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Project Umbrella Translation

The Concept

Chief Director, Shinji Mikami

"The concept of the game was to create a constant feeling of anxiety and to make the game very, very scary. Our first idea was to put a feeling of dread forward in order to create a harrowing experience that would distance itself from conventional video games. This feeling of anxiety was realized with the assistance of the new generation of consoles (the Playstation) that helped achieve the remarkable graphics. This feeling of anxiety was our principal objective."

The Characters

Chris Redfield

The pilot of Alpha team comes from New York. He has extremely competent piloting skills, but was discharged from the U.S. Air Force three years ago and transferred to Raccoon City where he joined STARS. Nobody knows why. He has also been on several missions with Barry Burton. He is very observant and knows how to keep a low profile. What’s more, his skills at shooting have made him the elite marksman of his team. His only real problem is his temper, which reveals itself from time to time.  

Jill Valentine

Alpha team’s demolition expert. According to her, her motives to join the S.T.A.R.S. are: "I can not bear crimes that jeopardize innocent lives" but we believe that her true motives are the following ones, "She wants to live events that give her a purpose".  She is skilled with her hands and shows certain talents in the defusing of explosives. She is equally gifted when it comes to locks, not that anyone knows where she learnt her skills. But her knowledge of bomb disposal is very useful to the team.

Barry Burton

Alpha team’s weapons specialist. Sixteen years of experience and an exceptional knowledge of firearms reinforce his skills well beyond that of what is needed to exercise his trade. His sense of justice is very developed and he always carries on him a photo of his wife and daughters. He is very close to his family.

Rebecca Chambers

Bravo team’s medic. She is the Bravo team’s newest member; she is 18 years old and shows herself to be very intelligent. She has no previous experience in a Special Forces group but her extraordinary knowledge in biochemistry was enough to allow her to join STARS. Rebecca may not pay attention, as she is nervous in expectation of her first mission.  

Albert Wesker

A chief researcher for the big pharmaceutical corporation Umbrella, he was promoted to Captain of S.T.A.R.S. He is a person who remains calm and makes sure everyone knows what they are doing. In a time of crisis, he always preserves his self-control and gives clear orders to his troops. He is respected due to these qualities nevertheless.

The Design


Main Designer, Jun Takeuchi

"In the game, the traits of the military and police forces are mixed together in a single team, which I wanted to show unique police force. In two words, be realistic. I consider that to have characters that are "cool" and realistic comes across well on the screen. Usually, all the uniforms resemble each other but I wanted to show the personality of the characters through their uniform. This is done in old war films, where the headstrong carry distinctive signs on their uniforms in order to emphasise their personality. Each uniform expresses itself of a different manner; for the female characters, it emphasises the shape of their body and makes them seem faintly sexy. For the men it is better to show their savageness, thanks to a big knife for example. The players see this knife and think "Whoa! This guy has a big knife! Therefore he must be dangerous!" I modified the design of all the uniforms so that the players feel the personality of the characters, thanks to their mode of dress."

The Universe of the Game

"The game Biohazard unfolds itself in the near future of the USA and shows an accident that actually could happen. The scenario is very detailed and makes the player think that he is an actor in his own film. The development team used a system of multiple scenarios that will convert the actions of the player into a storyline. Therefore, the players will not be able to discover the complete storyline by playing just the one time. The principal difference between Biohazard and the other RPG or action games is that the main objective of the game is not to kill all the enemies. In this game, the important one is "to be afraid". The enemies will attack you with all their force and the player will have to wonder, "How do I survive?" before thinking about how to eliminate them. This is the definition of this kind survival horror, where the errors and inattention of the player are reflected in the game and can be fatal."

The Horror


Chief Director, Shinji Mikami

"I wondered how to enrich the world of video gaming. To express the anxiety, I am myself concentrating on the enemies and I created a universe around them. There were many games resembling Urban Legend or Ghost Story at this point in time and I wanted make my own mark on them by creating a fear never again achieved by other games. I wanted to express easily the understandable anxiety of the pain caused by the attack of a dog. My principal objective was to create attacks by enemies that actually existed."

The Monsters


Infected by a variant of the Tyrant Virus, the zombies are researchers or workers who worked in the mansion.  

The zombies that traverse the mansion are motivated by an insatiable hunger. Some of them wear their civilian clothing and have the capacity to open doors. Do not underestimate them!  


