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Product Details

Softcover: 176 pages
Publisher: ASCII
Product ID: ISBN4-7572-0550-3


BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Guidebook - Fulfillment Of Her Escape


Project Umbrella Translation



An officer of the special forces unit S.T.A.R.S. of the Raccoon Police Department and one of the survivors of the biohazard popularly referred to as the "Mansion Incident." She underwent a training course of the US Army's anti-terror unit Delta Force and with extremely high levels of physical ability and technical knowledge she plays an active role in S.T.A.R.S. as an expert in bomb disposal. She is the type to say what she thinks clearly and frankly, but has saved the team in several predicaments with an unyielding will and the ability to act.

Two months since the last incident, S.T.A.R.S. became irritated with the investigation's lack of any progress and the survivors decided to fly to Europe on their own to uncover the great evil of the preeminent corporation Umbrella by themselves. However to deflect this information from the eyes of traitors in the police, Jill was the only one hiding in Raccoon City. So that she may investigate Umbrella's bioweapons laboratory still operating in the town's outskirts and find out what is going on there.

And she's been struck by a biohazard once more...


A young South American mercenary descended from Indians belonging to the U.B.C.S. D (Delta) Platoon, A (Alpha) Squad. Since he was a member of a Communist guerrilla organization, he knows a lot about the heavy weapons of Eastern bloc countries and in the team, he carried the role of maintenance and field procurement of armaments as well as heavy weapons support. In addition, he acquired the skills to handle large trucks, Cessnas and helicopters and the fact that he is an excellent soldier who survived severe guerrilla struggles is contrary to his apparently frivolous and insincere appearance. Although he is a hot-blooded man brimming with emotion and reliable as a partner, he has a vulnerable side due to his youth. His rank in the unit is Corporal.


Officially called the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. It is an irregular military unit organized when Umbrella hypothesized situations caused by the company's "products" and most of the unit's membership is comprised of war criminals, exiled soldiers or military experienced individuals sentenced to capital punishment or life imprisonment. In many cases they are scouted by mercenary coordinators of Umbrella in situations with no other recourse and are obliged to enlist in the U.B.C.S., rather than simply being rescued from certain death. Since dispatch in biohazard outbreak areas is the main duty their mortality rate is very high, but since many talented individuals with abundant military experience joined from the militaries among the Communist bloc where the national structures especially collapsed, it achieved great success in VIP rescue operations, etc. The manpower deployed into Raccoon City in the name of civilian rescue was 120 in four platoons. Each platoon consisted of three squads in every ten people.


A former Soviet army Captain who acts as Captain of U.B.C.S. D Platoon. He is from St. Petersburg in the current Russian Republic. He retired from the army after the federal collapse and participated in the independence movement of his wife's minority race and successfully led many terrorist attacks as the leader of the guerrilla organization from his abundant military record and results. Through such circumstances a shoot-to-kill order was issued immediately after his arrest by the national military, but he was scouted by Umbrella just before his execution. He is brimming with leadership and honest character and is a capable commander with the confidence of his subordinates.


A giant mercenary who led D Platoon B (Bravo) Squad of the U.B.C.S. ranked Sergeant. He is from Moscow in the current Russian Republic and belonged to the Spetsnaz special ops unit until the Soviet Union's collapse, and it's believed that he experienced various secret missions and special operations. However, his career between the dismantling of Spetsnaz to his U.B.C.S. assignment is entirely unknown and there is no way of knowing what sort of circumstances led to him join the unit. His personal combat skills such as assassination techniques and setting traps are exceptional from previous combat and since only he comes back alive from the battlefield despite high risks of death, bad rumors always hang around him.


A soldier in the U.B.C.S. A Platoon A Squad and former rifleman in the U.S. Marine Corps. He shot dead 20 members of a street gang with a hunting rifle because they cruelly killed his brother, and although he was sentenced to life imprisonment, his superhuman sniping skills came to the eyes of a coordinator and he was scouted by the U.B.C.S. He originally had a gentle and introverted personality and came to form a close friendship with Carlos through training when they joined the unit at the same time.


A soldier in the U.B.C.S. B Platoon A Squad. A Dutch immigrant from the African Republic of Suriname and at one time an excellent mercenary in the French Foreign Legion. However using his position he dipped his hands into heavy weapons smuggling and was arrested and discharged from military service and sentenced to life imprisonment as a result because the weapons were used for genocide. While serving jail time, he actively contacted a mercenary coordinator and was endorsed with preferential measures subject to enlisting in the U.B.C.S. until the present. He behaves intellectually and is also an eloquent speaker, but essentially seems to be a coward.


