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Product Details

Softcover: 352 pages
Publisher: ASCII
Product ID: ISBN4-7572-0613-5


BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Guidebook - Complete Conquest of Nemesis

BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Guidebook - Complete Conquest of Nemesis was a guide and information book for BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE featuring a full walkthrough of the game and information on characters, enemies and the game's plot taken from the game's scenario; written and provided by scenario writer Yasuhisa Kawamura.

Project Umbrella Translation



Among those in the arthropoda class which includes insects that prosper everywhere on the earth, the spider family is a successful species. The reason is variety. Spider species are distributed from dry desert zones to tropical jungles and cold regions, and amount to only about 30,000 currently confirmed kinds. They show a capability for extraordinary environmental adaptation. They also fully demonstrated this adaptation ability again under the influence of the T-Virus. They grew large so they aren't destroyed by other creatures and became ferocious, evolving into a new kind and more rapidly intensifying their poisonous nature. The reason why there is no change in appearance may be that the spider's form is already perfect.


This mutant is generally called "DD" and was originally a small blood sucker which lived on the skin of animals. By taking in the body fluids of infected animals, a secondary infection of the T-Virus was caused and this allowed it to grow at an astonishing speed through exuviations, and in the end, it grew to a hundred times its normal size to the size of a human. Human cerebrospinal fluid is the main nutrient source of the DD imago; it uses a sharp acerose mouth to stab a human's cervical vertebra, and the victim dies almost immediately. This creature prefers dark and wet places like narrow alleyways and it is asexual but can transform itself into a female when it obtains enough nutrients, so monomer propagation is its reproduction method.

I designed it by request for "a monster able to utilize three-dimensional space", based on an insect jumping and moving on walls and ceilings. Its motif was a flea. It's incomprehensible but when attacked sometimes its arms will be blown off. And please be careful with it, as it lays eggs.


The Brain Sucker is an "irregular mutant" similar to "DD", but it has two protruding heads. Since its appearance has a clear distinction with reptilians, it can't simply be considered a subspecies of "DD." It was originally speculated to be a kind of flea and because of it parasitizing on different animals, a differentiation was caused. This means that when an insect eats a T-Virus infected animal's flesh, because of the differences in DNA from the host, it will mutate into a totally different creature. In comparison to the DD which extracts body fluids, the Brain Sucker directly feeds on the human brain. Its two tongues mutated into a form suitable for breaking its victim's skulls

I designed it with the image of two entangled monsters. Initially this monster's color was orange with black and when standing and attacking it looks like the mystery man who appears in Kamen Rider (the impression of its whole body wrapped in an orange costume to black head-to-foot tights), and I made various alterations and reached the current design.


During the Raccoon City incident, the "Grave Digger" laid hundreds of eggs in the ground and sewers of the city. In order to survive in these excessively cruel environments, these eggs incubate in about two hours and grow to about 1 meter in length. The larva is called "Sliding Worm" and it has four small but very sharp fangs which have the same shape as the adult. Its body is very bouncy which allows it to jump in order to attack humans. It uses its fangs to bite a person's skin and extract blood. A single worm can extract at most one liter of blood at a time, and when the worms attack as a swarm, their prey will immediately die of excessive blood loss. If a larva can absorb nutrition, it will grow to a giant size like the "Grave Digger" in a week's time.

The Grave Digger was initially designed with tentacles protruding out of the mouth, but it went wrong in the production process and became the Grave Digger's larva (child). It discolors slightly red when it sucks the player's blood.

HUNTER β (Page 072)

The Hunter is the B.O.W. which achieved the results closest to a success in the "Mansion Incident"; it had high combat capabilities and the intelligence to handle very simple commands (eliminate all people encountered, etc). Since low-cost cloning was simple, emphasis was placed on performance enhancement as the next mainline Umbrella product and further superimposed gene remodeling gave birth to this β model. In comparison with the α model, which was a trial manufacture type, its offensive abilities slightly declined, and although its appearance became monstrous, its agility characteristic rose markedly and astounding instantaneous force and improvement of the nervous system were realized, enabling the evasion of gunfire. About 20 were released into Raccoon City for the purpose of a final test before mass-production.

The concept in this design is the same as the Hunter α in "BIO1" and I designed it to emphasize features like its claws and evil impression in its appearance. By the way, the Hunter's headhunting is great this time, but its left arm is dominant now so the left hand is bigger.

