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Source: Famitsu


Famitsu BIOHAZARD 5 Blog


Project Umbrella Translation



 Looking at Ryan's desktop, it appears preparations are quietly being made for the proposed operation No. 849276. Please see the mail sent on February 16 by the undercover agent Reynard Fisher. He describes the terrible state of the town of Kijuju and offers his opinion that it's impossible to deny that a bioterrorism incident involving a parasite known as the Plaga could be occurring.

 Based on this report, he's gained confidence that the mutations in Kijuju are due to the Plaga and is continuing his analysis. The Plaga is a creature that was key to an incident that happened in a European village town in 2006. Leon S Kennedy, an agent under the jurisdiction of the United States President, acted to put an end to the plans of Los Iluminados, a cult that had its sights on world domination through the use of the Plaga. But on confronting the real possibility of the same kind of bioterrorism in this distant African land, one can only be horrified at the depth of the roots of this "biohazard" (biological disaster).

 Also starting this week he appears to have been communicating with Reynard Fisher, receiving photos of the man thought to be the target of the operation, and communicating with Chris Redfield, who earned notoriety in the infamous Mansion Incident. If he, a member from the time that BSAA was first established, were to jump into action, this might signal that the operation was beginning.

 Also of interest is "Adam's Blog," which shows up in several files ( This is the blog of Adam who is currently living on-site in Kijuju. Adam, who went to the mines in search of work, writes this blog covering his day-to-day activities. Even BSAA personnel have shown interest in his site, which shows that they're attempting to elucidate local conditions. However, the blog is unfortunately all written in English.

Below I've tried to copy a summary of the contents of Adam's blog. First is a summary of his entries last year. I hope it's helpful for you all to understand what's happening in Kijuju.



 The situation is grave.
 It happened just after I finished writing this monitoring blog last night. My screen started acting up as I was checking the BSAA site again! During the panic, the site restarted all by itself and appears to have returned back to normal. It happened exactly at the moment I opened a chat window from someone who showed on my screen as "UNKNOWN," and I tried to receive a file about a man named Irving who was marked by the BSAA. Based on the behavior, it certainly appears to be due to a virus. The virus could also have an effect on me, who was looking at the site...

^ The guy at the far right is Irving. The thing that he's holding worries me.

 Even so, the sudden virus attack happened right after this exchange involving Irving. It's too perfect to be a coincidence. This should be considered an intentional attack carried out by someone. But who? As a journalist, I intend to formally interview the BSAA about this sudden virus attack incident, even though I may not be successful. Below is the record of my inquiry mail.

 Early this morning, I asked about the possibility of someone launching a virus attack from your servers:
1) Did an attack actually happen?
2) Can you think of anything that might have caused the attack?
3) Will this have any impact on future bioterrorism counter-strategies?
4) Who is Ricardo Irving?

 I don't know if I'll receive a response, but if I do, I'd like to report on the BSAA's reaction here in this blog.

 Below is a summary of the continuation from yesterday for the blog of Adam, who lives in Kijuju. I've provided a summary for all of January... it reflects a considerably restless mood. An agitator wearing dark sunglasses.... I wonder if it's that man I think I saw before.
 Also, after starting yesterday's blog, I was excited to read a comment from a reader of this blog that they would like to read the entire Kijuju blog. I hope to be able to report soon.



 It looks like the BSAA site's unusual behavior yesterday was in fact caused by a virus. I'm pretty sure it's the case because a vaccine program launched as soon as I connected to the site again today. Considering the strong security systems in place, Ryan thinks it may have been an attack within the BSAA launched by an insurgent element. (Having said that, I'm also sneaking a peak at his desktop).

 According to the file sent from AMADI to Ryan, a man named Irving is being followed by the BSAA and belongs to the Africa Branch Resource Development Division of the conglomerate TRICELL which has moved into the pharmaceutical business, and he supplies B.O.W.'s (Bio Organic Weapons) to the black market.