A member of S.T.A.R.S. like Jill. He operated the helicopter in the "Mansion Incident" and played a pivotal role in the escape of the surviving members, but for fear of standing up against Umbrella from his cowardly personality, he remained in Raccoon City without working with the other members and was embroiled in the biohazard. He followed a pitiful fate and appeared in "2" as a Zombie, and it's apparent that this game takes place a little time before.



An arthropod mutation caused by the T-Virus penetrating deep into the ground. It's believed that it was a small insect like a millipede but it suddenly enlarged in the polluted soil while undergoing repeated ecdysis and metamorphosis, transforming into a huge creature with no longer any semblance of its original form. Its full length reached ten meters and its abnormally developed mouth can crunch even concrete and freely dig under the earth. And it attacks humans moving above ground in accordance with a severe feeling of starvation in order to maintain its huge body.


The Grave Digger's larva. But its length reached one meter just after incubation. It grabs prey with a mouth strong like its parent and sucks large quantities of blood like a leech when stuck, and even humans may die from blood loss in no time. It ingests nourishment this way and the larva grows into a Grave Digger in just one week by repeated ecdysis.


An unexpected mutation (irregular mutant) of a small parasitic insect like a flea secondarily infected after parasitizing and sucking the body fluids of an animal contaminated by the T-Virus, and achieved growth to a human size while repeating metamorphosis. It crawls on walls and ceilings like a spider and when it captures a human, it can pierce them with its needle-like mouth and absorb bone marrow. It has been witnessed rising on its hind legs and running bipedal.


A subspecies, close to the parasitic insect species of the Drain Deimos, which was virally infected the same way and became gigantic, but there are some differences in appearance such as a separately developed head. As its name indicates, it wrenches open the skull with its sharp tongue in an attempt to devour the brain, and humans are also fundamentally its main source of nutrition.

HUNTER β (Page 011)

A practical application Bio Organic Weapon model that realized high mobility by implementing further gene remodeling on the Hunter α-model that Jill fought against in the "Mansion Incident." Although its offensive capabilities as a single organism are a little inferior to α in exchange for agility, its bullet-dodging reflexes can be called astounding. Suitable for the name of hunter, it attacks in waves with a group and inevitably reaps the life of its prey.

HUNTER γ (Page 011)

While α and β were genetically engineered based on humans, this γ-model was completed by an Umbrella Europe laboratory using a fertilized amphibian egg and incorporating human genes and the T-Virus. There's no inferiority in aggressiveness compared with the human-based Hunters and it also has a huge digestive system able to swallow a man. Its nickname at the time of development was "Frogger."

NEMESIS (Page 012)

A black-clothed giant sent into Raccoon City under the cover of the biohazard chaos in order to eliminate survivors--- the survivors of the special operations unit S.T.A.R.S. who learnED the truth of the "Mansion Incident" and are attempting to uncover the actions of Umbrella. It has a Tyrant-based body that should be called immortal, however once it's given commands, it won't stop until it carries them out. Decline in intelligence, the biggest fault of Bio Organic Weapons created with the T-Virus, was solved by allowing a parasite named "Nemesis" to control the brain, thereby enabling use as a weapon. There are only two courses a person targeted by this monster can take. Continue running to the ends of the earth, or die. And Jill has been chosen as a target---

S.T.A.R.S. Profiles (Page 136-137)


One of the main characters and a bomb disposal expert. The senses of her delicate finger-tips are indispensable in dismantling bombs and she can solve locks with a single lock-pick without difficulty. Although she has an unyielding personality, her fortitude is genuine and she doesn't know how to give up even in hopeless situations. When she survived the "Mansion Incident", she continued her fight in "3."


The Captain of S.T.A.R.S. who holds the additional post as Captain of Alpha Team. An owner of a unique career with profound knowledge on biotechnology/bioengineering who was selected, from a military tech officer, as the center of the S.T.A.R.S. establishment through the key position of a private company. Sunglasses even at night are his trademark.


A firearms-related specialist transferred from S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics). He was superb in combination with Chris and backed him up in various situations, leading difficult operations to success. However, in the "Mansion Incident", he cooperated with Jill. He's a considerable gun-maniac in his private life.


Another main character with Jill. He's an excellent officer also known as the ace of the Alpha Team, and had a former career in the United States Air Force. He's able to operate helicopters and boasted a strong body and the top shooting skill of S.T.A.R.S., and has also solved many incidents on the frontlines. He's a man of firm character filled with a sense of justice, and gives priority to it over commands depending on the case.


