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Product Details

Softcover: 465 pages
Publisher: Enterbrain, Inc.
Product ID: ISBN978-4-7577-4880-4


BIOHAZARD 5 Kaitai Shinsho


Project Umbrella Translation

Character Descriptions

CHRIS REDFIELD (Page 006-007)

>It is believed that Chris and Jill's private anti-Umbrella military unit became one of the original forms at the time of its foundation.

SHEVA ALOMAR (Page 008-009)


JOSH STONE (Page 011)




A man with a secret career as a chief scientist belonging to Umbrella's virus development department, acting as the Captain of the Raccoon Police Department's special operations unit S.T.A.R.S. He was presumed dead in the "Mansion Incident" but he survived and became superhuman by injecting himself with a prototype virus. After leaving Umbrella he moved to an unknown organization and acted secretly in various places in order to collect biological weapon samples centering on viruses. Several years ago, he happened to meet Chris in Spencer's main hiding place and during the evening battle he fell over a cliff with Jill Valentine, together they should've lost their lives...


A prideful man with immense wealth as an aristocrat and absolute power as the leader of the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Since he never appeared in public after Umbrella developed into a world leading corporate giant, his real face was wrapped in mystery. After Umbrella was annihilated, he escaped from the investigation of his responsibility for ordering many criminal acts, leading a secluded life and growing old in one of his many hideouts prepared all over the world...

DAN DECHANT (Page 016)




Enemy Descriptions


A particular kind of Majini originally with a superior physique and implanted with a Plaga, providing tremendous superhuman strength and endurance. Its entire body is massively fat and wrapped in a layer of muscle strengthened with a chemical substance secreted by the parasite, and it can continue fighting without caring even if it is bathed in bullets. During the process of the parasite escalation in the town of Kijuju, it acted as an executioner with a huge ax-like weapon with a guillotine blade tied to it and mercilessly killed people who refused the Plaga administration or tried to escape.


The "Big Man Majini" isn't the same kind of giant as the "Executioner", but it is stronger and bigger than the normal natives and very tough to kill. However, when the Plaga parasite is injected into this kind of hosts superior in body strength, it shows inadaptability especially on their brain functions. Compared to the normal Majini, it has almost no verbal communication. So the exchange of intentions is impossible for it. Although it has high resilience, its intelligence makes it of only little application value as a Bio Organic Weapon in cases where organizational behavior is necessary.


This is a type of terrible Majini with a large chainsaw as its tool to slaughter victims. It's head is covered with a gunny-bag with only the eyes exposed. The Chainsaw Majini is a highly adapted host to the Plaga parasite, so its body became very resilient and its strength was also greatly enhanced. This infected individual has a strong desire to kill any uninfected humans and will cut them into pieces mercilessly. The scars on its hands are caused by the constantly shaking chainsaw. In some sense, these scars tell a story about the countless number of this grisly freak's unlucky victims.


This giant was originally the Ndipaya, the residents in the wetlands. It was administered the Plaga parasite and mutated into Majini. In the experiment in the Ndipaya's village, villagers were administered the Plaga Type 3 created by implanting a factor from the dominant species Plaga into the subordinate species. This new Plaga species causes dramatic physical enhancement to the host and so some subjects grew to an astonishing giant size. But during the process of the parasite's growth, the female subjects and children were killed, a serious defect of the Plaga Type 3.


Among the elite Majini superior at using guns and explosives deployed in TRICELL's research facility, this large soldier acts as captain. It's based on elite soldiers with great combat skills and because the modified parasite enhanced its strength, it can use Gatling guns originally equipped on vehicles. Its habits still remain after being infected by the parasite, so it always shows itself with cigars.

CEPHALO (Page 252)

When a Majini receives heavy damage or its head is destroyed, the Plaga parasite inside will mutate and emerge from the host's head. Originally, the Plaga parasite is weak to light and a host whose head was destroyed should die. But the Cephalo has a particular resistance to natural light and can replace the host's lost brain to control it. This creature's appearance is quite similar to a kind of native African plant "Cephalo Pentandora", so it was named "Cephalo."

KIPEPEO (Page 253)

A Plaga variation with the ability to fly. If a host receives too much damage, then the parasite will abandon the host. Like its name "Kipepeo", meaning "butterfly" in Swahili, it has slender and light bones with a pair of wings composed of thin involucrum. The Kipepeo flies beautifully in the sky but is very dangerous. It uses its tail to catch victims and strangle them to death. Furthermore, it can also attack helicopters, showing its high mobility in the air.

DUVALIA (Page 254)

Like the Cephalo, when the Plaga parasite detects the vital movement of its host has stopped, it will mutate further for self defense. The parasite itself becomes a mutant with large and thick crust and its rapid growth in size explodes the entire upper part of the Majini's body. This creature is named after a succulent plant called "Duvalia", which means of "Carrion flower."

BUI KICHWA (Page 255)

A Plaga parasite grown in a human's body and able to abandon the Majini host to act independently. A kind of Plaga parasite able to live without a host for a short time was documented in the Southern Europe bioterrorism incident and after some improvement it can now act independently for a quite long time. It always lurks in the wild waiting for prey. In Swahili, "bui" means "big spider" and "kichwa" means "head."

ADJULE (Page 256)

The Adjule was originally a dog fed in Kijuju or the wetlands that was administered the Plaga parasite and transformed into a monster. It has amazing speed and agility able to attack an enemy very fast and effectively. However, compared to the Majini, who are humans infected by the parasite, it has much lower intelligence and is less effective during combat. So it's believed to be an unplanned irregular mutant. This creature is named after a fairy animal called "Adjule", which is believed to live in the deserts and savannahs of North Africa.

LICKER β (Page 258)

The "Licker" was initially discovered during the Raccoon City outbreak in 1998, a creatures resulting after the mutation of a human infected with the t-Virus. The Licker was not a B.O.W. originally, the mutation is just a natural process. In order to create a new B.O.W. with outstanding mobility and aggressiveness, TRICELL's research team made a plan to develop this kind of biological weapon. Based on the original Licker, they enhanced its abilities and named this improvement "Licker β." However, although the Progenitor Virus was injected, the improvement was not as satisfying as anticipated. The only improvements were its sense of smell and ability to reproduce.

REAPER (Page 260)

The Reaper is the final form of a mutation of a kind of small arthropod infected by the Uroboros Virus, its size even became bigger than a human adult. This creature possesses a very hard epidermis which can defend itself from gunfire and it uses its reap-hook like giant forelimbs as weapons to attack enemies. These limbs are very sharp able to penetrate or dismember a heavily-armored soldier's body very easily. It can also secrete a gaseous chemical to affect an animal’s optic nerves and releases this gas to blind its prey’s eyes when close to it.


