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BIOHAZARD 2 Official Guide Book

BIOHAZARD 2 Official Guide Book

Project Umbrella Translation


Ivy (Page 044)

A plant-based Bio Organic Weapon. It was created based on the data of Plant 42 which was studied in the mansion and there are clear similarities in the shape of the buds on its arms. The means of replenishing water was a bottleneck for an independenly moving plant and was solved by ingesting water vapor from the surface of its body. Therefore it's very sensitive to contaminants in the air, but its ability to adapt to such environmental changes is also very high. It's believed that its generally slow movement is due to each part being moved by utilizing the motion of bodily fluids.

An autonomous walking model plant with a near-humanoid form. It adroitly uses its ivies to prey on nearby things. With a stamen and pistil, breeding with seeds is possible.

Poison Ivy
An Ivy with toxicological properties under the influence of the P-e gas. The buds at the head and limbs are discolored red. It extracted green venom during the gas neutralization process.

Tyrant (Page 048)

The ultimate form of T-Virus B.O.W. which Umbrella concentrated its research ability know-how and perfected. It is an evolved version of the out of control Code T-002 model in the mansion and in addition to improved recovery ability, they also succeeded in making it act in accordance with given commands. Its practicality as a biological weapon was increased by realizing an appearance closer to a human, and although it's large, if further miniaturization progresses it will also become possible to camouflage the B.O.W. as a human and send it into enemy territory.

The coat it wears has some bulletproof and explosion-proof properties but its biggest role appears to be to camouflage as a human.

Super Tyrant
An irregular form where the life support function went critical causing its limiter to disconnect. The T-002 model's characteristics are obvious all over.


Scenario Analysis/Raccoon City Case Files (p.188-191)


(Last third) John disappears before Ada who goes missing. <Ada's dialogue>
→ In this mansion case, John seems to suggest he had been transferred from the Umbrella Chicago branch to the annexed laboratory of the mansion.


6 (MON) The secretary who moved a stone statue on the second floor in the station is scolded by the chief. <Secretary's Diary A>


10 (SUN) The chief purchases a painting of a hanged nude woman. <Secretary's Diary A>
→ At this time, it seems the painting that the chief purchased is "Sacrifice of Hell Fire". In addition, there are "NO SMOKING" signs in various places in the station for fear of seeing through the trick shown in this painting.

11 (MON) A biohazard occurs in the mansion on the outskirts of Raccoon City. <Previous game/Keeper's Diary>
→ According to the man who worked as experimental animal keeper at the mansion, the incident occurred during the early morning hours of the 11th. Mansion personnel were instructed to wear protection suits for preventing infection immediately following the incident. However, the damage kept spreading and it took Umbrella a long time to take countermeasures to continue hiding the truth for two months or more until July 24th, when S.T.A.R.S. dashed into the mansion.

20(WED) Woman's body found on a riverbank in Raccoon City. The body remained after it was bitten by wild animals. <Previous game/Scrapbook>
→ The body had no hands and left foot and the bite mark of which is supposedly a wild animal is still left on the cross section. The body was found on the Marble river bank in the Cider District of Raccoon City, but according to the police investigation, it seems to have washed in from a river in the Arklay Mountains.


8 (MON) The secretary who was cleaning the chief's office is yelled at by the chief. He seems to have touched something important. <Secretary's Diary B>
→ The secretary seems to have touched the painting near the chief's desk. However, the trick is not noticed.

8 (MON) John leaves a letter addressed to Ada. The content is about how to remove the security of the mansion. <Previous game/Researcher‘s Will>
→ John having been infected with the virus wrote this letter which the password of John & Ada is recorded. In addition, it was written in this letter that Ada was a researcher at the mansion and, if this is true, the Ada who came to Raccoon City may be another person.

15 (MON) The secretary knows the chief's big secret. The secretary's diary breaks off at the end on this day. <Secretary's Diary B>
→ One week has passed since he was scolded by the chief and the stubborn secretary has noticed the painting's secret too. He switches on the device and sees the stuffed-animal processing room in the underground and it seems likely that he was "processed" in the room the following day.

16 (TUE) Witness accounts of dog-like monsters occur successively in the Arklay Mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City. <Previous game/Scrapbook>
→ A minor local paper called Raccoon Week reported on this subject. Though it is an important event which proves the biotechnology experiments of Umbrella, the news story line, "But if you're looking for adventure, check it out! You wanna try?" jokes to stir up curiosity.