A chemical protection officer who also acts as a helicopter pilot. Complaints were often given about his timidness and he deserted Alpha Team in Raccoon Forest and took off with the helicopter out of fear in the "Mansion Incident." He's the only person who appears through the series "2" and "3."


In charge of team upgrading. Although he's excellent, a tendency to lack composure can be seen in emergencies and he encountered a B.O.W.'s surprise attack at the beginning of the story and frankly fell into a panicked condition. Alpha Team's first victim.


Special Tactics and Rescue Service. A unit organized in order to carry out special tactics and rescue established under the jurisdiction of the local Raccoon Police Department in 1996. It could deal with urban terrorism and special crimes which became complex/devious, and as it extended to the private sector, it was mostly occupied by talented people with knowledge and skills who were scouted and didn't first belong to the Raccoon Police Department. In addition, on the occasion of its foundation, it received a large amount of aid from some private companies, and although it belongs to a police organization, it's in a unique half-independent position. It's a half-government and half-national military unit with a perfect merit system.


The youngest female member of S.T.A.R.S. who unfortunately experienced the team's accident immediately after her assignment. Of course, she has no actual combat experience and in this state she is unreliable in military power, but her chemistry-related knowledge reached an extremely high level and if there's material, she can also prepare medicine. In the "Mansion Incident", although protected by Chris, her quick wits were shown to save him from predicaments.


A veteran who served as S.T.A.R.S. Vice-Captain and Captain of Bravo Team. Originally, his personality and achievements would've made him Captain, but it was the intention of an investing company to hand the seat to Wesker. Backed by a wealth of experience, his accomplished survival skills competed even among the strong men of S.T.A.R.S.


A caring young member of the team. Since his age was close, he was given the role of training the rookie Rebecca. During the Mansion Incident, he was bitten by the huge snake B.O.W. Yawn and received a powerful poison and was in a critical condition.


In charge of upgrading Bravo Team, the trust of his comrades was thick and he worked without a miss. Although he seems to have excelled in handling heavy weapons, he was attacked by a pack of crows that had become aggressive on the mansion terrace, and lost his life.
*In "Directors Cut", he becomes S.T.A.R.S.'s first victim to the T-Virus.


A skilled member of S.T.A.R.S. not inferior to Chris in the dangerous duties of reconnaissance and position security in spite of being the oldest. However, his horribly eaten body is discovered right after you begin the search of the mansion.


In charge of Bravo Team's helicopter operation. The helicopter, which experienced trouble, was made to crash land and he was seemingly attacked when he was about to fix it, and at the time of Alpha Team's arrival, he had already died. His violent death triggered Joseph's panic.

Monsters of BIO HAZARD (Page 138-141)


It is the abbreviation of Bio Organic Weapon (living biological weapon) and indicates creatures upon which gene remodeling/reinforcement was performed for the purpose of military use. The Umbrella Corporation, a giant conglomerate (compound industry), focused on the production of biological weapons by means of a low-cost virus in the role of a next-generation military industry, repeating inhumane clinical experiments for practical application. In a strict sense, wild animals such as Crows secondarily infected from Zombies desecrated by the virus in an accident are not a B.O.W.


They are not magically regenerated people imagined through Haitian secret arts of voodoo or necromancy. It is a "living human being" whose appearance became like the dead, and the drastic change in metabolic function is one of the properties of the T-Virus. However, the erosion of brain cells advances at the same time and it no longer has thinking ability or reason as a human. There is only an intense impulse to feast on human flesh without end due to a feeling of starvation.


While a wild crow which inhabited Raccoon Forest pecked the body of a T-Virus infected victim, it was secondarily infected and became aggressive. Big changes aren't seen in its form, but it isn't daunted by gunshots and its attack impulses are also very strong.


A military dog-based B.O.W. named as a development code after the three-headed demon dog protecting the gate of the underworld that appears in Greek myth. The T-Virus was administered to a Doberman pinscher, which already possessed high aggressiveness, and successfully drew out more combative characteristics. However, horrific decay was seen in its appearance and it is believed that the malfunction of the brain progressed like a Zombie, and it seems to be a complete failure on the control aspect necessary as a weapon.


A poisonous snake that became violent when it ingested the T-Virus that remained in dead flesh, like the Crow. It precisely senses heat generated by the human body and attacks by dropping from trees. It seems likely to do it in the mansion courtyard.


