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Production Information

Developer: Capcom (Japan)
Producer: Capcom (Japan, USA)
Platform: Cellphone / Mobile Phone

Release Dates

JAP: 2nd July 2001 (i-mode)
PAL: 2003



BIOHAZARD Zombie Buster

BIOHAZARD Zombie Buster (Resident Evil Zombie Buster) was an early foray into the ever growing mobile phone games industry. Using familiar characters and creatures from the Resident Evil universe, Zombie Buster was one of the first Resident Evil games to be released in Western territories.

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Like the name might suggest, this game is about fighting. As either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield, you are faced with the task of defending a line which zombies are going to try and breach.  Other B.O.W.s do make an appearance in this quirky overhead view shoot 'em up.

Development History

With the cellphone industry growing at an alarming rate, and new technologies being inserted into cellphones on a frequent basis, Capcom were keen to bring their most successful franchises into the palms of gamers hands. Resident Evil: Zombie Buster is one of the first projects.

You move horizontally across the screen trying to press the Zombies backwards from the line by shooting at them, something which can be quite hectic as you rise through the levels. After clearing one level, you are thrust upon a boss battle. There are 3 bosses in total, and after that, the game is circulating with the difficulty level increasing.

Leon and Claire have different abilities which can be used to defeat the zombies.

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