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BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2 ULTIMANIA (バイオハザード リベレーションズ2 アルティマニア) is a Japanese guidebook for BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS 2. It is the first collaboration of "Ultimania × Biohazard."

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Neil's form after being injected with the Uroboros Virus. Although he maintains intelligence unlike someone with t-Phobos Virus pathogenesis, he's motivated by a strong urge to kill and his reason is equally lost. The Uroboros Virus' adaptation conditions are extremely severe and so far only one case has been documented, but Neil looks as though he possesses genes boundlessly close to an adaptable individual, and although he's deformed he's able to suppress the propagation of viral cysts and maintain a near-human form.


Alex tried to personally end her life for the rebirth ceremony, but at the last stage she was seized by the fear she was meant to overcome, failing to die with the help of the power of the t-Phobos Virus she injected herself with. She clung to life while ugly and deteriorating and her hatred for Natalia rose, and finally she chose to become even more of a monster by injecting herself with the Uroboros Virus. Although she can suppress going out of control, the Uroboros cysts emerge from her entire body when she bears a certain amount of damage.