


(SE) The sound of falling water drops.
Jacob's voice can be heard through a speaker.

Jacob's Voice: "Philippe!"
Philippe: "Chief!?"
Jacob's Voice: "Christine's dead. Only you two are left."
Philippe: "What!?"
Jacob's Voice: "Philippe, the G-Virus is a treasure. The military authorities of every nation will be begging for it. We can sell it at any high price if we get it."
Philippe: "Something like that!! You made the radio unusable on purpose."

Page 20

Jacob's Voice: "That's right. I was colluding with Christine. But I changed my mind along the way. There was no way I'd ever hand her the G-Virus. It's more profitable to keep it for myself."
Philippe: "Jacob! You don't even deserve to be called a soldier."
Jacob's Voice: "A soldier? I graduated at the top of the military academy and was sent off to a backwater air force."
Philippe: "Regardless you son of a bitch, she won't hand it over no matter what you say."
Jacob's Voice: (exaggeratedly) "Ah, Philippe, you've become such a fine soldier."
Philippe: "What?"
Jacob's Voice: "You know, Ada. That man Caporal Philippe. He was a town thug, a two-bit gangster. Drug-running, robbery, blackmail, he did everything."
Ada: (in surprise) "Philippe..."
Jacob's Voice: "However. That man had a brother, Paul, but his brother was very different. He was excellent, as straight as an arrow; he became a Sous-Lieutenant, joined the UN forces and performed outstandingly in Africa."

Philippe: "(desperately suppressing himself)"
Jacob's Voice: "On top of that, Paul loved his brother and constantly worried about his hooliganism, then tried hard to persuade him to join the military."
Philippe: "Shut up... Shut up!"
Jacob's Voice: "Then finally, an incident occurred three years ago. With this man's drug-running profits, he took along a woman and had a gorgeous joke-filled tour of Africa. He tried to show his brother a nice place. Then, he murdered his brother."
Philippe: "Shut uppp!"

(SE) Barabarabara! A machine gun is fired at random.
(SE) The camera and sound speaker are blown away.

Jacob's Voice: "Ahahaha! Those aren't the only cameras and speakers Philippe! You guys were reunited after a long time, and while driving one night, you began drinking and joking with everyone riding along. Then you caused an accident. Both you and the woman only had slight injuries, but your brother was killed."
Philippe: "Merde... merde... (sobbing)"

(SE) Barabarabara!

Ada: "Philippe..."
Jacob's Voice: "Then you joined the military. Indebted to your brother's death. It's out of that debt that you protect Ada. I think I've hit the nail on the head."
Philippe: "Shut up!"
Jacob's Voice: "You've got a lot of balls."

(SE) The sound of a shutter opening and, uhhh, Zombies appear.
(SE) Philippe fires away with the machine gun.

Ada: "Philippe!"
Philippe: "Come on Ada! I'll protect you at any cost. Get out of here!"

Page 21

(SE) Sound of the machine gun firing blindly.
(SE) Sound of the approaching Zombies' groans.
(SE) Jacob's insane laughter flowing from the speakers.

Page 23

THE FOURTH NIGHT - Come Back to Life, Ada!


"Caporal Philippe of the French Air Force went to the T-Virus contaminated Loire Village, helped the industrial spy Ada Wong, was chased by Zombies and escaped into a château, but was then subjected to the relentless pursuit of his superior officer Commandant Jacob, whose eyes are blinded by the value of the G-Virus."


(SE) Uhhh... The sound of Zombies approaching.
(SE) Barabarabara! Blind firing of the machine gun.

Ada: "Philippe!"
Philippe: "Come on Ada! I'll absolutely protect you. Get away from here!"

(SE) BANG! BANG! Ada fires blindly.

Jacob's Voice: "Hahaha, there's still more Zombies. How about now!"

(SE) A door opens and Zombies enter.

Philippe: "Goddammittt!"

(SE) Barabarabara! ... Click, out of bullets.

