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Release Date: March 1999


BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM The Little Runaway Sherry

BIOHAZARD 2 DRAMA ALBUM The Little Runaway Sherry (バイオハザード2 ドラマアルバム 〜小さな逃亡者シェリー〜) was one of several radio dramas based on the events after BIOHAZARD 2. Written by FLAGSHIP, this story chronicles the events following the game for Sherry Birkin and takes place in the neighboring town of Stone Ville. It was originally broadcast on Radio Osaka in early 1999 and later released by publisher Suleputer. 1

Project Umbrella Translation

Two Girls

Raccoon City Once More...

The Demonic Child, Sherry

Sherry, Live!


1. Opening

"In 1998, a catastrophe struck the American Midwestern town of Raccoon City. The T-Virus developed by the international corporation Umbrella Pharmaceuticals transformed humans into Zombies and turned Raccoon City into a town of death in the blink of an eye.
Shocked at its severity, Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and the American government blockaded the entire area to covertly handle the incident, and decided to burn Raccoon City to ashes. Then, two days later..."

2. Meg's House, Garden (Night)
*Meg's (18) house is built on the hillside of a small mountain.

(SE) Steam Whistle.
*Meg's now standing in the courtyard and looking at the sky.

(SE) The sound of a TV program can be heard clearly, suddenly it's shut, and then Meg's grandpa - Jim (75) comes out, he starts to say something.

Jim: "Meg, where are you?"
Meg: "I'm here, grandpa, in the garden."

(SE) Jim opens the door and goes outside the house.

Jim: "Well, what're you doing here?"
Meg: "Look, the sky, it's totally red. Looks like Raccoon City's still burning."
Jim: "Seems it was destroyed by a burn-out, unbelievable..."
Meg: "The radio news said the explosion of a gasoline stand caused it and then the whole city started to burn, they even sent the army there and built a barricade around the city."
Jim: "It's terrible... OK, now get inside the house Meg or you'll catch a cold."

(SE) The two walk toward the house, but Meg hears a rustle in the bush nearby.

Meg: "What was that?"
Jim: "Er?"
Meg: "I just heard a sound there."

(SE) Rustling sound once again.

Meg: "Who's there?"

(SE) From the shadow of the bush, a little girl crawls out, her name is Sherry (12).

Jim: "(Surprised) It's a girl! Oh, you got mud and wounds all over your body little one."
Meg: "Where'd you come from?"
Sherry: "(Scared) Please... help me..."

(SE) Sherry bursts into a loud cry and throws herself into Meg's arms.

Jim: "What exactly's going on? Whatever... Meg, get her inside and bring her a hot cocoa."
Meg: "Okay."

(SE) Meg's footsteps, she is walking toward the door.

Meg: "OK, don't cry girl, my grandpa'll take care of you."

(SE) Sherry stops crying, then Jim takes her into the house.

3. Same House, Living Room

(SE) The clock pendulum keeps swinging.

Jim: "OK, sit here."

(SE) Meg pours hot water into a cup.

Meg: "Here you go, hot cocoa, just help yourself."
Jim: "Well, I think you should at least tell us who you are. What's your name?"
Sherry: "Sherry..."
Jim: "OK, Sherry, so where'd you come from?"
Sherry: "Raccoon City..."
Jim: "Raccoon City?! That town destroyed by the fire? You escaped from that burning hell to this place? Are you serious!?"
Sherry: "Fire? NO. Fire wasn't the reason Raccoon City was destroyed."

(SE) Just at the moment Sherry finished talking, the windows are broken following fierce gunfire.

Jim: "AHHH!!"
Meg: "Yaaaah!!"

(SE) The sound of furniture broken by bullets.

Meg: "What's going on!?"
Jim: "Someone's shooting from outside! Get down Meg! Stay low! Uahhh..."
Meg: "Grandpa!"
Jim: "(Puffing hard) Me... Meg..."

(SE) Jim falls onto the bed, he was killed.

Meg: "Grandpa!!"

(SE) The gunfire becomes more and more fierce.

Sherry: "Meg! Yahhh!!"
Meg: "Run!! This way!"

4. Same House, Back Door

(SE) Sherry and Meg break out of the door, they're still running.
(SE) The sound of gunfire remains.

Meg: "Get in that car, quickly!"

(SE) Running footsteps. The door is opened, Meg and Sherry get in and and start the car.

5. Inside the Running Car

(SE) Noise of the car's engine.

Meg: "(Crying) What exactly's going on!? Why'd this happen to me? Why?"

(SE) The sound of a helicopter comes to the two girls' ears.

Meg: "It's a helicopter!"

(SE) The next moment, the machine gun in the heli starts to fire.

Meg: "AHH!!"

(SE) Now the car's out of control and sliding on the road.

Meg: "What? They even sent a helicopter to kill us?"
Sherry: "Meg!!"

(SE) The car goes off the road, slides down a slope and rushes into a river, then stops.

Meg & Sherry: "AHHH!!"

*The scream of the two girls lasts for a long time.

6. The Bank of the River Downstream

(SE) The bubbling sound of running water. Sherry's lying on the bank, she just awakes, and Meg's right beside her.

