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Production Information

Developer: Capcom (Japan)
Publisher: Capcom (Japan)
Platform: Cellphone / Mobile Phone

Release Dates

JAP: 24th May 2007



BIOHAZARD THE OPERATIONS is a cell phone game which received a Japan-only release. Using the same mechanics of the previous mission based games, The Operations shifted the action back to mansion, and more importantly, the updated mansion from the GameCube remake.


The Operations is, on paper near identical to The Missions, The Stories and then the later released, The Episodes. However, the focus of the game shifts to the mansion incident with Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine performing missions in this highly detailed and graphically impressive game.

Development History

The Operations uses the same mini-mission gameplay of killing particular creatures within a time limit and then moving on. It also has the same pyramid structure of the previous games, and a similar control scheme. However the differences are very noticeable with the first obvious feature being the change in location. No longer stuck in Raccoon City, The Operations returns to the Mansion that was redesigned for the GameCube remake. This means all the extra rooms are present, and most importantly there has been a vast increase in the graphics.

The pre-rendered backgrounds from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis still look today impressive, and on the cellphone particularly well. However the character sprites were not quite so impressive, but this is not as a problem in this game. The GameCube graphics have obviously been rapidly condensed for the cellphone market, but by anyone's standard still look beautiful. For a mobile to pull off this is a technical feat on its own, and with character and background integration less obvious, we have here a great looking cellphone title.

Unfortunately for Western audiences this was never released outside Japan, hence the "Biohazard" title, which is shame, as technically this is the best of all the mission styled Resident Evil games.


Just like the other titles in this series of mini missions, the events are not canon with no story just mercenary type action. Any new files would certainly be inserted into the timeline as The Operations is indeed a Capcom developed game.

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