Philippe: "I'm out of ammo! Ada, how many bullets do you have left?"
Ada: "Thirteen."
Philippe: "Twenty here. The way things stand, we're done for. Isn't there an escape hatch somewhere?"
Ada: "If this lab's the same as in Raccoon City, there should be a freight train deep in the lower floor."
Philippe: "A platform?"
Ada: "A railroad. It comes out above ground from there."
Philippe: "Gotcha. Anyway, let's go."
Ada: "Over there's no good. So many Zombies."
Philippe: "You care? We'll get through them!"


Ada: "Stop it! Don't lose your cool."
Philippe: "What?"
Ada: "Don't throw away your life out of debt to your brother."
Philippe: "...! I'm just faithfully following a soldier's duty."
Ada: "Huh?"

Page 24

Philippe: "A soldier's duty is to protect people's lives. To protect many even at the cost of his own life."
Ada: "That..."

*The sounds quickly fade away.


(SE) Footsteps running in the corridor of the Raccoon Police Department.

Leon: "Here Ada. Come over here!"
Ada: "Wait Leon... Leon!"

(SE) The two of them walking in the sewers.

Leon: "Ada, I'm a police officer. An officer's duty is to protect lives. So you..."
Ada: "Leon..."
Leon: "Ada... Ada..."
Ada: "Stop Leon... I'm not a woman who deserves to be loved. Stop it..."


*Reality quickly returns.

(SE) Zombies attack.

Philippe: "Eat this!"


Philippe: "Ada, what happened? You look odd."
Ada: "Huh? It-- it's nothing."
Philippe: "In any case, let's hurry to the platform."

(SE) Footsteps of the two running.


Jacob's Voice: "Caporal Philippe! ...This is your final order. Take the G-Virus from Ada... It's a court-martial if you oppose."
Philippe: "A court-martial huh, that's hysterical. But I want to know for sure too. What's the truth, Ada? Do you have the G-Virus?
Ada: "...! I have it."

(SE) A shutter opens and a voice groans, a Licker enters.

Page 25

Philippe: "What is this monster!?"
Ada: "It's a Licker!"


Philippe: "It won't go down at all. Which platform Ada!?"

(SE) Footsteps of the two running.
(SE) But Lickers appear one after another.

Philippe: "The Lickers are coming at us from over there!"

(SE) The Lickers attack.
(SE) BANG! BANG! But the bullets run out in the end.

Philippe: "Out of ammo! Dammit!"

(SE) The next moment, a Licker raises a sharp voice and attacks Philippe.

Philippe: "Aahhh!"
Ada: "Philippe!"


Ada: "Get a grip Philippe."
Philippe: (groaning) "A... Ada..."

(SE) Ada helps Philippe walk. They open a door and go inside.


(SE) The two enter. Ada treads on pieces of shattered glass, and Philippe leans on a wall. Silence returns.

Philippe: (suffering) "W... what is this place?"
Ada: "It's some sort of lab."

*Philippe pants violently.

Ada: "Hang in there!"
Philippe: "A... Ada... I'm no good anymore. You can get out of her on your own."
Ada: "I can't leave you."
Philippe: "Yo... You've got someone special to you. Leon, I'd say."
Ada: "Huh?"
Philippe: "I can see it, even if you try to hide it. Go find that guy."
Ada: "Stop... Don't mention Leon."

Page 26

Philippe: "Why? Ughhh..."
Ada: "Stay strong. Leon's a police officer, and I'm a spy. We're enemies."
Philippe: "!"
Ada: "Two months ago, I went to Raccoon City to steal the G-Virus at an organization's order. However, the town had already been destroyed by Zombies, and I couldn't get the G-Virus."
Philippe: "So there you got to meet Leon."
Ada: "He protected me at the risk of his own life and managed to escape the town. But until the end, I wasn't able to confide in him that I was a spy."

*Philippe pants.

