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Production Information

Developer(s): CAPCOM
Publisher(s): CAPCOM
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS

Release Dates

JPN: January 26, 2012
EUR: January 27, 2012
USA: February 7, 2012



BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS (バイオハザード リベレーションズ, known as RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS in the West) is the second BIO game for the Nintendo 3DS. It takes place between the events of biohazard 4 and BIOHAZARD 5 in the main series timeline. Set in 2005, the game focuses on the reformation of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) and features Jill Valentine as the main character, with several other BSAA agents playable. 1

Table of Contents [hide]


In 2004, a bioterrorism attack involving B.O.W.s and a new virus was carried out by the Italian terrorist group "Il Veltro" on the Mediterranean floating city of Terragrigia, a testament to the use of solar energy which is supplied its energy completely by a solar satellite matrix known as the "Regia SOLIS" (Solar Integrated System). The FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission), a counter bioterrorism organization formed by the American government, immediately begins to take control of the attack. The FBC is assisted by Clive R. O'Brian, a bioterrorism expert and the director of an NGO named the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). With virtually no support staff, O'Brian is unable to take any major actions. After three weeks of too many losses and too few rescues, FBC Commissioner Morgan Lansdale requests the use of the Regia Solis to enact a Sterilization Operation to stop the incident, at the cost of the entire city. The action is approved, and despite O'Brian's objections, the entire city is destroyed and the world becomes fully aware of the threat posed by bioterrorism. After the incident, the FBC announced that it successfully eradicated Veltro, but a rumor begins to spread regarding the lack of confirmation regarding the corpse of leader Jack Norman.

In 2005, BSAA agents Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani are called by Director O'Brian to a coastal town in the Mediterranean to investigate strange organic masses which had been washing up on the shore, presumably from the ruins of Terragrigia. They are ordered to use the new version of the "Genesis" scanner to take samples. While scanning one mass, they discover a metal object. Upon extraction, it is discovered that the object appears to be a new viral strain. Soon after, the pair are suddenly attacked by the organic masses, which turn out to be living organisms. After disposing of the creatures, Director O'Brian receives an emergency call, relaying news that BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat, who were sent to investigate a mountain range in Europe based on information related to Veltro, have suddenly gone missing. Their last known position is a former luxury cruise ship in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, now a derelict ghost ship. Jill and Parker are ordered to search for them.

Making their way to the ghost ship via tugboat, Jill and Parker successfully infiltrate the ship and quickly discover that they are not alone and the ship's residents have either been killed or have mutated in a way never seen before. After discovering a severed hand holding a handgun in the ship's kitchen, they are suddenly confronted seemingly out of nowhere by a new human-based B.O.W. known only as "Ooze". After killing the creature, Jill ventures in search of Chris, and quickly discovers a figure resembling him inside a locked room. After making her way to the medical bay to find the key, she witnesses a woman being attacked and apparently killed by the Ooze creatures. After finding the key to the crews quarters on her body, Jill regroups with Parker and unlocks the room containing Chris, along with a Veltro flag. After touching him his head falls to the ground: "Chris" was a dummy. Sleep gas suddenly begins flowing into the room, and before they lose consciousness, a man in combat fatigues with a gas mask confronts them and claims that they will discover the "truth".

Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica are actually still in the European mountain range. They witness a plane crash and rush to investigate, discovering from the flight plan that it was headed to Valkoinen Mökki Airport and was carrying several wolf-type B.O.W.s. After fighting their way through a cave system, they discovered the airport and found it with a flag bearing the Veltro crest. After reporting to HQ, they are informed by O'Brian that contact with Jill and Parker has been lost. The two immediately set off for the Mediterranean to find them.

After awakening in separate locked rooms, Jill and Parker manage to escape and regroup in the ship's cafeteria. After retrieving their weapons, they resume their investigation and proceed to the ship's bridge to try and contact HQ. Upon arrival, they discover that the communication system has recently been destroyed. At the same time, their tugboat explodes. Panicking, Jill is suddenly grabbed by a red-haired man, who Parker recognizes as Raymond Vester, an agent belonging to the FBC who Parker had met while he was an FBC agent himself during the Terragrigia Panic. Refusing to answer any of their questions, Raymond disappears. The pair make their way to the promenade deck in order to find the communications officer who wields the key to the emergency communications room. Rather than finding a human, they find the comms officer suffering a different mutation from the other creatures on the ship: he retains his human consciousness to some extent. After defeating the comms officer and retrieving the key, the pair return to the emergency communications room only to discover Raymond, and that the communications system has been destroyed there also. They also discover a video apparently filmed by Veltro, which happens to be displayed at the BSAA headquarters at the same time. The video shows the leader of Veltro showing the effects of the new t-Abyss virus, and claims that it will infect 1/5 of the world's oceans. Chris requests that a team be sent to Valkoinen Mökki to find information on the ship, prompting O'Brian to order BSAA agents Quint Cetchum and Keith Lumley to investigate.