Sherry: "Meg.... Meg, wake up."
Meg: "(waking up) Where... where am I?"
Sherry: "Downstream of a river."
Meg: "So we're safe now... it's cold..."

(SE) The two girls stand up and start to walk.
Meg: "Anyway, let's go and find some people for help."

7. In the Forest

(SE) The sound of wind blowing. Wild dogs are howling.
(SE) The sound of two girls standing on fallen leaves.

Meg: "I don't understand... why was grandpa killed... how could this happen..."
Sherry: "Meg..."
Meg: "Sherry, could all of this be because of you? I mean... we were assaulted just after you came to my house, do you know any clues?"

*Sherry doesn't answer her.

Meg: "Well, I remember you said Raccoon City wasn't destroyed by the fire, then by what?"

*Sherry hesitates.

Sherry: "Why do you ask..."
Sherry: "(She stops for a second) You won't believe me if I tell you."
Meg: "Just tell me."
Sherry: "....(She thinks for a while) It was Zombies."
Meg: "Zombies?!"
Sherry: "All the people there became Zombies, that's the reason for Raccoon City's destruction."
Meg: "No, there's no way that Zombie creatures can really exist."
Sherry: "They're real! And I escaped from there with a girl named Claire, but we were chased by some bad people on the way. I was separated from Claire, then I arrived at your house."
Meg: "So, it's those bad people who killed my grandpa?"
Sherry: "I don't know..."
Meg: "Well, (deep breath) that must've been a dream, Zombies and bad guys, I often had that kind of dream too when I was a kid."
Sherry: "No, it wasn't a dream!"
Meg: "I know, let's move on... hey, what's wrong? Why're you standing over there? Come on, little dummy, just stop pouting, lets go."

8. Mountain Pass (Night)

(SE) An owl is yelling. Footsteps.

Meg: "Finally... we got to the road. Ah! There's a house!"

(SE) The two girls are running to the door of that house.

Meg: "Good night!! Excuse me!... Is anyone home?"

(SE) The door opens slowly.

Meg: "It's not locked. Excuse me... is anyone there?"

(SE) The two girls enter the room, they are walking in the passage.
(SE) The sound of clock pendulum shaking.

Meg: "It's weird. The light's on, but why's nobody home?"

(SE) Suddenly, a gust of wind opens the window and a bird flies into the house.

Sherry: "AHH!!"
Meg: "Don't be afraid Sherry. Let's go, we have to check every room..."

(SE) The sound of door opening.

Meg: "No one's here either..."

(SE) The next door is opened.

Meg: "Same here... ah, something's out there."

(SE) The sound of liquid dropping on the floor.

Meg: "Something's falling down from the table, and the bed."
Sherry: "(Scared) Meg..."

(SE) The two girls are walking closer.

Meg: "AHH! Blood.. it's blood! On the wall, bed, the blood's everywhere!"
Sherry: "Nooo!!"

(SE) Sherry is running away from the room.

Meg: "Wait, Sherry!"

(SE) Meg follows her to leave.

9. Outside the House

(SE) The two girls rush out of the house, then suddenly

Allen: "Stop right there!"

(SE) The sound of a rifle loading.

Meg: "Ahhh!"

*A man appears in front of the girls, he is the local sheriff named Allen (35).

Allen: "Who are you? What are you doing here?... Don't be afraid, I'm the sheriff of Stone Ville, my name's Allen."
Meg: "Sheriff? Thank God... Sheriff, we found a lot of bloodstains in that house!"
Allen: "What!?"

(SE) Allen rushes into the house.

Sherry: "(Worried) Meg..."
Meg: "It's OK now, the sheriff's here."

(SE) Allen comes out of the house again.

Allen: "Bloodstains alright. I'm sure an old man named Robert lived alone in this house. In fact, recently many bizarre cases keep occurring around this area."

(SE) Suddenly, Meg starts crying.

Allen: "What's wrong?"
Meg: "My... my grandpa was also..."
Allen: "What?"

10. Meg's House (Night)

(SE) An owl is yelling, and the insects are chirping.
(SE) Allen's patrol car makes a sudden brake, the car door opens, then Allen, Meg and Sherry come out.

Allen: "So this is your house."
Meg: "Yes."
Allen: "OK, let's take a look at the scene first. Your grandpa died here, right?"

11. Living Room

(SE) The sound of Allen and Meg's footstep.

Allen: "This is too much. This place looks like it just got swept by a storm. All the windows are broken, the walls are full of bullet holes... So this is where your grandpa was shot?"
Meg: "Yeah... I remember it's beside that table..."

(SE) The sound of stamping the cullet on the bed.

Allen: "This table?... Nothing's here..."
Meg: "What!?"

(SE) Meg runs to Allen.

Meg: "It can't be! I'm quite sure he was lying here."
Meg: "Look at the bloodstain on the bed, a lot of blood. There's no doubt he died here."
Allen: "Then where's his body?"
Meg: "Umm... Sherry said she was chased by some bad people, so it's possible that they moved the body somewhere in order to keep their evil actions a secret."
Meg: "How could that... Sheriff, do you believe what Sherry said?"
Allen: "But it's true that there are many people in Stone Ville that claim they witnessed Zombies."
Meg: "What?"

