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Source: BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Website
Translated by: Welsh



Translations from the BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Official Website.

Project Umbrella Translation


Jill Valentine

Female protagonist whom the player controls. One of the members of S.T.A.R.S., Special Forces in the Raccoon City police station. She was involved in the virus contamination incident just before heading to Europe and her purpose is to escape from town.

Carlos Oliveria

Born in South America. His exact nationality is unknown, but he seems to have Indian blood. A soldier belonging to the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service D platoon, A squad. He is responsible for rear security and heavy artillery. Also, the service and maintenance of firearms.

Mikhail Victor

Born in St.Peterburg, Russia. Captain of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service D platoon. As leader of a guerrilla organization, he completed many successful acts of terrorism in the past.

Nicholai Zinoviev

Born in Moscow, Russia. The mercenary who leads the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service D platoon, B squad. He also belonged to Spetsnaz before the collapse of the Soviet Union and seems to have done special operations and many secret missions.


With an overwhelming power and speed, this mysterious enemy continues to pursue relentlessly heroine Jill. The attacks of desperate "inescapable fear"...


Model Number MA-121β (Hunter β)

Variation of the Hunter, which once fought against Jill at the mansion.

It has suitable intelligence and powerful fighting skills. Weapons are its sharp claws and agility. They will often attack in groups. During the incident, it was sent to Raccoon City for combat testing. By the way, those who appeared in Biohazard 1 are called Hunter α.

Model Number MA-124γ (Hunter γ)

This type is called "Frogger" by the development team, Hunter γ is a departure from α and β types, and is based on amphibians. It appears to be a gluttonous carnivore and there are times when it uses its big mouth to devour people whole. However, because amphibians die when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, its versatility in that area is limited.

* Irregular Mutant (Grave Digger)

The environmental infection of the T-virus penetrated the soil of Raccoon City and the effects of contamination caused the gigantic and dangerous mutant Grave Digger to be born. It chews through concrete with its powerful mouth and the gigantic body rises nearly 10 meters from the ground to attack prey.

* Irregular Mutant (Sliding Worm)

Grave Diggers lay hundreds of eggs in the sewer and soil, which incubate for 2 hours, and become Sliding Worm. About 1 meter in length. Like a leech, it attaches to the animal, drills a hole in the skin, and sucks blood. It will molt repeatedly for about one week or so, before it becomes the Grave Digger imago.

* Irregular Mutant (Drain Demons)

Base is a tiny parasitic insect that absorbs nutrients from viral infected zombies, which causes rapid growth, mutation, until it finally develops to about the size of human. Found in dark and damp areas, it uses many spidery limbs to attach to walls and ceiling while waiting for prey. When it stands up on two feet it’s dangerous up close.

* Irregular Mutant (Brain Sucker)

Insects feed on the meat of T-virus infected zombies causing transformation into giant insect. It has a body and two heads of green color. It is not very cautious, until it gets excited like crazy on the verge of attack. Like DD, Brain Suckers also like dim locations.

Monologue of Jill

Early autumn.
The arrival of nature, the scent of the forest, a cool breeze.
Many times, it was the beginning of a changing season.
One month and a half has passed since the incident ----
September has arrived in Raccoon City, a small industrial town located in the American Midwest.
Citizens have buried the memories as they return to their day to day lives.
The bizarre incident that occurred in the Arklay Mountains.
The destruction of the special forces unit, S.T.A.R.S.
The contamination of man and animal at the Umbrella Inc. bio-weapon laboratory in the mansion.
The evil power of the "T"-virus, which transforms them into hideous monsters.
It was impossible for citizens to believe the survivors.
After all, it was they who experienced fear and the existence of many bio-weapons such as zombies, it sounded like imagination.
Beyond imagination.
The survivors did not wait for people to believe, instead they traveled to Europe to expose the huge evil.
Now, unusual things are occurring in Raccoon City.
Murder is a frequent abnormality in the town, and a weird disease becomes prevalent.
T-virus infection ------
At first, the evil was hidden until citizens gradually transformed into monsters.
People cursed their foolishness. But it was too late.
They had chosen their destiny.
Raccoon City was headed for disaster.