HUNTER γ (Page 074)

The γ model is a unique form popularly called "Frogger" developed by a European Umbrella laboratory after receiving the Hunter α and β models developed by the American research team, and inimitably completed using that know-how. It was developed in a reverse way of thinking; they daringly used an amphibian as the base for the fertilized ovum and added human genes in the culture process, and contrary to most expectations, its intelligence did not reach a level favorably comparable with the β model. However, it seems it is weak to aridity and direct sun-rays similar to the characteristics of amphibians, and it was concluded that it lacked versatility and commercialization was difficult, and having now been sent into Raccoon City strongly implicates a test by the European branch.

The Hunter γ is a monster whose model was made in advance. In the initial stage it was designed with blue blood vessels running from head to toe on a white body, but when I handled it the texture didn't appear on the polygon model well, leading to its current stage. It comes with the "Hunter" name but it's closer to an amphibian than a reptile, its eyes degenerated and it's also toothless and swallows prey whole.


With the advance of the virus and Bio Organic Weapons development in the Umbrella Raccoon City Laboratory, the generated waste and contaminated material far exceeded the degradation potential of the disposal plant and steadily leaked into the soil around the city from an early stage. This giant creature reaching ten meters in total length achieved a mutation far beyond imagination because, as an underground dwelling arthropod species, its entire habitat area constantly absorbed the T-Virus and was seriously contaminated. It perhaps succumbed to this biohazard, and it is believed that it digs up the corpses of victims who were quickly buried without being cremated and starved beneath the cemetery in Raccoon Park, digging into them just as its name, Grave Digger, suggests.

The first decided monster I designed in response to a request for a huge earthworm-like monster that emerges from the soil and attacks. However it took a lot of effort to create and there were many problems in production. Initially tentacles came out of the Grave Digger's mouth and were planned to grab guns while Jill fired away, but...


The latest B.O.W. which conquered the significant decrease in intelligence, a side effect of the T-Virus, by allowing the control of the brain through the external parasite "NE-α Type", commonly named Nemesis. A mass-produced Tyrant model already with a certain degree of perfection was the base, but under the influence of the cell activation composition which the dominant Nemesis secretes, it transformed into something more like a monster. Its ability to think is markedly high compared with conventional B.O.W.s; it can continuously carry out missions through self-judgement and according to the situation, it's also even possible for it to properly use weapons requiring special knowledge, such as a rocket launcher. The coat wrapped around its entire body is blastproof and bulletproof, and also plays the role of a straitjacket which suppresses emergencies of going out-of-control.

I designed it when the director asked for "a rough guy who attacks with weapons and has an intimidating build" in order to express the fear of pursuit. We made a parasite to characterize it and it's assumed to be a test subject with its stitching and exposed muscles.


Although the Pursuer "Nemesis-T Type" acquired a regenerative ability far exceeding a normal Tyrant due to the Nemesis parasite's secretions, it's difficult to say its genetic code is stable in relation to the two creatures coexisting, and in the process of healing damage to its body, a mutation progressed at an increasing rate. With this second form, which lost the coat on the upper half of its body due to an accumulation of damage, it can be grasped that the tentacles released from their restraint became enlarged and increased its aggressiveness, and in addition, the enlargement of the Nemesis' body, which could erode the central nervous system and brain stem from the medulla oblongata, can be seen as it trying to adapt to the critical situation. Its arms no longer have a form suitable for the use of firearms and its multiple tentacles outweigh them as a means of a powerful attack.

The Pursuer has three types from the first form to the third form, but it's not a transmutative metamorphosis as an evolutionary process like "G" in "BIO2", its transformations are merely absolutely influenced by damage. By the way, its coat comes off in the second form and its restricted tentacles are released and it becomes stronger.


Through damage and resistance improvements, the Nemesis-T Type appeared to solve the fatal weapon defects of intelligence decline and dramatic change of form due to excessive damage, which often occurred in the Tyrant. However, if the brain of the synchronized Tyrant is destroyed, its survival instinct is believed to exceed the control bestowed for Umbrella, and all control becomes impossible in this out-of-control form. Its appearance no longer retains the original form of the Tyrant. Its damaged limbs are substituted by abnormal development of its tentacles, and as for the head, Nemesis itself forms an organ for predation and absorption. The cells of the Tyrant and the Nemesis each struggle for control and distort and transform it, and the strongly-acidic pus with a toxin that it spreads continuously is believed to have absorbed the waste fluid of the processing room from the bleb on its back, and swelled up in its shoulder. It is reduced to a bizarre-looking monster left with a single thought of S.T.A.R.S.--- the elimination of Jill.