By allowing a Plaga to parasitize a bat and repeating improvements, a giant B.O.W. combining target destruction capability and high flying ability was realized. The symbiosis with the parasite enabled complex gene modeling and its wings serve as legs when walking, increasing them to four. Although the Plaga was a weak point exposed on the tail, the front part turned into a hard armor that repels bullets, like that seen on the Duvalia of the Majini parasite variant species, and it secretes a substance of spider-like thread from a membrane on the back side which stops the movement of prey.

NDESU (Page 268)

Based on the El Gigante created in a parasite application experiment, several of which were documented in the Southern Europe incident, degree of perfection as a B.O.W. was raised. By making five Plagas parasitize a fully enlarged host, it successfully granted unmeasurable durability. Since the improved Plaga species able to faithfully carry out orders was utilized, the aspect of the difficulty of control problem achieved exceptional progress. The name Ndesu is from an ogre in Central African folklore boasting a huge body.

IRVING (Page 272)

Irving injected a dominant species Plaga embryo into his own body and mutated into a gigantic aquatic creature able to survive in water. Mutating into something quite different from the creature that emerged from the Plaga used by the ringleaders of the Southern Europe Incident, we're guessing that this was an improved Plaga species similar to that of the subordinate Plaga species. The unique characteristic of the dominant species Plaga is that humans who become hosts to these parasites do not lose consciousness and are able to remain in control with their present state of mind. However, since the new Plaga species is already controlled by a separate means of command, the purpose of injecting this is limited to increasing the host's combat abilities.

U-8 (Page 275)

A B.O.W. created by combining the genes of different creatures and administering the Plaga parasite to remove the segregation between the different cells. It possesses a very hard carapace which can even be matched to the armor of tanks; even heavy fire like rockets cannot directly damage it. Its abdomen can accommodate a lot of flying B.O.W.s, patrol aircrafts used as guardians of the U-8 that will kill any enemies who dare to approach it.


An out of control organism equipped with elastic arms webbed together with the virus' mass, the name Mkono is the expression for "arm" in Swahili. After being administered the Uroboros Virus, the male subject showed signs of facing stabilization after the gene selection process, but seemingly slightly lacked aptitude and became a monster in the final stage. It could be said that it was an example of actual evidence that his degree of adaptation to the forced evolution due to the virus was high to mutate into a stronger individual, and it was a failure omitted in the selection.

JILL (Page 284)

After Jill was confined she was administered an ancillary chemical discovered during Progenitor Virus research. This chemical is called P30, and thus Jill was in an enslaved state. P30 can enhance the subject's strengh and speed of neural reflexes. Furthermore, the subject won't lose conciousness but free will would be removed and they behave as directed by commands. Jill is a female soldier with excellent combat ability and after being administered this chemical, her strength is close to superhuman. She can even run freely on walls and easily neutralizes Chris, who should be much stronger than her.

WESKER 1-2 BATTLE (Page 288)

A very rare existence who adapted to the experimental stage virus based on the Progenitor Virus and obtained physical strength exceeding a completed B.O.W. without losing his human appearance or sense of self. His body was rearranged from his original cellular tissue and is equipped with indomitable strength and power ordinary humans can't compete with, and he can even pierce through a human body empty handed to kill them. His reflexes should be specifically mentioned, if he becomes aware of an enemy he displays unmatched reaction and can easily evade bullets fired at point blank range one after another.

WESKER 3 BATTLE (Page 293)

As an Uroboros Virus adapter, Wesker absorbed a large amount of the virus from the missiles. This made Wesker more powerful and overcame his limit but brought him to an insane condition. Since Wesker can totally control the Uroboros pustule collective, he won't be consumed by the virus. His arm became quite similar to the Uroboros Mkono and grabbed a metal fragment as his weapon.



19th Century
• Henry Travis, one of the owners of the seaborne trading company "Travis Trading Enterprises", begins to explore Africa and publishes the "Natural History Conspectus." Based on this, the Travis company begins exploitating African mineral resources. (The foundation of the TRICELL Resources Development Division is completed)

20th Century
• Travis Trading Enterprises begins to collect and study animal and plant specimens in Africa based on the "Natural History Conspectus." (The foundation of the Tricell Pharmaceuticals Division is completed)

• Travis Trading Enterprises is renamed "TRICELL" indicating it is a conglomerate of three branches comprised of "Shipping", "Resource Development", and "Pharmaceuticals."

December 4
• Oswell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, James Marcus and others investigate the Ndipaya tribe's land in Africa based on the "Natural History Conspectus." They discover the Progenitor Virus within the Progenitor flower.

• The mansion (Umbrella Arklay Laboratory) commissioned by Spencer in the Raccoon City outskirts of the Arklay Mountains is completed.

• The wife and child of George Trevor who built the mansion are used as test subjects for the Progenitor Virus. George and his wife Jessica are subjected to disposal and their daughter Lisa successfully adapts to the virus and is imprisoned as a subject for observation.

• Spencer, Edward, Marcus and others establish the pharmaceutical company Umbrella.

• Edward is infected with the Progenitor Virus and dies (assassinated by Spencer). His son Alexander becomes the sixth generation head of the Ashford family.

• Umbrella succeeds in wresting the "Sun Garden" habitat of the Progenitor flower from the Ndipaya tribe.
• Umbrella establishes an executive officer training center in the Arklay Mountains. Marcus is inaugurated as director and conducts and advances virus research in parallel with the training center's management.

• Alexander advances the top-secret "CODE:Veronica" project to restore the Ashford family's glory.

June 15
• The Umbrella Africa Laboratory is completed. Marcus' student Brandon Bailey is inaugurated as chief researcher.

• "CODE:Veronica" is successful and the twins Alfred and Alexia are born into the Ashford family.

• Albert Wesker, one of the people sent out by Spencer as part of the top-secret "Wesker Project", and a genius researcher named William Birkin are assigned to the Umbrella Executive Training Center.

January 13
• Marcus successfully develops the "t-Virus" based on the Progenitor Virus.

• Umbrella closes the executive training center. Wesker and Birkin are transferred to the Arklay Laboratory and Marcus advances research independantly in the training center.

• At 10 years old Alexia graduates from a prestigious university at the top of her class. She becomes chief researcher of the Umbrella Antarctic Laboratory.

• Alexia injects her father Alexander with the "t-Veronica" virus she developed as an experiment, which fails. It is officially announced that Alexander mysteriously disappeared.

