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Project Umbrella Translation


MUTANT by the G-VIRUS (Page 063)

After it grew, the developed G-Virus inside the body of Monica, a researcher from the same company, mutated. In an extremely short time, it mutated and began splitting, multiplying. Also, while atrocious amounts of strongly acidic bodily fluids began to spread, it began to pursue living things.

SUSPENDED (Page 068)

A creature confirmed at Apple Inn Hotel. At a moments glance, it could be questioned to be a Licker. The tongue is more developed and that tongue can wrap around strangling a victim to death; thus that is why the creature has become known as the SUSPENDED.


The former Umbrella Corporation researcher, Dr. Greg's, self-advanced research and development B.O.W species. From a general view it can perhaps be misappropriated with Tyrant data. It appropriately shares the name of Thanatos with the god of death from Greek mythology because of its combat ability.


Even though it was caught in the explosion at Raccoon University, the thought to be dead Thanatos resurrected itself with its miraculous vitality. Its body was burned here and there in addition to its arm having been torn off. And yet it did not stop its pursuit even with its terrible wounds it displayed its dreadful combat ability.