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Production Information

Developer: Capcom (Japan)
Publisher: Capcom (Japan)
Platform: Cellphone / Mobile Phone

Release Dates

JAP: 1st December 2005



BIOHAZARD THE STORIES is the follow up to BIOHAZARD THE MISSIONS and adopts the same time limit missions as its predecessor. Released in Japan on the i-mode service, it was due to be released in Western terratories but was cancelled before it saw the light of day.1 This is essentially The Mercanaries in handheld format.


Whereas The Missions was set in the R.P.D, The Stories shifts the attention to St. Michael's Clocktower with a selection of new missions and objectives. Players once again take on Resident Evil 3:Nemesis heroine Jill Valentine as she battles the creatures in the chapel. Other characters this time are playable.

Development History

The relative success of The Missions led to this enivatable sequel, with the same engine of the 3D version being rehashed. Essentially an add on pack, The Stories contains 15 brand new missions set in and round the church with various B.O.W.S from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis making cameos.
Upon completion, new characters are unlocked, and in particular, Carlos Oliveira, Nicholai Zinoviev and Mikhail Victor]].

There were plans to release this follow up for Western audiences, however it fell through and was never officially distributed, meaning the "Biohazard" name remains the only iteration of this particular game.


As with The Missions this game has no basic storyline, and is reminsant of The Mercanaries mini game from Nemesis. That game remains the true account of what Jill Valentine went through in Raccoon City.

Interestingly however, it is noted, that new files from this game would be canon (it is the same principle from The Missions) there is in this game files to collect. As of yet, these remain clouded in mystery as to their content, but they would be inserted if new as The Stories is developed by Capcom.


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