Jill and Parker make their way to the ship's engine room in order to restore power. They are given a key by Raymond to get to the casino in order to find a lift to access the bilge. They reach the lift, but find the key missing, and realize it must be held by the female Jill encountered earlier: Rachael. After finding her mutated form, they eliminate her and retrieve the key. Meanwhile, Quint and Keith investigate Valkoinen Mökki and discover a security token, then make their way to the crash site of the plane Chris and Jessica witnessed. Jill and Parker attempt to restart the Queen Zenobia's power but are instead caught in a flood as the engine room inexplicably begins to fill with water. Quint and Keith eventually discover the presence of an invisible B.O.W., a Hunter enhanced with t-Abyss known as "Farfarello". After eliminating several of the creatures, they use the console on the plane to ascertain the location of the Queen Zenobia. They find them and relay them to O'Brian, which then sends the coordinates to Chris and Jessica. As the pair race to the ship, Quint manages to find the presumed coordinates of the Queen Zenobia, and sends them to O'Brian, who relays them to Chris and Jessica, who immediately make their way to the ship. Upon arrival, they fight their way to the engine room, only to discover that Jill and Parker are not there. They quickly realize that they are on the Queen Zenobia's sister ship: the Queen Semiramis.

Jill and Parker manage to escape the flooding lower section of the ship and close off a bulkhead. After returning to the main hall, they board an elevator in an attempt to reach the ship's antenna, their last hope for communication. They are attacked by an unknown B.O.W. with an indestructible carapace but successfully destroy it. Reaching the antenna, they finally contact HQ, but are cut short by O'Brian receiving a call from the ESF (European Security Force) and being told that the Regia Solis has been utilized and is targeting the Queen Zenobia. They are told by O'Brian that he cannot authorize a rescue. He informs Quint of their predicament, and he immediately formulates a plan to save them. He tells them to use the UAV stored on the ship and launch it, using the chaff it releases in order to confuse the satellite's targeting system. After successfully launching the UAV, the Queen Zenobia avoids destruction but is struck by a massive wave generated by the discharge from the satellite. Chris and Jessica fight off a mysterious tentacle sea monster created by "t-Abyss" and finally make it to the Queen Zenobia while Jill and Parker escape the flooding. The mysterious man wearing a gas mask appears to Jill and Parker and begins to explain the "truth" to them, but is shot by Jessica.

As the masked man lays on the ground, Parker pulls off his mask to reveal that the man was Raymond. He whispers something to Parker before apparently dying. The four BSAA agents decide to split up. Chris and Jill make their way to the ship's laboratory to stop the virus from contaminating the sea, while Parker and Jessica search for a way to stop the ship from sinking. Meanwhile, power is lost to the terminal in the crashed plane, prompting Quint and Keith return to Valkoinen Mökki in order to regain access. While there they encounter countless B.O.W.s. After examining the data, Quint concludes that O'Brian orchestrated the entire resurrection of Veltro in order to find out the motives of Lansdale. After contacting O'Brian, the two are caught in an air-strike by the FBC and contact is lost.

After reaching the main hall, Parker and Jessica split up as Jessica claims that she has to "check on something". In the laboratory, Chris and Jill discover the reservoir containing a sea of the liquid form of "t-Abyss". After obtaining a sample of the prototype vaccine against the virus, Jill administers it to herself. The lower level of the laboratory is suddenly flooded with the virus after Jill retrieves the code for the virus neutralization process, and she swims through it to reach Chris again. After starting the neutralization process and wiping out every last trace of the virus, Lansdale appears on screen and informs them about Jessica's activation of the self destruct system.

Parker makes his way to the bridge, where he runs into Jessica. He then points his gun at her, revealing that Raymond warned him that she may be a mole in the BSAA planted by Lansdale. At that moment, Raymond himself returns and confirms the story, but Parker says he cannot fully believe him. Jessica reaches for her gun and shoots at Raymond, but Parker throws himself in front and takes the bullet. She triggers the self destruct system and leaves, and Parker orders Raymond to chase her. Meanwhile, it is revealed that the Queen Semiramis is destroyed by its self destruct system. BSAA pilot Kirk Mathison contacts Chris and Jill informing them that he is there to extract them. They meet with an injured Parker, but witness him seemingly die. After reaching the deck, a giant whale infected by "t-Abyss" mounts on the sinking ship, but is successfully destroyed by Chris and Jill. Before the ship sinks, Raymond finds a wounded Parker and brings him to safety.

