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Agency Overview

Formed: February 2, 2011



"Peace Through Fighting."

The DSO (Division of Security Operations) was an organization of new agents with flexibility and readiness needed to protect the nation from the resurgent threat of bioterrorism. It was under the direct control of the United States President and only the very best agents were recruited from other U.S. agencies. Its duties focused on investigation and espionage.


The DSO was a spiritual successor to the federal anti-bioterrorism committee FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission), but they were not directly related and their attributes were considerably different. It was devised by U.S. President Adam Benford with advice from government agent Leon S. Kennedy as a response to the difficulty faced by the government's conventional organizational framework in confronting bioterrorism. It was conceived as an agent organization"comprised of the government's most elite agents from its many agencies with support staff relegated to a separate cooperative organization, FOS (Field Operations Support).

The DSO and FOS were officially inaugurated on February 2, 2011 under President Benford's directive with Kennedy and Ingrid Hunnigan as founding members. 1 By unifying agents under the DSO and managing support staff under the FOS, the two agencies in tandem succeeded in systematically opposing bioterrorism, which was increasing in complexity year by year. All assignments were direct orders from the President, and for that reason, the actions of its agents were considered to be absolute justice. In accordance with the justice President Benford believed, the DSO eliminated all immediate dangers threatening the U.S. only two years from its formation, and the agency came to be known as the "Sword of the President."

Agents were supplied with firearms and high-performance handguns with portability as the main focus, but firearms developed for military and law-enforcement organizations were not developed with special situations like bioterrorism and biological weapons in mind. Providing agents facing against special situations and operations with equipment developed "for exclusive use" was a natural progression. The DSO revived a specialized anti-bioterrorism equipment development project code-named "Sentinel", formerly advanced by the FBC. The agency over-viewed a vast quantity of data such as analysis of various equipment and manufactured trial products devised in this project, and the unique circumstances brought by bioterrorism. 2


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