• Alexia injects herself with t-Veronica. She goes into a cryogenic sleep for 15 years and it is officially announced that she died due to accidental infection.

• Wesker and Birkin assassinate Marcus under Spencer's order. Marcus' memory and thought patterns remain in the body of an experimental leech.
• As part of the "t-Virus Project", development of the B.O.W. "Tyrant" advances under Birkin's leadership.

• Umbrella begins construction of a large-scale laboratory beneath Raccoon City.
• After Spencer's approval, the "G-Virus Project" begins under Birkin's leadership.
• Wesker transfers to the Umbrella Intelligence Division.

• Raccoon Police Chief Brian Irons begins colluding with Umbrella.

• The Raccoon City special operations unit "S.T.A.R.S." is formed. Wesker is appointed as Captain.

May 11
May 20

July 9
• The intervention of S.T.A.R.S. is decided to solve the frequent strange occurences.

July 23
• The S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team helicopter crashes in the Arklay Mountains. The team begins investigating the Ecliptic Express and executive training center.
• Marcus' leeches attack the Ecliptic Express carrying Umbrella's second investigation unit.
• Rebecca Chambers of Bravo Team discovers the condemned criminal and former Marine, Billy Coen. They cooperate and plan to escape from the predicament.
• Wesker gives up on Umbrella and takes action in order to secede with B.O.W. data in his hands.

July 24
• The executive training center is blown up and Rebecca who escaped parts ways with Billy and goes to the mansion.
• S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team is dispatched to search for Bravo Team. They go to the mansion.

July 25
• Umbrella executive Sergei Vladimir notices Wesker's betrayal and evacuates all data from the mansion.
• Five people in total come back alive, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Brad Vickers of the Alpha Team and Rebecca Chambers of the Bravo Team.
• Wesker is fatally injured at the hands of the Tyrant and is reborn as a superhuman with the power of the virus he injected beforehand and he escapes from the mansion. The mansion explodes immediately after.

• Chris obtains information on the G-Virus and leaves for Europe to conduct anti-Umbrella activities.

September 20~23
• In order to steal the G-Virus completed by Birkin, the Umbrella Security Service attacks the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory and the t-Virus leaks. It permeates thoughout Raccoon City via rats and a "cannibal disease" spreads.

September 28
• Jill remains in Raccoon City to investigate the underground laboratory and takes action.
• The Raccoon Police Department is destroyed by a Zombie group. The mayor Michael Warren escapes leaving behind his daughter.
• The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service "U.B.C.S." military unit that Carlos Oliveira belongs to begins a rescue operation of Raccoon City civilians.

September 29
• Rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy and Chris' younger sister Claire Redfield arrive in Raccoon City and are embroiled in the biohazard.
• The Umbrella B.O.W. "Nemesis-T Type" begins pursuing S.T.A.R.S. survivors Jill and Brad. It kills Brad.
• Ada Wong calls herself the lover of an Umbrella researcher named John and saves Leon, whom she met while travelling from a crisis, and disappears in front of him.

September 30
• Jill is infected with the t-Virus due to an attack from the Nemesis and is saved with the vaccine prepared by Carlos.
• Leon and Claire escape from Raccoon City with Birkin's daughter Sherry.
• The female spy Ada of Wesker's group and HUNK, a member of the Umbrella Security Service each manage to seize G-Virus samples. They escape from Raccoon City.

October 1
• Jill and Carlos escape Raccoon City with Barry's help.
• Raccoon City is wiped out by the U.S. military's Sterilization Operation.

• The Umbrella Africa Laboratory is closed down.


December 17
• Claire sneaks into the Umbrella Paris Laboratory but is captured.

December 27
• Chris arrives on Rockfort Island and meets Wesker once again. Afterwards, he goes to the Antarctic Base in pursuit of Claire.
• Alfred dies in the Antarctic Base. Alexia awakens from a cold sleep and administers t-Veronica to Steve as an experiment.
• Chris joins Claire in the Antarctic Base. He defeats Alexia mutated with the power of t-Veronica and they escape from the Antarctic Base.
• Wesker recovers t-Veronica from the mutated Steve's body and escapes from the Antarctic Base. The Antarctic Base explodes.

• Leon's sworn comrade Jack Krauser fakes his death and leaves the organization he belongs to to join Wesker's organization.

February 18
• As agents of a private anti-bioterrorism force (BSAA precursor organization), Chris and Jill take part in the mission to destroy the Umbrella Caucasus Laboratory in Russia. They successfully destroy the new B.O.W. "T-A.L.O.S."
• At the same time, Albert Wesker also sneaks into the Caucasus facility and causes a biohazard. Finally, Wesker defeats Sergei who injected the t-Virus into his body and acquires data related to Umbrella from the U.M.F.-013 super computer.

• After the Caucasus Laboratory incident, Umbrella loses the protracted trial. The company bankrupts soon after. Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer then goes missing.
• The pharmaceutical company TRICELL makes rapid progress in the B.O.W. field based on information obtained from Wesker.
• Funded by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) is established to fight B.O.W. threats.

• Krauser infiltrates the Los Illuminados cult to obtain a dominant species "Plaga" parasite sample, and in order to gain the cult's trust he kidnaps the President's daughter Ashley Graham at the order of the founder, Osmund Saddler.
• Leon, an active agent of the United States is sent to rescue Ashley and goes to a village governed by the Los Illuminados cult. He learns the threat of the Plaga.
• Leon reunites with Ada who aims to seize Plaga samples at Wesker's orders.
• Leon and Ashley successfully remove the Plagas planted inside their bodies.
• Ada obtains the dominant species Plaga sample and returns to the organization.
• Leon annihilates the Los Illuminados cult and returns with the rescued Ashley. He submits a report about the Plaga known as the "Leon Report."

• As BSAA agents, Chris and Jill go to the mansion where Spencer lives in seclusion but find him killed by Albert Wesker. In the battle with Wesker, Jill throws both herself and Wesker out of the mansion's window and over the side of a cliff.

November 23
• The BSAA stops the search for Jill Valentine and she is officially declared dead. A grave without her remains is then built.

• The BSAA West Africa Branch begins its operation to capture B.O.W. dealer Ricardo Irving.
• After noticing the BSAA's actions, Irving releases the "Plaga Type 2" and turns the civilians into "Majini." At the same time, a man injected with the Uroboros Virus attacks the BSAA Alpha Team led by Dan DeChant.
• Chris Redfield arrives in Africa and begins the operation after he meets his partner, BSAA agent Sheva Alomar.




