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Agency Overview

Formed: February 2, 2011
Jurisdiction: U.S.A.



FOS (Field Operations Support) was a support organization for agents of the United States government launched in order to strengthen the cooperation of operators who conducted the support and unification of U.S. agents scattered all over the world throughout the government's many agencies. 1


The FOS was inaugurated under the directive of U.S. President Adam Benford on February 2, 2011 with agent Leon S. Kennedy and operator Ingrid Hunnigan as founding members. The organization primarily supported the DSO (Division of Security Operations]], but it also supported all other U.S. agencies such as the USSS (U.S. Secret Service) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

Tall Oaks Incident (June 29, 2013)

Due to the large-scale bioterrorism incident and assassination of President Benford that occurred in Tall Oaks, all DSO agents were mobilized under the command of National Security Adviser Derek C. Simmons to assess the situation. Unable to grasp the true nature of the Bio Organic Weapons used in the incident, the dispatch of the army was difficult, and FOS-assisted agents became the true spearhead in resolving the incident.


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