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Production Information

Developer: Capcom (Japan)
Publisher: Capcom (Japan, USA)
Platform: Cellphone / Mobile Phone

Release Dates

JAP: December 1 2005
USA: April 19 2006
PAL: 2007



BIOHAZARD THE MISSIONS (Resident Evil The Missions) are two Capcom developed mobile phone projects starring Jill Valentine battling through the hoards of the undead in Raccoon City. Unlike other iterations, The Missions has no direct storyline, instead, this is a shooter with specific goals to eradicate particular creatures of rescue civilians. With over 150 missions in each game, many are designed to only take a few minutes to complete.


In what is a another interesting stance on the Resident Evil formula, players are treated to short sharp bursts of action with small goals given to gamers prior to each mission. Both games are very similar in their basic setup. Taking control of Jill Valentine, you must travel through various rooms from the R.P.D and other locations first witnessed in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Depending upon your success within that mission, you are rewarded with new unlocked levels depiecting other missions to complete.

Development History

2D Version

The 2D version was the first of the two Mission games to be released, and was of the first person perspective. Using the cellphones d-pad, that controls Jills gun as she takes aim against various B.O.W.S. Jill cannot move anywhere as she is fixed to a particular location, and then guns down the creatures that come for her. Each monster has their own healthbar, and only when all healthbars are depleted is the mission over. There are plenty of missions to complete, but each one is near identical to the last, with only different monster combinations and appearences really spicing up the action.

3D Version

This is a fully revamped 3 dimensional update of the 2D game, and benefits considerably from the upgrade. No longer rooted to the spot, players can move Jill in and around a small area, and take aim accordingly. A small cutscene will introduce the objective to a particular mission, and Jill will then be timed until its completion. The graphics are pre-rendered backdrops from console versions, and are highly detailed as a result. The traditional tank controls are not present in the 3D version, witha more cohesive system being implemented. With a variety of weaponary and upgrades available, The Missions 3D is a success, and manages to replicate, albeit on an appetite scale, a full portable Resident Evil game.


One of the elite Capcom developed mobile games, it therefore will fall into the canon bracket. However, with the events in The Missions not having any storyline, merely snapshots of Jill's adventure, nothing concrete can be gathered from it. Furthermore it is overriden by actions seen in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis despite being developed years after the PlayStation version.
As a side point: Like Resident Evil: Genesis as it too is Capcom developed, if there were new files in The Missions, these would be deemed canon, and included in the timeline.

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