This bio-organic weapon had its DNA recombined by the Tyrant Virus. Seeing its outward appearance, it appears to be bigger than a normal dog but the virus has considerably amplified its strength and ferociousness.  


A bio-organic weapon based on the human body that was modified by the Tyrant Virus. The name of this enemy originates from its tactic of hunting in groups and its talents of a hunter.

Web Spinner / The Black Tiger

In the beginning of the development of this bio-organic weapon, these monsters were created by recombining its genes. But their usage was limited and research was halted. Nevertheless, the original form of the Tyrant Virus was discovered thanks to these experiments. 


This guinea pig was created by recombining its genes and then accidentally infecting it with the Tyrant Virus. The accident created a huge and ferocious monster.  

Plant 42

The Tyrant Virus was injected into this plant and rendered it enormous.  


This bio-organic weapon was infected by the Tyrant Virus thanks to the experiments done on the Web Spinner.  


They were created by recombining the genes belonging to the human body with those of insects. The Chimeras have strong offensive capabilities but this research project was abandoned because of their low intelligence.


The Tyrant Virus was injected into an adult human that transformed it into the ultimate biological weapon. Nevertheless, an accident arose during the experiment and the Tyrant is not completely operational.

The Universe of the Game- Design


Main Designer, Jun Takeuchi

"I have first wanted to create all the enemies from existing animals in real life, such as the spiders or the scorpions. But members of the development team said to me that it was boring to fight snakes or spiders only. I then brought a little originality to the design of the enemies so that the players would understand that this game is special. I created totally imaginary enemies but of which their look was reminiscent of actual animals. If the player hated spiders, their phobia would come into play, same with the snakes. When we created the Hunters, I thought that if I did an opponent with big claws, the players would think: "If it touches me with its claws, that will be BAD". The games are not created for a single person but for many players and this is the reason I created areas that will frighten the largest number of people."

Beating the Game

Chief Director, Shinji Mikami

"I honestly think that the game is difficult for beginners. But when you know the game well, its difficulty starts to diminish. Memorize the layouts of the areas. Do you remember the locations of the monsters? Understand how the monsters react and the game will become easier."


You will find three different types of herbs in the game. These herbs are very important objects that you will allow you to cure your character of poison or to give them more health. Red herbs combined with the green one makes the latter two times more effective. The appropriate usage of these three herbs rewards you with an easier game.  


Chief Director, Shinji Mikami

"I think that it is important to try not to fight all the enemies. If you try to kill all the monsters before you know the game well, you will definitely die. In the universe of the video game, people think that you "have" to kill the monsters but this will make the game harder than it actually is. Sometimes, the best solution is to flee. Another important point concerns the weapons. There are many different weapons in this game and some are more effective than others. Especially in boss fights. For example, the acid grenades will be useful against one opponent, whilst the flame grenades will be useful against another. It is possible to kill certain monsters with two acid grenades. The game is much easier when the player understands what weapon they must use against each enemy."

HP 39~99

The zombies are slow. Aim carefully and kill them one by one. Do not leave them get close to you and always keep your distance. You easily can kill the zombies with the knife and this will allow you to save ammo.  

HP 59~119

The Cerberi always attack in groups and they are very quick. The shotgun is the best weapon against them. Nevertheless, if you try to kill them all, it can have a bad affect on your health. It is more better to flee them.  

HP 79~169

The Hunters are very quick and their decapitation attacks are very dangerous. The simplest technique to kill these creatures is the following one: use the shotgun when they jump at you, then finish them off when they are on the ground.

HP 10~52

HP 20~60

The flying enemies such as the crows or bees are difficult to kill. Use the shotgun against them. It is virtually impossible to kill the bees with another weapon. It is wise to run, for you risk being poisoned by the bees.

Web Spinner
HP 89~119

Black Tiger
HP 204

The flame grenades are the weapon of choice against the spiders and Black Tiger. The other guns will be less effective. You must dodge quickly and so that you avoid them when they spit venom at you.

HP 80~122

The normal grenades are very effective against the Chimeras, but these enemies move across the ceilings and are difficult to hit. But they descend to the ground if you turn your back on them. Do not wait till they have climbed back up; knock them over when they are on the ground.  

Yawn 1st Stage
HP 350

Yawn 2nd Stage
HP 300

Against the Yawn, use the acid grenades. Aim at its head and fire only at this weak point. If you get too close to it, it will wrap itself around you and then crush you to death.

