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THE EXPERIMENT is a mission-based trial mode in BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CORPS.

Project Umbrella Translation


Mar 12, 2012

Abraham Jackson

The experiment has resumed at last.
I've been eagerly awaiting this day for so long!
Up first is an abandoned Umbrella lab.
Inside is filled with what's left of the researchers.

Ravenous Zombies are expecting you.
Survive with good use of the things provided.
Picking up herbs will instantly recover you. Betray my expectations.

Somehow you survived... Next I'll raise the difficulty according to the process.
Failure means death, Test Subject 3A7.
I'd lose my chance to succeed.
You and I--- we're in the same boat.


Mar. 13, 2012

Abraham Jackson

Half a year ago the test subject survival rate was too low and Deca-Nose of the inquiry board questioned the experiment's pros and cons.
We won't tread the same rut this time...
I've prepared the first factor, a PDW, as your opportunity.

t-Virus environments are too severe for humans.
Therefore we'll provide weapons step-by-step.
It's the key to mastery.

As expected, the PDW's rapid-fire increases the odds of survival.
But I wonder what'll happen if I make the environment more severe?
I've yet to exhaust my interest.


Mar 14, 2012

Abraham Jackson

In the BSAA combat manual, shotguns which strike a wide area are more favorable to anti-infected than high-precision firearms, but I think we need to evaluate it once more.

We've arranged a shotgun this time.
It's noteworthy how the shotgun produces different data.

The shotgun's effectiveness in short distances has been demonstrated after all.
Next, let's test the test subject's true ability.


Mar. 16, 2012

Abraham Jackson

I expected a merc to pass through the experiment to this point. But here ain't so easy.
On the other hand if you survive we can kinda say that Test Subject 3A7 proved to be superior.

This is the so-called highest difficulty selection test.
Ammo's been cut... Use the Beil...
You can't survive without such flexbility.

New experiments have been permitted as a result.
I've decided to revise my impression toward the subject...
Since becoming a useful test subject is synonymous with my value going up.
The next stage is a TRICELL facility under bioterrorism conditions.


Abraham Jackson

Mar. 2012

No way, you put in a request for combat.
Risking your life to train, I love it...

Since valuable combat data is available, you can dive into this facility until you're satisfied...
But don't die.

This facility is already extremely tedious for you. A new trial awaits you.


Apr. 1, 2012

Abraham Jackson

Commence recording. Arrived at the Mediterranean island in approx. 20 travel hours. Deca-Nose is here, damn.
My rival on CQBZ, the guy stone-cold refuses to acknowledge it. What the hell's going on?

Particularly notable in this experiment is the bioterrorist souvenir Cerberus.
They're swift formidable foes with advanced hunting abilities.

Deca-Nose is desperate to conceal his fluster.
He suggested changing the next mission.
I wonder how the changes will affect the survival rate?
Which brings me to the main point, he wants you to fail, don't you agree?


Apr. 3, 2012

Abraham Jackson

Deca-Nose has forced changes to the mission.
Subject must continue to remain for information transfer to base.
I'm worried about success being made harder.

Unlike conventional situations, this time you can use 180 degree turns to escape freely.
I've secretly increased the number of weapon placements.
Take notice.

Subject accomplished the mission of securing the sites without difficulty. Deca-Nose's face in that moment!
The guy's getting worked up and telling me to change the mission further.
I've issued replacement conditions.
Let's do it, but when you succeed we'll press on.


Apr. 4, 2012

Abraham Jackson

We need to completely humble Deca-Nose here.
The guy's a B.O.W. fanatic and is only interfering with this experiment.
He's our common enemy.
Finish the mission! I'm counting on you, 3A7.

The final experiment on this island.
The terms are to collect top-secret items and, if completed, we'll take off for the next quarantine zone.

Your commendable results have reached the organization as well.
Deca-Nose can't stop us anymore.
The next quarantine zone is a famous biohazard-stricken area.
I foresee encounters with new creatures. No end to this researcher's luck.


Apr. 2012

Abraham Jackson

I don't need to worry if you die anymore.
My mind's already flying with experiment designs to conduct in the new land.

You can run as wild as you like here.
Completely exterminate the monsters.

Evidently, it seems the objective I was assigned has been achieved.
Revival of the CQBZ Combat System.
Now my position will become unshakeable.


May 21, 2012

Abraham Jackson

This village is square one where the cult incident began.
However, the Plaga parasite wasn't able to be eliminated entirely.
We can still conduct experiments thanks to that.

These Ganado are manipulated by the recessive Plaga, a weakened parasite.
They're not as tough as in the past but they're more of a threat than Zombies.
Be careful.

Having heard gossip about you, a person of influence in the top brass will be coming for an inspection.
It's a rumor but that person seems to be extremely feared within the organization. Disturbing... I wonder what sort of person they are.


May 22, 2012

Abraham Jackson

The man in the organization's top brass has come for the inspection.
Let's pray our experiment attracts interest.

The recessive Plaga occasionally produces an abnormally strong Ganado by mutation.
Since it's a significant enemy, you should avoid direct confrontation.

The executive seems interested in the test subject who survived the mutated Plaga.
He asked two or three questions but his expression never changed. Wonder if I should take the opportunity to pitch.


May 23, 2012

Abraham Jackson

The executive is inspecting the experiment on the side.
The man is unusually interested in this village.
He talks as though he was involved in the incident.
Who on earth is this guy?

The executive has requested top-secret data in situations with the mutated Ganado.
To make matters worse we have less stockpiles and have to reduce ammunition.

The top brass have promised to elevate the experiment.
At the same time, that man himself is legendary.
He made it quite clear that he's actually the proprietor of this experiment.
Getting in this guy's good books will be a shortcut to success.


