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Product Details

Publisher: CAPCOM
Released: February 20, 2008
Product ID: ISBN4-86233-172-6



BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES ART OF ARTS (バイオハザード アンブレラ・クロニクルズ アート・オブ・アーツ)

Project Umbrella Translation

Chronological Table (Page 10-11)

The organism-modifying "Progenitor Virus" is discovered.

The pharmaceutical company Umbrella is founded.

Umbrella establishes an executive training center, Dr. Marcus is first director.

Executive candidates Wesker and William are assigned to the training center.

Dr. Marcus succeeds in "t-Virus" development.

The executive training center is closed down and t-Virus research moves to the Arklay Laboratory.

Wesker and Birkin assassinate Dr. Marcus.

The "t-Virus Project" develops the ultimate life-form B.O.W. Tyrant.

The Umbrella Underground Research Facility is constructed in Raccoon City.

The Umbrella Europe Sixth Laboratory initiates the "Nemesis Project."

Spencer approves William's "G-Virus Project."

Wesker transfers to the intelligence division.

"S.T.A.R.S." is founded under Raccoon City's jurisdiction and Wesker is inaugurated as Captain.

The U.S. Government issues a business suspension order to Umbrella and the company incurs much damage.

The Umbrella Russia branch is destroyed by a private anti-biohazard unit.


Rebecca Chambers (Page 28)
A rookie in S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. Position Rear Security and in charge of health. She went to investigate bizarre murder cases and encountered the death row inmate Billy Coen on the Ecliptic Express train. Soon after hearing the truth, Rebecca believed his words and her intuition and fought alongside Billy.

Chris Redfield (Page 30)
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. Charged with Point Man, the unit's vanguard. Suspecting the police, he took a leave of absence after the Mansion Incident and originally investigated Umbrella's associated facilities in Europe. Chris learnt that development of a new weapon was being conducted at the Russian branch and infiltrated the research facility with Jill.

Jill Valentine (Page 32)
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. Rear Security position. Trained in the U.S. Army Special Forces Delta Force, she acquired skills in explosive disposal and handling drugs. Jill escaped Raccoon City by a hairbreadth and is heading to Umbrella's Russian branch to settle it all.

Richard Aiken (Page 35)
Belongs to S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. He has the support role of Backup Man and is in charge of communications. Because his little sister was killed in front of him in his childhood, he will do his utmost to protect someone. He supported the rookie Rebecca but was severely wounded protecting Rebecca when attacked by the poisonous snake Yawn.

HUNK (Page 37)
Belongs to Alpha Team of the Security Service, an elite unit under the direct control of Umbrella executives. Much of his career is unclear but with his prominent survival skills, only he comes back alive from all kinds of dangerous missions and is referred to as "Grim Reaper" by his comrades. He recovered a G-Virus sample in Raccoon City and escaped.

Ada Wong (Page 38)
A spy employed by the rival company Wesker moved to after leaving Umbrella. She has calm situational judgement and is skilled in expert shooting. She infiltrated Raccoon City to retrieve the G-Virus developed by William Birkin. She established a false cooperative relationship with Leon but they were gradually attracted to each other.

Sergei Vladimir (Page 40)
Once a colonel in the employ of the former Soviet military but became dependent on Umbrella following the Soviet Union's collapse. He obtained an executive position and now plans Umbrella's revival based in the Russian branch. He has a soldier's personality and swears absolute loyalty to Spencer with a masochistic side that makes pain supreme pleasure.

Ivan (Page 41)
A new B.O.W. Sergei customized for bodyguard use based on the Tyrant T-103. It has a human appearance already and doesn't have the large claws peculiar to Tyrants. It is more familiar with society and able to conduct itself. In addition its ability to think has been increased drastically and it can comprehend human words.


Hunter (Page 047)
Reptile DNA was crossed with a fertilized human egg using the t-Virus' characteristics, creating the Hunter with the intelligence to understand and execute simple commands. It was deemed a highly perfected B.O.W. influencing much B.O.W. development as a successful example of human-based research, and many derivative models were created afterwards.

