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Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies

The Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies was a global non-profit NGO representing the research-based pharmaceutical companies across the globe. It had official relations with the United Nations and contributed industry expertise to help the global health community find solutions to improve global health.


The Umbrella Corporation, WilPharma Corporation and TRICELL were influential executive board members of the federation.

Between 1999 and 2003, as the lawsuits against the Umbrella Corporation progressed, the names of various pharmaceutical companies began to appear in the evidence presented by the prosecution. Umbrella tactfully adopted chemicals and technology developed by each company into every aspect of biological weapons development. If that had been all it wouldn't have mattered, but they commissioned development to each company and devised it so that they wouldn't realize some of it was for biological weapons manufacture. From the perspective of each company, it meant they unknowingly participated in biological weapons development. 1

Among the federation's member companies, the Umbrella problem had been regarded as the company's own problem. However, when the companies became defendants themselves, the story changed. They were about to be saddled with responsibility for an incident that killed 100,000 people. If they lost the lawsuit, the continuation of the companies was hopeless. Even if they were found innocent, the deterioration of their image would've had a massive influence on not only sales, but also the authorization of governments around the world. For the pharmaceutical companies, the drugs they develop not being approved was a death sentence in itself.

The member companies took countermeasures and approached the prosecution with a plea-bargain. In order to fully cooperate in the resolution of the case, the federation offered trade secrets to corner Umbrella and gladly provided them. This suggestion was accepted favorably by the prosecution, which burned with passion for the annihilation of Umbrella, and they shelved the prosecution of the federation's member companies. The companies also funded the civilian-led Private Anti-Biohazard Service to tackle biohazard outbreaks and bioterrorism attacks caused by Umbrella's biological weapons.

In 2004, the federation established the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) to combat the growing threat of bioterrorism.

In 2005, pharmaceutical industry leader WilPharma was bankrupted. It was purchased by TRICELL, becoming the most influential member company of the federation.

In 2009, the BSAA discovered that TRICELL was involved in the manufacture and sale of illegal biological weapons and the orchestration of a global bioterrorism event.


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