28 (SUN) Don Weller, the chemical courier, carries goods to Umbrella's facilities. However, his physical condition seems to be very bad. <Sewer Manager's Diary>


7 (TUE) The chief makes frequent visits to the laboratory. His expression is more severe than usual. <Sewer Manager's Diary>
→ On July 6th, the day before, the chief attended a regular meeting in the laboratory. It seems patrol reports on the Raccoon Police Department in the mansion incident were detailed at this gathering, though it is believed that many demands were made by Umbrella's side simultaneously. Umbrella, who wanted to obtain the actual combat data of B.O.W., pressured the chief to dispatch S.T.A.R.S., and it is believed to have contributed to the decision that led S.T.A.R.S. to investigate two days later.

9 (THU) Accidents occur frequently in the Arklay Mountains. A mountain road is closed and S.T.A.R.S. investigate. <Previous game/Scrapbook>

21 (TUE) The sewer manager works late at night. <Sewer Manager's Diary>
→ The railway line for carrying-out primary research materials from the annexed mansion laboratory was heavy used before S.T.A.R.S. intervened. For that reason, it seems that Birkin and his wife escaped with materials by using the sewer system that became the transport passage used until midnight. Therefore, they moved to Raccoon City's underground from the Arkaly Mountains research base on the border to this day and many contaminants flowed successively into the sewer.

24 (FRI) The helicopter of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team disappears in the Arklay Mountains. S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is deployed to investigate. <Previous game/Raccoon evening press>
→ This day, July 24th, became the stage of the previous game. Chris and other S.T.A.R.S. members snuck into the mansion in the Arklay Mountains and discovered many tremendous facts. The time it took for Brad to return by helicopter is in fact estimated to be about half a day, though members who wandered between life and death in the mansion would have felt this far too long.

24 (FRI) William passes through the sewer to attend a meeting with the Chicago branch. <Fax to the Sewer Manager>
→ William is scheduled to pass through the sewer to attend meetings on the forth Friday of odd months. Strangely, S.T.A.R.S. simultaneously dashed into the mansion, which seems to suggest that the actual combat data of B.O.W. in the mansion was scheduled to be announced to the Chicago branch on the same day.


(First ten days)William instructs the chief to monitor S.T.A.R.S. <Mail to the Chief>

8 (SAT) The chief does not take notice though Chris reports to the chief on the mansion incident. <Chris' Diary>
→ At this point, Chris does not consider the chief to be connected with Umbrella. However, it seems possible that the chief's attitude cast little doubt over the "possibility..." from his utterly blunt responses.

11 (TUE) George who was neglecting his work in the clock tower is scolded by the chief. <George's Diary>

16 (SUN) The chief's expression is grim. He aims his gun at the sewer manager for joking with him and has no room for feelings. <Sewer Manager's Diary>

17 (MON) Strange incidents occur frequently. Witnesses report monster sightings one after another all over town. <Chris' Diary>
→ About one month later, the base for virus development has been moved to the Raccoon City underground laboratory. Discharge influence from the chemical plant which flows into the sewage seems to be increasing gradually.

(Middle) Chris requests an investigation from the federal police. The content of request being G-virus and on the background of the chief. <Investigation report to Chris>
→ Chris who realized his limitations since the chief refused to dig into the real facts of the case seems to have decided to ask an outside agency for assistance. He was able to send a successful request using his personal name to a federal organization, which seems to suggest the high position of S.T.A.R.S.

(Middle) A bribe of 10,000 dollars is transferred to the chief by William. <Mail to the Chief>
→ Brian Irons, Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department, has been receiving considerable bribes for quite a long-term. According to the federal police investigation, the period was believed to be as many as 5 years.

(Middle) William orders the chief not to allow Chris and the others near the chemical plant as the G-virus nears completion. <Mail to the Chief>
→ In response to this order, the chief considers that the dis-empowerment of S.T.A.R.S. members cannot be smoothly employed in the method such as demotion. This conclusion appears in the placement of articles in the station on the 23rd and it is possible to see that the war potential of the weapon and intelligence aspect was dampened, and turns them into a grind-out cavity by also removing equipment from the S.T.A.R.S. office.