Chris is thinking about Sheva Alomar, someone whom he met just a while ago, and is now assisting him in his job.

Honestly, he had never expected Sheva to be involved so deeply. Before he had a knowledge of the situation, Chris was even thinking to himself that it might be better off doing it without a partner. It is better not to have more people going down in this mission. After all, Chris had enough of these "I am alive but my partner died" kind of things. He doesn't want to be the survivor anymore because of this.

Truth is, for the past few years, Chris has never found any new partner to form a proper team within the BSAA. It is only in a few exceptional cases where he will get someone to tag along. Most of the time, he prefers to act alone.

Of course, fighting the battle alone isn't his personal preference. Partner are often needed just so you have someone to take care of you, and it definitely helps to have a person to provide cover for each other to take down the opposition. Chris is simply using his experience and his endurance to complete his missions all the while. In short, he's using his impressive abilities to cover up the fact that he has no backup.

Working with anyone will certainly help, but that also means that person is living in danger too. If we're simply talking about the risk of the mission, its logical that going in a large group is better than doing it solo. However, even if it means that the chances of losing a teammate are smaller, as long as there exists a slim possibility that someone's going to get hurt, Chris will rather fight it alone. He hopes that no matter how bad the situation is, he will be the only person who sacrifices.

In this mission, it is inevitable that someone who's familiar with the area is required as a partner. Kijuju hasn't been stable for quite a while, and with the recent changes in the political side of the country, the situation is actually getting worse. Communication has been broken down indefinitely, and the civilians are feeling pretty low. Foreigners, especially those who're acting under the guise of the world police, are what's needed to break the mental limit of those people. As such, someone who understands the local languages is needed.

The chosen partner is Sheva Alomar from the BSAA West African branch.

Chris has nothing against having a female partner. In fact, the partner who he regarded as irreplaceable was a female too. She is the perfect person whom Chris can totally trust and rely on, and someone whom he believes is what he needed to complete any mission. Chris felt that their teamwork was like an eagle who was able to escape from biohazardous danger.

However, one of the eagle's wings was broken. What remains is a grave without any corpse. The name on the tombstone is Jill Valentine.

Chris doesn't want to experience that anymore, hence the reason he started to go into missions alone from then on.

According to intel, the risk of this mission isn't very big at all. Chris has the identity information of the weapons smuggler whom he has been tracking down. He is just going in as an observer. The job of Chris and Sheva is to go in after the main forces have taken over the area, and then escort the weapons smuggler (who will already have been arrested by then), back.

Unfortunately, the situation had a bad turn. When Chris and Sheva go to meet up with the Alpha team, the people who are tasked for the break in, he discovered that the people of Kijuju are revealing some sort of murderous intention which doesn't belong to any human.

This situation is similar to a biohazard outbreak 5 years ago in a quiet village. That case was when the U.S. president's daughter got kidnapped and Leon S Kennedy, a U.S. agent, was sent in for the rescue. According to his report, the villagers mutated into what's called the "Ganado" due to a parasite known as the Plaga. The parasite is something able to take over the nervous system of the human body and use the brain to engage in battle, effectively turning the person into a biological weapon. After a major upgrade, the new version of the parasite is able to work its magic within 10 seconds and this new version of the Plaga has been spread across the Kijuju area.

Monsters in human bodies have started to attack Chris and Sheva. They are able to use human language to communicate and tell each other the location of their victims. Furthermore, they are also capable to getting over barriers and breaking down doors to get to them. Savages may not be the correct term to describe them anymore. They are practically a monster army from hell. They are demons with several simple thoughts: catch, bite and tear.

Despite that, Sheva wasn't intimidated at all. She calmly lifted up her gun and took aim, and she pressed the trigger. The bullets accurately pierced through the bodies of the creatures. While the remaining creatures were getting stunned from that, she made use of the opportunities to rain down punches and kicks at them. This warrior is assuming full responsibility to cover the back of Chris, just like she believes that Chris is guarding her back too.

Its hard for Chris not to feel impressed by her. Even Jill at the age of 23 almost couldn't react like this when she first faced those creatures. That was more than a decade ago though.

"I'll just trust her then, and let her handle the back."

Sheva is still young, and has a very good potential to be a BSAA leader in the future, and Chris decides that maybe he shouldn't die yet too. To find the missing wing, Chris has headed into the land of Africa.

Letting Sheva to do the job of providing cover, Chris planted 3 bullets into the heads of the Plaga monsters, effectively killing them.

Sheva blows a whistle as a congratulation sign. The eagle who has been missing a wing since the loss of Jill is up and flying again thanks to the new partner. The face figure of anti-bioterrorism is able to let loose his full potential once again.

The shield protecting them from death however, is crumbling down...


Chris is staring hard at a statue of a sleeping beauty. He's like a person looking at his lover through a mirror, where the other side of the mirror is a different dimension.

The image displayed on the PDA screen issued by the BSAA isn't of very good quality. The faint face is illuminated by a weak light, and the blurry rim of the face is full of fantasy colors. It is unknown whether this is what gives the person in the image a sense of living. This also gives what is on the other side of this still image, Chris, to believe that the person in the screen is still alive.

Perhaps this is his hope in his heart, or maybe this is an innocent and dumb wish. The lady in the image is like a white dead body with pure skin. The hair color seems to be slightly lighter than what Chris had in mind, and due to the closed eyelids, it is kind of hard to tell. There are many unknown answers surrounding this picture, and it is not far fetched to say that this lady is related to her.

Despite that, Chris is able to recognise the person. He has been chasing this lead all the while, just so he can repair the missing piece of his heart. This can't be a mistake, nor an illusion. This is a fact.

Among all the information from the evidence they have confiscated at the dealing place for the biological weapon, this image is the only item with her shadow. This photo has a background of a laboratory, which means this is a photograph of a specimen.

Its Jill, the old partner who sacrificed herself and jumped off a cliff to save Chris. Due to the absence of Jill ever since, the BSAA have removed her from duty. But 2 years later, there is finally a sign which shows that she may be alive after all, and this sign is appearing right in front of her partner who refuses to believe that she is dead.

The reason why Chris, who was from BSAA North American branch, was hoping to join this operation within Kijuju, was because he had obtained some sort of lead leaked by Irving on the black market when he was looking for Jill. This 'lead' is not even hearsay. It is just an unreliable rumor. However, Chris found it hard to ignore that rumor as it actually popped up in the black market for no reason. In theory, "Jill Valentine" shouldn't have any reason to even exist in this place at all, but he somehow made his way into the team for this mission, and positioned himself to deal with this guy who's supposed to be handled by the Alpha team.