(SE) The wind is blowing strongly, making the windows rattle.
(SE) The howls of wild dogs come from the distance.

Meg: "(Scared) Sheriff... is it true?"
Allen: "I don't think the Zombie thing's real of course, but... I think we have to investigate Raccoon City for this. Who's chasing Sherry, for what, and was Raccoon City really destroyed by a fire.... Anyway, I'll take you two girls to my office first, you'll be safe there."

(SE) Allen and Meg leave the house.

THE SECOND NIGHT - Raccoon City Once More...

2. Drug Store, Stone Ville

*The sound of a DJ comes from the radio.

DJ: "Good morning, today's a really nice day. It's work time now, let's start with some music!"

(SE) Rock music starts to play, along with the the noise of the crowd.
(SE) With the sound of a small bell, the door is opened, then Luis enters the house.

Luis: "Morning, boss."
Store Owner: "Luis, why so early today?"
Luis: "Ah, as it is now, please. I can't wait to have some crisp bacon. By the way, do we have some aspirin here?"
Store Owner: "What's wrong? Guy?"
Luis: "Lack of sleep. The cattle seem to have been restless every night recently."
Guest A: "You got that problem as well? Same here. And Henry's dog John barks for no reason night after night as-well. That dog even broke its chain and ran away, dunno where it went."
Store Owner: "The weirdness isn't just the animals. I went to Steve's house to deliver goods he ordered. It looked like he was preparing supper, the pot was steaming, but Steve was missing. Sheriff Allen searched for him everywhere, but his whereabouts are still a puzzle now."
Clerk: "I think everything's because of the tumult of Raccoon City. Here's your aspirin and water."

(SE) The sound of putting a cup on the counter.

Luis: "Thanks. But don't you think the fire in Raccoon City is kind of strange? A fire can destroy a big town?"

(SE) The door is opened, and Finch walks into the store.

Clerk: "Hey Mr. Finch, how're you doing?"
Finch: "What's wrong? You guys don't need to work?"
Store Owner: "Everyone's worried, mayor. Strange things keep happening recently."
Guest A: "Oh right, Allen's assistant Guy just told us the sheriff brought a girl into his office last night, she's a survivor who escaped from Raccoon City, you know that?"
Finch: "No, from Raccoon City?"

3. The Sheriff's Office, Stone Ville

(SE) The noise of a patrol car calling the communicator in the police line.
(SE) The door is opened, Finch goes in.

Finch: "Good morning, sheriff, Guy."
Allen: "Mayor."
Guy: "Good morning, Mr. Finch."
Finch: "I heard a girl who escaped from Raccoon City's in your custody now, where is she?"
Guy: "Inner room, she's still sleeping."
Allen: "Have something for her?"
Finch: "Nothing. But I think you should tell me first about such a important thing, right sheriff?"
Allen: "Err?"
Finch: "I'm not sure about the others, but I AM the mayor of this town, I have the right to know everything that happens in this town, and I mean everything, understand? I have to say, a stranger from elsewhere makes me confused. See you around."

(SE) Finch walks out of the door.

Guy: "What was that? How rude! But sheriff, is it OK not to report this thing?"
Allen: "Eh?"
Guy: "Look, as Sherry said, Raccoon City wasn't destroyed by a fire, but all the people became Zombies."
Allen: "Well can you make sure they'll trust us for the Zombie thing? You know, the mayor's interest is only attracting Umbrella to build a factory in this town, he won't listen to us at all."
Guy: "You're right, if the investment really comes, he can line his pockets in this business."

(SE) The door of inner room is opened, coming with Meg and Sherry.

Meg: "Good morning, Sheriff."
Allen: "Oh, so you're awake. Have a good sleep? I put some hot soup on the table in the next room, go and have it if you want."
Guy: "I can't guarantee the taste, Sheriff did the cooking this morning."
Allen: "Hey, you bastard (laughs). Right, I think you two should stay in this town for a while."
Meg: "Err?"
Allen: "Until we find some leads about this thing, I don't want you to leave this town."
Meg: "Umm... I don't have my parents and I just wanted to go to Toronto to find my uncle..."
Allen: "All right, I'll make a call to him. What about you, Sherry?"
Sherry: "Err?"
Allen: "A guardian. Some relatives like your uncle or someone..."
Sherry: ".....I don't have any relatives.."
Guy: "Ahh... we got a problem here, I heard your parents were involved in Raccoon City's tragedy and died there... but..."
Allen: "Hey, Guy!"

*Sherry is whimpering.

Guy: "I... I'm sorry. I just thought that and said it..."
Sherry: "It's OK. My mommy and daddy died in Raccoon City, but they weren't just involved..."

*But Sherry doesn't say anything more.

Sherry: "I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I'm so sorry..."

*Sherry starts to cry.

Meg: "What are you saying Sherry, how can this be your fault?"
Allen: "...I know, it's all right Sherry, don't cry OK? Now go and have your soup."
Meg: "Let's go, Sherry."

(SE) The two girls walk out of the room.

