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Excella Gionne (BIOHAZARD 5)

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 1983
Date of Death: March 7, 2009
Gender: Female
Height: 175.1 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Excella Gionne

Excella Gionne was the branch manager of the African branch of TRICELL and was an inspector in the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies. The Gionne family she grew up in was the family of a well-known trading merchant in Europe, and on her grandmother's side she was also related to the Travis family, another famous European merchant family and the initial founders of "Travis Trading Enterprises", the precursor to TRICELL. She was proud of having been born and raised in a prestigious family and had a tendency to look down on others, particularly men, with her strong good looks. She was highly intelligent, arrogant and cold-blooded. 1 2 3


Early History

In addition to a talent for management inherited from her father, Gionne had brilliant intellectual power and majored in genetic engineering at university, where she skipped years. Her talent was valued by TRICELL, which her grandmother's family operated, and she became a member of the TRICELL Pharmaceuticals division at the mere age of 18. However, despite coming from the founding family, and how gifted she was, she was still from the minor Gionnes and was given only one of the dozens of in-house research teams. She took this as a considerable humiliation due to her personality.

Biological Weapons Business (2003-2006)

In 2003, Gionne was approached by Albert Wesker, who had his eyes on her talent and nature and schemed to make her rise within TRICELL so that he could use her high position of power and secure one for himself. He provided her with the top-secret information and technology he had stolen from the Umbrella Corporation, along with the t-virus and t-Veronica virus, and encouraged her to use them for biological weapons development. Armed with these, TRICELL's biological weapons development achieved rapid development. Furthermore, the blessing of the collapse of Umbrella, who boasted the top share in the biological weapons market, occurred at the same time and TRICELL was able to favorably expand their own share. This elevated Gionne's influence, being the greatest person who had rendered distinguished services in development, and she gradually came to control even the policies of the entire pharmaceuticals division.

In 2005, Gionne conducted an interview with TRICELL agent Jessica Sherawat and requested her to submit a report on the t-Abyss virus. TRICELL successfully received a sample of this virus from Sherawat and agent Raymond Vester after the incident on the Queen Zenobia.

Next, at Wesker's instigation, Gionne desired the position of branch manager of the TRICELL Africa branch. She successfully obtained this post using the findings of the biological weapons operation, and her own skillful use of flattery and extortion. By now, she had fallen in love with Wesker, who merely used those feelings in order to manipulate her and by extension, the TRICELL Africa branch, for his "Uroboros Project."

Uroboros Project (2006-2009)

In 2009, Gionne took office as the Africa branch manager and at Wesker's recommendation, her first order was the restoration of the previously abandoned "Umbrella Africa Laboratory." This laboratory was built by Umbrella for Progenitor virus research and was an absolutely essential facility for the success of the Uroboros Project. After the restoration, she secured research funds for the research on the Uroboros virus through the marketing of biological weapons by using Ricardo Irving, one of her pawns, as a trafficker. She actively and willingly aided Wesker with his ambitions, sharing his visions for an evolved humanity. Believing that she would become the "queen" of this new world alongside Wesker, she made it her business to ensure that everything went as planned.

During a field test of the new "Plaga Type 2" in Kijuju, Gionne used her position within the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies to issue a withdraw order to all BSAA personnel in the area. However, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar remained behind. After twice attempting to ensure they went no further, Gionne directly confronted the agents alongside Wesker and the brainwashed Jill Valentine. After their entrance, Gionne left and was later rejoined by Wesker as the two made their way to a TRICELL tanker to launch the final phase of the Uroboros Project.

With Wesker's plans in their final phase, he deemed Gionne expendable. He injected her with the Uroboros virus and sent her after Redfield and Alomar. Although she herself dreamed of the status as queen of the coming new world after the success of the project, she was injected with the Uroboros virus at the hands of the man who was to become her king, Wesker. The virus began to go out of control when it rejected her genes, and she transformed into a giant Uroboros creature known as "Uroboros Aheri, which burst through her body and painfully ended her life.


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