21 (FRI) The media and police start to investigate Umbrella. Sanitation work in the sewer is suspended for the purpose of camouflage. <Sewer Manager's Diary>
→ It seems that Ben, who was a freelance journalist, was engaged earnestly in gathering information around this time.

23 (Sun) The placement of articles is performed in the station. The 4-digit combination key safe is moved from the S.T.A.R.S. office to the east office. <Notice circulated in station>

24 (Mon) The three people - Chris, Jill and Barry - discover information on G-virus. In addition, they decide to fly to Europe to conduct a detailed investigation. <Chris' Diary>
→ It seems that Chris requested a long vacation for the purpose of his trip following the fact that equipment had been moved on the previous day. From this, Chief Irons had the illusion that his S.T.A.R.S. dis-empowerment plan was successful and it seems Chris and others were relieved that they had deflected the eyes of Umbrella.


5 (SAT) Police officer George gets acquainted with Tomas from the sewage treatment plant. <George's Diary>

9 (WED)George and Tomas work diligently in a chess match. <George's Diary>

(Middle) Umbrella executives send several spies to seize the G-virus. <Mail to the Chief>

(Middle) Communication from Chris to the Raccoon City Police is abruptly cut off. <Marvin's dialogue>

12 (SAT) Tomas' physical condition is bad and the chess match is cancelled. George is not feeling well. <George's Diary>
→ Tomas was infected with the virus as of the 5th, but his symptoms have become progressively worse within one week. In addition, it seems that George was also infected when he passed through the sewer for a chess game.

15 (TUE) A code G human administration experiment is performed in the laboratory. <Photo A>
→ The leak of this classified photo supports the existence of spies whom Umbrella executives had sent.

18 (FRI) In particular, there are no such cases enlivened in the newspaper. <Newspaper on the counter of the gun shop>
→ Only on this day was Raccoon City at peace despite the bizarre incidents that occurred one after another. Is this the calm before the storm?

20 (SUN) There is a suspicious person in the sewers on the outskirts of Raccoon City. A plastic explosive, electronic time fuse, parabellum bullet cartridge, and infrared scope are found at the scene. <Patrol Report>
→ As for this matter, it is believed that a deliberate preliminary inspection of the sewers was conducted before Umbrella special forces Alpha Team carried out the laboratory entry plan.

23 (WED) Umbrella ruins Raccoon City. <Chief's Diary>
→ The chief receives this report from Umbrella HQ, rather than from William. In addition, from the fact that Umbrella special forces made a preliminary inspection of the sewers on the 20th, it is not certain whether William was attacked on the 20th or 23rd. Moreover, there is a large scale leak of t-virus at the same time which leads to this tragedy in Raccoon City.

24 (THU) The chief causes a lot confusion inside the station and cuts off an escape route to the outside. <Chief's Diary>
→ The personality of the chief who goes berserk in the bad situation is expressed with a personal history of rape during his university years.

24 (THU) The response of police force is delayed making it almost impossible for civilians to escape. <Chief's Diary>

24 (THU) An escape plan is devised on the first floor in the police station. <Chief's Diary>

25 (FRI) William is scheduled to pass through the sewer to attend a meeting with the Chicago branch. <Fax to the Sewer Manager>
→ It is expected that William will announce G-virus extensively at this meeting. Therefore, the G-virus seizure operation must have been carried out before this date.

26 (SAT) A group of zombies attack the Raccoon police station. A large number of casualties appear. <Operation Report 1>

26 (SAT) Communications equipment in the station is damaged in battle with zombies. Contact to the outside is cut off. <Operation Report 1>
→ Communications equipment in the station was not working, and this is proven by Leon's dialogue in the opening movie, "Great. The radio's out." However, it is believed that some means of communication was available in the station based on the FAX from the federal police in the S.T.A.R.S. office and Leon obtaining a radio.

26 (SAT) By order of the chief, weapons and ammunition in the station are scattered all over. <Operation Report 1>
→ If the chief schemed to mass murder, it may be possible that these instructions were a plot by the chief to disperse all the weapons by using terrorism as a fraudulent pretext.