Guy: "Sorry Sheriff, I said some superfluous words."
Allen: "That little girl, she must have some secrets she can't tell anyone."
Guy: "Secrets?
Allen: "Maybe it's about her parents.... Anyway, I guess I should make a trip to Raccoon City now. You stay here and take care of Sherry, I want to go to Meg's house again with her."

4. Highway

(SE) The sound of Allen's running patrol car.

Meg: "Look Sheriff, so many military trucks there, they're heading to Raccoon City."
Allen: "Yeah, and choppers."
Meg: "Ah, a checkpoint!"

(SE) The patrol car brakes.
(SE) The sound of military radios, the soldiers are communicating with each other.
(SE) The sound of walking soldiers wearing military boots, running trucks, and the noise of helicopters flying above them.

Soldier: "The road's closed, turn back!"
Allen: "I'm the sheriff of Stone Ville, we have to go to Raccoon City right now. It's important, let us through please."
Soldier: "No way, sir. No one can go through, it's an order. Hey, there, go back!"

(SE) The sound of the soldier running away.

Allen: "Damn it!"

(SE) The patrol car turns around and starts to run.

Meg: "See? That's not just a regular incident. Is it necessary to call out the army just for a fire incident?"
Allen: "Well Meg, it could be a little rough, hold your horses!"

(SE) At the next moment, Allen drives the patrol car into the wild ground besides the road, and the patrol car is bounding.

Meg: "AHHH!"
Allen: "Hold on!"

(SE) The sound of the patrol car running on the bad state road, Meg's scream, then the car runs back to the driveway, and becomes smooth and steady gradually.

Meg: "The sky's totally red! Raccoon City's burning!"

5. Raccoon City

(SE) The sound of an explosion, and bricks falling on the ground.
(SE) The patrol car moves slowly, and then stops. The door is opened, with Allen and Meg coming out.

Allen: "Oh my God. The whole city's become an inferno, I've never seen a fire as bad as this..."
Meg: "Sheriff, what's that?! There's a lot of people dressed like astronauts!"
Allen: "(Astonished) The army's epidemic prevention workers!"
Meg: "Epidemic prevention?"
Allen: "A special forces which deals with biological and chemical weapons."
Meg: "Why's that kind of unit here?!"

(SE) Another team of choppers fly over them.

Allen: "Look, they keep coming. Look at those soldiers coming through the ropes, they're taking some flamethrowers."

(SE) The walking sound of soldiers.

Soldier: "This is "Black Tiger", we are in position."
Army HQ: "This is HQ, you can start the operation, be careful about the T-Virus."

(SE) At the next moment, The flamethrowers jet out flames, then the buildings begin to burn.

Meg: "They're setting fire to those unburned buildings, why!?"
Allen: "They mentioned the "T-Virus", what is that exactly..."
Meg: "Ah, Sheriff, look! Some people are coming out of that building! One, two, three... five people!"

(SE) The sound of groaning and stumble steps.

Meg: "(Scared) That... that face... the flesh is decayed... the skin's peeling off!"
Allen: "That guy's eyes are gone!"

(SE) The next moment, the flamethrowers jet out flames toward them, and those creatures are burned to death.

Meg: "The people are burning!"

(SE) Those "people" keep moaning, even when the fire is burning on their body.

Meg: "This is too cruel, why?"
Allen: "No, they're not human! Those're... those are Zombies."
Meg: "Zombies?"
Allen: "Just as Sherry said, the reason for Raccoon's destruction was Zombies, not the fire!"
Meg: "How could this happen!?"
Allen: "Get in the car!"

(SE) The two get in the car and Allen starts it.
(SE) A chopper is coming.

Meg: "...It's the same chopper that attacked us yesterday!"
Allen: "A logo's on it... the logo of Umbrella!"

(SE) The next moment, the machine gun on the chopper starts to fire.

Allen: "Um!"
Meg: "AHHHH!"

(SE) The sound of car braking.
(SE) The machine gun keeps firing.

Allen: "That's it! I got it!"

(SE) The car is snaking and dodging gunfire from the chopper. Finally the car hits a large tree and a fire breaks out.

Allen: "Me... Meg, get into the woods!"
Meg: "Sheriff!"
Allen: "Just go, I'll buy you some time!"

(SE) The sound of pistol firing.
(SE) Meg is running, and she is breathing heavily.

6. Finch's Office

(SE) The sound of phone ringing.

Finch: "Hello, this is Finch. Yes, how about that little girl I told you about last time? What? So indeed, it was that girl's father who... I knew it was like this, so glad I contacted you. Yes, I'll hand that girl to you as soon as possible... understood. I'll prepare right now, I hope your honorable company can consider the investment program of building a factory in our town, thank you very much, see you later."

(SE) Finch hangs up the phone.

Finch: "Now this is more like it. Umbrella's factory and investment will come to my Stone Ville once I hand that girl to them, hahaha..."

7. The Sheriff's Office (Night)

(SE) The wind is blowing, making the windows ratting.

Guy: "Sherry, the wind's getting up, come here and have some hot milk."
Sherry: "(Worried) It's been a long time, I'm worried about Meg."
Guy: "She'll be fine, Sheriff Allen's with her. Trust me, that man's a lot tougher than you think. But I've no idea why a guy like him keeps himself in this small town. He must've been a police officer in some bigger city."

