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Bitores Mendez & Ganados (biohazard 4)


Secondary Infection B.O.W. "Ganado"
Base Organism: Human



Encountered by Leon S. Kennedy during his mission in Spain to rescue Ashley Graham, the Ganado (Spanish for "cattle") were the mass result of the administration of the Las Plagas parasite by the Los Illuminados to the residents of a rural village in the Spanish countryside. The infected villagers were enslaved under the religious beliefs of Osmund Saddler, who also controlled the residents.

As well as the village residents, Saddler infected a group of zealots and began to gather a large militia.

Those infected with Las Plagas generally lose their individual will and rational thinking, and will become a hive-like social group. They retain human-level intelligence, such as the ability to understand and communicate with one another but are wholly subject to control of a "control Plaga". The Ganado were recorded by Leon S. Kennedy as having partaken in general, normal activities prior to his arrival, and were highly dangerous when an intruder became apparent.