 The BSAA in question was founded through the investments of the Pharmaceutical Industry Association which feared societal condemnation after the Umbrella Corporation's collapse, and TRICELL has created both problem and solution by deploying B.O.W.'s (Bio Organic Weapons or live bioweapons). It's impossible to eradicate all traces of traitors.

 Other than the above, there is an unconfirmed report that Irving was in Raccoon City at the time of its demise in 1998. This raises questions about the source of this information. It should be possible to find more information by probing the BSAA some more...



 A deal with Irving, who the BSAA has been following recently, will apparently occur in Kijuju on March 5. This day will likely become X-DAY, the day the operation commences.

 Chris's attitude toward the operation has grown clear. This operation is a joint operation of the BSAA West Africa and North America branches. Chris will be brought on-site as an observer in order to ensure the objectives are fulfilled.

 Even so, being called "Mister BSAA" and being one of the Original Eleven, Chris appears to be held in extremely high regard. The Original Eleven refers to being one of the BSAA's founding members. The straight-arrowed Chris, even after joining the BSAA, probably continued to earn trust through his diligent work.

 Chris was originally a U.S. Air Force pilot. It's obvious his flying skills remain strong from how he deftly maneuvered the VTOL aircraft that was kept on-site in the 1998 Rockfort Island incident. When he was a member of S.T.A.R.S., his shooting skills were considered to be world championship class. This should be obvious from his activities since then. However, this skilled individual left the military after a difference of opinion with his superiors. Then, seeking his excellent combat skills, the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S special ops unit scouted him.

 Chris is a trustworthy but clumsy man who doesn't compromise his principles for any reason. The agents who met up at Kijuju would be expected to be good partners who understand Chris. For this reason, his S.T.A.R.S. comrade Jill Valentine was the ultimate partner. There is information floating around about this Jill that the public would find difficult to accept... The truth may be revealed someday.

 Meanwhile, it appears that members are gradually being chosen to participate in the tactical operation as an advance force. Dan Dechant is one member of the SOU/Special Operations Unit. He is a very experienced individual. He should be valuable to Chris when they meet on-site.

 There has since been a lot of progress in translating Adam's blog, detailing the tense situation in Kijuju. I should be able to report on the extreme situation there by this weekend.



 The African region called the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, where the BSAA's target Irving is planning to make some kind of deal. The BSAA is now making hasty preparations toward taking action against this deal, thought to be planned for March 5.

 Today and tomorrow, I plan to introduce the complete contents of Adam's blog, a man who lives in Kijuju. Even in this information age, little information about Kijuju is available to the outside world, and even the BSAA seems to be using his blog to gather information about the place. (...although they've also currently inserted Reynard Fisher, the skilled undercover investigator, on-site.)



 I'm surprised.
 I got a response from the BSAA to the questions I tossed them about the virus scare that happened early February 25 to the BSAA website. I had honestly given up hope that they would give any kind of reply. The fact that it took so long for them to reply suggests that they hesitated to respond out of difficulty dealing with the situation.
 My questions and the BSAA's responses are shown below.


 Early this morning, I asked about the possibility of someone launching a virus attack from your servers.
Q1) Did an attack actually happen?
A) Unfortunately, yes. However, it was not a large-scale attack targeting our servers, but instead an extremely limited attack on an individual's PC.

Q2) Can you think of anything that might have caused the attack?
A) As you know, there are currently around 3000 B.O.W. terrorism incidents each year, and the BSAA has made over 1000 deployments to stop such terrorist attacks. Therefore, we believe the reason behind the attack exists within the organization itself and that this attack was related to this.

Q3) Will this have any impact on future bioterrorism counter-strategies?
A) As I mentioned above, we face a variety of threats every day, not just limited to computer viruses. However, we have made all necessary preparations to deal with such threats. Even if we're the victim of a computer virus attack such as the most recent case, the fact is that our security systems activated normally to prevent the damage from spreading. Therefore, I can assure you that our bioterrorism counter-efforts will not be impacted by this or any other attack.