(SE) The wind grows stronger, and the ratting sound of the windows also become louder.

Sherry: "Meg... Sheriff..."

(SE) The sound of Meg walking on the grass.

Meg: "I got lost... where am I..."

(SE) Wild dogs are howling
(SE) Meg is walking, and she is shuddering.
(SE) The bush nearby suddenly start to rustle.

Meg: "Who's there? Sheriff Allen?"

(SE) Only a creepy sound comes from the darkness.

Meg: "(Scared)... Who's there...? Who are you...?"

(SE) The number of groaning sounds grow larger, something is coming closer, and finally they appear in front of Meg.

Meg: "That face... decayed flesh... Zombies! Ahhhhh!!"

(SE) The sound of running.
(SE) But the groaning sound keeps coming from all sides.

Meg: "Not this way! Here... there, they're everywhere! No! Don't come closer, get away from me ! Ahhhh!!"

(SE) The Zombies' groaning sound now is covered by Meg's scream.

THE THIRD NIGHT - The Demonic Child, Sherry

2. Forest, Night

(SE) Many Zombies are moaning, and the sound is getting closer.

Meg: "No... don't come... stay away from me!"

(SE) Meg kicks a piece of stone while she is backing up, and it falls down from the cliff.

Meg: "No, it's a cliff-side... I've nowhere to go..."

(SE) The Zombies keep coming.


(SE) In the mean time, there goes a gun shot, and a zombie falls down.

Sherry: "(From far side) Meg!"
Guy: "Meg!"

(SE) Sherry and Guy are running to Meg.

Meg: "Sherry? Guy?!"

(SE) However, the Zombies aren't stopping.

Meg: "AHHH!"
Guy: "Eat this, you monster!"

(SE) The sound of gun shooting.

Guy: "Run! Meg, Sherry!!"

(SE) While running like hell, Guy keeps firing his gun. The Zombies' moaning sounds disappear gradually, with the chirps coming back.
(SE) The three stop their steps, and start puffing.

Meg: "You... you saved me... thank you Guy. I didn't expect you to know I was here..."
Guy: "Don't mention it, and I think you should say thanks to Sherry. She insisted we come and search for you since it'd been too long since you left. We saw Sheriff's patrol car at the entrance of the forest, then we found you."
Meg; "Thank you Sherry, thank you..."
Sherry: "...I ...I just don't want to see people dying because of me, it's all my fault."
Meg: "Your fault? What're you saying Sherry?"
Sherry: "Meg! (Sherry starts to cry and throws herself into Meg's arms)"

(SE) Now a sound of footsteps is coming closer and closer.

Guy: "Who's there!?.... Sheriff, it's Sheriff Allen!"
Allen: "Thank God, so glad you're fine Meg, I heard the shots so I came here to check. At any rate, we should go back to the town quickly. Guy, where's your car?"
Guy: "I parked it outside the woods, not very far."
Allen: "OK, as soon as we arrive in town, we'll go to the county sheriff department for reinforcements, the Zombies are everywhere in the forest. Now everyone, let's head to Stone Ville."
Guy: "Understood, Sheriff."

3. Sheriff's Office (Night)

(SE) The residents are restless and feel worried.

Allen: "Everyone calm down! Listen to me, there are a large number of Zombies in the forest nearby, so I need everyone to make a choice. Pick up your weapons and fight, or give up this town and run. Which one?"
Resident 1: "Leave our hometown? Are you kidding me? I wanna fight."
Resident 2: "What're you saying? You know Raccoon City was ruined by those creatures, right? We can't win this fight, the only choice is to flee."
Finch: "What do you want, Sheriff? Umbrella's factory will be built here and this town will flourish very soon, and you throw yourselves into a panic just over such a stupid thing?"
Allen: "But Umbrella's T-Virus can actually turn people into Zombies..."
Finch: "About that, I just heard it from Umbrella. However, the development of the T-Virus was not the company's intention, it was personally carried out by one of their researchers."
Allen: "By a single researcher?"
Finch: "But this researcher's dead now and there are few who know the truth. Umbrella said they'll help and protect us from those creatures, only if we hand that Sherry girl to them."
Allen: "What!?"
Sherry: "(Scared) Meg..."
Finch: "The name of the researchers who created this terrible virus are "William Birkin" and "Annette Birkin", they're your mommy and daddy, right Sherry?"
The Crowd: "What?" "Is that true Sheriff?"

4. Highway (Night)

(SE) The sound of a running car, Guy is driving.

Guy: "Damn! I can't see any of the state road, I hate driving in darkness. (Guy looks at his watch) Looks like it's impossible to reach the county office in three hours, great..... what's that?"

(SE) The car brakes suddenly, the door is opened.
(SE) The chirps, some owls are howling.

Guy: "A big black thing is on the road... what's that..."

(SE) The sound of the steps and squeaks of countless rats.

Guy: "AHH, those're rats! So many... they blocked the road, what's going on.."

(SE) Suddenly the sound of someone standing on a branch and snapping comes from behind him.

Guy: "Who's there!?"