Lisa Trevor (Page 52)
The "t-Virus Project" advanced in the Arklay Laboratory triggered a later large-scale biohazard. Hidden in the background was a family tragedy. The Arklay Laboratory constructed in the Arklay Mountains is a top-secret research facility cleverly camouflaged with an above-ground mansion, and within the mansion were various devices to prevent the escape of intruders. This building was designed by the talented architect George Trevor. At Lord Oswell E. Spencer's request he spent five years building the mansion, but he was invited to the mansion after its completion under the pretense of gratitude and was imprisoned as a result. Spencer's aim. To keep his mouth shut. Spencer couldn't release someone who knew everything to every corner of the mansion, and George would follow his family's poor fate of being made biological samples in the t-Virus Project.

George's wife Jessica and daughter Lisa were first to become guinea pigs. Jessica was administered Progenitor Virus mutant TYPE-A while Lisa was given TYPE-B, failing to take hold in Jessica who was subjected to cold-blooded disposal. On the other hand, Lisa was placed under intense observation since the virus took hold and afterwards was used as a biological sample for about 30 years. From "Trevor's Notes" written and left behind by George, we learn that he once tried to escape from the mansion. However, his path ahead was blocked by a device Spencer had newly installed and was finally given a Progenitor Virus mutant like his wife and subjected to disposal after the experiment's failure.

When developing the prototype virus in the virus research advanced by chief research scientist William Birkin, Lisa was subjected to repeated experiments. Lisa lost her sense of self due to dosages of the virus and her appearance gradually changed to that of a mutant. However since more than 20 years passed without easily showing an outcome, she was referred to as a "bastard" by the researchers. But after more than 20 years, Lisa attracted attention as a useful research subject again and Birkin transplanted the prototype of the parasite "NE-A Type" into her body. Since the primitive form of the new virus "G" was discovered in Lisa's body, Birkin immediately suggested the development project of the "G-Virus" surpassing the t-Virus. On the other hand, Lisa recovered a little intelligence by absorbing Nemesis and became active. When attacking a female researcher she skinned her face since she sought her mother's features, and the Arklay Laboratory concluded to begin "disposal processing." Since the research had entered a new stage, there was no reason to keep her alive anywhere.

Lisa's final disposal was pushed forward carefully. A lack of vital signs was confirmed over three days, but Lisa was not dead since she acquired phenomenal vitality through the many years of virus injection experiments. After disposal she continued wandering in the darkness of the Arklay Mountains and three years later appeared in front of S.T.A.R.S. visiting the mountains in an investigation into the matter and tried to kill the officers with uncharacteristic strength.

Stinger (Page 058)
A scorpion injected with the t-Virus. It enlarged to approx. three meters, its skeleton hardened able to absorb shock from bullets and its two claws can cut iron. However its movement slowed in reaction to its enlargement and the head weakened. The natural characteristic of the tail needle's poison gland was degenerated and it lacked perfection as a B.O.W.

Neptune (Page 059)
A Great white shark selected as a host to verify t-Virus adaptability to marine organisms. The test subject was codenamed "FI-03" and the virus' influence appeared in its  improved aggression, durability and enlargement. It boasted unrivaled combat capabilities in water but was ineffective on land with little usefulness and research stalled.

Nemesis-T Type (Page 60)
The "t" initial of the t-Virus is short for "Tyrant." The Tyrant name was attached to the B.O.W. Code "T-002" born in the final stage of the t-Virus Project as a symbol of the project with the meaning of "the ultimate life form." The Tyrant had intelligence and overwhelming combat capabilities with the ability to follow commands, but in the combat test conducted against S.T.A.R.S. in the Arklay Laboratory, it went out of control due to an unexpected limiter release before it could display sufficient performance. Therefore the advanced model Code "T-103" was developed afterwards which reinforced combat capability while compensating for the T-002 model's shortcomings. It utilized a human appearance unlike the T-002 model with a limiter control function by a protective coat and undertook a critical mission: retrieval of the "G-Virus." Through this the Tyrant's perfection as a B.O.W. was steadily raised, but after the loss of control accident in the Arklay Laboratory, a completely different humanoid B.O.W. was developed at the Sixth Laboratory in Europe. It was the "Nemesis-T Type." This B.O.W. planned to enhance intelligence by allowing a new parasite "NE-a Type", popularly called "Nemesis", to parasitize a Tyrant. Since Nemesis formed an original brain in the host body, the t-Virus' secondary effect of intelligence decline is restrained. In addition, since it also has excellent self-judgment capability it uses weapons that require complicated operation and also performs multi-purpose tasks such as tracking and eliminating multiple targets within an operational area.

