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Personal Data

Date of Birth: c. 1979
Gender: Female
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 52.4 kg
Blood Type: O
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield was a college student and younger sister of former S.T.A.R.S. officer Chris Redfield. She was proud of her brother's work and became accidentally involved in his struggle against the Umbrella Corporation by becoming a rare survivor of the 1998 Raccoon City biohazard outbreak. 1

She was a regular college girl with a passion for motorcycles and strong devotion to her brother who trained her in knives, firearms and hand to hand combat, able to use anything from a combat knife to a rocket launcher. She had a great interest in motorcycles more than anything else and enjoyed buying engines and making modifications that suited her own style. She owned two motorcycles and was known to have a lot of boyfriends, but was never exclusive to a single person. She had a strong-minded personality with rash actions, but she was tender and laid-back. She was an expert at lockpicking, her manual dexterity rivaling Jill Valentine. 2 3 4 5


Raccoon City Destruction Incident (Sept., 29, 1998)

In August 1998, Chris Redfield cut off contact with his sister hoping she would not become entangled in his investigation into the Umbrella Corporation. However, she instead grew worried and made a lone trip to Raccoon City to search for him. She was embroiled in the city's chaos and encountered several Zombie creatures, but was saved by rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy, who also just arrived in the city. The two escaped in an R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Department) squad car but were separated due to a crash and explosion of a tanker truck.

Redfield found her brother's diary in the R.P.D. and learned of his decision to cut contact with her and travel to Europe. Without the goal of finding her brother, she and Kennedy resolved to rescue any survivors and escape the city. She encountered the police chief Brian Irons, discovering his insanity and learning of the "G-virus" before he was killed. She also met Sherry Birkin, daughter of Umbrella scientist and G-virus creator William Birkin. The two were pursued by G-Birkin and the Tyrant (T-103 Type) sent to recover the G-virus sample in Sherry's pendant.

Sherry went missing in the sewage waste dump where G-Birkin implanted her with a G-Embryo. Redfield learned of the true nature of the city's destruction from Annette Birkin and was reunited with an infected Sherry. The two reached Umbrella's secret underground laboratory where they bonded after Redfield gave Birkin her jacket before investigating the facility. She uncovered the full extent of Umbrella's B.O.W. research and was provided instructions to create the G-virus vaccine "DEVIL" by Annette Birkin before she died due to wounds inflicted by G-Birkin. Redfield synthesized a sample of the vaccine and hurried to the transport train beneath the laboratory to administer it to an unconscious Sherry Birkin.

The three were attacked for a final time by G-Birkin causing the train's self-destruct system to activate. They avoided its attacks and managed to stop the train and escape the tunnel before the train's explosion. Having reached safety, Redfield resolved to find her brother and was urged by Kennedy to leave Birkin with him and go on without them in search of him. She retreated into the wilderness and departed for Europe, following the clues left in her brother's diary.

Rockfort Island Incident (Dec., 27, 1998)

On December 17, Redfield infiltrated the Umbrella Paris Laboratory and recovered a memo indicating that the company's illicit activities extended beyond Raccoon City. Although she carried herself like a professional, she was discovered and pursued by the facility's security forces and apprehended by Rodrigo Juan Raval after a prolonged pursuit.

On December 27, she was transported to the prison on Rockfort Island and given the identification number WKD4496. Soon after her arrival, the base was attacked by the H.C.F. led by Albert Wesker. She was released by an injured Raval and looked for a way to escape the island. She encountered fellow prisoner Steve Burnside and the two resolved to escape together. She sent an e-mail to Leon S. Kennedy using a guard's computer, instructing him to inform her brother of her whereabouts.

Redfield encountered Wesker and the island's commander Alfred Ashford, who suspected her of instigating the island's attack. The two escaped the island via seaplane after Redfield destroyed a Tyrant (T-103 Mass-Produced Type), but the escape was foiled after Ashford manually set the plane to auto-pilot, sending it to Antarctica and crashing into the Umbrella Antarctic Base. After exploring the base, Redfield killed "Nosferatu", the mutant Alexander Ashford before escaping the base with Burnside on a snowmobile. However, at this moment Alexia Ashford awoke from her fifteen year cryogenic sleep and destroyed the snowmobile to capture the two.

Redfield was trapped in a cocoon by Ashford in the underground Antarctic Laboratory in preparation of becoming a test subject for the t-Veronica virus. She was saved by her brother before she could be injected, but Burnside received the injection. She witnessed his mutation and was nearly killed by him before he overcame the virus' control and saved her at the cost of his life. Chris Redfield activated the facility's self-destruct system and saved her from Wesker, who cruelly joked about stealing Burnside's corpse and the possibility of reviving him as another mutant.

Redfield fled to a waiting V/TOL Harrier jet and escaped the base with her brother before it exploded. While flying in the jet, she fell asleep and experienced a nightmare of the previous day's events in which Burnside was still alive and they were still on Rockfort Island. When she awoke, she mistook her brother for Burnside. Following the incident, Redfield joined the non-governmental organization TerraSave, which provided relief efforts to individuals and areas affected by bioterrorism or drug disasters.

She began visiting Sherry Birkin during her house arrest while in U.S. government custody with unrestricted visitation rights permitted by her legal guardian Derek C. Simmons, even though Birkin's existence was top-secret. However, Redfield distrusted Simmons believing him to be scheming for nefarious purposes. Redfield had significant influence on Birkin's personality as she inherited her tolerance and maternal nature with a strong heart and beliefs. 6 7

Harvardville Incident (Nov., 14, 2005)

On November 14, 2005, Redfield visited the town of Harvardville to join a protest against the WilPharma Corporation and its clinical testing in India, but was embroiled in a bioterrorism attack on Harvardville Airport. Trapped in the VIP lounge, she made a 911 call to the Harvardville police. She was reunited with Leon S. Kennedy after he took command of the police's S.R.T. (Special Response Team) in a rescue attempt. They escaped the airport with senator Ron Davis and other survivors.

She visited the WilPharma Air Dome Laboratory with chief scientist Frederic Downing and discovered the company's possession of the G-virus. She survived an explosion in one of the facility's lower levels due to a bomb planted by Curtis Miller, but a shard of glass impaled her leg. Despite Kennedy's insistence that she escape, she entered the laboratory control room and aided his struggle against G-Curtis. Following containment of the viruses, Redfield, Kennedy and Angela Miller arrested Downing, the main conspirator behind the bioterrorism attacks.

At an undetermined time, Redfield formally introduced Kennedy and her brother for the first time even though interactions between their respective organizations was highly restricted due to a strained relationship, but she believed this meeting was an important step in breaking down the barrier between the U.S. government and the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

In 2009, Redfield's brother killed Albert Wesker and the conglomerate TRICELL collapsed due to its illegal involvement in biological weapons. Due to Birkin's protection being no longer necessary, she became a U.S. government agent in exchange for freedom despite Redfield's protests. Despite this, both women always spent time together when their busy schedules permitted it.


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