Tyrant 1st Stage
HP 300

Tyrant 2nd Stage
HP 600

The Tyrant will not be affected by your attacks and will continuously try to follow you. It is therefore very dangerous to let him get close to you. The best tactics against him is to constantly hit it then run.  

Special Technique

When you must confront a high number of zombies, press simultaneously on R1 and X. This will allow you to shoot more quickly than instead of pressing only on X.

Best Ending

Chief Director, Shinji Mikami

"I think that it is necessary to play three or four times to get the best ending. This is how I measured the difficulty of the game."

Obtaining the best ending:

To see the best ending, you must be accompanied in the last level of the game by Rebecca and Jill with Chris, or Barry and Chris with Jill. The most difficult part in obtaining this ending is to free Jill from the prison in Chris’s game, because you must find three passwords in order to open her cell. The first password machine is located in the underground laboratory. In this room are located four zombies and it is impossible to get past without killing them, and consequently your ammo is depleted. As soon as one of them has caught you, it will be impossible to avoid the so watch out! The second machine is in the boiler room and you will have to master the movements of your character as well as his weapon to cut down all the Chimeras. The third machine is in morgue but you will have to first solve a puzzle before you are able to enter. If you do it wrong, poison gas will injure your character and you will be poisoned. You will have to find the MO discs before you enter the lab and use them on the machines to obtain the passwords.

A bonus awaits the players that surpass themselves again and again in order to obtain the better ending: the closet key.  

Bonus Costumes

You will use this key to open the closet and allow Jill or Chris to change costumes. Chris will have a really cool leather jacket and Jill will be some sexy trousers. If you want to appreciate the game with a different atmosphere, change the costumes of your character.

The Rocket Launcher

If you finish the game in less than 3 hours you obtain the rocket launcher when you next start the game. With this weapon, you will be the master of Biohazard for none of the monsters will be able to withstand you.

The Creation

In order to make the characters of BIO HAZARD be able to realistically express emotion, all of the development team put their heads together. One of the ideas was to use real actors for the cutscenes at the beginning and end of the game. At the time of shooting, many professional studios collaborated with the team to create the special effects. To give the game some additional realism and improve the graphics, texture mappers were used as well as the technique of motion capture.

The Intro Scene

Chief Director, Shinji Mikami

"I thought we had to do something that would draw the players in to the universe of survival horror, make them aware of the plot and actions before the game had even begun. We introduced the setting for the scenario with the terrifying chase through the forest into the Mansion. Uniquely you can not flee, so, what will you do? How will you react to the terrifying apparitions? How will you survive? I wanted to explain the objective of the game with this introduction. The other reason I wanted to use real people was due to the limitations of 32 bit consoles. I wanted to stun people with this intro but it was impossible to visually create what I had in mind using computers. Therefore, I had to use actors."

Main Designer, Jun Takeuchi:

"It is possible in this game to walk anywhere in the mansion. It is nice for the players but very difficult to for us. We have of the to take into account the laws of physics and human body, how he muscles move and the centre of gravity. We equally observed how spiders move themselves and we actually reproduced these movements on our computers. Usually people are not very interested in the movements of spider’s legs, but we tried to as realistic as possible with this game. There are not many differences between the movements of spiders in reality and in the game!"

Computer Graphics

Main Programmer, Yasuhiro Anpo

"We tried to be as realistic as possible. We used the technique of the motion captures in order to create the realistic movements of the character. We even used this procedure for the monsters despite their inhuman form. We equally put a lot of effort into the texture mapping, done on Macintosh, in order to make them seem realistic. The creation of high quality graphics and of a realistic world was really very hard work. For the cutscenes, we wanted to give the impression of being at a film and we did a lot of work on the placement of the characters and camera angles."

The Final Word

Chief Director, Shinji Mikami

"The main attraction of the game is the atmospheric music that resembles something from a film. And the characters are easy to get attached to. The players can use different weapons. Following the one that is used, the gameplay of the character and the monster they are fighting will completely change. I want the players to appreciate this teamwork. I also want them to appreciate the details of the organization of the monsters."

Producer, Masayuki Akahori

"This the first original game created by our team and I want to find out what will be the reactions of the public to this game. We tried to frighten people but maybe some will say "This does not do scare me at all" or, others will say, "My children were scared so hard they cried". The reactions will be different. Biohazard is our first game and the fans are already hoping for a sequel. Yes, a sequel is in the works. I hope that the players will be very interested in BIOHAZARD 2 and will be a lot more scared than they were in BIO HAZARD 1."