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Source: BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica Official Website
Translated by: Welsh


BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica Official Website

Translations from the BIOHAZARD CODE:Veronica Official Website.

Project Umbrella Translation


Claire Redfield

Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 52.4 kg
Blood Type: O

The main character of BIOHAZARD 2. A curious college student who enjoys riding motorcycles. She went to Raccoon City searching for her missing brother, Chris, and became involved in a series of incidents caused by Umbrella Inc.
With the help of rookie cop Leon they were able to escape the biohazard that occured in Raccoon City.
Searching for her older brother, Claire traveled to Europe, but was caught by Umbrella.
For her punishment, she is transferred to a prison island in the distant sea.

Chris Redfield

Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 80.5 kg
Blood Type: O

The main character of BIO HAZARD 1. A member of the special force, S.T.A.R.S.
A tough guy with a strong will and a body like steel. He is also trained in handling firearms.
Before joining S.T.A.R.S., he was a pilot in the Air Force and is well-versed in flying aircrafts.
After solving the bizarre incident at the mansion, he traveled to Europe with comrade Jill and Barry.

Steve Burnside

Sex: Male
Age: 17
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 67.5 kg
Blood Type: AB

A youth prisoner on Rockfort Island.
His mother was killed because of his father, so he holds feelings of distrust for family. His father is the reason why he was imprisoned on the island.
He helps Claire and because of her kind spirit, gradually opens up his mind and gets back his gentle feelings.

Albert Wesker

Sex: Male
Age: 38
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 84.5 kg
Blood Type: O

Former S.T.A.R.S. commander of Chris, but actually a secret researcher of Umbrella.
At the mansion incident in Raccoon City, his ambitions were destroyed by Chris and Jill and he died.
He returns as a member of a mysterious special forces team. Highly intelligent. He is a calm, cold-hearted ruthless man.
He burns for revenge on Chris for reasons of pride.

Alfred Ashford

Sex: Male
Age: 27
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 61.8 kg

The young base commander of Rockfort Island. His grandfather was an original founder of Umbrella Inc.
He was born an aristocratic elite, but his position was destroyed when he fell behind in T-virus research.
Alfred is no more than the island base commander.
A sadistic military fanatic. His hysterical personality makes people nervous. But he is infatuated with his younger sister, Alexia, and self-obsessed with that expression of love.

Alexia Ashford

Sex: Female
Age: 27
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 54.3 kg

A genius artificially created to restore the Ashford family name to its former glory.
Her history is that she graduated from university at 10-years old.


Author's Notice: Translations from official Japanese site, followed in brackets, i.e. *(insert)*, by Famitsu details that appeared on in 1999.


Infected by the T-virus. Brain cells die, resulting in the living dead. No reason is left as a person, just hunger. Driven to seek out human flesh. Instinctively.
The workers, trainees and prisoners of the island after it was raided by a mysterious organization's agents. The many types of humans who fell victim to the T-virus.

*([Prisoner Zombie]: The "residents" of the Rockford´s prison: prisoners, soldiers... infected by the Tyrant menace.
[Cementery Zombie]: The prisoners that was died and buried after the infestation of the new T-virus. They are too weak than the rest of the undead.)*

Zombie Dog

Doberman military dogs raised at the Rockfort Island training center and South Pole base.
Secondary infection result of feeding on organisms contaminated by the virus. Deterioration of the flesh is advanced, but nimbleness remains and they continue to pounce on prey.


Bats that inhabit Rock Fort Island, infected by the T-virus leak from the base.
Slightly bigger than a normal size bat, but much more furious, and when the sound wave of a human is perceived it attacks fast and sucks blood.
Likes damp, dark places and always moves in a group.


Moths stored at the South Pole Base for experiments.
Infected by the T-virus, which evacuees brought from Rockfort Island. Gigantic. The phosphorus powder is poison and can kill a person if inhaled.
Also, because it's larva is parasitic, it lays eggs on other organisms.

Black Widow

[Medium Spider]: Based on B.O.W. data collected by Umbrella during the Raccoon City incident.
Black Widow spider is a mix of deadly poison and incredible vitality and has become the main field of study, it was recently discovered that when the abdomen is destroyed, it continues to move around lightly.
[Large Spider]: A medium size spider that has become enormous because of changes in the environment. Also, it's vitality has increased with the change in size, but other features of the spider remain the same.
[Small Spider]: Baby spiders released from the abdomen of large spiders.