A B.O.W. based on a large poisonous spider. In the beginning, development of the T-Virus began on animals, insects and aquatic creatures seemingly to narrow down efficient test subjects. Although this spider model B.O.W. achieved remarkable success in physical enlargement and breeding capability, weapons research was aborted because the host's intelligence level was too low. However, its mobility moving on walls and ceilings poses a sufficient threat to those who encounter it.


Spiderlets which clogged up in large numbers within a Web Spinner's abdomen. They jump out of the corpse the moment the parent dies and attack prey at hand. They are ferocious but their size is about that of moderate venomous spiders, so it is possible to trample them.


A carnivorous bee species which became gigantic after the T-Virus was transmitted to it from the dead flesh of Zombies and secretions of Plant 42. It is merciless with its stinger which increased in toxicity and can be stuck into individuals approaching the nest, and they have probably already begun breeding since their life cycle is short.


The best Web Spinner variant species that survived hidden in the corners of the courtyard basement and preying on researchers. Compared with its companions, its physique is much larger and it has exceptional vitality. It protects countless baby spiders in its abdominal cavity, but they aren't related specimens.


This giant plant-based organism was a fine example showing the abnormality of the T-Virus. In the process the organisms born in genesis subdivided, the plant abandoned its ability to move and is one line which has evolved so that it can maintain life through marginal energy production focusing on photosynthesis. However, the basic premise of a plant was reversed by the virus in a short time. It acquired an advanced perception ability feelers and tentacles it can move freely at high speed (probably using water pressure and muscles together). Plant 42 began active predation of creatures in order to supplement newly-required nutrients, and it deteriorated into an existence already closer to an animal than a plant. This effect can also be seen in the Monster Plants grown in the mansion greenhouse.


A B.O.W. created using a Great White shark as the host. Although some changes can be seen in its appearance, it seems there were almost no impact of the T-Virus since it was already a large and ferocious creature. Thus, a clinical investigation was completed only in one of them, but fetuses seemed to have already grown within the test subject's womb at the time of capture and two child sharks with similar external forms were confirmed.


A mysterious creature born at the end of a dreadful experiment to incorporate the gene of a fly into a human ovum. Countless maggots wriggle in its body and its horrifying appearance makes those who see it have psychological hatred and fear. It seems to have been intended to utilize the factor of the fly for effective weapon production and realized a growth rate which raised it to a decent size in a surprisingly short term, but its low intelligence equal to that of an insect is beyond control, and its aggressiveness/control characteristics both fell behind the Hunter for humanoid B.O.W.'s. In addition, its bones transformed and exposed, hanging down as claws with the ability to slice a man's head in an instant.


A humanoid B.O.W. produced as a result of reducing the immune function of the human body, halting rejection and multiplying the genes of creatures of another species by administration of the T-Virus. It is the first used biological weapon that had seemingly succeeded in controlling the erosion to the brain cells due to the virus, and enabled control via simple commands. Its movement performance is very high and its body, wrapped in developed muscles, boasts extraordinary jumping ability and instantaneous force. A subspecies, the insect hybrid model called Tick, lived in the courtyard basement.


The ultimate B.O.W. which was cultured in the depths of the laboratory as the final model of a bio-weapon utilizing the T-Virus. Various gene strengthening/test creations on the base body of an adult male brought about destructive power and durability appropriate for the name of "tyrant." Its respiratory organs enable prolonged limit actions and its left arm which mutated halfway functions as a weapon for slaughter---- It could be said that one of the answers to perfect B.O.W. development is aggregated by this shape. Although uneasiness in regards to control cannot be denied for the trial manufacture type, its nature to forever pursue a target until it its opponent is terminated also gave a big suggestion to the bio-weapon research of the Umbrella Corporation, which continued later.

Monsters of BIOHAZARD 2 (Pg. 148-149)

Unlike the B.O.W.s seen in the "Mansion Incident" which were given virus injection and gene manipulation for the purpose of military use, mysterious creatures appeared in Raccoon City after the local animals and plants (most humans) inhabiting the area, save for a small portion, were infected by the leaked T-Virus and transformed.


Poor victims who were struck with the T-Virus and ceased being human, like the Zombies of the Mansion Incident. Most are Raccoon City citizens and a large quantity of the virus leaked into the sewer in a certain accident and was spread by small animals such as rodents, and it seems the number of infected individuals swelled because it probably got mixed with the water supply. The police force urgently dispatched in the outbreak couldn't deal with the numbers and in the end, were infected with the virus and swallowed up in the swarm.