26 (SAT) The officer with the card key for weapons storage is missing in the station. <Operation Report 1>

26 (SAT) The breaker in a specific area in the underground of the police station fails. <Operation Report 1>

26 (SAT) Ed is shot by the chief and dies. <Chief's Diary>
→ The recording officer in the meeting is a man named Eliot Edward who files a report on the escape operation two days later on the 28th. Therefore, it is believed that Ed is another officer with the same surname.

27 (SUN) The barricade in the station's west office is broken through by zombies and leaves twelve victims. <Operation Report 1>
→ You can view the destroyed barricade built at this time near the door of the west office.

27 (SUN) Casualties in the station are sheltered in the confiscated materials storehouse. <Operation Report 1>
→ It seems that zombies in the storehouse are the casualties at this time.

27 (SUN) All of a sudden, three people are killed by a Licker that appears in the police station.

28 (MON) At 2:30 a.m., zombies invade the strategy meeting room. Four people, including David, are killed. <Operation Report 2>

28 (MON) An escape plan is devised using the sewer from the station. The door of the east office that leads underground is locked with the heart-key. <Operation Report 2>
→ The location of the heart-key in thought to be in the west office in 'Operation Report 2', but it's actually in the Chief's office. This is the chief's master key in order to supervise officers and that of course relies on the fact that he passed his copy to each department head.

28 (MON) There are four survivors in the station, including Eliot Edward. (excluding the chief) <Operation Report 2>
→ It is believed that one officer died on this day since there are only three survivors confirmed on the following day.

28 (MON) George Scott works night shift. <Blackboard on the first floor of the station>
→ The description confirms that the body in the night duty room is George Scott along with George's Diary. It's difficult to believe that a night watchman was selected during the confusion in the police station, so it was decided at the beginning of the month and it seems that the person on duty for that month was selected.

28 (MON) Day of St. Michael festival.

29 (TUE)A welcoming party for Leon is scheduled to be held in the west office. <Memo to Leon>
→ Preparations for the party continued even though inside of the station had declined to a difficult situation, and probably not without relations to Michael Festival. Michael Festival must have been a big event for quiet Raccoon City which tourists rarely visit since preparations were made more than a week ago.

29 (TUE) Leon is assigned to the Raccoon City Police. <Opening>
→ Late for his first day on the job, the great rookie cop arrives in all his glory. The joke that S of Leon "Scott" Kennedy is S of "SWAT may actually believable by his calm demeanour, which seems to be due to his expert experience and skilled handling of small firearms.

29 (TUE) Claire arrives in Raccoon City. <Opening>
→ Claire arrived in Raccoon City on a large motorcycle ride. If she had stopped at the service station on the outskirts of the city to refuel, she, too, may have become like the trailer truck driver.

29 (TUE) There are three survivors in the station, including Marvin (the chief, excluding the mayor's daughter). <Events in the police station>
→ The breakdown of the three survivors are Marvin who was badly wounded in the west office, the young police officer who tried to escape by helicopter, and the middle-aged police officer who requested help on the rooftop and was cornered by zombies.


We asked this product's director Hideki Kamiya (CAPCOM Development Headquarters Planning Room 2) 40 questions about BIO2. Since there are many interesting answers, please read slowly and carefully. In addition, we've put precious original setting pictures and developmental screens together.

Q1. Can you explain to us the decision to make the police station the initial setting of the game?

A1. In the previous game, the "mansion surrounded by the forest" setting portrayed a closed-off environment. However, for this game, we wanted to create a game with a greater sense of hopelessness, so we brought back the setting of the previous game, Raccoon City, and created an environment featuring a city of death overrun by zombies. As for making the police station the initial stage, the police serves as a symbol that maintains safety and justice within the city, which has become a nightmarish place. We wanted to create a game with that feeling of hopelessness; that "there is no one left to help."

Q2. Where did the "zapping system" idea come from?

A2. We thought about the zapping after right after development of the first game was completed. Quite a few people were asking, "Don't Chris and Jill's stories take place at the same time in parallel?" (Their stories do in fact take place in parallel). We thought it would be a good to put that idea to use in "2."

Q3. "Leon A & Claire B" and "Claire A & Leon B." Which scenario combination could be considered the true one?

A3. Both of them, of course. To digress, we really wanted to show off the merits of the zapping system, so we cut out elements of diversion from this game. We did this because by having 4 different zapping story scenarios, we felt that players would have to play through the branching story a number of times in order to see everything. Should players have time, it would be interesting to see where things differ among scenarios.