The design I was most troubled by trying to show its evil impression as much as possible. It might be unnoticeable during the game but the parasite cells replicated abnormally in the Pursuer's body and the third form became huge, its body reversed and became a quadrupedal form facing upward on its back (the long tusk-like things protruding from its back in the third form are ribs protruding from the chest).


Due to the validation of the valuable combat data provided by the "Mansion Incident", the Bio Organic Weapon research teams of Umbrella came to recognize the fact that most B.O.W.s created using the T-Virus had only low intelligence and were presently insufficient as "products."

Even the Tyrant regarded as the ultimate and perfect organism was unable to execute orders--- Against this result, the research teams of each branch respectively sought the possibility of improving intelligence through different approaches. Having continued research for some time, one of these answers was presented by the European branch under headquarters' direct control, a unique and devilish biological remodeling process that was said to completely put the brain under control while strengthening a B.O.W.'s capabilities by allowing an organism of an entirely new species to parasitize it.

Then, the parasite "NE-α Type" was developed--- known as Nemesis. When this was transplanted into the spinal cord of a Bio Organic Weapon at a cellular level, it would absorb the internal T-Virus cells and grow, then form a unique brain near the medulla oblongata. At the same time, it erodes the central nervous system and destroys the host's frontal lobe, modifying the neural network to link its own brain with all remaining brain functions. Through this, Nemesis becomes responsible for cerebration in place of the host and completely controls the body as its own.

In addition, an interesting report was made about a "Nemesis-T Type" test subject in which this was transplanted into the latest Tyrant. In the case of the Nemesis culture process, it gained a sense of self and attempted to escape from the facility with others. That shows that the intelligence of the test subject drastically improved, and suggests a risk that a B.O.W. could become a new intelligent organism and rebel against humanity.

At that time, can mankind survive---?

Design Notes


I drew this from an existing setting of a select police force similar to riot police created by the Raccoon Police Department separately from the special operations unit S.T.A.R.S. Special training was intensified aiming to pick out officers with the intention of forming the Raccoon S.W.A.T.

CHAPTER.7 / EXTRA FILES / FILE I Character Profiles


Personal Data
Height: 182cm / Weight: 83kg / Age: 21 / Blood type: O
Nationality: South America (Details are unclear.)
Attached to: U.B.C.S. D Platoon A Squad Corporal
Special Skill: Weapons maintenance and local procurement, and piloting helicopter and Cessna aircraft
Remarks: South American communist guerrilla organization member

He was originally a war criminal and exiled soldier sentenced to life imprisonment and capital punishment who was then forced to enlist in the organized U.B.C.S. in exchange for the mitigation of his charges, and he is young enough to be called its youngest member. From childhood, he committed himself to an anti-government Communist guerrilla organization based in a certain South American country, and in order to determine his abilities, the fact he's spent more time than he looks as a soldier shouldn't be forgotten. Since he also survived when the organization was completely destroyed due to a government troop mop-up, a mercenary coordinator evaluated his tenacious survival techniques and scouted him into the U.B.C.S. In addition, it seems he's changed his name and face in order to erase his past.

*Because of his youth, he appears cowardly under desperate situations, but surprisingly possesses the courage to actively deal with crises he faces.


Personal Data
Height: 178cm / Weight: 98kg / Age: 45 / Blood type: A
Nationality: St. Petersburg, now Rossyskaya Sovetskaya Federativnaya Sotsialisticheskaya Republika
Attached to: U.B.C.S. D Platoon Leader
Special Skills: Terrorism planning and execution
Remarks: Former Soviet Union Army Captain

He was entrusted with the 30-man D Platoon and in the meritocratic U.B.C.S., it's an undoubted fact that he is an excellent commander. His military career prior to enlistment was something special, and in spite of even being promoted to Captain in the former Soviet Union military, he unceremoniously retired from service after the federation's collapse and suddenly participated in the independence movement of the ethnic minority his wife belonged to, and he was successful in much terrorism as the leader of a guerrilla organization. The reason why Mikhail consented to a position in the U.B.C.S., despite his rebellious spirit, was conditional upon the mercy of his compatriots arrested together with him. He tried to protect others even by abandoning his cause; most of his subordinates lost their lives in the combat in Raccoon City, and it was surely a nightmare.