Q4) Who is Ricardo Irving?
A) Unfortunately, we have no information on this person.

BSAA North America Branch, Intelligence Analysis Office, Communications Section


 ...such a ‘canned' response. A tough counterpart. However, we are now starting to put together detailed information about Irving, little by little. A merchant of death who belongs to the TRICELL Resource Development Division. We can even see a photo of the building where his deal is expected to happen soon.

 The interesting thing here is that a photo of the woman that Chris chose as his partner, Sheva, has been passed around considerably within the BSAA since February 27. Especially interesting is Training_Photo2 (left edge of the photo below) obtained from the intelligence officer AMADI. This photo is noteworthy for showing her tranquil expression, shot during a lull in training. However, even more interesting is Training_Photo3 (right side of the photo below), sent without any word on the following day. It's believed to be a photo of the valiant Mr. Redfield during training... Was this also taken by the intelligence officer!?



 Only two more days until March 5, X-DAY. It seems the operation to shut down Irving has been largely planned out.

 Alpha Team (led by Dan Dechant) will attack the deal location using the highly mobile manoeuvrable vehicle "Gambit." Bravo Team (Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar) will infiltrate the deal location from the market. Delta Team (led by Josh Stone) will be their backup. With the addition of Kirk Mathison's helicopter, Dave Johnson's automobile, and Reynard Fisher who is already on the ground, and Irving all alone by himself, it seems nothing can go wrong. But overconfidence would be dangerous. I pray for their safe return.

 The above is an account of the operation in Kijuju, but of equal interest is an instant messaging conversation between BSAA analysts. Uroboros? They have a considerably dangerous discussion about things such as changing the global balance, or causing the end of the world. The normal meaning of Uroboros is a symbol that looks like a snake with its tail in its mouth. The continuity expressed by this symbol represents a grand cycle beyond the realm of humans, such as an infinite cycle of life and death. Hearing these words with this timing, it seems a little dangerous?
 After yesterday's favorable reply, I think I'll ask the BSAA about this Uroboros as well.
- It appears people are quietly talking about this word Uroboros. What does the BSAA know?
- Will the operation be affected?

 The operation might already begin before I receive a reply. Only God shall know the true meaning of these floating words. Or, if there is some being that's attempting to supplant God, there may be a hint there.



 Have you seen the satellite image of the Kijuju plaza? From the sky, we can see Adam, as well as the hopeless plaza.

 I'll leave the details to the BSAA site, but Chris and Sheva of the Bravo Team can be seen crossing here. I don't think they'll be able to just nonchalantly pass through.
 What happened to Adam after this entry has me concerned. This was the last post, in which he cries in pain. I await his next blog update. Or...

 After then, I got another response to the questions I sent to the BSAA. This time was much faster than last time. It seems I may have struck a nerve. My stinging words seem to have set them aback.


Q1. It appears people are quietly talking about this word Uroboros. What does the BSAA know?
A. We have of course heard of this word "Uroburos." However, it's believed that all information obtained up to this time is merely gossip, and we don't find it credible. However, we plan to carefully consider whether more detailed investigation is required.

We'd like to ask the mass media to, as much as possible, avoid creating a situation that would cause confusion by spreading unverified information. Such confusion would cause social anxiety, which could be the trigger for bioterrorist incidents. In order to build a peaceful society where bioterrorism has been eliminated, we hope the mass media will engage in restrained reporting of factual information only.

Q2. Will this impact the BSAA's activities?
A. We don't feel our operations at the BSAA will be impacted by whatever this thing called "Uroboros" is. Therefore, we respond that they "will not be impacted."

BSAA North America Branch, Intelligence Analysis Office, Communications Section


 Even so, I heard a rumor about Uroboros from another journalist who was talking about this subject. It seems Ryan is also starting to worry. Like the BSAA headquarters says, should we just discount this as gossip? I hope that Ryan takes action soon.
 Whatever the case, the operation starts tomorrow. I hope it goes off without a hitch. Hopefully nothing unexpected happens...