Q4. What made you decide which weapons to include in the game? (What was the standard used in deciding the sorting of the weapons)

A4. Basically, everyone at a staff meeting decided which weapons to include by saying, "This weapon can do this and that, so I wanna put it in!"



Q6. Why was Leon wearing the Raccoon police uniform before he arrived at his post?

A6. I'll tell you about Leon before he came to Raccoon City...
Recently bizarre incidents have been occurring in Raccoon, a country town unfamiliar with such bizarre cases; Leon graduated from the police academy and with his strong sense of justice, he was very interested in them and immediately decided to be assigned to the Raccoon Police Department.
Needless to say, he was to be assigned to such service starting from the morning that day, but when he was leaving the place where he had lived until then, he broke up with his girlfriend and a great uproar happened from the separation, so his move became overdue (they seem to have finally separated in the end...).
Eventually, while his new address had yet to be decided, Leon drove to Raccoon City all through the night the day before he was to assume his post. However, along the way at a motel, Leon was rowdy and began drinking. He got helplessly drunk and by the time he woke up it was already the early afternoon! (He seems irresponsible, but you could say what disturbs his mind is Leon's faithfulness to women)
Leon panicked, ran out and also attempted to communicate with the Raccoon Police Department several times along the way, but there was no response.
"At this rate I'll reach Raccoon in the middle of the night... Oh well, if I'm late, it'll be the same night and day till I'm there."
Leon drove his car over the rhythm in tune with his favorite music playing from the car stereo. The highway extended straight ahead eerily rising in the setting sun's illumination, and the crimson Arklay Mountains towered...
...Basically he changed into the uniform he was supplied in the motel.

Q7. What kind of college lifestyle is Claire living?

A7. Claire has a great interest in motorcycles. She likes buying engines and making things that suit her own style. She currently owns 2 motorcycles (the white one she uses in the opening cutscene and the black one seen in the end Ranking picture). She has a lot of boyfriends, but doesn't seem to be tied down to any particular person.

Q8. Did Ada really love Jon or was she just using him?

A8. That... is something only Ada knows. That woman is shrouded in quite a bit of mystery. That's because the identity of the organization that sent her is unknown...

Q9. Is Ada Wong her real name?

A9. As I mentioned in Q8, Ada is completed shrouded in mystery... Well, that's how we're going about it, right? Digressing for a bit, Ada isn't the only name that appeared in the first game. Let's have a look at the character selection profile in BIO1. Oh, Chris and Jill's ID cards are signed by Brian Irons... (Maybe this is hard to see because the image is blurry?)

Q10. Are there any characters that are named after certain things?

A10. The name "Sherry" comes from The Four Seasons. The song is also pretty cool!

Q11. In the gun shop, there's an Umbrella logo below the counter. Does this mean the owner has something to do with Umbrella?

A11. The owner of the gun shop is just a simple middle-aged guy. His name, by the way, is Robert Kendo. His nickname is Bob and he is 40 years old. He is a good friend of Barry, the member of S.T.A.R.S. who likes collecting revolvers. They often go fishing and do other activities together. The Umbrella mark on the counter is just a simple drug advertisement. Raccoon City itself receives a lot of support from Umbrella, and that can be felt all over the place.

Q12. Why didn't the gun shop owner lock the entrance of his shop even though there were zombies and monsters everywhere?

A12. The owner (Bob) was hiding behind the counter. If he makes a wrong move, it's possible the zombies will spot and go after him. Actually, the zombies come in from the back entrance...

Q13. Why was Ben imprisoned?

A13. He was arrested for investigating the Chief's personal history. It was easy for the chief to dispose of a nuisance with his authority. He could frame them with any number of crimes. But Ben stole the key from a prison guard and could have escaped at any point…

Q14. Looking at their common interest in taxidermy, do the security chief, of whom only his name appeared the first game, and Chief Irons have anything to do with each other?

A14. The RPD chief, who had deep ties with Umbrella, and the security guard were of course acquaintances, but their common interest in taxidermy is just a coincidence. The RPD chief's interest taxidermy is born from his insanity, and there's also the point that in the police station, there were people spreading rumors that Chief Irons would spend each night doing taxidermy. Maybe the stuffed deer head in the security chief's room in the mansion was a present from Chief Irons.