Chris finally discovered something related. As if he's scared that this will fly away like a balloon, he's grabbing tight at this clue which if he released, will never find it again.

However... the situation in front of them has gotten out of hand. There is no humanity left in Kijuju. They appear to be possessed, and the locals called them "Majini". They are poor puppets who got sacrificed to the newly improved parasites. The scene in front of Chris is similar to Raccoon City when it got consumed by the giant fire. Is this place going to end up getting destroyed completely as well? In order to hide this incident, does that mean Kijuju is fated to get destroyed as well?

This is not the only threat from the biological weapons. Irving, who has already discovered the movement of BSAA special troops, has released a dangerous B.O.W which is capable of spreading the infection everywhere, in the building of the dealing place. The reason for this is to lay a trap for the incoming force.

The creepy and weird organism secretes a slimy liquid which doesn't look very different from black oil. Perhaps it is wrong to call it a creature. The remains where the heart is supposed to be, is just a lump of meat, or rather a human remain which doesn't look like human. The numerous gigantic, black-snake like monsters gathered together and formed a humanoid as if it was a magic show.

The body bundled by the black tentacles is crawling on the ground at a high speed which shouldn't be possible for something that big. This unknown monster has just wiped out the entire well-equipped Alpha team in an instant.

When Chris and his partner arrived at the place, Captain DeChant was the only one still breathing. The rest of the teammates were stabbed, despite wearing battle suits which include the bullet & knife proof vest. Their bodies have turned into some rotting, pathetic black corpses. DeChant used his last remaining energy and passed the data to Chris before he died.

The two soldiers were able to defeat this mystery B.O.W. because they were lucky enough to encounter it at the underground furnace. Even if you fire at this B.O.W. at point blank, this monster will sustain little to no damage at all due to the body being made up of those thick black ropes, which allows it to separate and regroup at will, pretty useful for dodging. The partners will end up flaming this monster which looks to be invincible. The Uroboros cells able to regenerate infinitely just got toasted to hell by this giant burning ground which is strong enough to burn any human to ashes instantly. What's left are the useless remains on the ground.

When Chris imagined how things might turn out if they were fighting it outdoors instead, he shivered as if he got licked by a carnivore. If there aren't any anti-tank rocket launchers available, its safe to assume that they will not be able to take it down even if they have depleted their ammunition on it. If biological experiments are already being conducted on it, and with the possibility of Irving spreading it out, then that means they have to arrest him no matter what. This dangerous mission naturally falls onto Chris and Sheva' shoulders due to the end of the Alpha team.

At this moment, the possibility of Jill's survival has awakened Chris' battle sense. He's going to find Irving no matter what, and force him to spill out where to find this B.O.W. which he released in Kijuju, the location where the photo was taken... and the location of Jill.

Although they had broke through the countless waves of Majini and caught up with the target in the end, they still found themselves slower by a step. As the confrontation with Irving takes place in the building by the hillside, a mysterious figure in a cloak disguise and a bird mask appeared at the scene suddenly, and disappeared along with Irving in a split second. Facing this unknown character behind the smoke screen, Chris has a mysterious feeling. For some reason he's starting to feel anxious.

The sunset is approaching, and darkness is beginning to take over the marshland. The clock is still ticking, and the mission continues...


Sheva's taking a look into herself.

Analyzing Sheva's personality, its obvious that for someone who's an optimistic, strong mental minded girl like her, she belongs to the group full of 'light'. Sheva can head towards the direction of the light, and no matter what circumstances she is in, her heart will never get polluted or fall into the dark side. Sheva Alomar has the spirit of a natural-born warrior.

But there's a shadow in Sheva's heart. This dark shadow in her heart is something that's hidden in herself which she can't comprehend.

"Is this anger?"

On one day in her youth - something happened when she was still a 8 year old girl, and her world changed. Her parents who had been taking good care of her, passed away. The medical factory where her parents worked at, or rather an Umbrella weapons laboratory disguised as a medical factory, was the cause for her parents' death due to a biohazard experiment incident. The government who had close ties with the giant corporation, covered up the truth, and Sheva couldn't bid farewell to her beloved parents' dead bodies.

Since then, she was controlled by her world. Her relatives thought they were going to get some compensation so they took her in as if they were kidnapping her. When they realised they were not getting a single cent, they starved her. She escaped from her uncle's place and when she was struggling for her life, an anti-government team that was frustrated at the government being a puppet to Umbrella Corp., took her in. Hence, she spent her youth in military clothes.

There are many terms for these people, but no matter what the terms are, it doesn't change the fact that they are acting like terrorists. Its simply their aim of 'take down the corrupted government and replace it with a new one who won't get bullied by stronger countries' which separates them from the terrorists. They treated her like a comrade, and they raised her in a manner where she turned into an ordinary girl unlike them.

This time doesn't last long, as the organization crossed the line when Sheva was 15. Maybe they are tired of fighting, but they are teaming up with Umbrella to take down the government. They planned a large scale biohazard attack, and of course it wouldn't sit well with Sheva.

She left the group, and made a deal with a U.S. Government agent. She supplied the man with information, and they upset the plan. The group took a major hit.

Sheva heads off to America, and received education under the U.S. Government. This is to prepare her to become a fighter against biohazardous outbreaks and Umbrella.

Her dream didn't change after becoming a part of the BSAA. Although Umbrella is dead, their legacy remains. A simple terrorist can still get their hands on a dangerous B.O.W. easily. "Can't let it get into the market', this aim is the source of power which makes her fight against the biohazardous activity. Even for someone who belongs to the 'light', after the burn from the death of her parents, she's ready to burst.

"But is this really anger?" She asked herself.

This is beyond the BSAA's control. The chopper got destroyed, and Delta team was wiped out except for Josh Stone. When the HQ issues the order of retreat, it means the situation is so bad that they are to consider if carpet bombing the area is a solution.

But Sheva refused to return. Even though this seems like a blind judgement, she chose to go ahead and arrest Irving alongside Chris. She stubbornly rejected the warning of Chris, and stayed at the scene with her willpower.

The underground dealer had a change in front of them.

On the ship which is travelling on the seabed, something's moving on the back behind the jacket. Ricardo Irving is screaming, and the face has a mixed expression of regret, happiness, surprise and pain. Several snake-like tentacles as big as Chris' arm spawned from the back of Irving, flapping around while fresh blood burst out from the wounds. Irving started to laugh crazily, and his body was shivering as if he's without bones.

