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Translated by: George Trevor




Prologue (page 001)

Now I will speak, 
Speak of my terrible memories... the very edge of my mind.
I will tell the truth of the darkside
The virus continues to spread...
changing its form and becoming 
stronger and stronger...
Until it's wiped out,
Until the time comes.

Stages (page 002)

Memory of a Lost City                              1998

Raccoon City, a mid-western American town, surrounded by a large forest and heavily influenced by the giant pharmaceutical company Umbrella. It's normally a quiet city with little tourism. It is said that some weird accident occurred there, and it has been 2 months since then.

Game of Oblivion                                     1998

3 months after the tragedy of Raccoon City, Claire is looking for her brother Chris, who disappeared from Umbrella laboratories in Paris. However, Claire was captured and sent to a remote island to the South.

There was a huge prison ruled over by the dictatorial Alfred. It was on Rockfort Island, surrounded by a calm ocean.

Operation Javier                                       2002

Since the Raccoon City incident, there has been no reports regarding B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon). The pharmaceutical company Umbrella which caused the t-Virus outbreak has virtually collapsed and the world was about to forget that tragic incident. Meanwhile, a former Umbrella researcher escaped from custody to a small South American country, and it was repoted that he established communication with a man named Javier Hidalgo.

Characters (page 003)

LEON S. KENNEDY (Operation Javier)

1. Skin, hair and eyes
Pale skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes.

2. Matilda

3. Knife
Equipped on his left arm.

4. Tactical harness
Equipped with pockets on his back and sides to enhance its effectiveness.

5. Shirt
Made from a special fiber. Colour: black.

6. Vest
Type of belt strapped to his back.

7. Trousers
Camouflage trousers, with pockets.

8. Boots
Combat boots.

LEON S. KENNEDY (Memory of a Lost City)

1. Skin, hair and eyes
Pale skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes.

2. Matila

3. Knife
Attached on his shoulder strap.

4. Armoured tactical vest
With ceramic plates in his chest and rubber over his shoulders.

5. Belt
Equipped with bullets from left to right.

6. Trousers
Equipped with a pistol holster.

7. Boots
Combat boots.

8. Emblem
Raccoon City Police Department

CLAIRE REDFIELD (Game of Oblivion)

1. Skin, hair and eyes
Pale skin, pony tail hair, red-brown color, blue eyes.

2. Handgun

3. Jersey
Special fiber, to the navel. Black.

4. Jacket
Made of leather with an insignia on the left. Logo art on the back.

5. Pants
Leather and split in both knees. This can cause damage.

6. Boots
Made of shiny leather. Western design.

CLAIRE REDFIELD (Memory of a Lost City)

1. Skin, hair and eyes
Pale skin, pony tail hair, red-brown color, blue eyes.

2. Handgun

3. Knife
Knife equipped on her shoulder.

4. Backpack
A leather backpack.

5. Jersey
A black top.

6. Leggings
Black leggings.

7. Pants
Denim shorts.

8. Boots
Cowboy boots.

STEVE BURNSIDE (Game of Oblivion)

1. Skin, hair and eyes
Pale skin, ginger hair and green eyes

2. Handgun

3. Collar
Metal collar with prisoner tracking device.

4. Wristband (Retention)
Leather wristband, looks like it's stolen.

5. Belt
Belt with a silver buckle.

6. T-Shirt
A worn yellow shirt.

7. Jacket
Denim jacket with a number patched on it: 0267

8. Pants
Camouflage trousers with side pockets.

JACK KRAUSER (Operation Javier)

1. Skin, hair and eyes
Slightly dark skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

2. Handgun

3. Ear piece
Ear piece in his left ear.

4. Vest
Tactical vest with pockets and holsters.

5. Watch
Wristwatch on his left arm.

6. T-Shirt
Dark red shirt.

7. Pants
Camouflage trousers.

8. Boots
Combat boots.

MANUELA HIDALGO (Operation Javier)

1. Skin, hair and eyes
Dark skin and hair, green eyes.

2. Wristband
A platinum wristband with a snake design.

3. Bandage
Covered with some bandages.

4. Dress
A small blood-stained dress with a belt around her hips.

5. Bangle
A platinum bangle with a snake design on her left ankle.

ENEMIES (page 010)

Zombie encountered in the village's shoreline.

Operator who was working at the time of t-Virus infection.

Villager who was attacked on the shoreline and turned into a zombie.