Personal Data
Height: 187cm / Weight: 102kg / Age: 35 / Blood type: A
Nationality: Moscow, now Rossyskaya Sovetskaya Federativnaya Sotsialisticheskaya Republika
Attached to: U.B.C.S. D Platoon B Squad Leader
Special Skills: Trap placement, hand-to-hand combat, assassination, etc
Remarks: Former Soviet Union Spetsnaz Special Forces Sergeant

There is almost nothing clarified regarding his career. What has become clear is only the fact that in the Cold War era before the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was a member of the Spetsnaz special forces who secretly maneuvered in sabotage and VIP killings around the world, and enjoyed an utmost evil reputation. With the advanced training he received at the time, Nikolai's skills as a soldier reached an exceptional level and he possessed the techniques and knowledge to deal with all situations on the battlefield from woodland to urban combat, martial arts, the installation and disposal of booby traps, and the art of assassination. Thus, there were many cases where only he returned in operations where the unit was wiped out, and it seems his reputation and reliability as a simple soldier is poor within the unit.


Personal Data
Height: 185cm / Weight: 90kg / Age: 32 / Blood type: AB
Nationality: Republic of Suriname
Attached to: U.B.C.S. B Platoon A Squad
Special Skill: Side Business
Remarks: French Foreign Legion member, immigrated from the Netherlands

Despite possessing high capabilities for a mercenary, his obsession about money seemed unusually strong, and at the time when he belonged to the French Foreign Legion, he dabbled in a side-business of heavy weapons smuggling using his position. As a result, these weapons were used for genocide and his illegal sales were discovered, and although he was sentenced to life imprisonment after being discharged, he was a clever operator and actively contacted a mercenary coordinator himself and endorsed a special measure of release subject to U.B.C.S. enlistment. It could be said that a man of talent without convictions like himself, whose only criteria is money, is a very convenient piece for an employer.


Personal Data
Height: 191cm / Weight: 82kg / Age: 27 / Blood type: B
Nationality: United States of America
Attached to: U.B.C.S. A Platoon A Squad
Special Skill: Sniping
Remarks: U.S. Marine Corps Member

Although he has a slightly shy personality for a soldier, he has a fierce past where, in order to retaliate against a street gang for mercilessly murdering his brother, he shot 20 members of the organization one after another with a hunting rifle. His god-like sniper skills, referred to as first-class in the Marine Corps, caught the eye of a coordinator who rescued him from serving life imprisonment, and he joined the U.B.C.S. Since he drank T-Virus contaminated water following the unit's annihilation in Raccoon City, he faced his best friend Carlos and begged to be shot before he became a Zombie, showing a readiness to die as a man.


Personal Data
Height: 183cm / Weight: 84.5kg / Age: 38 / Blood type: O
Nationality: United States of America
Affiliation: R.P.D. Special Forces S.T.A.R.S.
Special Skill: Helicopter Pilot
Remarks: Chemical Protection Personnel

One of the survivors of the "Mansion Incident" who belonged to the S.T.A.R.S. A (Alpha) Team like Jill, but unlike the other surviving members, he was a pilot in charge of the helicopter and wasn't directly involved with the incident itself. As a result, he was seen in a rather frightened state in Raccoon City as it was flooded with Zombies, and after sensing the existence of the Pursuer, he also completely lost himself with his innate cowardice. He's intrinsically not a backboned type and kept his distance from the other S.T.A.R.S. members after the "Mansion Incident", and didn't seem to show any willingness to pursue Umbrella.


Several people charged with special missions, called "monitors", were sent inside the U.B.C.S. They are special agents under the direct control of Umbrella executives and their existence isn't known to ordinary members. The duty of the monitors in Raccoon City is to gather valuable data under the special difficult to obtain situation of the most unprecedented large-scale biohazard in history.
The collection and destruction of samples and data left in medical facilities and laboratories, the field survey of mutant creatures and virus contaminated organisms, including Zombies, and combat record reports before the annihilation of the U.B.C.S. sacrificed to obtain combat data--- etc, that is, they're not allies for the general members to trust.
They are live surveillance cameras of Umbrella calmly observing the ways in which guinea pigs die. In addition to being administered superior virus antibodies, a relay base for many escape means and outside communication was covertly arranged by Umbrella agents who infiltrated the city beforehand.
Because of such duties, monitors have more excellent careers than general U.B.C.S. members and moreover, only those who can be controlled through rewards with no sense of justice or morality are selected. However, it seems one of them conspires to take advantage of the chaos and kill all the other monitors and try to sell the data he holds.

