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Product Details

Publisher: CAPCOM CO., LTD
Released: September 30, 2010
Product ID: ISBN4-862332-76-5
Pages: 288



BIOHAZARD archives II (バイオハザード アーカイブス2, also known as RESIDENT EVIL ARCHIVES II outside of Japan) is the second BIOHAZARD series "Bible" which focuses on the mythology of the series, released five years after the first book. It was first made available at Tokyo Game Show 2010 before being sold to the public.

Table of Contents [hide]
  1. Product Description
  2. Project Umbrella Translation
    1. Story Track
      1. BIOHAZARD 4 (Pages 12-33)
      2. BIOHAZARD 4 INTERRELATION (Pages 34-35)
      3. BIOHAZARD 5 (Pages 36-55)
      4. BIOHAZARD 5 INTERRELATION (Pages 56-57)
    2. Character Track
      1. LEON S. KENNEDY (Pages 60-61)
      2. ADA WONG (Pages 62-63)
      3. ASHLEY GRAHAM (Pages 64-65)
      4. JACK KRAUSER (Pages 66-67)
      5. LUIS SERA (Page 68)
      6. BITOREZ MENDEZ (Page 69)
      7. RAMON SALAZAR (Page 70)
      8. OSMUND SADDLER (Page 71)
      9. WEAPONS MERCHANT (Page 72)
      10. INGRID HUNNIGAN (Page 73)
      11. MIKE (Page 73)
      12. HUNK (Page 73)
      13. CHRIS REDFIELD (Pages 74-75)
      14. SHEVA ALOMAR (Pages 76-77)
      15. JILL VALENTINE (Pages 78-79)
      16. ALBERT WESKER (Pages 80-81)
      17. EXCELLA GIONNE (Page 82)
      18. OZWELL E. SPENCER (Page 83)
      19. RICARDO IRVING (Page 83)
      20. REYNARD FISHER (Page 84)
      21. JOSH STONE (Page 84)
      22. DAN DECHANT (Page 85)
      23. KIRK MATHISON (Page 85)
      24. DAVE JOHNSON (Page 85)
      25. DOUG (Page 85)
    3. Creature Track
      1. PLAGA (Page 88)
      2. GANADO (Page 88)
      3. VILLAGERS (Page 89)
      4. CULTISTS (Page 89)
      5. MERC GANADO 1 (Page 90)
      6. MERC GANADO 2 (PARASITE) (Page 90)
      7. GANADO (GATTLING GUN TYPE) (Page 91)
      8. GANADO (CHAINSAW TYPE) (Page 91)
      9. EL GIGANTE (Page 92)
      10. GARRADOR (Page 93)
      11. BITOREZ MENDEZ (Page 94)
      12. RAMON SALAZAR (Page 95)
      13. JACK KRAUSER (Page 96)
      14. OSMUND SADDLER (Page 97)
      15. REGENERADOR (Page 98)
      16. IRON MAIDEN (Page 98)
      17. NOVISTADOR (Page 99)
      18. VERDUGO (Page 100)
      19. U-3 (Page 101)
      20. COLMILLOS (Page 102)
      21. DEL LAGO (Page 102)
      22. AMUDARA (Page 103)
      23. MAJINI (Page 104)
      24. TOWN MAJINI (Page 104)
      25. EXECUTIONER MAJINI (Page 105)
      26. BIG MAN MAJINI (Page 105)
      27. CHAINSAW MAJINI (Page 106)
      28. MOTORCYCLE MAJINI (Page 106)
      29. TRIBESMAN MAJINI (Page 107)
      30. GIANT MAJINI (Page 107)
      31. MERCENARY MAJINI (Page 108)
      32. GATTLING GUN MAJINI (Page 108)
      33. CEPHALO (Page 109)
      34. DUVALIA (Page 109)
      35. NDESU (Page 110)
      36. KIPEPEO (Page 111)
      37. BUI KICHWA (Page 111)
      38. ADJULE (Page 112)
      39. POPOKARIMU (Page 113)
      40. U-8 (Page 114)
      42. LICKER β
      43. BLOB (Page 115)
      44. UROBOROS VIRUS (Page 116)
      45. REAPER (Page 116)
      46. UROBOROS (Page 117)
      47. UROBOROS MKONO (Page 117)
      48. UROBOROS AHERI (Page 118)
      49. UROBOROS ALBERT WESKER (Page 119)
    4. Extra Track
      7. CHARACTER AND CREATURE: T-A.L.O.S. (Page 206)
      17. CHARACTER AND CREATURE: V Complex (Page 214)
      19. BIOHAZARD DEGNERATION (Pages 216-219)
    5. Keyword Track
    6. Umbrella
      1. GENESIS (Page 224)
    7. T-A.L.O.S.
      1. THE T-A.L.O.S. PROJECT (Page 227)
      2. RED QUEEN (Page 227)
    8. Bioterrorism
      1. U.S. SECRET MILITARY AGENCY (Page 228)
      2. OPERATION JAVIER (Page 229)
      3. OPERATION T-A.L.O.S. (Page 230)
    9. BSAA
      1. SALAZAR FAMILY (Page 234)
    12. PLAGA
      1. PLAGA ORIGINS (Page 235)
      2. HOWTO REMOVE THE PLAGAS (Page 236)
      3. EVOLVED PLAGA (Page 236)
    13. The Third Organization
      1. FEMALE SPY (Page 237)
    14. WilPharma
      2. t-VACCINE DEVELOPMENT (Page 239)
      3. POLITICAL COLLUSION (Page 230)
      4. TERRASAVE (Page 239)
    15. TRICELL
      1. THE PATH OF TRICELL (Page 240)
    16. Uroboros
      3. P30 (Page 242)
      4. BIRTH OF A NEW HUMAN SPECIES (Page 243)
      5. THE WESKER PROJECT (Page 243)
    17. Database Track
      1. GLOSSARY (Pages 246-251)
      2. CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE (Page 252-255)
  3. STAFF

Product Description


「バイオハザード アーカイブス2」が前作から5年の時を経て登場!!

Project Umbrella Translation

Story Track

BIOHAZARD 4 (Pages 12-33)


BIOHAZARD 5 (Pages 36-55)


Character Track

LEON S. KENNEDY (Pages 60-61)

Formerly a Raccoon City police officer, he is now an agent reporting directly to the President. His middle name is Scott. He has a strong sense of justice, keeps his cool and is not easily unnerved, and furthermore, has a fearless streak. Compared to when he was a rookie police officer, he has grown considerably both physically and mentally, and reveals his degree of comfort even in tough situations by telling jokes.

A kidnapping incident happens involving Ashley Graham, the daughter of the United States President. Under orders to investigate and to rescue her, Leon flies alone to Europe, and according to witness reports, heads directly to a village far away from the city. The Los Illuminados are headquartered there.

During his investigation, he realizes that this is not just an ordinary ransom kidnapping. The objective of Osmund Saddler, the cult leader, was to use the Plaga to control host bodies that could manipulate important people in various countries, in order to rule the world.

His rivals included Ada Wong and Jack Krauser. He had little time to be surprised by their appearance, however, with the start of a battle to the death with people who were turned into monsters by the Plaga infection.Leon was one of the only survivors of the massive virus incident that happened in Raccoon City in 1998. He happened upon a biohazard on his first day serving as a Raccoon City police officer, with his first action after graduating from police academy being a city filled with zombies. After meeting Claire Redfield and Ada Wong in the city streets and at the police station, they attempted to escape from the city by working together. Although Ada was a spy working for an organization that was enemies with Umbrella, they began to have feelings for each other. After Ada was cut down by an enemy B.O.W. attack, Leon swore he would not rest until Umbrella was destroyed.

After the Raccoon City incident, Leon was scouted by a man who claimed to be a U.S. government intelligence agent. Leon must have attracted the organization's interest as a rare individual, a survivor of Raccoon City with great survival skills such as physical strength and decision-making ability. Even so, he would need to learn much more than he learned at police academy, and his training as an agent would require many days of hard work. During this time, he discovers that Ada is alive and has joined Wesker's organization.

Leon becomes an agent who reports directly to the President, and is sent on a special mission to South America where he begins investigating a drug lord who is believed to have direct contact with a former Umbrella scientist. During this time, Krauser, who belonged to a U.S. military special operations group, joins Leon in a support role. Although Krauser is full of self-pride at his capabilities as a military man, Leon was the winner here, including his human side. After their South America mission, Krauser quit the special operations group and was killed in an accident he meets shortly after.

The European countryside in 2004. Ada was still alive after all. Leon is further surprised at coming face to face with Jack Krauser again, who was thought to have died in an accident. While Ada successfully escapes with the dominant species Plaga, the entire cult including Krauser is destroyed, and Ashley is safely rescued. The mission was complete. After returning to the U.S., Leon prepares the "Leon Report" on the Ganado. This report is a confidential document not to be viewed by anyone other than a member of his organization or the BSAA.

About one year later, Leon is dispatched as a Special Commander of a quick response force to the airport of the U.S. city of Harvardville, where people are becoming zombies. He encounters Claire and they fight the zombies together to rescue the people in the airport...but a related incident flares up shortly thereafter. He leads the resolution of the bioterrorism turmoil being planned by WilPharma, the pharmaceutical company that rose to lead the pharmaceutical industry after the collapse of Umbrella.