Jun. 18, 2012

Abraham Jackson

I'm captivated by that legendary man's emphasis.
He tries to show off his power whenever the opportunity presents itself. So doubts have been nipping at me. I could inquire about his identity if I were so inclined.
I should collate the DNA data slumbering in the organization's library.

The Plaga has once again infested the site of the TRICELL incident.
We'll collect battle stress data here with multiple missions.
It'll be a long fight.

Is this guy someone we should actually fear?
I have never ending questions.
I'll confirm it behind closed doors.
I've obtained just one hair and...


Jul. 6, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

This experiment's chief researcher has mysteriously disappeared.
He was a truly serviceable man.
I got angrier when, as a result, I was summoned during my vacation.
I wanna deal with this experiment pronto and get back to the Caribbean and tequila.

There's a lotta wildlife in this place and the Plaga has parasitized African Wild Dogs.
These guys were dubbed Adjule.
You must be careful.

The guinea pig finished the experiment unconcerned with changing researcher.
I was expecting this fella to croak and the experiment to be over.


Jul. 8, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

Concerning my predecessor's disappearance...
Though various rumors are flying around, I'm handling the experiment and keeping my head down.
Digging would be dangerous.
"Curiosity killed the cat", indeed.

Here's the final test.
It won't be so easy due to the appearance of mutant Majini.
It'll depend on strength and luck.

The guinea pig broke through this barrier.
The experiment is moving to the next level. The next area's route and location are top-secret.
We'll be put to sleep while moving.
I know it's not respectable research, but what on earth could it be?


Jul. 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

Measuring Test Subject 3A7.
In truth I'm not interested in what this fella does.
However, the top brass are showing an unusual interest in this experiment.
I have no choice.

Additional mission in Kijuju District 12.
Try and see how much Majini you can kill quickly.

Though I'm not interested, the subject's combat abilities are unbelievable.
It's like I'm watching the U.S.S. in action.


Aug. 7, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

I awoke in this place. A reproduction of Raccoon City. Even has Zombies. Why was this place built?
Sticking my nose where it doesn't belong would be looking for death again.
I'll just conduct the experiment I've been given.

A town known the world over which nobody can go to.
Little ammo's been supplied, as if to reproduce the situation of those days.

Seems this town's environment was no threat to you either.
It's rumored that the Grim Reaper who advocated CQBZ escaped from this town.
This may be that guy's second coming.


Aug. 20, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

We've got the complete set of trial products from the firearms manufacturers so we're testing them out all at once. These companies are also sponsoring this experiment, we can't necessarily ignore them can we?

Mega-change in policy, we've placed new weapons and ammo this time.
Wonder what influence the doggies we've introduced will have.

The weapons could be customized for CQBZ use.
The sponsors will be satisfied with this report, for now.
That way they won't notice this experiment's true purpose.


Aug. 24, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

This is a critical moment.
This experiment is introducing mutant Zombies.
These unpleasant ones have terrifying combat prowess.
I wonder if CQBZ will prevail...

This mission is virtually a direct confrontation between mutants and the subject.
Which will survive?
I'm getting hyped.

I can't believe it! The subject has survived.
I imagine the next experiment will shift to a very small area suitable for close quarters combat.
There we'll assess CQBZ's true value.


Sep. 3, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

There's no place like here better suited for trying out CQBZ.
Only one room packed with Zombies and shielding.
First let us test with reduced ammo.

This hall's been reproduced in wonderful quality as well.
It's a little different from the former R.P.D.
Anyway, Zombies are nearby, so take care.

The boss called and informed me of an update to my contract.
If the experiment succeeds my contract deposit will be tripled and I'll be paid a special bonus.
It's my chance to begrudgingly get ahead.
I wonder if this is luck... Or...


Sep. 15, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

Lotsa noisy spectators today.
The engineers are inspecting, having been compelled by a certain pharmaceutical company.
That too is expected.
Since today's experiment is testing a certain life-or-death product...

New equipment has been placed.
The infected won't be able to sense you, just for a certain period of time.
If you can pick it up this Hell shouldn't be a problem.

The Zombie Jammer, which destroys the infected's perception, has been completed.
However we've yet to verify its effects on the human body.
In any case, I can easily expect it adversely affecting the human brain.


Oct. 13, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

The situation has changed. My order is "Ensure 3A7 is killed in an experiment."
The Zombie Jammer's been completed and this experiment is no longer hugely significant.
On the contrary, soldiers too high-grade lower the value of "Bio Organic Weapons", another crucial product.
That's why. I've got no choice.

The completed Zombie Jammer exerts its effect at all times.
However we don't intend to let you walk away and live.
The deployed mutant Zombies are immune to the jammer.
The final quarantine zone, the Antarctic Base, is a suitable last act.

The experiment was to have killed you!
Who are you?
I negotiated with the brass and was somehow able to get a second chance.
If I don't bury you next time, my life will be in danger.


Nov. 20, 2012

Beatrice Bertrand

Commence experiment with 0% survival rate.
The experiment's objective is merely to demonstrate the threat of Bio Organic Weapons.
The creatures no longer being a threat would be problematic.
So please, die.

As a result of killing monsters 3A7, you're now a monster yourself.
But... it's over.
You should die in this place where Alexia sleeps!

Bastard Reaper!
Why won't you die?
Are you a monster?
I don't want to die... Give me another chance!


Jan. 2, 2013

My predecessor was dismissed...
I'm charged with conducting a new experiment on 3A7.
Frankly my bad luck's turned around... much as possible...
This oughta be the highest difficulty experiment.
Whatever your equipment, it should be impossible to survive...
But... however...

You survived again...
All the researchers are afraid of you and started calling you "Grim Reaper"...