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Written By: Masaru Miyazaki
Ilustrator: Naotsugu Matsueda
Supervised by: Studio Survive
Release Date: November 8, 2007 / November 15, 2007



BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES ~prelude to the fall~ (バイオハザード アンブレラ・クロニクルズ~崩壊への序曲~) was a two-part manga released shortly before the release of BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CHRONICLES. The manga was commissioned by CAPCOM to serve as the prelude to the Umbrella's End and Dark Legacy scenarios in the game, both of which deal with the downfall of Umbrella Corporation. The first half of the manga debuted on November 8, 2007 in issue 50 of Akita Shoten's weekly Shonen Champion magazine. The second and final chapter was published on November 15, the same day the game was released in Japan.

Project Umbrella has translated the comics for download: Part 1 | Part 2
CDisplay is the suggested viewing software although WinRAR may be used.

Plot Synopsis

Following the Raccoon City Incident, former S.T.A.R.S. Officers Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield formed their own private anti-biohazard unit in order to investigate and contain any bioterrorism incidents caused by the Umbrella Corporation's B.O.W.s. While investigating a remote village in the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Southern Russia, the pair discovered that yet another t-virus outbreak had occurred, and that most of the inhabitants had already been infected. They located only one survivor, a young girl by the name of Anna.

After destroying a horde of zombies at the village's massive grain silo, they encountered their former Captain, Albert Wesker. He revealed to them that the Umbrella Corporation had established several storage facilities referred to as "hangars" around the world in order to disperse and conceal their various assets, including developmental B.O.W.s and viral anti-bodies lying in stasis. The village they were in was just such a location, and Anna's father was one of the employees in charge of overseeing the collected specimens and collecting data. An explosive-rigged wall safe foiled Wesker's attempt at acquiring technical data on Umbrella's new Hunter δ B.O.W. model, and he quickly fled the area.

His mission was not entirely unsuccessful, however, as he did manage to locate a disk containing the schematics of the nearby chemical plant which was the overground disguise of the secret underground laboratory of the Russian branch of Umbrella. Back at the village, Jill and Chris also learned of this facility after Anna revealed to them that her father, an Umbrella employee, worked there. As local authorities arrived on the scene to clean-up the village, they quickly left to join a local anti-biohazard unit to launch an assault on the Umbrella facility.