ADA WONG (Pages 62-63)

A beautiful Asian woman wrapped in a bright red China Dress with a dancing butterfly design. A spy skilled in the various martial arts, her background is enshrouded in mystery, and even her name, Ada Wong, is an alias.

At the request of Albert Wesker, she infiltrated the location in order to bring back the dominant species Plaga being held by Los Illuminados.

At first glance, the long China dress seems to be a style poorly suited to espionage, but the dress is fitted with western accessories and style deep side slits, that allow a glimpse of a weapon holster worn on her leg, and that does not interfere with fighting action. Her items have a decidedly feminine flair to them, such as a flash bomb disguised as a pair of sunglasses and a small Hookshot sewn into her clothing, satisfying the womanly desire to wear favorite fashion items and look beautiful.

At the time of the virus leakage incident, Ada belonged to a rival organization to Umbrella. While engaged in intelligence operations in Raccoon City, she received an order from Wesker, from the same organization, to secure the "G-virus" that was discovered by William Birkin, of Umbrella. She went into disguise and used Leon, who she met at the police station, to obtain the sample, but a succession of dangerous situations gave the two of them time to be close to each other. Leon confirmed her feelings of love for him when he offered himself to protect her, and just a few hours later she did the same for him. In order to protect Leon, she suffered a grave wound from a B.O.W. "Tyrant," and grew weak in his arms.

Leon thought she was gone, but although she was severely injured, she was not dead. Perhaps she was pretending, afraid of slowing down Leon with her injuries. Reaching a hotel in town, she showed the "G" virus to Wesker via video monitor. This was a tissue sample taken from Birkin, who had taken the G-virus himself and mutated into a G. Wesker immediately sent a rescue helicopter and got Ada out of Raccoon City.

She found herself standing in front of Leon again after 6 years. Not fighting for the same side this time, they kept a cautious distance, such as offering words of help when backed into a corner. Ada at first gives Leon a rocket launcher at the critical moment of battle in a fight with Saddler, but then points a gun at him and demands he hand over the dominant species Plaga sample, and then tosses him a jet ski key to aid his escape, as if she still enjoys this relationship with Leon.
She escapes by helicopter to a different organization than Wesker's and disappears. Even in this mission to capture the Plaga, the true identity of the woman who has been called the "key to the true purpose" remains enshrouded in mystery.

ASHLEY GRAHAM (Pages 64-65)

The sole daughter of the United States president. While appearing to come from a privileged background and having a selfish personality, she has a bright personality and is not afraid of anything. She is kidnapped by Krauser while traveling from her university in Massachusetts to visit home. She is taken to the European region that is under the control of the Los Illuminados cult. It was a crazed village of people who were under the control of the "Plaga" parasite. She was discovered by Leon, who aimed to rescue her even as they are attacked by Ganados.

She had already been infected with eggs by the time Leon found her, and symptoms of the parasitic infection began to appear even during their attempted escape. Although she was frantic for a time out of fear of the parasites living inside her body, she regained her composure and even was able to tell sarcastic jokes, and at times find and offers strategy ideas to support Leon. Her tenacity under these cruel conditions must have encouraged Leon. Just as they make their safe escape, she becomes enamored with Leon, perhaps out of relief at their new safety.

She has a flamboyant style with youthful expressions, actions and words, to the point that she is ridiculed by Luis Sera in the abandoned house. She wears an orange knit top with no sleeves that shows off her figure. She wards off the cold with a brown cardigan with a pattern knitted into the sleeves. Her miniskirt is green with a diagonal hem cut. Her shoulder cardigan, belt and boot covers deliver a balanced brown tone and draw the eyes to key points, and her use of a silver belt buckle accessory finishes off her relaxed appearance.

For her second outfit, she wears a white top and bottom. Although the top is quite revealing, she looks refined with shiny accessories and a ribbon on her front, and accented with a sharp red belt. She wears a combination white and color-coordinated bracelet.

JACK KRAUSER (Pages 66-67)

Under orders from Wesker, Krauser travels to Europe and infiltrates Los Illuminados in order to obtain the dominant species Plaga. With the aim of growing closer to the cult's inner circle, he presses ahead with his plan to kidnap the US president's daughter, Ashley Graham. He is successfully accepted into the circle, but not allowed to go near the Plaga sample, and so enlists the cooperation of Ada, although not with sincerity. He has a showdown with Leon, who has come to rescue Ashley -- Leon was his partner 2 years ago in South America, where they entrusted their lives to each other.

When he went to South America, he belonged to the United States Army. He felt a sense of jealous rivalry at Leon, who operated as a direct agent of the President, and had a faint sense that their paths would someday diverge. He left the army after completing his mission together with Leon. There were reports that he died in an accident after leaving the Army, but a body was never found.

After seeing the unimaginable strength of humans with B.O.W.s in South America, a desire grew in him to have such great strength. After disappearing by faking his own death, he met Wesker, whose name appeared in documents related to an incident he heard about from Leon, and began working in Wesker's organization. He had injured his left arm in the battle in South America, but he possessed great strength and was skilled at fighting with a knife.

As he was gathering information inside the cult, Krauser became enthralled by the strength of the Plaga. He inserted the dominant species Plaga into his own body, obtaining superhuman physical abilities.

Upon meeting again in Europe, he fights Leon in an attempt to settle their differences, but is defeated and killed.

LUIS SERA (Page 68)

A Latino who Leon met at the abandoned house. He says that he was a Madrid police officer, but he is actually a former Los Illuminados scientist. He continues parasitic research out of a sense of curiosity, but out of a growing sense of guilt at their evil plan, he betrays the cult and attempts to escape with a sample of the dominant species Plaga. As a former resident of the town that the cult now controls, he at first successfully escapes the cult thanks to his knowledge of the land, but is eventually captured and confined to an abandoned house. He only gives evasive replies to Leon's questions and does not reveal his true thoughts. While he engages in light conversation and doesn't show proper respect to people, this is all due to his strong sense of caution.

As a skilled scientist, he knows everything there is to know about the parasite, and has even been successful in removing parasite eggs that were planted by the cult, by himself. His initial motivation for attempting to escape the cult was to protect himself, but upon learning that parasite larva were living inside Leon and Ashley, he returns to the old castle to obtain drugs to stunt their growth, even though he knows it is dangerous. His motive for doing so must have been his rediscovery of his true heart, made possible by meeting Leon and the others.


The village mayor, whom Leon visits. A great man with a long narrow beard, dressed in a trench coat. Also the founder of Los Illuminados, he is a loyal servant who carries out the wishes of Osmund Saddler, whom he loves and respects. Unlike the common Ganado, he is infected with a "dominant species" parasite, and is in full control of his will, even as he possesses physical strength greater than that of normal men.

Upon hearing that Leon was coming to the village to investigate, Mendez notifies the village people and increases the village's alert level. When he meets Leon, he lets him go upon hearing that he has been infected, but, upon Saddler's instructions, he interferes with his [Leon's] movement and waits for the parasite to grow to adult size. However, he becomes worried at Leon's multiple attempts to break the siege, and decides to kill Leon in order to protect Saddler's plan. His left eye is a glass eye that also functions as the key to the Salazar castle gate. This is also proof that he protected the cult from outside enemies with he himself acting as a barrier.


The eighth leader of the Salazar family, that has controlled for generations the region being targeted for the search for Ashley. Salazar had no family and lived alone, making him vulnerable to the influence of Osmund Saddler, the leader of Los Illuminados. Intending to protect the people living in the region, Los Illuminados pushed Salazar to go against the wishes of his ancestors and release the "Plaga" parasite which had been sealed away inside the Salazar castle. The power of the cult within the region grew stronger, thanks to Salazar's adoration of Saddler and his complete cooperation, eventually leading to all of the villagers becoming cult followers. He also accepted a Plaga into his body and controls all of the crazed cult Ganado followers active in the region.

He has an unbalanced appearance, with a short stature like a child and a wrinkled face like an old man, and has a savage and arrogant personality. He is known to throw tantrums like a child when he doesn't get what he wants. The unusual creatures wearing robes that Salazar brings with him are the Verdugo, a bioweapon created through the cult's research. They serve as Salazar's guardians.


The most powerful current leader of Los Illuminados, the ages-old cult from a certain region of Europe. With the cooperation of Salazar, the current landowner of the region, he revives the missionary work using the "Plaga" parasite, a method that the cult has used since antiquity. Two types of Plaga exist: a subordinate species in which the parasite controls the host, and a dominant species in which the host retains control. Saddler used these to gain absolute control over the region. However, he was unable to control his desire for power, and began using the parasites in experimental bioweapons development. He devised a plan to kidnap Ashley Graham, the daughter of the United States President, the first step of his scheme to control the world through the power of the Plaga. He planned to first command the great nations from within and then ultimately rule the world. 

He wears a purple robe as a symbol of his status as the most powerful leader of the cult, and holds a Plaga-entangled cane. Although he appears to be from a different time, he carries a tentacle fitted with sharp claws, hidden under his robe to fight off any traitors.


A man in a black coat who trades in weapons. His shop symbol is a torch that burns with a blue flame, and he seems to travel around and play his trade wherever he pleases. He keeps a vast array of weapons in a large rucksack and his coat. From his appearance it is obvious that he is a Ganado, but strangely, he does not show hostility toward others and will deal with anyone who is willing to pay. While it is unclear where he acquires his goods, even Leon is impressed at the products he has on offer. He's a skilled business talker as well, frequently saying things such as "Trust your gut" or "Great choice: you know your weapons."


