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Publisher: Capcom
Released: February 20, 2008
Product ID: ISBN4-86233-172-6
Pages: 128
Translated by: BioTech



BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES ART OF ARTS (バイオハザード アンブレラ・クロニクルズ アート・オブ・アーツ)

Project Umbrella Translation

Chronological Table (page 010 - 011)

1999 - The U.S. Government issues a business suspension order to Umbrella and the company incurs much damage.

Enemy Descriptions

Tyrant Reborn (page 065)

While facing a panic to its life, every cell of the Tyrant will cause a sudden mutation and begin to activate at an unbelievable speed. This action will turn the Tyrant to a special form with highly improved combat and movement abilities. The hardness of its skin can reach the level of rocks, and the claws on its two arms also become much larger, as weapons to slaughter its enemies.

Sergei Monster (page 068)

The form after Sergei Vladimir turned into a monster. Like Wesker, he injected the virus himself. His cells were activated, and thus his appearance completely changed. About the virus developed by William Birkin, if people can't adapt to the virus, then the cell activation won't happen in most of them, and ordinarily they will become zombies. But Sergei is a one in ten million adaptor, so his brain cells didn't degenerate.

At the time as a human, and a high-ranking official, he was a commander of the underground laboratory of Umbrella's Russia branch in the Caucasus region. This is the newest facility of Umbrella; the over ground buildings were originally a chemical factory abandoned by the government. After purchasing it, Umbrella rebuilt the factory, and used it as a camouflage to carry out some secret researches. In this facility, with the help of the "Red Queen", which is the AI of the super computer U.M.F.-013 (Umbrella Main Frame NO.13), Sergei was continuing to develop a new type of B.O.W. After a long time of research, T-A.L.O.S. was finally completed. The T-A.L.O.S.' prototype is called "Guardian of Crete", which was retrieved from the Arklay Research Facility by Sergei, under an order of a mysterious man. After that, Sergei also deployed many Tyrants to Raccoon City. Actually, he is the leader of Umbrella's top-secret internal espionage organization called "The Monitors". His comrade, Nicholai is also one of those monitors. In the letter that Sergei wrote to Nicholai, there are some key words, like "The 10 soldiers", "Relinquishing" and "Part of me", etc, which may have underlying meanings. From this we can infer that as a complete adaptor, Sergei could have created some clones of himself. But the reason he got today's position and power in Umbrella is definitely not this.

Compared with other B.O.W.s, the appearance of Sergei Monster has many different points. It has a big claw like the Tyrant T-002, however it's used to move but not to attack. And its 2 arms are very similar to the tentacles of the Nemesis T-Type. About his mutation, Wesker advanced a theory that "The transformation represents the true mindset of the person's inside, and this makes the virus brings about on its host were mere random mutations." Sergei mutated into a monster whose very body was the picture of suffering as he was ripped apart from the inside by thorns, and we have no idea what exactly it was like deep in his heart.