Sheriff's Office (Night)

Finch: "Of course, handing a little girl like Sherry to them is a little unacceptable. However, she might know something about the people who control all of this behind the scenes. Well Sherry, you said you escaped from Raccoon City with a woman named Claire, so where is she?"

*Sherry doesn't answer him.

Finch: "Answer me Sherry!!"
Sherry: "(Scared) No... no... Claire didn't do anything wrong, it's... all of this was caused by mommy and daddy... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! (She starts to cry)"
Finch: "Now it's all clear. This girl's the child of demons, she'll be handed to Umbrella."
The Crowd: "Agreed!" "Give her away!"

(SE) The crowd walks toward Sherry.

Sherry: "Meg, I'm so scared..."
Meg: "(Angry) Stop! Can you call yourselves human after doing this!? Don't you feel ashamed!?"

*The crowd suddenly becomes quiet again.

Meg: "A demonic child? Her parents did some terrible things, and so you'll punish their daughter for the same guilt!? This little girl knows everything about those evil things their parents did, and she's suffering for that! Now get back, all of you, stay away from her!"
Finch: "Nice speech, girl. But everyone, I don't think an outsider should meddle in this, this is Stone Ville, it's our own matter!"
The Crowd: "Yes, it's our matter!" "Give us the girl!"

(SE) At the next moment, gunshot.

Allen: "Stop doing this everyone! I won't give this girl to anyone!"
The Crowd: "What're your saying Sheriff, are you on their side too?"
Finch: "No more talking, get the girl!"

*Again some residents run to Sherry.

Allen: "Stop, stay back, now!"

(SE) The Sheriff fires his gun threateningly.

Allen: "Meg, Sherry, get inside the office, quick."

5. Sheriff's Office (Night)

*Meg, Sherry and Allen run into the room.

(SE) The door is closed, then the sound of door knocking comes around.

The Crowd: "Open the door, Sheriff!" "Give Sherry to us!"
Allen: "Do me a favor Meg, use that desk and block the door! Sherry, close all the windows!"

(SE) The sound of a moving desk and closing windows. Then the noise of people knocking the door gets lower and lower.

Meg: "It's quiet now, did they give up?"
Allen: "I don't think they will."

6. Highway (Night)

(SE) The sound of a beast growling.

Guy: "A dog... its skin's split... the organs are decayed... its ribs are exposed!"

(SE) Here comes more growling sound from other sides.

Guy: "They're here too... no, don't come... don't come!"

(SE) Bang! Bang! Bang! The next moment, one of the Zombie Dogs starts to attack and bite tight on Guy's body.

Guy: "Uahhh!!"

*The sound of Guy's screams echoe in the forest.

7. Sheriff's Office (Night)

(SE) The sound of clock hand moving, and the sound of pouring coffee into the cup.

Meg: "Coffee please, Sheriff."
Meg: Thanks.
Allen: "What about Sherry?"
Meg: "She's sleeping now."
Allen: "That's OK.... Meg, you just surprised me."
Meg: "Eh?"
Allen: "Feel ashamed, that was it. I never thought you had such great courage to say those words in front of those angry people."
Meg: "(Smile) Don't say that Sheriff, it makes me feel embarrassed."
Allen: "No, you were great, very nice."
Meg: "....we're almost the same... me and Sherry..."
Allen: "Err?"
Meg: "My father, he was a drunkard, and he always hit me and my mom. When I was 10, mom couldn't stand his savage acts on her and ran away from him, leaving me alone in that house... Since then, the violence my father did to me became much worse, like he was making up for mom leaving, on me..."
Allen: "Meg..."
Meg: "But that man, my father, he died in a car accident the year after."
Allen: " that's your parents.."
Meg: "Even today, I still hate my parents. Every time I think I have the same blood as them, I worry I might become an adult like them too in the future, I'm really afraid of it."
Allen: "Meg..."
Meg: "Despite that, they're still my parents. I really want to go to New York to see my mom, but... but..."
Allen: "It's OK Meg, that's enough, don't say anything more..."

8. Finch's House, Study

(SE) The wind begins to blow with the howling sounds of wild dogs.
(SE) The phone is ringing.

"Hello, this is Mayor Finch, yes, I'm very sorry about that. The truth is, the Sheriff won't allow me to take that girl, so she's not in our hands yet.... What!? No need to hand Sherry to you? What does that mean, hello? Hello!?"

(SE) The other side hangs up the phone.

Finch: "What the hell's going on?"

(SE) A strange voice comes from outside.

Finch: "Huh? What was that?"

(SE) The sound of walking steps, and the room's door is opened.
(SE) The door creaks.

Finch: "Who's there?"

(SE) The moaning sound and stumbling footsteps come closer.

Finch: "What... what the hell is it... NO! Don't come near me, Uwahhh!!"

(SE) The zombie attacks Finch and starts to eat him, the helpless scream of Finch pierces the night air.

THE FOURTH NIGHT - Sherry, Live!

2. Sheriff's Office (Morning)

(SE) The birds are singing.

Allen: "(Stretching himself) Looks like we're safe to see the morning, Meg.... (Bitter smile) She slept on the sofa? Well, no wonder, she's too tired."

(SE) The sound of car running and Klaxon outside.