MIKE (Page 73)

An armed forces helicopter pilot sent by the United States government. He meets up with Leon at a remote island where Ashley was taken, where he aids Leon from the sky as he makes his way toward a base where fighters are waiting.

Mike's helicopter was a heavy gunship armed with Gatling guns and missiles, and even Leon was inspired by the help he provided to him when they were in a tight spot. He they worked together to deftly fight off the waves of enemy attacks. Mike invited Leon "for a beer when all of this is over," but he was shot down by one of Saddler's men and killed.

HUNK (Page 73)

CHRIS REDFIELD (Pages 74-75)

SHEVA ALOMAR (Pages 76-77)

JILL VALENTINE (Pages 78-79)

ALBERT WESKER (Pages 80-81)

Albert Wesker sometimes operated in the open, such as virus thefts that occurred throughout the world and a B.O.W. related incident, and he sometimes operated in the shadows.

Upon hearing information about a parasite in Europe that gave superhuman strength to its host, Wesker planned a mission to steal a sample of this "Plaga" parasite from the cult of Los Illuminados. In 2004, he ordered Jack Krauser and Ada Wong to go there to steal a sample of the dominant species Plaga. Although meticulously planned, Krauser was cut down by Leon and Ada betrayed him, resulting in only obtaining a subordinate species Plaga sample. However, through another means of acquisition, he successfully obtained a "dead dominant species Plaga."

Five years later, Wesker had motivated Excella to take the CEO position at TRICELL, which had a pharmaceutical division, and, manipulating her to forward his "Uroboros Plan," he went to Africa. He continues to work toward the "creation of a new human species through the Progenitor virus," the goal that Spencer had yearned for since the days of Umbrella. He used to be a bio-engineering specialist.

His blood-stained past began with his desire to be the "creator" all that exists. As the leader of Umbrella, Spencer poured all of his efforts into the development of B.O.W., but he had a horrific ambition: to use viruses to evolve the human race, create an ideal world of this new race, and become the "god" of this world. In pursuit of this flawed-logic goal, he implements a horrific plan to gather several hundred children from around the world who possess superior DNA, and inject them with the Progenitor virus to give them even greater intellectual abilities and superhuman strength. This was dubbed the "Wesker Project," named after the lead researcher at the time, all of the children in the project were given the name "Wesker," and they were dispersed around the world and closely monitored.

Several years later, Albert Wesker appeared at the Umbrella training facility in Raccoon City. He was regarded as being the best of the elite Weskers, and was given preferential treatment with Spencer as his guardian. The Wesker Project proceeded under the orders of Spencer, who continued to harbor undying ambition, and a prototype virus was administered to all of the Weskers. Most died, but some survived. Albert Wesker was one of the few who survived, and stood as the results of this experiment to artificially create beings with physical characteristics matching those of most B.O.W. Through the Arklay Laboratory, Wesker became the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team leader of the special Raccoon City police force to which Chris and Jill belonged, but he had secret intelligence-gathering orders from Umbrella. He was ordered to use troopers at the mansion in the Arklay Mountains as experimental B.O.W. subjects, and to collect data. However, a rival organization to Umbrella was planning to steal that data, unbeknownst to him. Stopped by Chris and Jill before he was able to carry out his plan, Wesker was killed by a B.O.W. "Tyrant." But it was actually a staged death in which he had injected himself with a virus that would revive him.

Several months after the mansion incident, Wesker reappeared on Rockfort Island. This time, he was here to lead a special force of a rival organization to Umbrella to infiltrate the island. Here, he successfully stole t-Veronica, and unexpectedly met with Chris again, who had come to help his sister.

In 2006, before Chris and Jill infiltrated Spencer's mansion, Wesker attacked Spencer, who "created him." He confronted Chris and Jill and cut them down with his superhuman powers. However, before he could deal the finishing blow to Chris, Jill tackled him and they fell onto the rocks, but he kidnapped her and injected her with P30 in order to control her emotions. Then, he went back to his alliance with TRICELL to realize his next ambition, the "Uroboros Project."

In order to sustain life as a bioweapon, it was necessary for him to regularly take appropriate doses of a drug called PG67A/W. Chris and the others significantly reduced his abilities by forcing him to overdose on the drug. As a last ditch effort, he tried and failed to join with the Uroboros virus, and eventually disappeared into the lava...



Founded Umbrella together with James Marcus and Edward Ashford and survived longer than them. A cold, ambitious individual, he plotted to secretly kill the other two founders.

Spencer led Umbrella and strongly believed he was one of the ‘chosen ones,' and believed that "people should be ruled by physically and intellectually superior individuals." Upon discovering the Progenitor virus, he put into motion his plan to realize this philosophy. He founded Umbrella, and continued researching the t-virus, with only a handful of people aware of his true intentions. However, Umbrella was brought down by the actions of Chris and the others. Since then, he disappeared and went into hiding, and time was not kind to him. As he hung onto life, confined to a wheelchair and connected to life support systems, who could imagine that this old man, frustrated at the thought of dying before realizing his plan, at one time was a man who struck untold fear in people around the world. Incidentally, the name "Wesker" was given to all of the children used in various Progenitor virus experiments, and he bragged about the greatest Wesker ever created, as being his creation.

The BSAA discovered his whereabouts and launched a raid on the European mansion where Spencer was quietly living in hiding. However, by the time that Chris and Jill rushed into his room, Spencer had already been killed at the hand of Wesker.



JOSH STONE (Page 84)




DOUG (Page 85)

Doug is a helicopter pilot. He goes by helicopter to meet Jill, who is rushing to meet Chris, but while providing them with cover fire, he is attacked by an armed Majini and is killed in action.

Creature Track

PLAGA (Page 88)

A parasite that has lost its host. "Plaga" means "plague" in Spanish, while "plagas" means "pests," which is the motif of the symbol of the Los Illuminados cult. Because Plaga cannot survive on their own, and will grow weak and die in a short period of time, they attack nearby living things in order to seek out new hosts. They are sensitive to light.

GANADO (Page 88)

Humans who have been infected with the subordinate species of the Plaga. Ganado means "livestock" in Spanish. The Plaga assimilates with the central nervous system to control the host's movement. Control is possible through the use of bells or other specific sounds. Due to the survival instinct of the Plaga, Ganado lose their sense of reason and show strong aggressiveness toward humans who are not infected. However, hosts retain their human intellect - they can set traps, use weapons and interact through conversation. Various types of Ganado exist, depending on the environment before the infection occurred.


CULTISTS (Page 89)

MERC GANADO 1 (Page 90)

These are warriors laying in wait at the fort on the deserted island. They are trained in battle, and many are outfitted with heavier armor than regular Ganado. In addition to weapons used by cult members, they carry other weapons such as stun rods and hammers.


A type of Ganado where the Plaga has destroyed the head and is exposed through the neck because the host has been damaged. Its battle abilities and endurance are greater than those of a regular Ganado. There are three types - A, B and C - depending on the developmental stage of the parasite at that point in time.

Type A is manifested as a larval parasite, which waves long tentacles with sharp ends. Type B is manifested between larval and adult stage, and spits acid and bites victims with its large mouth. Type C is manifested as a fully formed adult. It separates from its host as it takes on damage and attacks as a standalone Plaga.



This type is more suited to assimilation with Plaga than regular Ganado, and has superior muscular strength and endurance. Dominated by a strong destructive urge, it wields a chainsaw and relentlessly pursues anyone it identifies as an enemy. There are three types - a man wearing a burlap sack, two sisters wearing bandages, and a heavy set but nimble man.

EL GIGANTE (Page 92)

GARRADOR (Page 93)



This is a gigantic monster created by Salazar fusing with the Verdugo that accompanied him, and a mother parasite. As if in order to show of the grandiosity of the last master of the old castle which has a long history, he joined with the room at the top of the tallest tower.

Salazar himself is protected by a shelter-like organ at the center of the monster, which attacks enemies with three long tentacles. The Verdugo, the castle master's right hand man, resides within the middle tentacle. The sharp teeth in the creature's large mouth are extremely deadly. Also, at the base of the mother creature's eye is a sac in which the parasite resides. From there, it gives birth to an inexhaustible supply of new Plaga offspring.




Created out of an experiment to infect a single human with multiple Plaga parasites. Regenerador means "regenerator" in Spanish. As the name implies, they have amazing regenerative capabilities, and are able to regrow lost body parts in the blink of an eye. They retain a vague human shape, but have no ears, deformed noses and glowing red eyes. Their gaping, drooling mouths are filled with rows of sharp teeth. They walk slowly, but can attack enemies by stretching out and grabbing them with both arms, drawing them closer and biting with their sharp teeth.

Their bodies have no protrusions, not even sexual organs, making it impossible to determine the gender of specimens. Their entire body from their organs to their brains has undergone so many unique mutations that no trace exists of primordial human intelligence.



An "insect human" created through Plaga application experiments. It can change the color of is carapace at will. Its name means "that which cannot be seen" in Spanish. It can make itself invisible and attack its prey by blending in with its background.