Despite the crazy and horrific sight, Chris is not afraid at all. He's not backing down against the guy who has thrown away his humanity.

"That's what I think at least."

The battle spirit surged out from the inner portion of their heart. This is what burns within them when they are in a desperate situation.

"I want his recognition. I want him, who's chasing after Jill, to take me as a partner."

Sheva knew both Jill and Chris are the heroes who took down Umbrella. Her aim is far. In this case, she has to chase after the shadow of Jill and surpass her. She has to remain brave no matter what.

The sound of the bullets from Chris' gun, and the splashes of the water caused by Irving in the water, are the battle signals for the lady warrior who sees her future.


"What a magnificent view!"

A beautiful concrete street is in front of the two people. The stones of the structure have been made with care, which illustrates the advanced architectural techniques of the creators. The natural light which shines in somewhere, is lighting up this underground city.

A giant hole beyond anyone's imagination is hidden deep within the shore, as well as the numerous mysterious structures which seem to be capable of filling up the hole itself. They have been there since a long time ago.... or maybe even during the prehistoric period. This is a city ruin - or a better term might be a holy ground. A secret holy ground protected for generations by a king.

But the guards of the holy ground exist no more. Hidden in a dark corner of the street is a bunch of puppets manipulated by a weird worm - a parasite known as the Plaga. The term given to these possessed, crazy people is "Majini".

They are known as the "Ndipaya Tribe". They are the natives that live in the wetland outside the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. These tribe people have built various unique wooden structures, and have been living an isolated life free from the city and politics. Their ancestors had built a secret kingdom in the land of Africa, which is so advance that it is enough to rewrite the history. However, they were destroyed, as they were used as test subject by the people who have taken a large sum of money.

The mastermind of the mining for the oil evacuation is Ricardo Irving. This heartless death trader uses the excuse of preventing some diseases, and injected the 'vaccine' into the entire population of the Ndipaya tribe. All of the female, the kids who have yet to reach a certain age, and the unborn babies died during the process.

The male adults have their mind taken away by the parasite, and their agility has been enhanced. They are thirsty for blood, and have turned into grim reapers. Their hearts burn with uncontrollable killing instincts, and they have put up their tribe's traditional war paints on their bodies. The dignity of these proud tribe has been uprooted, turning them into monsters.

This cruel act is something only a devil will do. For his own selfish intention, the tribes born from the ancient civilization has been wiped out in an instance. This cruel action can only be taken by the heartless, crazy people who only believes in 'right and power'.

The mind behind this activity, Irving, is dying and on his way to hell. According to Kennedy's report, the Plaga-infected people will gain enormous power while still retaining his consciousness. However, the appearance may turn into some weird, gigantic monster. These are the seeds of demons. Irving who had taken the path of injecting this B.O.W. into his body with no return to humanity, has died after a death battle with Chris and co. He turned into an ugly lump of meat, and dissolved while he screamed in pain. Heaven has just brought down the judgement on his doings.

This money-controlled, pathetic slave was just a dancing puppet behind the authentic evil.

Irving belongs to the gigantic enterprise "TRICELL", which holds 3 major sections: shipping, natural resources development, and pharmaceuticals divisions. He's in charge of the natural resources department, and his excavation facility belongs to the TRICELL Africa company. But the BSAA missed the key link between the two.

Irving's black market trading is just his personal crimes, but the main reason why there are so many sacrifices for this battle mission, is because their battle information had been leaked out. Excella Gionne is the female boss who controls all the departments. She is also the same person who's in charge of the TRICELL Africa company as well as the one responsible for allowing Irving to sell the secretly developed B.O.W.s on the black market. The series of biohazardous activities is the work of the world's leading conglomerate, also the biggest sponsor and the biggest influence of the BSAA, TRICELL.

The only clues given to Chris and co is the name "Excella" uttered by Irving before he died, and the deep passage which had been used for escape by the hooded lady in the bird mask.

As Chris and co navigate into this secret passage, he feels that someone is pulling the strings behind all this.

The city roamed only by the semi-dead people, has turned into a holy ground for worship. This sacred place can only be crossed by the selected few who possesses unmatched intelligence and strength. This underground structure had numerous traps which are difficult to duplicate even with modern science technology, and operated by natural sunlight. The complicated stairs used to fend off intruders have formed a maze. There are also passages constantly swept by the rays of frying sunlight from gigantic magnifying glasses, strong enough to burn a human to death in an instance. These light traps will trap any people stupid enough to intrude the place forever.

These were built by the ancient king used to select the successor. Without a strong body and brain to see through the secrets hidden deep beneath this holy ground, this place is basically a dangerous testing ground.

Chris and Sheva passed the test, and headed into the deepest area to the underground garden. The Ndipaya called it the "Sun Garden", a holy ground where people can receive extraordinary intelligence.

They see the interesting flowers around. They looks like chrysanthemum, but they also look like something red and poisonous. Both of them have no idea that these flowers are responsible for the start of everything, in other words the progenitor. But their eyesights soon leave these flowers.

The reason for that is because...

What appeared in front of them was the symbol which should have been destroyed, and which symbolizes disaster, the print of the Umbrella.

Umbrella's legacy has been taken by the next generation of crazy successors. TRICELL has become the successor in charge of the Progenitor Virus. The soul of evil carries on here.

What Chris hadn't noticed, is that if this path had a clue of Jill, then all the dots will be connected. The rival who disappeared with her is appearing soon...


After she wakes up, everything burns into her mind.

The extraction of the numerous blood and cell samples, as well as the various electronic devices connected to her body which took away her freedom, are recording all the details related to her body. Her body information is totally exposed due to the inspection from the various devices.

Unknown chemicals are injected into her body continuously, some makes her heart pump excitedly, others made her feel as if she's at the calm before death... some make her feel confused. These medicines will not only cause people to have illusions, enhanced nerve sensory, but also false feelings where they will treat a second as a few minutes. Her spirit is being played with, her body continuously being tortured. For the TRICELL scientists who have long abandoned human sense, she's not a human, but a toy identified as Test Subject 0084-6237.

But someone is hating the fact that her personality is getting wiped away. This man is the mastermind behind this human experiment, and he's not simply just viewing her as an experimental subject. Besides a target for studying, he also used a special kind of drug to control her, and treated her as his loyal right hand man. For this to happen to her who have felt tired fighting against the evil plan, this is an insult to the justice in her.

After being released from the laboratory facility, she was given a suit which allows her to execute missions in secret. A mask which makes people think of a night hunting animal, as well as a dark cloak which covers the body that didn't get degenerated, but further enhanced during to the long term training in the prison - assuming an underground mystery identity, she is now a subordinate of a terrorist. She appears actively in the dark corners of the streets, striking fear and leaving a trail of disaster wherever she goes.

