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Claire's Memoir

Project Umbrella Translation


At some stage I fell asleep and didn't realise.
I awoke to the sound of the VTOL's engine.

I was dreaming. A terrifying nightmare. I'm drenched head to toe in sweat, and my heart beats wildly in my throat. Like all dreams, the memory of it fades fast, but I still feel fear... and profound grief.

To my surprise, I'd been crying.

Steve is in the cockpit, the steering arm in his grasp. The nightmare is far behind us, so what is it that makes me so fearful and sad? We've survived the island of death and despair...

A warm light fills the cockpit, and I welcome it as it erases the darkness. Dolphins happily breech the surface of the sea below. Yet I still am haunted by the remnants of the nightmare; pieces of it come back little by little.

It... was a dream about the island.

It was just like our real fight. Steve and I together. But the dream began to go in a different direction to reality. It makes my hair stand on end. Steve and I, a sad farewell... Another future, though impossible. Though if something had gone amiss...

But we were destined to win. We escaped that hell with our guns clutched tight, and it helps me drive the nightmare from my mind.

I call out to Steve. The sky is filled with eternal light, a whiteness that seems to be ever increasing. Why doesn't he turn around? It's like white mist now. Was the dream actually a dream at all? I don't know... I feel wholly enveloped in this world of white.

I wonder why he wouldn't look back - is this reality actually real?

The sound of the VTOL engine changes.
It sounds like the wind from a great axe being brandished.
It echoes with an increasing sense of reality.

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Official English Transcript

I seem to have fallen asleep in spite of myself.
The sound of the turbo engine of the V-Tol has woken me up.

I was dreaming. No. I was having a terrible nightmare. I'm drenched in sweat, and my heart is thumping in my throat. The dream is fading away rapidly, just like a dream always does. Then only the memory of fear and deep sorrow remain. T

To my surprise, I seem to have been crying. In the cockpit, Steve is controlling the plane. The nightmare has gone far behind. What do I have to fear? What should I be sad? We're safe, for we got away from the cause of so much fear and sorrow.

The island... I can see the warm sunlight coming into the cockpit, as if it erases the darkness. There are dolphins jumping on the surface of the sea below. However, the fragments of the nightmare never leave my mind. The scenes I dreamed of are surfacing one by one.

I was dreaming of the island...

I was fighting just like I did a while ago, just like I did together with Steve. But the dream was about to unfold in a different way, in the worst way. My farewell to Steve... That is a reality that could've happened... if anything had gone wrong... But it didn't. We won this future. We have escaped from the island of death. It's time I forgot the nightmare. It's time I talked with Steve. The sky is bright with sunlight.

It's becoming brighter and brighter. I wonder why he doesn't turn around? Now it's too bright, as if I'm in a white blanket of fog.

Was it just a dream? I don't know... I'm in a white blanket.

I wonder why he doesn't turn around. Is what I believe to be reality real? The steady sound of the engine of the V-Tol has become louder and louder like the noise from a swinging axe, and I realize that I'm waking up.