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Curtis Miller (Resident Evil Degeneration)

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1970
Date of Death: Nov. 14, 2005
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller was a doctor born and raised in Harvardville and a former member of the NGO TerraSave. He was the older brother of Angela Miller


In October 1998, Miller lost his wife and daughter in the Raccoon City incident. Following the destruction of the town, he was forced to watch the mushroom cloud rising over the city at a military barricade alongside his younger sister Angela. After the incident he attempted to find the truth behind the tragedy and joined the NGO TerraSave.

In 2002 when the decision was made by the pharmaceutical company WilPharma Corporation to construct a laboratory in Harvardville, Miller aggressively pressured them to release information on their clinical trials in India to the public, but was arrested for the crimes of obstruction of business and blackmail. TerraSave quickly expelled Miller and disassociated itself from him, and the laboratory was constructed as planned.

Harvardville Bioterrorism Incident (Nov. 14, 2005)

In 2005, Miller learned the truth behind the Raccoon City incident from WilPharma's chief researcher, Frederic Downing. In November, they orchestrated a bioterrorism attack in Harvardville for Miller to force the U.S. President to reveal the truth behind the Raccoon City incident, and for Downing to showcase the effectiveness of the G-virus to General Miguel Grande. He was convinced by Downing that the attacks would not lead to Harvardville becoming a re-occurrence of Raccoon City. At 15:00PM on November 14, Miller leaked the t-virus in Harvardville Airport. Afterwards, he returned to his home and set it on fire.

He was given internal information on the Air Dome Laboratory by Downing, which allowed him to steal the G-virus. He was heavily injured as a result of an explosion caused by a bomb planted by Downing and injected himself with the G-virus. He mutated into an unrecognizable creature known only as “G-Curtis”. He managed to retain some of his memories and temporarily regained his will after seeing his family picture and shouted for his younger sister Angela to run away before he lost control and hurt her. He was destroyed after plummeting to his death and being incinerated by the facility's anti-biohazard system.

A tail fragment from his body was recovered by TRICELL, who were able to extract the G-virus from the fragment.