Meg: "Sheriff."
Allen: "Good morning Meg, sleep well? You stay there, I'll take a look at outside. The citizens, all of them, they're leaving, what happened?"

(SE) Allen walks to the door and opens it, then the noise of the cars becomes louder.

Allen: "What's going on!? Why're you leaving in a hurry!?"

(SE) At that time, countless crows are flying to the town, they are croaking.

Allen: "What the hell!? So many crows... uahh! They're attacking those cars!"
Male A: "Uaahhh! Stay away from me!!"

(SE) The car is out of control and gets hit, explodes.

Allen: "Damn it! Those two cars crashed!"

(SE) The sound of moaning and stumbling steps follows.

Allen: "Ahh, Zombies! A lot of them!!"

(SE) Suddenly a car stops in front of Allen.

Male B: "Sheriff, we have to get out of here, this town is finished, the zombie horde is coming here!!"

(SE) As the man finishes talking, he starts the car and runs away.

Allen: "...Meg! Sherry!"

(SE) The Zombies are proceeding to the office.
(SE) The moaning sound and steps of those Zombies.

3. Sheriff's Office (Morning)

(SE) The Zombies keep groaning, and they are knocking the door.
(SE) The windows are broken.

Sherry: "AHHH!!"
Meg: "The window!? They're coming in!"
Allen: "You bastards!"

(SE) The Zombies outside the window get shot by a shotgun.
(SE) The sound of a door being broken.

Meg: "Sheriff! The front door!"
Allen: "Eat this!"

(SE) The shotgun keeps on firing.

Allen: "This isn't working! Bullets can't stop them at all! Right, we have to get on the roof and then run to the car as fast as we can! Meg, use the table to block that window, quickly!"

4. The Roof of Sheriff's Office

*Allen, Meg and Sherry are trying to get on the roof.

Allen: "Come here Sherry, hold my hand."

(SE) The sound of wind blowing. And the moaning sound of Zombies below them is getting louder.

Sherry: "Look! The Zombies have overtaken this town, they're everywhere!"
Allen: "This... is like true Hell... we can't get down from the roof now or we'll be attacked before we get to the car."
Meg: "What're we gonna do!?"
Allen: "We can walk among the houses on the roof, there's an old truck in Finch's woodwork factory, we can use it to get out of here!"

(SE) At that time, some choppers are coming.

Meg: "What's that!?"
Allen: "Choppers, the air force! They're coming to help us! Hey, we're here!!"
Meg: "Help! Here!"

(SE) At the next moment, the choppers drop napalm bombs over the town.
(SE) The bombs explode on the ground, and the whole town begins to burn.

Allen: "They dropped napalm bombs, why'd they do that!?"

(SE) The sound of Zombies groaning in the burning hell.

Allen: "Are they planning to wipe out this town!?"
Meg: "Sheriff, the fire's coming!"
Allen: "Meg! Run! Jump down!!"

(SE) The three jump onto the ground.
(SE) The whole town is burning and exploding.

Allen: "Why... our town... Stone Ville is finished..."

(SE) That moment, more choppers come up.

Meg: "Look! Those are the epidemic prevention workers, they're coming down ropes just like those we saw in Raccoon City!"
Sherry: "Meg..."
Allen: "They're holding pistols, what're they gonna do!?"

(SE) Some other footsteps there.

Male C: "Help, help us!"
Female A: "Please, help!"

(SE) At the same time, the workers fire their guns.

Male C: "Uahhh!"
Female A: "Ahhh!"
Allen: "They're killing the survivors, the army wants to block all of this from the public!?"
Sherry: "Will they kill us too Meg!?"
Allen: "I won't let that happen, get to the factory, hurry!"

5. The Woodwork Factory (Outside)

Meg: "This is the factory, that big gate's locked, we can't get in."
Allen: "Get over that fence, come on, stand on my shoulder."

(SE) Sherry and Meg climb over the fence and get inside.

Allen: "Are you OK?"

(SE) The Zombies are approaching.

Sherry: "The Zombies are coming, hurry Sheriff!"
Allen: "You go first Meg, the truck's in the garage!"
Meg: "Sheriff!"

(SE) The two girls are running.

6. The Wood-Working Factory. Garage

(SE) The footsteps of Meg and Sherry.

Meg: "It's here, we found it!"

(SE) The two get in the truck immediately.

Meg: "Great! The key is on it, we're lucky. Come on sheriff, hurry up.."

(SE) At the same time, many military trucks come to this place, and then they stop.

Meg: "Military trucks, so many. Soldiers are coming out of the trucks, what exactly are they gonna do?"

(SE) The sound of soldiers jumping out of the trucks one after the other.
(SE) The strange breathing sound comes up.

Meg: "Who're those people wearing the strange masks? They look like gas masks."
Sherry: "I saw those people before in Raccoon City too. It's Umbrella, they must be looking for us!"
Meg: "They're coming, get down, put yourself under the seat!"

(SE) Strange breathing sounds, the masked men are coming closer.

Sherry: "Meg..."
Meg: "Shh..."

(SE) After a while, the breathing sound of the masked men disappears.

Meg: "Looks like they've left, we're safe now."