CHAPTER.7 / EXTRA FILES / FILE III Development Staff Q&A (p.348~351)

Q.1~23: [BIOHAZARD 3] Scenario & Creative Changes, Yasuhisa Kawamura
Q.24: [BIOHAZARD 3] Director, Kazuhiro Aoyama

Q1. Could the citizens of Raccoon City not escape from the closing by the U.S. military?
A1. It took some time for the U.S. military to surround Raccoon City, including the decision of the Congress. Raccoon City was blockaded under the President's executive order, but there was a considerable number of civilians who escaped before that time. Many of whom were caught in the security network of the Army and National Guard, and those detained for examination received quarantine treatment depending on the level.

Q2. Through what method was the Pursuer deployed into Raccoon City?
A2. It was brought in by a private carrier like the helicopter that airlifted the Tyrants. Incidentally, Hunters and the like were transported overland due to the large number.

Q3. What is the true reason why the Pursuer was deployed?
A3. The Pursuer was given an order to begin eliminating all the S.T.A.R.S. officers in Raccoon City. However, it was limited to Raccoon City and the Pursuer executes the order for experimental combat deployment, same as the Hunters. It was a plan that attempted to demonstrate the height of its capabilities by eliminating the competent S.T.A.R.S. officer targets.

Q4. How did the Pursuer ascertain the S.T.A.R.S. officers?
A4. The team that developed the Pursuer was also in charge of education, and the officials had it memorize photographs and visual materials of the S.T.A.R.S. officers. The Pursuer is intelligent so it will carry out any instructions through understanding.

Q5. What is the origin of the word "Nemesis"?
A5. The word Nemesis means "Goddess of Revenge" and is what the Sixth Laboratory development team in Europe that developed the Pursuer chose as a pet name. It may have been carried out in revenge for the prototype Tyrant tragically defeated by Jill in "BIO1."

Q6. Of what sort of circumstances did Dario Rosso die?
A6. He miserably couldn't endure the fear of the Zombies invading the warehouse and was cornered when he opened the container door and ran away.

Q7. What are the whereabouts of the Raccoon City mayor?
A7. The Raccoon City mayor ran away at the start and is under the protective custody of the U.S. military.

Q8. What sort of band is "Big E" that planned to play live in Bar Jack?
A8. "Big E" is a pure American rock band whose hometown is Raccoon City. They're popular and there is nobody in Raccoon City who doesn't listen to them. In addition, all the members survived as they were in the middle of returning to Raccoon City from a tour.

Q9. Marvin disappears along the way, but what was he doing before he met Leon and Claire in "BIO2?"
A9. His unclear mind recovered every now and then, and he ran out of energy again near the lockers.

Q10. How did Nikolai survive the event in the gas station or sales office?
A10. How Nikolai survived is shrouded in secrecy. But it's clear he inherited his techniques from the Special Forces of the former Soviet Union he once belonged to. Then after that, Nikolai didn't show himself for a while as he refused to get caught up in the struggle between Jill and the Pursuer.

Q11. On what date did Jill ring the clock tower bell?
A11. It was September 28. Jill's comatose state followed and as a result, she slept for over a full day.

Q12. Was the Hunter γ in the hospital office capsules captured? Or was the hospital itself an Umbrella research facility?
A12. The hospital was financed by Umbrella, but it was purely a private medical facility. The Hunter γ was captured, the hospital staff risked their lives to sedate them and carried them into the laboratory.

Q13. Why was Tyrell trying to open the safe in the hospital basement?
A13. Not just Tyrell, but the monitors aimed to recover or destroy all data and important documents (including the hospital medical records). He was going to open the safe to obtain even a little of such things.

Q14. Carlos created a vaccine to neutralize the T-Virus in the hospital, but did the hospital create this vaccine before it was destroyed? And if so, why weren't they able to use it?
A14. The doctors arrived at the testing stage of the vaccine through research, as written in the diary left in the hospital. However, most of the doctors and nurses at that point were under a semi-conscious state in response to viral infection and turned into Zombies until not a single one survived.