Ada: "Hang in there Philippe."
Philippe: "I... I'm fine, I'll keep going."
Ada: "I couldn't stand the situation; I pretended to die and escaped before him. Leon still thinks I died. And he's still fighting against Umbrella."
Philippe: "Then you went back to being a spy. To forget him."
Ada: "Wha..."
Philippe: "No. That's not it... yo... you thought you'd meet Leon somewhere again if you went back to being a spy and pursued Umbrella... (panting intensely)."
Ada: "..."
Philippe: "It's hard, Ada... to be honest and go to the man you love. You'll never forgive yourself if you don't, like me."
Ada: "Don't talk anymore, Philippe."
Philippe: "You heard... I killed my brother in an accident while in Africa; but I didn't join the military just for that debt."
Ada: "Huh?"
Philippe: "The day after my brother died, I attended the funeral held in the graveyard on the base. Who do you think came to the funeral?"
Ada: "?"
Philippe: "(panting) I...It was African children. Ten... no, more than twenty native kids gathered, locking hands together in front of Paul's grave, weeping. Uggg... (panting)"
Ada: "Philippe!"
Philippe: "(panting) Please God... let me say what I need before the end... The commander said my brother wasn't just an officer. P-Paul had no borders. As a soldier, he tried to protect the people of any nation. "He didn't care for any danger, especially to protect children..." Hearing that, I was determined to inherit my brother's will. You understand, Ada."
Ada: "...Philippe."
Philippe: "If you love him... get out of here, be honest, and go jump into Leon's chest."

*Philippe's gasps become more and more intense.

Ada: "A-all right. I know; don't talk... hang on, Philippe."
Philippe: "A-Ada... the G-Virus... give me the G-Virus..."
Ada: "Huh?"

Page 27

Philippe: "You don't need something like that anymore. I'll use it to stall the ch--chief. Give it to me."

(SE) Sound of a chain being removed.

Philippe: "It was stashed in a pendant... Go to him. Go to Leon."
Ada: "Philippe..."
Philippe: "Just go (aloud), hear that chief!? Look at this. I've taken the G-Virus from Ada. Just like you wanted."


Jacob: "You finally did it Caporal Philippe! Ahahaha, you're a righteous hearted soldier. Wait there, I'll come get you."

(SE) Sliding Gaston's sidearm.
(SE) Footsteps walking, then a door opening, and exiting.


(SE) Footsteps running.

Ada: "(holding back tears) Philippe... Philippe!"

(SE) At that moment a loud alarm bell resounds in the room.

Ada: "That!?"

*A female voice flows from the speakers.

Female Voice: "The self destruct device has been activated. This laboratory will be destroyed in five minutes. All personnel should evacuate immediately. (repeats)"
Ada: "No way. That Philippe activated the self destruct device. Philipppeeee!"


(SE) Footsteps of Jacob walking.

*The announcement of the self destruct device is also flowing here.

Jacob: "What's going on!? Where are you Caporal Philippe!?"

(SE) A small explosion occurs, steam blows out from a pipe.

Jacob: "Woah!"
Philippe: "Co-come on Commandant Jacob. I'll show you the horror of the G-Virus."

Page 28

Jacob: "Where are you Philippe!? Wh... what's that!? On the other side of the smoke... Phil... Philippe?"
Female Voice: "One minute until detonation. All personnel should evacuate immediately."

(SE) Groans are heard and footsteps slowly approach.

Jacob: "Philippe. You've done well. Give me the G-Viru... Wha... what are you? (in fear) Such a distorted face... unusually large shoulder muscles... No Philippe, no way... YOU, did you inject yourself with the G-Virus!?"

(SE) The next moment, the sound of the tremendous beast's roars.

Jacob: "Oughh! No, don't come, help meeee!"

(SE) BANG! BANG! BANG! The sound of a handgun firing blindly.


(SE) Sound of Ada's running footsteps.

Ada: "Got to the platform! The train's sitting here too!"

*That moment, gunshots sound off in the distance and Jacob's screams stop.

Jacob's Voice: "Oughhhhh!"
Ada: "Is that Jacob's voice!?"
Female Voice: "Ten seconds until detonation. Nine... eight... seven... six..."

*The countdown begins.

Ada: "Philippe... Philippeee!"

(SE) Sound of the train door opening and being jumped into. The train starts.
(SE) The countdown reaches zero and a massive explosion occurs.
(SE) The beast's sorrowful roar echoes.


(SE) Sound of the train running.

Ada: "Thank you, Philippe... Leon... Wherever you are, I'll go to you now. Leon."

(SE) Sound of the train speeding away.


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