(SE) Suddenly the truck's door is opened, and a masked man is breathing just in front of the two girls.

Sherry: "Ahhhh! Help me Meg!"

(SE) Breathing sound.

Meg: "What're you doing!? Let her go, let her go!"

(SE) BANG! The masked man gets shot.

Allen: "Meg, Sherry, are you OK!?"

(SE) The sound of Allen's footsteps.

Meg: "Sheriff!"
Allen: "Are they coming here for Sherry? Seems they don't need Finch any longer."

(SE) More masked men are coming, they are firing their guns.

Meg: "AHHH!"
Allen: "Get in the truck!"

(SE) At the next moment, a metallic sound comes up.

Allen: "Grenade!"

(SE) Explosion.

Meg & Sherry: "AHHH!!"
Allen: "Are you two OK? Shit, the truck's broken, we have to run on foot, hurry!"

(SE) The three run out of the truck.

7. The Town

(SE) Footsteps of the coming three.
(SE) The moaning sound of countless Zombies.

Meg: "There are too many Zombies!"
Allen: "Damn it! We're surrounded, we have to go to the timber yard. There's a timber basin and we can get to the river from there!"

8. Timber Yard

(SE) The gurgling sound of running water. Footsteps.

Allen: "There, hurry up!"

(SE) The sound of running on the wooden plates.

Sherry: "A lot of timbers are floating on the basin!"
Allen: "They're coming through the river and gathering here."
Meg: "Sheriff, look, if we use these timbers to make a raft, then all three of us can get on it."
Allen: "No, I'll stay here."
Meg: "What!? Why!?"
Allen: "Look at my wrist, people who are bitten by Zombies will also become one of them soon, right Sherry?"
Meg: "No! Is that true Sherry!?"
Sherry: "Sheriff..."
Allen: "Don't worry about me, no matter what's happens, I'll fight until I die, you've gotta leave this place now."
Sherry: "No! NO!!"
Meg: "No, come with us Sheriff, please!"
Allen: "Meg... Sherry... this time... this time, I don't want to be a loser again!"
Meg: "Err?"
Allen: "Seven years ago... I used to be a cop in New York. One night, we got an order to arrest some gangsters, we were chasing one of them, but in the end, I killed him..."
Meg: "Sheriff..."
Allen: "At the time, I wanted to confess my error to my superior. But my colleagues all said "that guy was found dead when we got there", then they wrote this in the report and handed it in..."
Allen: "I said nothing about the case, I just let it pass... I wanted to tell the truth, but if I did that, I'd betray my fellow officers and go against the police, I didn't have the courage to do that, I was so afraid of it."

(SE) The noise from the burning town comes from the far side.

Allen: "Since then, I felt extremely guilty about that, so I came to this small town..."

(SE) The Zombies are approaching.
(SE) The sound of choppers.

Allen: "I'll never forgive Umbrella or the government for doing something so cruel!"
Meg: "Sheriff..."
Allen: "Our town was wiped out, innocent people were killed, and such a little girl was even pursued time after time, all of this just to hide their own mistakes from the public..... I'll fight them... as long as I'm alive in this world!"

(SE) The Zombies are getting closer.
(SE) The noise of choppers.

Allen: "Go! Meg! Protect Sherry for me! Just go!"

(SE) The two girls jump into the water and grasp a piece of timber.

Sherry: "AHHH!"
Meg: "Hold on Sherry!"

(SE) The floating timbers start to flow.
(SE) Zombies' moaning. Choppers' noise. Breathing sound of the masked men.

Allen: "Live happily... Meg, Sherry... Well, come on, you monsters of Umbrella!"

(SE) Gunshots.
(SE) The machine guns on the choppers begin to fire.

Allen: "Uahhh!"

(SE) The sound of falling down to the ground.

Allen: "Dammit, not now, I can't die yet.... Come on you bastards, I'll give you some gasoline as a gift, come on!"

(SE) Pouring gasoline.
(SE) Breathing Sound.

Allen: "Yeah, that's right, you goddamn monsters, are you ready for this?"

(SE) The sound of striking the lighter.

Allen: "Go to hell with those damn monsters you created, Umbrella!!"

(SE) The gasoline is on fire, explosion.

Allen: "Meg! Sherry! Uaahhh!!"

(SE) The screams of burning Zombies and special forces members echoes in the sky.

9. The River

Meg: "Ah, a big flame rose there, it's the timber basin!"
Sherry: "Is Sheriff Allen dead? (Sherry begins to cry)"
Meg: "Don't cry Sherry, the Sheriff fought them to the end for us, we have to survive this."
Sherry: "Meg..."
Meg: "Be strong Sherry! For Sheriff Allen, and all those who tried to protect you, never give up hope!"
Sherry: "Meg.."
Meg: "Live on Sherry, live strong!"
Sherry: "Meg... Meg!"

(SE) While crying, Sherry throws herself into Meg's arms.

Meg: "Let's go to Canada, we can go to my uncle's home. After we settle down there, we can go look for that girl Claire, I promise we'll find her."
Sherry: "Yes!"

(SE) In a short time, the whole place is very quiet, but later this silence is broken by the flowing water.


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