While flying away, O'Brian informs Chris and Jill about the truth behind the mission and the events he orchestrated, and of the results from Keith and Quint's data analysis: the existence of a third sister ship known as the "Queen Dido". They depart for the ruins of Terragrigia where the ship rests on the ocean floor. Meanwhile, Lansdale and the FBC invade the BSAA Headquarters. The BSAA is taken under the control of the FBC, and O'Brian is arrested. Chris and Jill prepare themselves with scuba gear and swim towards the sunken ship, entering it and discovering that the corpses which washed up on the nearby coastal town were actually from the ship, and Lansdale had sealed off the area and sent a team of the FBC armed forces to secure video evidence of his collaboration with Jack Norman, the leader of Veltro.

Norman mutates, and is defeated by Chris and Jill. Regaining some of his sanity, he accepts his fate of death. Chris and Jill immediately retrieve his PDA and broadcast the video which incriminates Lansdale to the BSAA Headquarters. O'Brian is immediately released and he arrests Lansdale, who defends himself by claiming that his actions were all for the greater good and without the Terragrigia Panic, the world would still be ignorant to the threat of bioterrorism.

After Lansdale's arrest, the truth behind Terragrigia went public and the FBC was dissolved. The majority of its agents and resources were transferred to the BSAA. Thereafter, the BSAA was reformed as a public organization under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Keith Lumley becomes a leading figure at the BSAA East Africa branch due to his accomplishments at Valkoinen Mökki.

Quint Cetchum refuses any promotion and remains as a member of the R&D department at the main BSAA Headquarters in Europe.

Parker is found washed ashore in the Republic of Malta. After a month of medical treatment, he returns to active duty as a SOA (Special Operations Agent) at the BSAA Headquarters in Europe.

O'Brian decides to take responsibility for his actions in orchestrating the entire mission and steps down as director of the BSAA. He begins to write a detective novel from the comfort of his own home and becomes an advisor to the BSAA.

In a cafe, Raymond approaches Jessica and gives her a sample of "t-Abyss." Both of them had been triple agents for TRICELL.

Jessica Sherawat: Almost too easy wasn't it? The company let them take Morgan out with the trash.
Raymond Vester: Tough world.
Jessica: You file the report on this. By the way, why save Parker?
Raymond: I have my reasons.
Jessica: The BSAA isn't as useless as I thought. Things could really heat up.
Raymond: Indeed, the fun's just getting started.


The game is regarded by CAPCOM as a "return to form" which aimed to bring back the classic Survival Horror aspect of the series and present it with the gameplay style of later games such as BH4 and BH5. Elements of the series such as limited ammunition and an emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving were brought back.2 The player may move the character while aiming a weapon, and has the option to switch between a first-person and third-person perspective while aiming.3 A new item known as the "Genesis" scanner allows the player to scan enemies in order to obtain herbs, as well as detect items hidden throughout the game's environments, some of which are necessary for the player to progress. Underwater sections were also included. Some of the game's puzzles are interactive with the 3DS touch screen. Depending on the mode BHREV is run in, some graphical effects will be toggled on and off; for example, the graphics feature anti-aliasing if the 3D mode of the Nintendo 3DS is disabled.

Development History

Development of BHREV began before BIOHAZARD THE MERCENARIES 3D, an action game that was created by the same staff at CAPCOM. The latter was intended as a test for the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, and made the development team familiar with the handheld's technology, allowing for BHREV to feature superior quality.4 Other names considered for the game before the title "REVELATIONS" was selected were:

  • LOST IN ABYSS(深淵で迷子)
  • DEAD CRUISE(死のクルーズ)

The game uses a new revision of the internally developed "MT Framework" graphics engine. Referred to as "MT Framework Mobile", it was designed specifically for the Nintendo 3DS, and is based on an earlier version of the engine utilized in "Lost Planet 2".5 For the scenario, the development team sought out Dai Satō, a Japanese writer responsible for some of the storylines of famous anime series' such as Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell SAC and Samurai Champloo.6 The actual dialogue of the game is significantly larger than previous entries.7 Voice overs were recorded in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and full subtitles for each language was also an option.8

The game was revealed at the E3 2010 trade show in Los Angeles, where a short teaser trailer was shown. A playable demo for the game, referred to as "Pilot Version" was released with BIOHAZARD THE MERCENARIES 3D.9 A "BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS LIMITED EDITION" was announced for Japan for sale exclusively through the e-CAPCOM web store. It included a cloth BSAA shoulder bag and a special bonus point award for members of the series "CLUB 96" fan club. Buyers of the first print run of either version received a DVD called "REVELATIONS REPORT". This includes "Jessica's Report", an introduction to the plot of the game by the Jessica character. The DVD also had a collection of trailers, and developer interviews.10


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