A weapon developed based on "Hunter" B.O.W. data, which Wesker took from Umbrella.
It's behavior is controlled by the advent of a "self-propelled monitor" peripheral device.
As a weapon, it's superior to the original Hunter.

*(The organization got the original Hunter from Umbrella and they implant a sensor inside them to control all of their movements and actions like robots.)*


*(Organization's new type of Hunter, more intelligent, fast and strong. Their lethal claws are poisoned.)*


[Tadpole]: T-virus is administered to a salamander found mainly on Rock Fort Island, and B.O.W. is completed by genetic modification.
The most significant feature of this species is it's phenomnial growth rate and regenerative abilities.
[Adult]: An Albonoid tadpole after 10-hours or more.
Tadpoles that reach maturity are able to discharge huge amounts of electricity, and can maximize this ability under water.


Ants that Alexia raised for her virus research.
After T-Veronica was developed, Alexia's final "plan" was to inject it into her own body.
Ants grow to about the size of a small bird.
There are times when their furiousness increases simultaneously, and large swarms are formed to attack humans.

Gulp Worm

Improved earthworm genes. The T-virus is administered to develop a large biological weapon.
Usually, they hide underground. Detects the smell of prey and springs out. Moves in a circular drinking motion.

*(They (yes they!) were created by Umbrella upgrading an earthworm genetic structure. They are an upgraded edition of the B.O.W Gravedigger. (RE3). Always hide or in the underground when they feel the presence of lifeforms they attack them and after gulp their corpse.)*


The base is Tyrant, focus directed at body and practicality as a standalone weapon is being tested. A prototype production model has been developed.
The appearance is human, but monstrously so. Because the lower body has degenerated, it has difficulty moving.
The left arm is tiny. The right arm has grown considerably and is retractable.
These faults make it undesirable now.

*(The most newest Umbrella creation. A prototype finished. It´s a high utility that was produced with a lot of research. Its right arm is elastic and it´s his weapon. Its special attacks are Set: a trap of bears and Tricky by his attack. Actually it´s in battle training period.)*


"Ultimate T-virus biological weapon" is desired for B.O.W. creation.
Adult male body injected with T- virus.
Administration, rapid improvement of genes, strength and destructive power is achieved.

*(Using the bodies of the prisoners like a guinea pigs the scientists reinforce and increase the strength of the genes of the ultimate B.O.W. Safekeeping in the Rockford Island he´s a model of mass production. The limiter is canceled from the first.)*


A mysterious tentacle appears when Alexia awakens from a 15-year sleep.
The natural shape is similar to the root of a large tree. After 15-years, Alexia fused with T-Veronica.
It moves it's body like a snake. Approaches the target. Then attacks.
The body is retractable, but able to extend for a number of km depending on it's location.

Steve Monster

Alexia uses Steve as a guinea pig to plant T-Veronica.
A similar fusion of the virus failed on Alexander 15-years ago, Steve's spine is pushed out, skin color changes to green, a deformity reminiscent of a reptile.
Also, his reasoning power is lost simultaneously, no distinction of friend or foe, and attacks Claire without warning.
Steve swings a large axe he holds firmly in his hands, with enough destructive power to pulverize a statue.


Alexander, the former head of the Ashford family, died and changed. He was injected with T-Veronica by his daughter, Alexia, and transformed into an ferocious monster. He was dangerous, so had to be placed in solitary confinement for 15-years.
"Nosferatu" means "Vampire Undead" in Romanian, the workers of the base nickname Alexander, unaware of the truth.

Alexia 1st

Alexia spent 15-years with her fruit of achievement, T-Veronica virus, inside her body.
Alexia "evolved".
The tentacles to various parts of her body are almost reminiscent of muscles, and only the shape of human remains.
Her body contains special blood that ignites when it comes into contact with oxygen.
If Alexia is injured, she has the ability to ignite a sea of flames.
Also, if caught by Alexia, her arm will send heat directly to a person's body.
In rare cases, she blazes instantaneously.

Alexia 2nd

Alexia further evolves, and transforms into the ugly form of the queen ant.
The 4 wings which grow from her back have been derived from the queen ant genes in T-Veronica.

Alexia 3rd

When her fallopian tube is destroyed, the queen ant, Alexia, withdraws into her upper body.
Flies about freely with 4-wings, probably to confuse the enemy, and throws green blood from the sky, which has the ability to ignite.