Q15. What are the effects in the T-Virus that will revive the dead as inferred from Brad who turned into a Zombie after losing his brain and the zombified bodies sleeping in the cemetery?
A15. Brad was infected with a powerful form of the T-Virus dwelling in the Pursuer's tentacles, so his brain was destroyed, but his body didn't die. Also, the Zombies who crawl out from the cemetery were infected with the T-Virus and revived in the earth because they were buried once in state of apparent death.

Q16. How did Nikolai know all the monitors?
A16. All the monitors recognized each other.

Q17. What was the U.S. Army doing at the Disposal Plant? Also, what was the reason for the Tyrants fighting against the U.S. troops there?
A17. It was a complete miss that they, the U.S. Army Special Forces, went out to the incineration disposal plant. There are Umbrella personnel within the U.S. government. However, among these types of people there are double agents on both sides and intelligence on the Umbrella side was leaked to the U.S. government. The Special Forces wiped out in the factory were dispatched for the purpose of seizing the newly developed "G-Virus" and to protect its developer, but went up the lift to the disposal plant far from the destination because there was no intelligence on the actual facility. (They invaded from the underground freight train route). But at the same time, Umbrella had already caught the leak in intelligence and ordered that all remaining Tyrants be dropped at the disposal plant after one T was dropped on the police station. The consequence was that the Special Forces and Tyrants were lost in grand simultaneous attacks and the virus was recovered by the Umbrella Security Service, who gained total control of the laboratory in the meantime. In addition, the rail cannon the Special Forces brought in for use against "G Creatures" wasn't used during the surprise attack by the Tyrants.

Q18. Why did the Pursuer kill Nikolai?
A18. Jill came in contact with Nikolai and the Pursuer saw them talking several times; he recognized that Nikolai was Jill's partner. "That woman is dangerous..." (No. We can't trust her.) What he felt so uneasy about on the streetcar became a reality and he was killed.

Q19. Which type of missile appeared in the ending?
A19. As of yet, it's unclear if this new type of bomb is one like a thermobraic bomb with the highest destructive power next to a nuclear weapon, but radioactive contamination seems to be extremely low. In this story, it could be said that it's equal to the rail cannon as a top-secret weapon of the U.S. military.

Q20. To what extent did the American government know about Umbrella? In addition, is there a reason why they never publicly attacked the Umbrella Corporation?
A20. The United States itself is a prominent customer so it has extensive knowledge of Umbrella's product list, say for example viral weapons and B.O.W.s (Bio Organic Weapons). However, the details were limited to products available on the market and they hadn't received intelligence on sections considered top-secret within Umbrella such as development status. Also, the reason the U.S. government doesn't attack Umbrella is "unnecessary trouble brought upon oneself." Striking Umbrella would expose the dark side of the U.S. government itself for the collusive relationship between Umbrella and government leaders. It's an act of suicide for a lot of politicians. This concept can be said for many advanced nations. It circulates in almost every advanced nation where powerful political leaders have purchased something from Umbrella's product list.

Q21. What was Barry doing until he rescued Jill?
A21. After parting with Chris, Barry spent time on getting his family to take refuge in a safe place. Then when his family was calm, he was going to join Chris and contacted Jill, but Jill had lost contact. Thereby, Barry went to rescue Jill with a private helicopter and hurried back to Raccoon City. Barry waited until the timing when the U.S. military forces lifted their siege for the missile drop, then infiltrated the urban zone at a low altitude and rescued Jill at a time when she had little left. Of course, believing Jill had survived was a do-or-die action.

Q22. Did Jill investigate William Birkin's research facility and the G-Virus?
A22. That's right. She didn't know the details, but grasped the fact that important research was being conducted.

Q23. Specifically what is the meaning of Jill's "Last Escape"?
A23. The title "Last Escape" is loaded with the meaning of the end of Raccoon City, and farewell to the stage that has sustained the series.

Q24. Any messages to the readers!!
A24. We created a new horror, and every day was a dilemma of a condensed production period and the challenges of our own "BIO3", including the formalities as a game to play rather than watch and elaboration toward core fans, but it was surrounded by passionate staff who pursued fun and fear, and every day was enjoyable.
How did everyone respond to our challenge called "BIO3"? If you have opinions, comments and complaints, please contact us at CAPCOM without hesitation. Our challenge isn't over yet. Please look forward to it in the future.