Tyrant (T-002) (Page 62)
Developed as the apex B.O.W. emphasizing combat prowess. It was to be improved based on combat test data of soldier combatants but its battle with the S.T.A.R.S. officers occurred without enough preparations being made.

Tyrant Reborn (Page 62)
A state in which, faced with a crisis of survival, the Tyrant's cells are activated and mutate, transforming into a body with greatly enhanced offensive capability and mobility. Its skin hardens like a rock and both arms and claws become larger.

Proto Tyrant (Page 63)
A prototype model of the Tyrant B.O.W. using a human as the host. The heart supported phenomenal vitality and the right arm developed like a giant claw, its agility to attack prey compares favorably to the subsequent completed model. However it didn't acquire enough intelligence to execute commands and was disposed of in the middle of the research. But it remained active after disposal.

Ivan (Page 64)
Destructive power is the same as the conventional Tyrant series and mobile performance has improved. They wear a newly developed white shock absorbing coat and sunglasses with a custom-made HMD. When danger approaches they can metamorphose into Super Tyrants and release all their abilities. Since there are two it's believed to be the mass-produced model.

Talos (Page 65)
Codename T-A.L.O.S. (Armored Lethal Organic System). The first form wears a special alloy armor that suppresses out of control t-Virus tissue in addition to neutralizing firearms. Cardiopulmonary function was enhanced with artificial internal organs and overwhelming mobility was realized.

Talos (Page 66)
Movement is usually controlled via wireless connection but it's possible to draw out all its performance through direct synapse connection with the RED QUEEN. Although mobility is impaired in the second form, attack power is increased and it uses powerful lasers and tentacles as weapons for long-range attacks to exterminate.

Monster Sergei (Page 068)
The form after Sergei Vladimir turned into a monster. Like Wesker, he injected the virus himself. His cells were activated, and thus his appearance completely changed. About the virus developed by William Birkin, if people can't adapt to the virus, then the cell activation won't happen in most of them, and ordinarily they will become zombies. But Sergei is a one in ten million adaptor, so his brain cells didn't degenerate.

At the time as a human, and a high-ranking official, he was a commander of the underground laboratory of Umbrella's Russia branch in the Caucasus region. This is the newest facility of Umbrella; the over ground buildings were originally a chemical factory abandoned by the government. After purchasing it, Umbrella rebuilt the factory, and used it as a camouflage to carry out some secret researches. In this facility, with the help of the "Red Queen", which is the AI of the super computer U.M.F.-013 (Umbrella Main Frame NO.13), Sergei was continuing to develop a new type of B.O.W. After a long time of research, T-A.L.O.S. was finally completed. The T-A.L.O.S.' prototype is called "Guardian of Crete", which was retrieved from the Arklay Research Facility by Sergei, under an order of a mysterious man. After that, Sergei also deployed many Tyrants to Raccoon City. Actually, he is the leader of Umbrella's top-secret internal espionage organization called "The Monitors". His comrade, Nicholai is also one of those monitors. In the letter that Sergei wrote to Nicholai, there are some key words, like "The 10 soldiers", "Relinquishing" and "Part of me", etc, which may have underlying meanings. From this we can infer that as a complete adaptor, Sergei could have created some clones of himself. But the reason he got today's position and power in Umbrella is definitely not this.

Compared with other B.O.W.s, the appearance of Sergei Monster has many different points. It has a big claw like the Tyrant T-002, however it's used to move but not to attack. And its 2 arms are very similar to the tentacles of the Nemesis T-Type. About his mutation, Wesker advanced a theory that "The transformation represents the true mindset of the person's inside, and this makes the virus brings about on its host were mere random mutations." Sergei mutated into a monster whose very body was the picture of suffering as he was ripped apart from the inside by thorns, and we have no idea what exactly it was like deep in his heart.