Q15. Did the rats that spread the virus become monsters themselves?

A15. They became monsters. However, the sewer environment the rats had been living in had deteriorated, and the rats had lost a battle of survival to giant mutated cockroaches.

Q16. Are all then G creatures in the game the same? If that's the case, is the creature in Film A G?

A16. The Gs that Leon and Claire fight are all the same creature. Where did the G creature in Film A go? The answer is that "it went nowhere." It was a creature still in the experimental stage, and even until is still contained in a cultivation capsule in one of the rooms of the Umbrella laboratory. So, which room would that be? It's actually a room that appears in the game... That G is an experimental sample. It doesn't mutate into anything beyond that.

Q17. Are the Tyrants blocking the path repeatedly all the same?

A17. They're all the same one. The Umbrella helicopter was carrying several capsules, which means only that Tyrant was a spare. Umbrella was able to deploy Tyrants to other areas if necessary.

Q18. In the laboratory's emergency exit and other such places, there is a circular mark with 3 Cs piled onto them. What do these marks mean?

A18. Those marks are located in places that contain things that could potentially cause a biohazard. These kinds of marks actually exist in real life, so if you looked around, you can actually buy things that contain those marks. By the way, in the previous game, this mark was in the front of the room that contained the Tyrant. (Do you remember it?)

Q19. What were William and Annette doing during the mansion incident in the previous game?

A19. They were likely involved in development directed towards the completion of G-Virus. Regarding Umbrella, the T-Virus and G-Virus projects were concurrently pushed forward and there was no superiority between the them at that point. One Umbrella laboratory was lost due to the betrayal of Wesker, but there were no large problems since they had secured the T-Virus. In William's unified research laboratory, there were early signs that William was going to run off without providing the G-Virus to Umbrella, so Umbrella internally made plans to seize it from William.

Q20. In Leon's A scenario & Claire's B scenario, the G-Virus that Claire dropped in molten iron pool and the one Annette had just before she died are the same G-Virus?

A20. It's not. That G-Virus that Annette had was thrown away by Leon. The pendant hanging around Sherry's neck at the start was tossed into the iron pool in Claire's B scenario. In other words, that means there were 2 G-Virus'.

Q21. Where did the G-Virus samples that were taken from William go?

A21. If you watch Annette's flashback scene closely, you'll be able to know, but William, now mutated, takes the G-Virus samples and ingests them all... In other words, he eats them. By the way, in the 4th Survivor behind the scenes scenario ("another scenario"), I believe the sample Hunk possesses was a capsule that he procured before William consumed the others. It's safe to assume that, based on the ending of the scenario, that Umbrella has acquired a sample of the G-Virus.

Q22. How did the fax get delivered even though telephone communications were down?

A22. Data can be saved onto the fax machine's internal memory, and it's thought that at just the right moment, the contents were printed out. When it comes to S.T.A.R.S., they were a special unit of the RPD. For outgoing faxes as well, if nothing is displayed on the receiving end, then the fax machine would be something that doesn't print anything. I'm not sure of the reason why myself, but the fact that the fax prints out right when Claire is in front of it would seem to be tied to some kind of fate/destiny.

Q23. In the ending of Leon's A scenario, how did Sherry know him?

A23. We never drew it in the scenario, but there must have been a conversation with Leon and Sherry since they didn't encounter each other until the freight train departed. In other words, Claire must have escaped from the laboratory along with Leon and told Sherry the story about this man.

Q24. S.T.A.R.S. members don't appear…?

Q24. I thought we needed a main character, especially from the previous game… We decided to make a whole new story and what meant most is that we needed an attractive character not less than the previous game.

Q25. Where did Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca go?

A25. The whereabouts of Chris, Jill and the others remain unknown except for the fact they went to Europe. Rebecca… may become clear soon.

Q26. Are you referring to the contents of Film D, which was a hidden item?

A26. That's entirely the hobby of CG modeller [Tetsuya] Shiraishi. Well, I stopped it… (False credit!). Oh my, this desire to play is important?

Q27. Explain the process in which Brad became a zombie?

A27. It's easy to imagine the recent events with Brad, after Chris returned from the mansion, given Brad's personality. In other words, he lived life as a coward, flattering the police and turning a deaf ear to Chris’ desperate plea, likely standing on the Chief's side. Brad remained in the police station untouched even after Chris left for Europe, and became entangled in the incident.

