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The C-Virus (short for "Chrysalid Virus") was an artificial RNA virus which could create a B.O.W. known as "J'avo" and had the ability to create new life forms from a pupa-like state (dubbed "Chrysalid") upon infection. These new life forms were regarded as "perfect organisms." The virus was developed by Carla Radames in the attempts of The Family to manufacture new bio-weapons. 1

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Development (2001-2013)

Radames began development of the C-Virus in about 2001, although it had no actual form at this early stage. She began development of the virus in an attempt to be of use to Derek C. Simmons, the leader of The Family who she was infatuated with.

The virus did not begin to take shape until around 2002, after the U.S. government acquired the t-Veronica Virus from the body of Manuela Hidalgo. Radames was able to obtain t-Veronica, which was due to be disposed of by the government, and managed to detoxify it and render it harmless. She had first decided to improve this virus. Initially, she succeeded in extracting only the "DNA mutation attribute", the ultimate characteristic of the Progenitor Virus which was strengthened with the creation of the t-Virus.

She repeated improvements in conjunction with t-Veronica and completed a new strain of t-Veronica known as "t-02", which negated intense rejection of brain cells, its biggest fault. Originally, to allow t-Veronica to adapt to the human body without rejection, symbiosis and immunity had to be maintained after injection through a long cryogenic sleep. However, "t-02" solved this problem. Some time after, Radames succeeded in synthesizing "t-02" with the G-Virus she extracted from the body of Sherry Birkin, finally creating the first stable strain of her new virus. 2 It was named "Chrysalid" after its ability to put creatures into a pupa-like state, from which they would emerge as new organisms.

In December 2012, Radames conducted a large-scale test of the C-Virus in the Edonia Republic by supplying it to soldiers of the ELA (Edonia Liberation Army) under the guise of a "nutritional drug", then betrayed Simmons by capturing Jake Muller, the son of Albert Wesker whose genetic makeup contained a resistance to certain viruses, namely those derived from the Progenitor Virus. She also conducted new independent research and development with the C-Virus with her own organization, "Neo-Umbrella". During this particular R&D, the organization constructed a giant facility on the ocean floor in Chinese waters and used it to pull up magma from the bottom of the sea and study the microbes and bacteria contained within which were able to survive in the high-temperature environment. They drew that characteristic into the C-Virus, attempting to create B.O.W.s which could also survive under severe environments. 3

Using Muller's blood and adopting its characteristic resistance to Progenitor-derived viruses, Radames was able to strengthen the C-Virus and create a new strain. Usually, when the C-Virus is administered, it does not mutate again after being reborn through a Chrysalid, but in the case of the enhanced C-Virus, mutation and strengthening continue advancing forever without passing through the Chrysalid process at all. Only three samples were created, one reserved for use on Simmons, one for Radames herself, and one which was later recovered and used by Piers Nivans, a BSAA agent. 4

The refinement method of the enhanced strain is extremely difficult, and there is no-one who knows the manufacturing method other than Carla Radames. Although it could be said that because of this there is an extremely small possibility that the enhanced strain could be mass-produced in the future, a sample of the enhanced C-Virus is believed to have been recovered from Simmons' corpse by The Family, who also remain in possession of the regular C-Virus.


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