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The ELA (Edonian Liberation Army) was a guerilla organization based in the Republic of Edonia with involvement in conflicts around the world.


In the Revolutions of 1989, the nation of Edonia along with other Eastern European nations seceded from the Soviet Union and became a democracy.

After 20 years, confusion was seen gradually in its administration. Taking advantage of this, some of the nation's military officers led a coup d'etat and occupied city hall. The then Prime Minister lost the nation's support and dissolved the assembly. A political party rallying against strengthening of ties with EU (European Union) countries became the dominant party, and the administration of Edonia gradually regained composure.

However, the influences which began the coup fell into destruction with anti-government soldiers and some radicals continuing stubborn resistance in a militia, the ELA (Edonian Liberation Army). In 2010, the country finally fell into civil war. In December 2012, the desperate leaders of the ELA accepted the support of the bioterrorist organization Neo Umbrella which supplied the C-virus and Ogroman B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon).

Reports on the appearance of the new humanoid B.O.W. species J'avo led to the intervention of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) in the civil war. The BSAA's involvement eventually cornered the ELA at its stronghold of city hall and a commander made a final attempt to stop them by releasing two Orgroman models. This attempt failed, and Neo Umbrella's leader Carla Radames betrayed the ELA and infected its commanders in city hall with the C-virus. Shortly after, the BSAA eradicated the ELA and ended the war.