Although based on humans, its body is just like that of an insect. It has been observed making giant nests in order to reproduce. A weaker type that lacks camouflage ability has large wings on its back and flies in swarms as it attacks its enemies.

VERDUGO (Page 100)

A successful experiment using the DNA of humans and insects resulted in a creature with excellent fighting abilities that could also be completely controlled by Plaga. It normally wears a robe and accompanies Salazar, but under the robe is a body with an extremely hard carapace. Of all the bioweapons developed by the cult, the Verdugo has top-class endurance while being also flexible, capable of slipping in through the smallest ceiling cracks and launching surprise attacks with its sharp claws and tail.

"Verdugo" means "executioner" in Spanish.

U-3 (Page 101)

COLMILLOS (Page 102)

DEL LAGO (Page 102)

Originally an aquatic creature resembling a giant salamander, it was used as a sample for testing Plaga suitability. Together with the parasite, it grew to a massive length of over 20m.

The tentacles of the plaga are visible waving in its large mouth. Its thick, vertically flat tail is well adapted to swimming, enabling it to move through the water with ease. However, it was confined to the village lake because it could not be controlled by the plaga. It has four legs, but they are vestigial in nature and are unable to support the animal's massive body on land, making the deep and wide lake the perfect environment for Del Lago.

"Lago" means "lake" in Spanish.

AMUDARA (Page 103)

Armadura means "armor" in Spanish. There are two types, one with a simple armor and another with a full body armor. A Plaga in search of a host will crawl into a suit of body armor on display in the old castle and take control of it. Inside the suit of armor, it maintains its life status in a state of hibernation and waits for its prey to come near. The Plaga has tentacles which it attaches to the inside of the armor and that are composed of tissue resembling the muscular system of humans, and are capable of launching attacks with swords or axes.

MAJINI (Page 104)

TOWN MAJINI (Page 104)









CEPHALO (Page 109)

DUVALIA (Page 109)

NDESU (Page 110)

A huge B.O.W. produced based on data of "El Gigante" documented in Europe. Size is the biggest thing for a human type Plaga. Five parasitic Plaga can be seen and it will not cease activity if not all are destroyed. By implanting multiple Plaga, those who become the base organism acquire astonishing durability. In addition, it possesses tremendous superhuman strength and can casually throw telephone poles and military jeeps.
It promotes horror by hanging the corpse of a Delta Team meber who drove to destruction from its waist.

KIPEPEO (Page 111)

BUI KICHWA (Page 111)

ADJULE (Page 112)


U-8 (Page 114)



"Licker" is an advanced B.O.W. that arose through genetic mutation. TRICELL researchers attempted to use the primordial virus to re-engineer it, but the results did not meet expectations. It has almost no sense of vision but possesses a keen sense of hearing and smell. It attaches itself to walls or ceilings. Attacking victims with its sharp claws and long tongue, its primary traits are the same as the types found at Raccoon City.

BLOB (Page 115)


The Uroboros Virus, central to the "Uroboros Project" being forwarded by Wesker, chooses the DNA of living creatures. Living creatures with compatible DNA come under control of the virus, and also gain superhuman abilities. However, the virus runs out of control in creatures with incompatible DNA. It grows by consuming all organic matter around and including the original host. It continually destroys and rebuilds its own body and indiscriminately attacks nearby creatures in order to absorb them.

A snake-like creature of the same name appears in Greek mythology, that is biting its own tail. Based on its form, the name is alternately interpreted to mean "completeness," "destruction and rebirth" or "infinity."

REAPER (Page 116)

UROBOROS (Page 117)



The barely recognizable form that Excella took after being injected with the Uroboros virus by Wesker. In Swahili, "aheri" means "end" or "limit."

Taking in the huge number of human bodies on the ship deck, it grew enormous through absorbing large volumes of organic material, growing big enough to envelop a large ship.

As the largest type of Uroboros, conventional weapons are almost useless. It has a large core that looks like a jewel enshrouded in a mysterious light, and spawns a seemingly inexhaustible supply of tentacle-like creatures.


Extra Track


February 18, 2003. Some helicopters were flying above the snow-white earth in Russia. Chris Redfield, who was originally a member of STARS, now is sitting in the cabin. After STARS disintegrated along with the destruction of Raccoon city, Chris joined a private anti-b organization. The one sat beside him is his old partner - Jill Valentine. In order to completely eliminate Umbrella's legacy, the two attended the mission to destroy the laboratory of Umbrella's branch in Russia, which was just found recently. Many evidences showed they are developing some new B.O.W.s here.

The team dropped onto the earth via ropes, and at the moment they touched the snow, many monsters appeared. The team split up, and began the battle with those monsters flooding from the facility. The closer they approached the facility's core district, the more monsters they encountered. The other soldiers' voice in their radio also turned into shrill screams.
In the elevator, the two are heading down hundreds of meters to the facility's underground lab, and the entrance is just like the gate to hell. They arrived in the B.O.W. factory, and their companions' corpses could be seen everywhere. Here is a huge underground facility called "Caucasus Laboratory". Labs, water tanks, and obsoleted equipments.....As surprised by the laboratory's huge size, they received contact from those barely survived soldiers, saying that they have taken control of the overground facility.

As they keep moving, a laser trap was in their way. With strictly implemented security systems, the construction of this facility is very complicated, like intents to bewilder any intruders. Finally, they got to the proving ground, then heard the loud sound from a speaker. The voice comes from Umbrella's high rank supervisor - Sergei Vladimir. For the revival of Umbrella, he secretly developed a new B.O.W. called T-A.L.O.S. Under Sergei's order, this giant monster immediately launched attack to them.




















28 Years old. He worked as a secret agent for the President of the United States for several years following the Raccoon City tragedy.


26 years old. Following the Rockfort Island incident, she was assigned to the NGO TerraSave, a group that aids victims of bio-terror and medical abuses. She travels regularly around the world.


29 years old. Captain of the Harvardville Special Response Team, a special unit commissioned to handle emergency response and life-saving missions. She was born and raised in Harvardville, and prides herself for protecting her beloved hometown. She is Cutis' blood sister.


28 years old. Angela's teammate on the Harvardville S.R.T.


56 years old. Senator of his hometown of Harvardville. It is rumoured that he is in collusion with the WilPharma Corporation and clandestinely funds their research by holding a nationwide pharmaceuticals conference. He believes that prosperity can only be achieved with sacrifice, therefore he justifies the casualties of Raccoon City as necessary evils.



8 years old. She was adopted by her aunt after her family fell victim to human experimentation conducted by the WilPharma Corporation. She and her aunt were at the airport in a demonstration against the corporation when the plane crash occurred.



25 years old. She works for the President's secret agency as an intelligence liaison, and was assigned to communicate White House orders to Agent Leon S. Kennedy. She receives messages on the monitor of her communications device.


35 years old. A former employee of the NGO TerraSave. He joined the NGO after losing his wife and daughter to the tragedy of Raccoon City. He was arrested for organising numerous protests against WilPharma's Harvardville laboratory. He eventually turned to terrorist activity after he learned the truth behind the Raccoon City incident from WilPharma's head researcher, Frederic Downing.



Keyword Track


GENESIS (Page 224)

'Preserving the health of the people,' this is the motto of the pharmaceutical conglomerate Umbrella. However, although the company is under the pretence of helping the public, the reality is that it specializes in virus research and B.O.W. {Bio Organic Weapon.} It conducted illegal research that was the principle axis of the company.

Since it was founded in 1968, it has become a worldwide conglomerate. But the event that triggered the birth of the company goes back to the 19th Century.


Marcus made his comeback to the front-line of Progenitor Virus study and resumed his unique research. Then, ten years later in January 1978, as a result of combining leech DNA in order to strengthen the characteristics of the Progenitor Virus, he finally succeeded in producing a "t-Virus" which served as the foundation of his B.O.W. development. This research result was the earnest wish of Marcus, who sought to regain his status as an Umbrella founder, and it was simultaneously also Spencer's goal. Yes, it was all Spencer's plot. He intentionally stimulated Marcus's research will and abused the master-student relationship between Marcus and Bailey, and calmly awaited the completion of a new virus.

Then, in 1988, when the t-Virus had reached a level of completion, Spencer sent executive candidate employees Albert Wesker and William Birkin into Marcus' source, and assassinated Marcus, who had become unnecessary.


July 1998. The industrial town Raccoon City located in the American Midwest. All tragedy began here. The "t-Virus" leaked out of the executive training school built by Umbrella in the Arklay Mountains. The mastermind was James Marcus, who was assassinated in 1988 and revived from the abyss of death by the t-Virus fused with leech tissue, and he had intentionally caused the biohazard in order to take revenge on Umbrella, which forcefully stole his research.

September 1998. The t-Virus spread in the entire urban area of Raccoon City through animals and insects. The city overflowed with citizens who had become Zombies, and the non-infected individuals who barely survived completely lost refuge. The local Raccoon Police Department, which should have been able to be relied on, was destroyed, and the U.B.C.S. (Biohazard Countermeasure Service) deployed by Umbrella for civilian rescue was almost wiped out. The U.S. Armed Forces finally intervened and martial law was announced, but the situation was getting worse.

In October 1998, taking the matter seriously, the U.S. Government urgently opened Congress and finally received its decision to carry out the "Sterilization Operation." The Sterilization Operation was to launch a strategic missile into the center of Raccoon City in order to contain the virus, together with the infected people. Although this inhumane strategy was able to prevent the worst situation of the virus spreading to the city's outskirts, the price of sacrificing 100,000 citizens was too big.