Female villager who was attacked on the shoreline and turned into a zombie.

Hired workers at the South Pole Base, infected and turned into zombies.

Guards loyal to the Ashfords. Turned into zombies.

Prisoners confined on Rockfort Island, infected and turned into zombies.

Former Umbrella Special Forces, infected and turned into zombies.

Local police force in Raccoon City, infected and turned into zombies.

Researchers who worked in the Umbrella laboratory. Infected and turned into zombies.

Raccoon City citizens infected with the t-Virus and turned into zombies by rodents.

Raccoon City citizens infected with the t-Virus and turned into zombies by rodents.

Javier's B.O.W. Able to attack in quick movements and can jump with impressive speed.

A new type B.O.W. prototype based on humans. It moves by gripping onto objects with its extended, over-sized right arm, allowing it to traverse great distances.

A baby alligator kept as a pet before being thrown into the Raccoon City sewers and being infected with the t-Virus. As a side-effect of infection, its size has greatly increased and its height reaches over 10 meters long. It normally lives around the waste disposal area, where food is easier to get.

A human infected with the G-Virus, morphing into this form. It still has some human features.

His mutations have widened to extend his bone and skin structure with a new brain to his new head. 

At first sight, it looks like a human. It is strong enough to survive falling great heights. It cannot be easily stopped by firearms.

Chronicles (page 015)

Interrelation (page 017)

Memory of a Lost City

1998, Raccoon City, in the mid-west of the USA. A quiet place surrounde by a large forest and supported by the giant pharmaceutical company, Umbrella. A strange accident happened 2 months ago when a highly infectious virus spread throughout the city, turning the residents into zombies. 

Claire Redfield has just arrived in the city looking for her brother, Chris. Leon S. Kennedy, a new trainee police officer in the R.P.D., also arrives on his first day.

Their mission, to escape from the tragedy...

Game of Oblivion

3 months after the Raccoon City tragedy. Claire infiltrates Umbrella facilities in Europe searching for her brother Chris, but she is captured and sent to a secret island. This island is equipped with a huge prison complex and is ruled by Alfred Ashford. The exact location of Rockfort Island is unknown.

Keywords (page 021)


Alexander Ashford's daughter, Alexia, was conducting her own research in the South Pole Base commissioned by her father. She was only ten years old at the time. The rumors of the child prodigy who was carrying out such experiments at that level at such a young age even reached the ears of William Birkin. For the proud William, that was a hard blow and very humiliating, but at the same time was a stimulus for him to take his research with the G-Virus to even higher levels.


William Birkin created a revolutionary new virus, a virus that he called the "G-Virus". The main difference between the G-Virus and t-Virus is that it creates evolutionary processes in its hosts that ultimately lead to entirely new life forms. 

The t-Virus only causes mutations in a single generation of organisms, while the G-Virus can reproduce itself in the form of G Organisms. In addition, the G-Virus is even said to bring the dead back to life.


The story of the great global corporation Umbrella began in 1967 with the discovery of the Progenitor virus. Determined to develop  Bio Organic Weapons and monopolize the military market, rather than drugs. Umbrella's continuning inhumane research aside, there was another important reason to hide its role as a weapons supplier with a facade of a pharmaceutical company: Umbrella's most valuable customer of viral weapons and B.O.W. was none other than the U.S. Government itself.

As the company had ties so strong with the government, it was inconceivable that Umbrella could be identified for their crimes.

Raccoon City

It is an industrialized city in the mid-western region of the U.S. To the north, beyond the vast Raccoon Forest, there is the Arklay Mountain Range. The city has 100,000 inhabitants, before it was just a small town, but thanks to the huge international company Umbrella, could develop. The company, apparently clean, began to set up one factory after another. That led to the rapid growth of the city, about three out of ten people ended up working for Umbrella.


Raccoon Police Department. The Raccoon City Police used to be the most important protectors of the citizens of the city. During the virus incident, many officers on the night shift responded to the crisis but they all died needlessly. A tragedy.

Ashford Family

A powerful aristocratic family ruined in seven generations. The Ashford family was founded by its first matriarch, Veronica, with a reputation for being an intelligent woman. Edward followed in the fifth generation as one of the founders of Umbrella. In the sixth generation, Alexander, responsible for the "CODE:Veronica" project, which succeeded with the creation of Alfred and Alexia. Alexia would bring back prosperity to the Ashford family.