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Production Information

Capcom Interactive
Platform:  iOS - iPhone, iPod Touch

Release Dates




Resident Evil: Mercenaries VS is an iOS exclusive title based on the BIOHAZARD THE MERCENARIES 3D release on Nintendo's portable console.


This is very much a watered down version of Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D, but represents the first online multi-player game using the iOS platform from Capcom. There are only three playable characters in three locations.

Like many of the new generation mercenaries games, players are encouraged to score as many points as possible by killing B.O.W's. Combo hits can increase the timer for a player in that stage thereby allowing him to score even more points. As this is a "verses" title, players can also take out other human controlled AI which was first seen in the verses version of the Resident Evil 5 mercenaries unlockable game.

Development History

Resident Evil: Mercenaries VS will only run on more up to date versions of Apple's iOS. It will work on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod touch 4th, iPod touch 3rd 16GB and 32GB, or better. It is not compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPod touch 1st, 2nd, 3rd 8GB.

Resident Evil Mercenaries VS. supports 2 vs 2 online team match which is free to play for all via Wi-Fi. 1 vs 1 team  is Free for all via Bluetooth and Single player Training and Coin Shooter mode.

In-Game Elements

This game has three players to choose from which include, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, and Jill Valentine. All characters are present in the attire worn in Resident Evil 5.

There are initially three maps to choose from which are entitled, "Dock", "Fort", and "Castle". All these have been taken from Resident Evil 4 and feature many of the Plagas infected Ganado and even the chainsaw Ganado.


This is a non-canon entry into the series. There is no plot instead the focus being action and points scoring to incoperate onto an online leaderboard.

There are no related games or films.