After the Sterilization Operation, the U.S. Government enacted a business suspension order against Umbrella, the masterminds of the incident. On the other hand, Umbrella's leader Spencer expressed his disapproval of this order by forming the strongest legal counsel with his financial power and filing a lawsuit against the government. This trial was called the "Raccoon Trial" focusing on the testimony of survivors, but because the Umbrella side prepared witnesses for perjury, evidence was annihilated with the Sterilization Operation and government officials refused testimony for fear of their own crimes, it ran into difficulties. In accordance with Spencer's expectations, a conspiracy theory of the government emerged in the world, prolonging it.

However, the legal battle lasted for nearly five years, and finally came to an end after the decisive biohazard case that occurred in the Russian Caucasus in 2003. The government side had obtained top secret data saved to a computer as physical evidence that Umbrella was deeply involved in the incident. Thereby, the trial accelerated in one stroke and Umbrella completely lost the case in the trial, rendering their desperate cover-up entirely in vain.

In the same year, Umbrella was saddled with full responsibility for Raccoon City's destruction and aided by its stock price crash, chronic deficit operation and damage caused by rumors, its management came to a deadlock and it went virtually bankrupt.


THE T-A.L.O.S. PROJECT (Page 227)

Wesker, who was in charge of the Umbrella corporate training school reclamation plan in 1998, used the biohazard that Marcus had caused as a good opportunity for putting into action a plan to defect to a rival company. Colonel Sergei Vladimir quickly noticed this betrayal. He launched 'Ivan,' a deviation of the Tyrant T-103 in the direction of the traitor Wesker. But Wesker disappeared together with the explosion of the training school, resulting in the failure of Sergei's clean up attempt.

Sergei's next action was not to follow Wesker but instead enact a top secret mission at the Arklay Lab. His objective was to transport to Russia the 'T-A.L.O.S. Project' which was being developed together with the bioweapons research team at the Arklay Lab.

The goal of the 'T-A.L.O.S. Project' was to develop a next generation 'product' by further improving on the Tyrant T-002 type which was first put into action during the mansion incident. This new tyrant was computer controlled in order to improve stability and was equipped with heavy artillery and armour to enable it to also engage combat vehicles and helicopters. Sergei gave highest priority to recovering the 'T-A.L.O.S. body T-011,' which was known as the 'Guardian of Crete'. This was the main requirement of the T-A.L.O.S. project.

When Wesker was gathering B.O.W. combat data using S.T.A.R.S. personnel, Sergei saved all the research data in 'U.M.F.-013' and used the defence A.I. computer "RED QUEEN" to steal Wesker's access. Red Queen was brought to the Russian motherland in order to enable the complete control of T-A.L.O.S.

In Russia, Umbrella used a dummy company to build an underground laboratory by purchasing an old industrialized chemical factory. It was Umbrella's newest facility, the "Caucasus Laboratory.'

Then, the T-A.L.O.S. project was re-started to enable the revitalization of Umbrella, which had been weakened by the collapse in its stock price, by supplying new-type B.O.W.s to conflict areas. Based on the body recovered from the Arklay Lab and experimental data, work was rushed to complete the most powerful, new-type B.O.W. called 'T-A.L.O.S.' However, one man appeared in the snowy valley to stop Sergei's ambitions. It was Wesker, the man who had sold out to the rival corporation.

When Sergei interfered with his plans five years ago, in order to exact revenge and complete his mission, Wesker arrived at the Caucasus laboratory alone and easily beat the guard duty Ivan that Sergei had released. In response, Sergei injected himself with the t-virus, and turned into a monster with incredible strength. Strangely however, Wesker already had superhuman strength from a modified strain of the t-virus developed by Birkin. In other words, the battle would be an unprecedented fight between two perfectly matched rivals. Ultimately, Wesker was the victor. Sergei's dream of resurrecting Umbrella died with him. "Power is tamed by an even greater power." Wesker regained access rights to the U.M.F.-013 and access to the 'Umbrella Archive' that contained all the data about Umbrella. After completely deleting all of the U.M.F.-013 back up data, he left the laboratory with a broad grin on his face.

RED QUEEN (Page 227)

Red Queen was the codename for a defensive A.I. developed by Umbrella, which existed within the Umbrella Supercomputer 'U.M.F.-013'. It normally monitors information at low levels within the vast network linking the company's branches around the world, but in the event of an emergency, it comes to the surface to protect Umbrella from physical or cyber threats. The main defensive functions are: 1. Protect Umbrella assets and manage facilities; and 2. Protect the lives of Umbrella senior personnel. Sergei Vladimir, a senior Umbrella executive, completely controlled the actions of T.A.L.O.S., as an advanced Tyrant model, by embedding a chip containing Red Queen and wireless communication capabilities into its brain.

UMF-013 is the name of the 13th Supercomputer located in the Raccoon City underground laboratory. This mainframe contains a backup of all information related to Umbrella. The stored data is referred to as the 'Umbrella Archive.' Someone who had access to this massive amount of data could theoretically resurrect Umbrella.



After the destruction of Raccoon City, a memorial service is held September every year for victims in a small town over 100 miles away. Also, the United States Congress is still investigating the area where Raccoon City used to be and civilians are never allowed to enter the area. The emotional wounds are still deep even as time passes and the virus of Umbrella has ironically brought another tragedy upon the world as a trigger for the collapse of the Umbrella Corporation.

After receiving the order to cease operations, various former employees and researchers began leaking viruses and B.O.W.s from the company onto the black market. Troublemakers such as rouge nations, guerrillas, and terrorists rush to buy the evil weapons created by Umbrella and the world is rocked by bioterrorist incidents.

Critical in dealing with bioterrorist incidents is the ability to react quickly. On the ground, what matters is combat experience with B.O.W.s. As if to underscore this, survivors of the Raccoon City horror have boldly gone up against terrorism all around the world. One of these brave souls is Leon S. Kennedy, who had only just started his first day as a Raccoon City Police Officer on the day of the infamous incident.

After his escape from Raccoon City, Leon was recruited by the government for his abilities. His superior survival skills were needed by the President's 'Secret Service.' Agents were dispatched on secret missions under orders given directly from the White House and became specialized in handling bioterrorism incidents which are not easily fought by unconventional methods. Agents in charge of special missions are assigned dedicated operators to serve as contact and support personnel, and orders are given via portable data terminals. This is a special measure to ensure there will be no knowledge that the mission was conducted under direct presidential orders, even if the agent fails in his mission.


2002, A certain country in South America. After the devastating Raccoon City incident, Leon has become a government agent and is given an order to investigate drug lord Javier Hidalgo and the fact that a former Umbrella researcher has contacted his organization, the crime syndicate; Sacred Snakes. He alongside Jack Krauser, a solider of the American special operations command, head towards the private residence of Javier.

The President had granted 'Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol number 7600'. Leon's main mission was to eradicate the virus that Umbrella produces from the world. In order to achieve this purpose knowledge of illicit sales was urgent business.
By the time Leon and Krauser arrived at the village of Mixcoatl to meet their guide, the people had already been converted into zombies. The presence of B.O.W.s was also confirmed, verifying the belief that Javier purchased them off the black market. However, it was a shock to discover Manuela was prescribed the t-Veronica by Javier into her own body. The virus was developed at the Antarctic base.

In 1991, after his dear wife Hilda collapsed with a fatal disease, Javier prescribed the t-virus to his wife.

OPERATION T-A.L.O.S. (Page 230)

The year is 2003. After the destruction of Raccoon City, former S.T.A.R.S. members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine belonged to the civillian-organized 'Private Anti-Biohazard Unit' to fight other bioterrorism incidents around the world. Unlike the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service {U.B.C.S.} unit, whose mission was to handle biological disasters and collect data, the mission of this organization was to strike down any bioterrorism.

This private-anti biohazard unit was a small and elite field group trained to carry out operations and even though it was a private, non-government organization, it possessed enough arms and equipment to rival an army. In February 2003, upon learning that the Russian branch of Umbrella was developing new-type B.O.W., Chris and Jill went to participate in this local unit. They rode on two separate helicopters together with several other squad members and conducted a raid on the laboratory in question. Based on the name of the new type B.O.W. that they found in the deepest part of the facility, this mission later became known as the 'T-A.L.O.S. Operation'.

On the day of the mission, a Level 4 biohazard event occurred just as Chris and Jill arrived at the location, killing over 90% of the researchers working at the facility. The survival rate in the poisoned atmosphere was less than 2%, a terrible situation. Under development there was the new, human based B.O.W., 'T-A.L.O.S.' It was the improved version of the Tyrant and allowed for complete external control by computer. Like the 'Nemesis T-type,' which aimed to increase intelligence capacity injecting the mass-production model Tyrant with the 'Nemesis' parasite, it was a prototype that was significantly different from previous development concepts.

At the centre of the project was Colonel Sergei Vladimir, who represented the Spencer faction within Umbrella. The mission of Chris and Jill was to bring him down and nip the resurrection of Umbrella in the bud. But ironically, Sergei was brought down by Albert Wesker, who had also infiltrated the organization with the same goal and escaped with all of the Umbrella data that had been stored in 'U.M.F.-013.'