 Today is "D-Day." Are the BSAA members really about to infiltrate? Or, have they already done so under someone's order? No information has trickled in yet. I wish there was no time zone difference.

 As far as can be determined from Ryan's entry yesterday, it appears the operation about to be launched in Kijuju (or already launched) hasn't considered the possibility of a counter-bioterrorism attack. That's a problem. I hope that Chris and Sheva's especially small Bravo Team hasn't been isolated. Ryan's use of the term "Strike Two" suggests the possibility of a worst-case scenario caused by one unexpected event.

 It's imperative that an urgent investigation be made into Uroboros.



 It's been a day since the operation launch. But there's been no local news. That's too long even with the time zone differences. All we can do is sit and wait. The one good thing is that SOA M. Suzuki has been tasked with notifying the strike teams of the possibility of bioterrorism. This should also make them a little relieved. Even the instant messaging conversations between the BSAA analysts are all conversations about "not hearing a word." This was supposed to just be an operation against a single black market dealer. Perhaps the operation has already ended and they're just celebrating their success.

 I can't help but think about the latest situation surrounding Adam as well.

 Let's use this opportunity to review the BSAA a little. We'll begin from the time that infamous Umbrella Corporation virtually collapsed after being issued a business suspension order by the United States Government. The B.O.W.'s (Bio Organic Weapons) secretly manufactured by the company spread throughout the world. Their spread caused bioterrorism and the tide of world opinion turned against their rival pharmaceutical companies in the same line of business. The Pharmaceutical Industry Association, fearing being held responsible, immediately established an anti-bioterrorism task force. It was named the BSAA. With the growing threat of bioterrorism, the BSAA was reorganized before long as an actual special operations unit under United Nations jurisdiction.

 A pharmaceutical company inserting a private army resembles the case of Umbrella Corp. deploying the U.B.C.S. at the time of the 1998 Raccoon City incident. However, Umbrella's objective at the time was not to save lives like it appeared on the surface, but to collect data about the largest B.O.W. disaster in history. Anti- B.O.W. forces. This was an optimal case for learning the devastating power of B.O.W.'s as weapons.

 By becoming sponsors and establishing the BSAA, it seems unlikely that the Pharmaceutical Industry Association's goal is to gather B.O.W. data like the old Umbrella. However, the current operation's target Irving works for the conglomerate TRICELL, one of the BSAA director companies whose people have a considerable voice in the organization.

 Incidentally TRICELL is descended from a famous trading firm from the Age of Exploration. Since the late 1800s, separate divisions were established for resources development and a pharmaceutical division that performs proprietary research on materials gathered from African plants. It was named "TRICELL" for its status as a conglomerate with three divisions in sea shipping, resource development and pharmaceuticals.

 This discussion is meandering. I'm still waiting for information to come in from Kijuju.



 For crying out loud.

 The first information in days is about the fate of the BSAA's elite unit. What enemies did they encounter?  We can only pray for the safety of Chris and Sheva's Bravo Team, as well as Delta Team led by Josh which was deployed to the frontline as backup.

 Meanwhile, I was concerned about Adam, but his blog has been updated. He is OK. Here is the hastily translated content of his blog.



 Ryan's fears have been realized. His prediction of the possibility of bioterrorism in the quiet air of Kijuju Autonomous Zone didn't reach Chris et al via M.Suzuki.

 It's as if M. Suzuki had a sudden change of heart.

 Was there already a rebel in the BSAA's midst at the time of Ryan's memo dated February 24? Grey without limit. It would be impossible to contact M. Suzuki now as all contact's been cut.

 I wonder where M. Suzuki has disappeared to. I hope Ryan is safe.



 Something happened to my screen as I opened the BSAA's website to read Ryan's last communication.

 ...It might be my turn next for being too deeply involved. I'll withdraw myself now. As a last ditch effort, I'll document what was briefly shown on the monitor. Somebody, somebody please defeat Ryan's enemy...