The chemical injected into her body holds the power to control anyone, no matter how strong the spirit of the person is. This is a very threatening and dangerous drug. What's scary is not this. The most fearful part of the chemical is that it retains the consciousness of the person. This is to say that the drug will not take away the thinking of the person, but also retain the memory while being forced to execute the mission.

Hence she remembers everything. She had become the bodyguard of Ricardo Irving, and they travelled to Kijuju together. They also infected a guy in town with the Uroboros Virus, and set him as a trap to deal with the BSAA Alpha team. Her body totally ignored the willpower of going against the orders, and she has to watch her body executing these cruel missions uncontrollably. But she remembers clearly who she is.

She remembers her name is Jill Valentine -

Jill is still alive.

That day, when she stepped into the mansion where the founder of Umbrella, Oswell E. Spencer, resided, she chose the route of death together with her rival. To save Chris, she leaped without hesitation, and fell down the cliff with her enemy. That was from a height where if you fall, there's no way you will survive.

The man who should have died with Jill, had gotten used to the virus that had changed his DNA, turning into a super human surpassing anyone's imagination. This man was Jill's superior during her S.T.A.R.S. period, as well as an Umbrella spy - Albert Wesker. With his superb reflexes and strength, he used the cliff to decrease the falling speed and survived, not forgetting to save Jill too. He carried her to his personal laboratory, stepping into the holy ground stained by darkness. Wesker's actions had one reason - He wished to give this lady, who resented him as much as Chris did, a taste of a suffering worse than death, by injecting the Uroboros Virus, which hadn't been completed yet, into her body.

Jill was placed in a long cyrogenic sleep in a low temperature chamber for the virus to take effect. This greatly changed her fate of heading into the direction of destruction though. The t-Virus which went dormant during the treatment she received in the "Raccoon City Destruction" incident, had been awakened due to her extended cyrogenic sleep.

Wesker discovered it, and he extracted the antibodies. He used it to control the poison in the Uroboros Virus, which uses the Progenitor Virus as its basis. Ironically, the antibodies from Jill's body have accelerated the completion of the Uroboros Virus.

Jill, with her antibodies, has been administered P30 - Gifted with superhuman abilities, she has been given a strong drug which controls her mind too. This evil drug has been continuously injected into her body, and torturing her to no end. Just like Wesker's intention, Jill is getting a hell-like suffering.

"I am begging you, kill me!"

The silent scream is playing in Jill's mind. She has turned into a super weapon, and her body has a murderous intention which she can't control. The man's instruction is playing in her mind in the midst of her pointing and squeezing the trigger of the machine gun at the targets.

"Kill him. Turn Chris and his partner, Sheva, into 2 dead bodies."

Wesker's instruction to Jill before he leaves, which is to kill Chris who has finally come for her, is playing mercilessly in her mind like an echo. The painful, unbearable order is destroying Jill mentally, and she is begging with her mind for her old partner, Chris, to end her suffering.

"Don't care about me! If this goes on I will only end up killing both of you! Please shoot me!"

Despite that, Chris refuses to give up. Chris is screaming like a beast at the brainwashed Jill. He promises that even if it means giving up his life, he's going to free his partner whom he has finally reunited, from the curse.

Sheva shares his sentiment. She switched from her gun to close body combat to subdue Jill. This is to extract and destroy the device from her chest - the device that has been injecting the P30 into Jill.

This is to awaken Jill - the determination from these 2 people gives her strength, a strength powerful enough for her to override the order briefly in her brain.

"Chris, you have found a great partner. I won't give up too, and I will work hard to get back to your side!"

There's a little sadness there... because Chris has found a new wing.


A black nightmare emerged from the body of Excella Gionne.

This is a living nightmare that is capable the blanketing the entire Earth and sending every living thing on Earth into despair. When all the colors merged into one, it became the stained dark color. This is the solidification of the forbidden, evil intention by the wishful dream of people who wished to become god. This destructive shadow has tipped the balance of the world, and is going to send the planet into a direction of no return.

Excella's arrogant expression on her beautiful face, started to change and twist. Her face deformed like an abstract art piece, as ink-like liquid starts to pour out. A group of large snakes rushed out from her mouth. These snake-like creatures are formed when people can't adapt to the Uroboros Virus. These creatures are rapidly multiplying in front of Chris and co, and swallowed its host, the female boss of the TRICELL Africa Branch.

This is just like the snake that swallows its own tail which is also the symbol of eternal return - Uroboros. Excella's model-like body, decorated with various accessories, is fitting enough to brace the cover of fashion magazines. At this moment however, this body is now giving birth to this black virus, which soon consumes her body mercilessly in no time, both internally and externally. This Uroboros Virus has just extracted the necessary minerals it needed from Excella's body, and this causes the organism to become bigger in no time.

This is the saddest death for the witch who has been using countless victims as laboratory experiment specimens. You can also say this is her retribution if you want. Unfortunately, these tentacles wasn't satisfied with just destroying the victim's body. Almost as if driven by greed and hunger, the Uroboros stretches out its tentacles.

It was clear what it is trying to do. Just somewhere nearby wa a small pile of corpses. These were nutrients provided for the Uroboros to consume in order to grow stronger.

Chris and Sheva watched in horror, as the Uroboros reached for the corpse mountain, using its tentacles to absorb the dead bodies one by one. After the hunger was satisfied, the Uroboros wriggled disgustingly on the gigantic deck board of the ship.

After all of the bodies had been eaten up, the Uroboros turned into a demon tree from hell. Just like a huge tree that had planted its root firmly into the ground for thousands of years, it stands like a catastrophic event that is waiting to happen. This demon tree stood up in front of Chris and Sheva, as if it is trying to reach for the sky in an attempt to tear down the heaven and gods.

The tentacles are still searching around for food, and in the meantime, Sheva and Chris escaped into the ship itself. This was a tactical retreat. It doesn't matter if they found a way to escape from this place now though, because both of them have no intention of leaving this matter away anyway. As agents who are tasked to wipe out the biological affairs away from the world, no doubt they have no reason to leave behind this biological weapon. They don't think the creature will die from sinking into the water, and in worse case scenario, the creature might even pollute the entire ocean which spreads the danger - and the possibility of this happening is very big. Since the Uroboros is tracking down both of them, they might as well go along with the situation, and try to trap it on the boat to destroy it.