However, the goal was ultimately accomplished. This was because Wesker leaked data that became key evidence in a trial at the Raccoon City court case that same year. 5 years after the mansion incident, Umbrella, which was the world's largest pharmaceutical firm, lost the trial and collapsed.

After accomplishing the goal of bringing down Umbrella, Chris and Jill then immediately turned their attention to their next battle - to defeat the enemy to all; Spencer, who had disappeared without trace, and their arch nemesis, Wesker.




In 2004, after performing many assignments as an agent of the United States, Leon was given a new assignment. His assignment was to protect Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of the United States. After careful investigation of Leon's background, thoughts, and experience, the government determined that he was appropriately suited to protecting VIPs. However, just after Leon had completed his special training and just before beginning his first assignment, Ashley was abducted by someone on her way home from university in Massachusetts. Normally a large scale team would be deployed to search for her, but since there were growing suspicions that someone had accessed highly confidential internal information, the government chose Leon, who had completed background checks, in order to protect the secret investigation. Based on eyewitness information obtained from the FBI, he immediately began investigation activities in Europe.

On arriving at the mountain village, he bumped into an enemy unlike any ever encountered before -'Ganado,' - appearing to be humans but not human - their actions are controlled by the Plaga parasite.

The village chief, Bitorez Mendez, controlled the Ganado. He was following the orders of Osmund Saddler, the leader of the 'enlightened ones' - the Los Illuminados, who were native to this region from a long time ago. The Ganado were villagers who became infected with the Plaga after undergoing a 'blood cleansing ritual' performed by Saddler in the past.

Saddler's aim was to control the world by showing the strength of the cult through 'innovative missionary method.' His first target is the United States, where he planned to grasp power by spreading the cult into key power centers, such as Congress, the Department of Justice, government cabinets and the military and large corporations.


The village, which had become a hive for the Ganado, was at one time a peaceful village full of happiness and with such plentiful agriculture and cattle yields that harvest festivals have been held every year.

As a backdrop to all this, against the Los Illuminados - who had tried to spread bad religion throughout the village, were the lords of the Salazar family, a feudal family who had a long history of repeatedly cracking down on them. However, Saddler fascinated the 8th lord Ramon Salazar, and the village was swallowed up by the power of the cult. Saddler took back the Plaga, which had been sealed away by the Salazar family. He administered the plaga to Bitorez Mendez, who was the village chief and priest, and used Mendez to force the villagers to undergo the blood cleansing ritual and turn them into puppets that are the Ganado.

Ramon Salazar felt guilt at the crime of his family of oppressing the cult for hundreds of years since the first Salazar. However, the true crime was Ramon's own action of giving the Plaga to the cult and turning the once peaceful village into hell.




The Plaga, which were discovered in Europe, enter humans as parasites in egg form, and after growing in the body, take mental control over the host. The only way to escape from this mental control is to rid the body of the Plaga before the egg hatches. It is possible to rid the body of Plaga using medication if the egg has not yet hatched, but once growth has begun, removal becomes extremely difficult. While it may be possible to surgically remove the parasite before it grows into adult form, it has not been attempted before and the probability of success is extremely low. One potentially effective method is to kill the Plaga by directly bombarding it with radiation.

However, there are several risks with this depending on the Plaga's control of the central nervous system. First, because the parasite is killed while it is still connected to the nervous system, the procedure is extremely painful for the host and there is a high possibility of severely impaired consciousness. Second, this procedure could also kill the host if the Plaga has already reached adult form. If these problems are overcome, the Plaga can be completely eliminated from the host and the host can be restored to its pre-infected condition.


There exists an advanced type of Plaga that has enhanced purity for use as a weapon. This is the Type 2 Plaga, which was secretly developed by the pharmaceutical division of TRICELL. It is a parasite with increased immediacy for parasitic method and mental control achieved by biologically and genetically modifying the original Plaga species collected by TRICELL from the mountain village in Europe. The original species Plaga would infect a human host as an egg and develop mental control over the host as it grows over several hours, but since the new Type 2 parasite is administered to humans in an adult form, the mental control effect is immediately visible.

The method of administration is oral - a forced method in which an infected individual directly presses against the mouth of the next host. The parasite enters into the body by breaking through the wall of the esophagus, attaching itself to the central nervous system components such as the brain and spine. The mental control is complete in a mere ten seconds.

Like the original parasite, the host's intelligence remains intact even after infection and the physical abilities are dependant upon the original abilities of the human host, but a unique characteristic of a Type 2 infected individual is its efforts to aggressively increase its numbers. Incidentally, dealers in bio-weapons refer to these Type 2 infected humans as 'Majini', which means 'evil-spirit' in the local language.

After the final evaluation trial of the Plaga Type 2 in the Kijuju Autonomous region in Africa, TRICELL performed research to further improve the Plaga in order to create a soldier with significantly enhanced physical abilities. The result of this work was the improved Plaga 'Type 3'.

This was achieved by transplanting a factor from a dead dominant species Plaga into the original species Plaga and the research team overcoming several problems as the result of field trials. The first problem was the low retention rate. While the retention rate for male humans is 92%, roughly the same as a normal Plaga, it was nearly 0% for women and children. The next problem was the striking change in physical appearance, with some subjects growing to nearly 3 meters in height. Unless these problems are overcome, the goal of a bio-weapon would remain far away. It was thought that the reason for failure was that the dominant species Plaga factor was too strong, but because some subjects developed significantly advanced jumping ability, these problems were considered tolerable discrepancies and this was seen as a path to the next level of research.

The Third Organization

FEMALE SPY (Page 237)

Just as Leon arrived at the European village in order to save kidnapped Ashley, one woman was working behind the scenes. Her name was Ada Wong.

She is a female spy, who fought together with Leon in the Raccoon City destruction, and was operating with secret instructions to steal the "G-Virus" from the Umbrella underground laboratory. She snuck into Raccoon City immediately before its destruction, happened to meet Leon there, and pretended she was a civilian looking for her Umbrella worker lover, and used that as cover to steal the G-Virus. She used Leon to to steadily work towards her goal, but she found herself attracted to Leon's single-hearted devotion, and a bond was formed between the two of them. Then, although Ada successfully obtained the G-Virus, she was tragically wounded trying to protect Leon, but was saved by Wesker as she teetered on the edge of death.

Six years later, Wesker invited Ada to participate in "The Third Organization," and she obtained intelligence at his command. The objective; obtain a sample of the "dominant species Plaga" being studied by Luis under the Los Illuminados cult. Ada intercepted an e-mail requesting rescue sent by Luis to a university friend, and from this correspondence learned that he wanted to leave the cult as a personal decision.

So, she decided to approach him and offer him a deal; she would protect him if he would steal a sample from the cult. However, Leon made his appearance as an agent of the United States. Minutes after ending her reunion with Leon, Wesker's cold voice delivered the final blow; "Eliminate any doubt. Do not take things further." Ada was shocked by the cold order to kill Leon.

Ada's plan began to go horribly wrong, with Luis being killed by Saddler, and the sample falling back into the hands of the cult. Even worse, Krauser, who was secretly operating between The Third Organization and the cult making it a three-way struggle.

Having overcome his human limitations Krauser's objective was to become the strongest warrior. Krauser wanted the great power of the virus ever since severely injuring his left arm in Operation Javier, in which he participated together with Leon in 2002. All in the name of self desire, he went so far as to even fake his own death, to approach Wesker and to join The Third Organization.

Amidst the chaos, Ada turned her back on Wesker's instructions and began operating independently according to her own objectives. She sometimes used and sometimes supported Leon in the pursuit of these goals, much like the Raccoon City incident of six years ago. Leon defeated Krauser, who was sent by Wesker as an assassin, and Ada fought the cult leader Saddler in order to take back the dominant species Plaga. Then, when Saddler transformed and showed his true form as as a Plaga dominator, they fought together magnificently to beat him back.

After repelling Saddler, Ada stole the dominant species Plaga from Leon, and after saying their goodbyes, she escaped from the island moments before its explosion. Leon also successfully escaped the island together with Ashley, whom he saved from the cult.

"I don't do evil." Just as her words described, Ada delivered a simple subordinate Plaga species to The Third Organization and sent the real species to a different "organization", the one she actually belongs to. In other words, Ada was a so-called "double agent." She acted on the orders of the other organization from the beginning and her collusion with Wesker was just a facade. 

Wesker was very hurt by Ada's betrayal. However, it might not have been a total surprise to him. Wesker obtained a dead dominant species plaga through a different route and began his own research, taking the first big step towards a new goal.



After Umbrella's bankruptcy in 2003, WilPharma quickly grew into a massive pharmaceutical firm . With its base of operations in the Mid-West industrial city of Harvardville, the company possessed expansive land in the mountainous valleys and built its headquarters and a massive laboratory there, far from residential areas.

The research building at the middle of this facility was shaped like an air dome with a circular roof held up by the difference between the interior and exterior air pressure. There was a garden inside the center that was used by the researchers as a recreation area, and the research buildings were situated such that they faced this garden area. A long skeleton elevator that reached into the air dome ceiling was installed in the middle of the garden. Like limbs of a tree, small corridors were situated around this and used for going between the various research buildings.