In comparison with the dogs called "Cerberus" raised as B.O.W.s in the mansion, these creatures are originally the police dogs of the Raccoon Police Department. These dogs were infected by feeding on contaminated food, and soon mutated into monsters. Like the "Cerberus", these zombie dogs are based on the Doberman, so their appearance is very similar. And because they are well trained police dogs, these zombie dogs also possess very high combat ability.


These creatures are giant spiders that live in the sewer. Comparatively speaking, there are generally no differences between these mutated spiders and the B.O.W. called "Web Spinner". This is because when the T-Virus infects the primitive arthropods, it shows great stability and adaptability to the subjects. When appearing in the games, most of them are male.
*In "The 4th Survivor", several baby spiders will spawn from dead spiders.


A gypsy moth bred for experiments in the laboratory which became gigantic under the influence of the T-Virus and chemicals. Its ability to fly decreased due to its remarkably small wing-to-body ratio, but its toxicity scale remarkably strengthened in quality. In addition, although a larva called Baby Moth appears in large numbers, there has only been one confirmed example with a low success rate of emergence as an imago.


An alligator living in the sewers was contaminated by the T-Virus mixed with leaking waste fluids from an early stage and was seen to undergo phenomenal growth in a short period of time. The biggest recorded American alligator (Mississippi alligator) was considered to be 5.5m, but this individual had a physique close to double that and came to possess size and ferociousness favorably comparable with a Cretaceous dinosaur. It was originally a bred-at-home pet that burdened the owner as it grew up, and it's believed that it was thrown away in an irrigation canal.


Infected by the T-Virus, the roaches in the sewer grew to over 30cm. They breed in the sewer, and feed off infected rats and mice. When facing larger prey such as humans, they will attack their arteries to kill them.


As well as the infected Crow subjects in the mansion, a large kind in Raccoon City that devoured remaining corpses was secondarily infected with the T-Virus. The crow is originally a family with the best intelligence among birds, but its judgement was reduced under the virus' influence and promoted only ferocity towards approaching humans even at the risk of death.


Based on the out of control T-002 experiment type, the ultimate B.O.W. was successfully mass-produced with repeated improvements. In addition to improvement in healing capacity, the issue of control, which was the biggest problem, was solved and it can now act for long periods according to given commands. Moreover, because a form resembling a human was realized, if further miniaturization progresses, it will be considered for usage in being deployed as a B.O.W. which completely disguises itself as a human in secrecy.


The Tyrant in a state where it received physical damage to the extent that a malfunction was caused in its life support function and its limiter was removed. It caused a dramatic external form and appearance change, while the characteristics of the experiment type were strongly retained and it is indicated that this combat form has been perfected at a higher level. However, it doesn't seem able to return to a human appearance anymore once this form change is caused.


When infected with the T-Virus, most humans who become Zombies cannot deal with the increase in the amount of ingestion accompanying activated metabolic function, and will deplete energy and approach complete death. However, individuals also exist which succeed in continuing to have the necessary food until the cells of their entire body are newly formed on the inside. Then, as a result of being eroded by the virus, this Licker was born through mutation. A human face is no longer left in this mutant form, the skeleton itself was transformed, it uses four feet for walking, the brain is exposed and besides these distinguishing features, its eyes are completely degenerated. Instead, its hearing ability developed abnormally and it attacks prey using its extended tongue with the help of slight sounds. Because apparent similarities with the test subject T-002 in the Mansion Incident were seen in the reproduced muscles and claws of its forelimbs, it was believed to be a wild Tyrant when it was seen. It will become valuable sample data for Umbrella, indicating the different phases of a biohazard.


Based on the data of the giant Plant 42 extracted in the Mansion Incident, it was developed as a plant-based B.O.W. able to move on its own. Absorptivity from the body surface is raised as a means to supply moisture without using roots and it has a characteristic of being very easily subjected to the influence of atmospheric elements as a result. However, it has the ability to immediately adapt to harsh environments, and it was also confirmed that when placed under the influence of P-Epsilon gas for the purpose of B.O.W. extermination, it produces a mutant which extracts toxins inside its body. It may be said that its human caricature form is a variant, a foreboding of the end of mankind.

"G" (Pg. 150)


A virus the genius and madness-filled William Birkin, the father of the Clay Virus including the T-Virus, created as a tool for B.O.W. development and achieved further rapid progress. The characteristic of promoting cell evolution seen in the T-Virus was increased and it could be said that it can turn infected subjects into a totally different immortal existence in an extremely short time. However, controlling a G-Creature as a weapon is nearly impossible at this stage and it merely desires to act by following an instinctive urge to implant other creatures with an embryo and propagate. A new species of life form which will destroy and exterminate humans - that is what "G" is.