At this moment, Chris and Sheva realises that this is what their enemy means by the 'true face of the end of the world'.

If the virus was to be carried up into the sky by a missile and got released into the atmosphere, the virus will be blown by the eastern wind and cover a big portion of the Earth. If that's the case, the world will be blanketed by a nightmare forever. Those who get rejected by the virus will go crazy, and become a carrier of the virus looking for the next victim. This event will be playing continuously, and soon enough the whole world will be ruled by the Uroboros Virus, changing the ecosystem of the planet forever.

Uroboros will appear in the populated regions initially. In the end of the event, these creatures will also appear in the cities around the world, wriggling its tentacles as if to bid farewell to the end of humanity.

No matter what, Wesker's plan has to be stopped. This plan was succeeded from the founder of Umbrella Oswell E. Spencer, derived from his dream of "creating a new human race strong enough to survive the virus". The fate of 6 billion lives is now in the hand of the two agents who have been going after this plan relentlessly.

The ultimate form of the creature is still growing, expanding to a size so big that it is capable of capsizing the ship now if it wanted. It thrust its tentacles into the body of the ship to find the location of Chris and Sheva. Both of them evaded the ambushes while navigating in the corridor, until they reached the bridge where they discover the way to destroy this demon tree.

A satellite laser weapon - created as a precaution measure just in case something goes wrong with the Uroboros experiment. TRICELL created this weapon allowing them to transmit a signal to the satellite to fire a gigantic laser beam at the target. If they used this on the core of the ultimate form, perhaps they can end this serpent's life.

No, no 'maybe.' It is a must. They must not allow Wesker's wish to come true. I have no more doubt on whether this world is worth fighting for.

Sheva nodded at Chris apparently approving the idea Chris was having. Chris looked straight into her eyes with a strong determination to protect the world with his life.

Both their souls merged without a word and the partnership headed towards the area which was holding the secret weapon. Uroboros reacted towards the prey immediately. Four gigantic tentacles which were as big as the head of the creature, emerged from the surface of the sea, ready to kill both of them anytime.

Sheva holds up the weapon, and shouts at the target without any fear.

"Rest in peace, Excella!"


Tomorrow will come without fail----.

Someone said that to believers the lives of people are like flowers, fleeting like a dream. The night storm laid waste to the flowers that were supposed to have bloomed the next morning.

The death wind blowing the life out of the flower petals could be compared to a cruel twist of destiny. An untold number of flowers would die in a single night in the event of a sudden natural disaster or war. Powers that can't be fought by single individuals can easily steal the morning before the night is over. It's said that the world could completely change before you open your eyes in the morning. Deep tears could be shed, thinking about the future that's been lost.

This might be a somewhat pessimistic viewpoint. People would be unable to live if they were always in fear of what happens tomorrow. Those people who believe in tomorrow are the people who work together to build the world for people.


This storm was a vicious one, unlike any seen since the dawn of man. Anything caught up in this night storm would be totally destroyed. It was a massively destructive wind, that not only extinguished six billion flowers, but also ripped up the roots of the trees to which they were affixed - the world itself.

The thing that brought this day of reckoning was the will of one man - the crazed will of Albert Wesker who hoped for a virus to separate and judge all mankind, continuing the will of the now dead Umbrella Corporation.

All of the viruses until now that had over and over again threatened the world with biohazards - the t-Virus, G-Virus, t-Veronica, were all made based on the Progenitor Virus extracted from the mythical flower "Stairway to the Sun," passed on by the Ndipaya tribe. The founders of Umbrella, noticing how the virus rapidly modified the DNA of living creatures, were delighted at this and imagined it as the hand of god or a divine medicine to lead Homo sapiens to the next level of evolution. The world-class pharmaceutical corporation was just a front for hiding all traces of B.O.W. development to sell on the black market, the company's true objective. They created Umbrella solely to modify the Progenitor Virus to complete the "ultimate" virus to turn the world into their own Shangri-La.

However, creating the virus called "Uroboros" took nearly half a century from the discovery of the Progenitor flower called the "Stairway to the Sun." The creators, envisioning themselves as gods, descended into mutual distrust, conniving and backstabbing, and perished from this world before seeing its completion. It was Albert Wesker who took the virus himself and evolved into a super-being and continued their work like nothing had ever happened. He made it his job to spread the Uroboros Virus around the entire world and bring the world into a new age. He hoped to rid the world of the inferior modern man and be the god of the new man.

It had been a long time since predictions of a world collapse in the not too distant future, due to global warming, pollution, rampant selfishness and runaway population growth. According to some, Umbrella's plan offered quick salvation to this world. One could imagine it as a quick remedy for the sickening planet, not unlike derailing a runaway train in order to save it before it runs off a cliff.

But, this ideal had devolved into a more aggressive selection of the species. The Uroboros Virus was a powerful drug - no, not a drug, a poison - that would only let those humans with superior DNA evolve to the next level. And as far as can be determined, only one man had successfully completely adapted to the virus out of an uncountable number of victims in prototype experiments.

Or, at first, maybe none of the six billion humans were suitable to becoming the new human species. This wind of death, this virus, was about to be released upon the entire world. Mankind would not wake up to the next morning...

In the sky above the rising sun, Chris remembered the same question again.

---Is there any value in putting one's life at risk to protect this world?

There is, he thinks now.

The world with its civilization and six billion souls truly seemed to be heading for final destruction. There were wars around the world and countless problems that needed to be quickly resolved. Bioterrorism incidents would happen again and again. The flowers would eventually wilt and die.

But even so, Chris felt that the idea of killing the flower so a new one can be born, of killing the tree all the way to its roots, was a crazed idea. He felt that Wesker had followed extreme logic and become intoxicated by the great power to destroy the world using Umbrella's deadly assets.

The volcanic island, which was the scene of the battle, was now glowing in red and billowing volcanic ash. This flame of purification had cleansed the Uroboros Virus once and for all and burned and destroyed this man with crazed ambition. Wesker's fate, which began in Raccoon City, had finally come to an end.

The world was saved from the brink of destruction and witnessed a new dawn. Its six billion inhabitants were none the wiser with almost no one knowing that Chris fought off the terrible storm that almost formed the final night, fighting up to the death.

However, Sheva was in the wings fighting out of a belief in good. Even while being taken to the realm of the yellow line, Jill had finally returned to him. Smiles returned by friends - there was value in winning, even if just for that. There was a reason for continuing the world they belonged to.

"Someday, the world may learn how to avoid destruction. Until then, I'll protect it again and again."

The heroes will close their eyes and rest in order to be ready for the next battle against evil...