As a way of compartmentalizing the laboratory, four danger levels were established for the microorganisms handled in each section. The higher the number, the greater the danger level for that section. Offices and meeting rooms were designated 'Level 0' rooms with no danger.

An air dome design was adopted for the research buildings to enable early detection of any biohazard event that may occur within the facility. This was no doubt a strategy that was based on the lessons learned from the Raccoon City destruction incident. In the event of an emergency in this laboratory, garden blocks would fall to reveal a massive burial defence. Each section would fall one after the other towards the burial defence and all pollutants would be sealed in the facility 300m below the ground, forming a perfect defence to prevent the release of a virus to the outside.


After the decision to use the t-virus in bioterrorism, work was sectretly begun by WilPharma to develop a vaccine to prevent zombification. At the center of this research was the company's lead researcher, Frederic Downing. A former Umbrella researcher, he stole the t-virus and G-Virus and managed to escape Raccoon City just before its destruction. By erasing his past, he was able to join WilPharma. In other words, he developed the vaccine through the knowledge he previously had about the t-virus.

In developing the vaccine, he thought about a demonstration to prove the efficiency of the vaccine he created and to prevent it from being sold other than as a combined set of both virus and vaccine. In 2002, he disguised himself as a black market dealer and met with General Grande, who was supporting a terrorist group in India. He sold the t-virus to the General setting off a bio-terrorism incident.

After the incident of the Raccoon City tragedy and the horror of the t-virus, the United States government received a request for help from India and decided to introduce the t-vaccine, which was currently under development by WilPharma. By introducing it to neighbouring areas, they successfully kept the spread of infection to a minimum.

In this way, WilPharma won the trust of the United States Government. Then, in order to increase the maturity of the virus, WilPharma continued to perform clinical trials based out of India where cheap and skilled labour was plentiful. Over time, there were some victims of the experiments, but the United States Government tolerated these failures, and WilPharma completed development in 2005. All that remained was to wait for government approval.


It was widely rumoured for some time that the local Senator Ron Davis, who played a big part in attracting WilPharma research facilities to Harvardville, had extremely cosy ties with the company. On several occasions, the mass media had suspected him of insider trading, considering his status as a special advisor to the company while he was also a big stockholder.

However, the roots of the cosy relationship between Davis and WilPharma were even deeper. They were joined together by the t-virus. Davis was one member of a special committee that decided to launch a sterilization mission in Raccoon City in 1998, and agreed to the decision in order to rub out the close relationship between Umbrella and the government. If Umbrella were dismantled, the government would become friendly with the industry leading WilPharma this time, which led to a silent acceptance of WilPharma's illegal clinical trials being performed in India. Based on the mindset of 'no prosperity without sacrifice', all such tragedies are regarded as 'necessary evils.'

TERRASAVE (Page 239)

Regarding attracting WilPharma's laboratory to Harvardville, Senator Ron Davis had influence in Washington, and so local residents accepted the invitation, feeling that attracting the facility to Harvardville would revitalize the region. For these reasons, the plan to attract the company was put into motion very quickly.

At the time, the only voice of opposition to this plan was the non-government organization 'TerraSave.' TerraSave was a non-profit-organization whose mission was to come to the aid of victims of bioterrorism or medication-related health disasters. Claire Redfield, who made it out alive from Rockfort Island, joined this organization in 1998.

The majority of TerraSave's protest activities were conducted either in the form of demonstrations or on its home page, but in 2002 when the decision was made to construct the laboratory, one person aggressively pressured WilPharma to release information to the public, but met the unfortunate fate of being arrested for the crimes of obstruction of business and blackmail. That person was a doctor named Curtis Miller. His extreme protest activities were the result of his losing his wife and child at Raccoon City. TerraSave quickly expelled Curtis, and WilPharma began work on the laboratory as if nothing had ever happened and completed it 3 years later.

Demonstrations by protestors mainly against TerraSave still continue, and on its home page, TerraSave accuses WilPharma after the discovery of clinical trials in India. It warned that if the United States Government does not launch an investigation into WilPharma, it would appeal to the International Criminal Court. This accusation caused WilPharma stock prices to fall dramatically, and because the government was having second thoughts about approving the t-vaccine, WilPharma had to put off supplying the t-vaccine for medical supply national stockpiling, as it had previously planned.

In order to dodge the brunt of public opposition, Senator Davis desperately tried to hold a National Pharmaceutical Conference. Just as he was visiting the airport, a mysterious terrorist contacted the United States Government with a threat. The terrorist demanded that the United States President himself announce the truth behind Raccoon City incident that the government had concealed seven years before. If the demand was not met, the t-virus would be released all over the United States.

Taking the situation seriously, the government requested the agent Leon to investigate, a person in whom the President had total trust, ever since the Ashley Graham abduction incident. Even with bioterrorism beginning with Harvardville Airport, he proceeded to cooperate with Claire in the investigation, who he met on site, and they revealed that Curtis was the mastermind behind the terrorist incident.



TRICELL is a multi conglomerate made up of three divisions; "Sea Shipping," "Natural Resource Development," and "Pharmaceuticals." Its previous form was "Travis Trading Enterprises," a sea trading company founded by Thomas Travis, a European tycoon from the great exploration era. The great profits of Travis Trading in Asia are what enabled the founding of the current sea cargo division.

In the mid-19th century, the youngest of seven Travis children, Henry Travis, took Travis Trading into mineral resource exploitation in Africa, based on records left in the 'Natural History General Survey' following exploration of the African continent. The development of the various resources discovered around Africa, such as metal excavation mines, oil fields and natural gas fields, are the true origin of the current Natural Resource Development division.

The pharmaceuticals division has its roots in the mid-20th Century, when, again, based on the 'Natural History General Survey,' intense efforts were made to collect African flora, fauna and insects and unique pharmaceutical products based on these materials were developed.

With the establishment of the three main divisions by the 1960s, Travis Trading was renamed to "TRICELL" to reflect its new status as a multi-conglomerate corporation. TRICELL had become a global-scale company in which each division was self-supporting and could expand its own operations.

The company is a member of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies and was a trustee corporation and contributor when the BSAA formed.

TRICELL's pharmaceutical division is currently a major BSAA sponsor that continues to make financial contributions, and is extremely influential in putting pressure on the BSAA headquarters if any incidents arise which are not in TRICELL's best interest.


Ricardo Irving of TRICELL's African branch was the director of the oil fields, and was part of the Natural Resource Development Division, but also secretly played an enabling role as a trader of death by supplying B.O.W.s to the black market. Because operational trials/demonstrations of the B.O.W. were also conducted out of the African location, he was one of a handful of people with knowledge about the entire bioweapons development business.

Because the vast profits earned through illicit trading were used by the Africa location to pay for bioweapons research and development, Irving is thought to have been a member of the "Natural Resource Development Division" as a way of concealing the relationship with the pharmaceuticals division from the BSAA.

In 2009, immediately before putting the variant Plaga Type 2 and Type 3 on the black market, Irving held a demonstration/operational test to ensure the product met customer satisfaction. The latest Type 3 variant was administered to the 'Ndipaya' indigenous peoples living in the marshlands near the oil fields. He falsely portrayed it as a vaccine against an infectious disease. While women and children died immediately, men first lost their ability to think rationally and then transformed into beasts with heightened physical abilities and violent tendencies.

An operational test was performed for Type 2 in the Kijuju autonomous region as three tests for infection, containment and engagement. The details of this test comprised of giving primary doses to 10 subjects and observing and investigating how fast the disease spread. Next, data was gathered to understand to what degree the violent tendencies of the subjects could be controlled, and how much of the fighting capabilities could be drawn out. The timing of the BSAA taking an interest in the tests was inconvenient so Irving changed strategy and caused the subjects to fight them.

At this time, based on information obtained from Chris, the BSAA had already decided to enter the Kijuju autonomous region with the goal of arresting traffickers engaged in illicit trade. The BSAA could not have anticipated the B.O.W. battle and started their operations in the usual way. The first casualty was the Alpha strike team, which was chased deep into the city by infected local people and subsequently eliminated. Next, The Bravo Team and Delta Team fought valiantly for their lives, not knowing that this meant that Irving was able to collect more than enough data in terms of actual combat.



Excella Gionne, the director of TRICELL Africa, was a woman so intelligent that she skipped grades to enter university and major in genetic engineering. The mentally sharp Excella joined the pharmaceutical division of TRICELL at the young age of 18, where her talents were noticed by Wesker.

Wesker approached Excella and freely shared with her the secret information stolen from Umbrella, and encouraged her to use it for product development -- the "t-virus," followed by "t-Veronica." Excella successfully restarted TRICELL's B.O.W. development by using Umbrella's technology, significantly improving the bioweapons business of the pharmaceutical division. In this way, Excella, who had become a valuable member of the company, strengthened her influence and rose to the post of Africa director while still in her twenties.

Undoubtedly, Wesker's ultimate motive behind providing the Umbrella information to Excella was to use TRICELL to complete the research she had been doing on the "Uroboros virus". To Excella, who wielded power, he recommended to restart Umbrella's Africa research laboratory which had been built for primordial virus research. Aided by the romantic feelings that she had for him, just as expected, Excella used her influence to restart the Africa research laboratory and used Irving as a pawn to buy and sell B.O.W.s on the black market, thereby contributing to Wesker's research funds.