Q28. Who was the woman that threw the rocket launcher?

A28. Who the heck do you think it was? I think I'm going to watch all of your reactions for a while (Maliciously!).
(Editor's Note: In Leon's B scenario, take a careful look at that silhouetted person's breasts…)

Q29. Why Tofu? Whose voice is that?

A29. Tofu was a character that was actually used on our development tools. At the end of the game's development, we thought it would be interesting to place him in the actual game. So we inserted him into the 4th Survivor.

Q30. How did you decide which secret costumes to include?

A30. Claire's alternate costume came from my own interests. Shiraishi, who was in charge of design, was a designer for the standard costumes, but he offered to help design secret costumes so long as it was for a female character. For the Director's Cut of the previous game, he also took it upon himself to design an alternate costume for Rebecca even though we had no plans to change her costume (which is why Barry doesn't have an alternate costume).

Q31. How did you decide which material to use for the texture of Ada's skirt?

A31. That's a… secret. More importantly, Leon's tank top figure. I wonder how many people actually noticed that he has armpit hair?

Q32. Do the background graphics have elements of some sort of jokes?

A32. Mmm. I think they probably did things on their own. For example, there was a yoyo popular between the CG staff for a while. The characters on the wall of the CG drawn at that time "Yo 4 it!" (Yo for it! = Yoyo Freaks slogan). Sheesh... By the way, it's on the city walls. You should all take a look.

Q33. Tell us about the rejected design.

A33. We planned to entwine Ada's lover "John" into the sub-story. He supported the main characters from the shadows to make amends for his involvement in the evil plans of Umbrella while his own body was being attacked by "T-Virus" and entrusted the player with "anti T-Virus ammo" to pierce Tyrant with the final blow at the end, and died without meeting Ada…For the zapping mode, whether John survived until the end or died depended on the player… How about that one? Should I have done it?

Q34. Specifically, what kind of game was "BIO1.5" before it was scrapped in favour of "BIO2"?

A34. The stage settings are largely unchanged from the current ones. However, the original police station was made to be ultra modern and had become a regular office building. In addition, you could enter a production line or factory warehouse and there were scenes such as the load-carrying tray for a trailer parked outside. The scenario did not have a zapping system like the present, but a single one. There was a scene where Ada appeared for an instant in the main female character's scenario, as well as police officer Marvin, who gives you the card key in the police station, being a partner who cooperated as Leon's senior until the end. It was entirely scrapped due to the fact it didn't live up to expectations and we couldn't say with confidence "This is BIO2." We didn't want to release it as "BIO2" though it may have succeeded as a game if not given the name "BIO."

Q35. The main female character was a racer?

A35. When "1.5" was scrapped, we changed the background of the female protagonist completely when we made over the scenarios. "Elza", the female protagonist of "1.5", was a university student racer who didn't know about the Umbrella incident. When she became Chris' younger sister "Claire", we changed everything from her outward appearance and costume in favour of, "Since it's Chris' younger sister, le's make her an energetic girl with more shape!" Now a title such as "racer" was no longer necessary for Claire whose stronger personality was sufficient enough.

Q36. If you were to make a "BIO2 DIRECTOR'S CUT", what changes would you add?

A36. I want a version with increased difficulty levels. Or a third protagonist who stars in an additional scenario...?! However, right now, we want to put our efforts making a sequel, so for now (or forever?), a Director's Cut may not come out... I don't know (?).

Q37. "BIO2" was made on the assumption that there would be a sequel?

A38. I wasn't particularly strongly conscious about a sequel. Well, questions like that showing up would be the reaction when you look at the ending... I decided the bigger picture of the ending movie. I wanted players to be immersed in an afterglow at the end and made those lines, but to tell you the truth it was something that came up pretty easily. Basically that means... "Don't think too deeply"...? But, eh, is the parenthesis good?

Q38. What sort of content is "BIO3" aiming for?

A38. We're re-examining the original theme and would like to pursue further expression of "fear" when playing, although we're considering whether any new senses are needed...

Q39. Will the characters from "BIO2" appear in "3"?

A39. Regarding "3", nothing has been decided yet. Really, I'm not trying to hide anything... We're bringing together a variety of ideas right now, so please write to us!