The first Uroboros virus, which was generated from a primordial flower, could not be used in its natural state because its poisonous effect was too strong. Due to this characteristic, research progress was more difficult than expected, but a major breakthrough was made when a change was seen in subject number 1 in 2006. A powerful virus antibody was found in the subject's body that could weaken the poison in question. This breakthrough was made possible because the subject had been infected with the t-virus in the past and mutated remnants of the t-virus remained in the subjects body even after injecting it with a vaccine.

This subject number 1 was former S.T.A.R.S. squad member Jill Valentine. Thought to have died during the arrest of Spencer in 2006, Wesker thought she could be useful in an experiment and saved her life and kept her in cryogenic hibernation for a long time. This caused purified viral antibodies to build up in her body, miraculously exposing the method of weakening the Uruboros virus. Wesker was jubilant. The Uroboros virus, his final card for realizing his dreams, was complete. All that remained was to put the plan into action. Wesker set loose the Uroboros virus on Excella, whom he no longer needed, a major step in bringing the "Uroboros Plan" to fruition.


The Uroboros Virus is a perfect virus, which has eliminated all weaknesses of typical viruses, such as excessive mutation, spiritual pollution, or stability. After administration, the virus recognises the subjects DNA and can give superhuman strength by controlling the subject if he or she is a suitable match. But if not, the Uroboros Virus runs rampant and turns the organism into a horrible monster with black tentacles.

When the Uroboros Virus runs rampant, it grows by enveloping nearby organisms one after the other. Living things that have been given the virus are included in these organisms. The body self-reproduces through continual destruction and regrowth, and indiscriminately attacks any living things around it.

The purpose of the collection of tentacles from the rampant virus is to create gill-like black viral cysts from substances within the body for excretion from the body. These viral cysts have primitive intelligence capable of detecting nearby organisms, as well as capturing, hunting or breeding. Single viral cysts are not particularly long-lived and are easily destroyed. But a collection of cysts will aggressively surround any active living organisms.

Due to these characteristics, it was decided to handle live human subjects with extreme caution, and dosages were strictly controlled according to the subject's body weight - 1 vial for body masses over 60kg 2/3 vials for body weights between 40 and 60kg, and so on. Even the slightest miscalculation of dosage would significantly increase the chances of the subject's death. Since symptoms such as sweatiness, breathing difficulty, or confusion would occur. Even with the correct dosage, subjects were thought to be under significant physical burden.

Because gunshots are not capable of delivering sufficient damage to fend off an attack, incineration at high temperatures is considered to be the most efficient method of repulsion. However, this is only true if the cyst mass is of sufficiently small size to be able to burn the entire mass - it becomes too difficult to incinerate organisms that have grown to extremely large masses. Thus, the Uroboros Project prepared a high-powered laser attack system called 'Shango' in preparation for a worst-case scenario. Shango was an extremely high advanced firing system capable of hitting a target within a few tens of centimetres of accuracy, which works by receiving target location information using a rocket launcher location measuring and transmission device called 'L.T.D.'. Because a certain amount of time is required to recharge between firings, the target must be continually followed with a target scope.

P30 (Page 242)



"Those who are mentally and physically superior should lead those who are not." This is the guiding principle of Spencer, leader of Umbrella. Ever since the discovery of the Progenitor Virus, this survival of the fittest doctrine was at the root of his power that increased with each ruthless assassination of his friends.

Spencer's objective is the 'forced evolution of humanity using viruses.' His goal is to bring an end to the current human species, which has survived for over 200,000 years since the birth of humanity, and replace it with a new human species of his creation. If the objective is the creation of a new ideal world, the number of possible victims is not a concern. Whether it is one or 100,000 lives, he will continue killing as long as necessary. The creation of Umbrella, the development of B.O.W. - it was all just a cover that nobody figured out for continuing development of the Progenitor Virus; for Spencer, the fortune and fame of Umbrella were just secondary.

Spencer considers himself worthy of being called a 'god' for leading humanity to the next level. However, behind this great aspiration and vision, his body was growing old and diseased. Dying without completing this great mission would not be an option. Spencer enlisted the help of one man to again possess a healthy body. That man's name was Alex, one man of the Wesker Project.


According to Spencer, the people who live in an ideal world should themselves be ideal. The people who have obtained super strength and intellect through evolution cased by the Progenitor Virus should not turn their backs on their god. Thus Spencer turned his attention to training the ideal skilled beings for this ideal world and executed a project for this. This is the 'Wesker Project.' This project, named after the lead researcher Wesker, involved gathering up several hundred children born to the most intellectually gifted people around the world, raising them until they have perfect bodies and minds, and then releasing them back into the world after giving these gifted children special educations. All of the subjects were given the name Wesker and given doses of the prototype virus to identify the most gifted individuals. Most of those who undergo this 'screening' succumbed to the virus and died, but a tiny few survived. These were Subject no. 12, Alex, and Subject no.13, Albert.

Alex became a member of Umbrella after the experiment and worked secretly for Spencer, after gaining his trust. Furthermore, Spencer greatly admired Alex's superior intellect and leadership skills, and in order to perform research to release him from his ageing body, Spencer named him head researcher and continually provided him with money, equipment, supplies and experimentation subjects. But no matter how long they waited, the expected results never came.

Albert, 'the other Wesker,' also became an Umbrella researcher, but he had an even greater neo-human trait than Alex: an absolute ambition. Albert obtained superhuman powers as a result of the 'Mansion Incident.' He began to think of himself as 'chosen by god' and dreamed of becoming a next generation god. Then, upon learning the truth about Spencer that had been covered in a veil, he is released from the curse of the Wesker Project.

"God...I see. I will take over." Albert decides to take over Spencer's ambitions and takes his life without a moment of hesitation.

After Spencer's death, Albert enters the final stage of his own 'Uroboros Project.' The plan is to spread the virus around the world by loading onto a bomber Uroboros missiles and releasing the bomber into the westerly trade winds when the missile reaches the troposphere. All of humanity would be judged by the Uroboros Virus, and only the chosen ones would survive. Worthless beings with inferior DNA will simply wage violence in search of new hosts for the Uroboros Virus.

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GLOSSARY (Pages 246-251)


-19th Century

Henry Travis - one of the owners of the seaborne trading company "Travis Trading" completed his discovery in Africa. Later on, Henry compiled the records of his expeditions into a set of books entitled "Survey of Natural History", and then it was published. Based on this, the "Travis Trading" sailed to Africa, and began to extract minerals and some other resources. (The origin of TRICELL's Natural Resources Development division was founded.)

-20th Century

Relying on "Survey of Natural History", the "Travis Trading" began to collect and research some animal and plant specimens in Africa. (The embryo of TRICELL's Pharmaceuticals division was founded.)


Technician Michael Warren begins Raccoon City's electrification.

Travis Trading renames to TRICELL Inc.

The 5th head of the Ashford family, Edward Ashford, embarked on a mission to find the Progenitor Virus.


Ozwell E. Spencer asks architect George Trevor to design and build a mansion on the outskirts of the city.


Spencer, Edward Ashford and James Marcus together with senior researcher Brandon Bailey study the African flower that blooms beneath the ruins of the Stairway to the Sun. From the organism the Progenitor virus is discovered. It can rearrange the genes of an organism.

The plants containing the Progenitor virus are brought back to the United States where Dr. Marcus and Brandon begin cultivation.

-March 1967

Spencer begins to plan forming a company but cultivation of the Progenitor flower fails.

-Aug 1968

Umbrella begins in Africa by using outside security to capture a portion of the ruins from the former Ndipaya where the Progenitor flower grows.

It starts constructing the African laboratory.

-Dec 1977

5 cases of the Progenitor virus are sent out from the African lab addressed to Dr. Marcus.


The African lab begins and succeeds with the artificial culture of the Progenitor virus. Due to the origins of the virus being limited to the African lab, management is very strict.



South American drug lord Javier Hidalgo procures the t-virus from Umbrella and prescribes it to his wife Hilda who is ill with a disease. The virus goes out of control in Hilda's body.

Soon after, news of her death is conveyed.


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Sergei Vladimir contacts Umbrella. Sergei's body element is adapted to provide ten clones. In exchange, he joins the company as an executive.

-May 1996

The Industrial Waste Treatment Facility run by Umbrella far exceeds the maximum capacity for accumulation of waste. Many untreated pollutants are discharged.

-July 1998

Sergei activates the Red Queen and all research data is saved to the U.M.F.-013 supercomputer in the Raccoon City underground lab. At the same time, Red Queen revokes Wesker's access to U.M.F.-013.


Wesker is in contact with Javier Hidalgo.

His daughter, Manuela, is suffering from the same disease that Hilda did. He is using the Veronica virus as a remedy.

There are infrequent disappearances of girls in South America.


From an order from the U.S. President, Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser, a member of the military Special Operations Command are sent to South America with the mission of securing Javier. {BIODC}

Leon and Krauser met Manuela. At the mansion of Javier, the missing girls are found at that residence.

Javier bonds with the Veronica plant.

They manage to escape the facility with Manuela.

Manuela is placed under protection of the American Government

Krauser leaves the U.S. Military and goes missing. He makes contact with Wesker and joins that organization.

-Feb 2003

The Russian Government learns of the development of a new model B.O.W.and executes an operation to attack the Caucasus Laboratory of the Russian branch of Umbrella. {BIOUC}


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