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The H.C.F. (Hive/Host Capture Force) was a private special operations unit owned by Umbrella Co. It specialized in combat against B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) creatures and its objectives were to capture organisms and recover data for research and development. Its members were characterized by all-black uniforms.


Espionage Activities (Sept. 1998)

In September 1998, a H.C.F. spy infiltrated Rockfort Island and gained full access to all areas of the island's private residence. The spy obtained information regarding Alexia Ashford and her cryogenic sleep following injection of the t-Veronica virus into her own body, believed to be on the island.

Rockfort Island Incident (Dec. 1998)

On December 27, a H.C.F. team led by Albert Wesker attacked Rockfort Island to capture Alexia Ashford. Following an initial air strike, a strain of the t-virus leaked throughout the island causing many H.C.F. soldiers to become Zombies. After taking control of the island, it became apparent that Ashford was not there. To ascertain her true location, Wesker used the movements of Claire Redfield to lead him to discover that Ashford was in the Umbrella Antarctic Base.

After confronting Chris Redfield, Wesker left for the Antarctic via submarine and confronted Ashford to capture her, but he was forced to fall back and instead used Redfield as a pawn. Although Ashford was destroyed, Wesker and his remaining men recovered the corpse of Steve Burnside, who was injected with the strain of the t-Veronica virus from Ashford's body dubbed by Wesker as "t-Alexia." Wesker's team escaped the Antarctic Base prior to its destruction. Upon returning, the t-Veronica virus and other samples stolen by the group allowed the company to conduct further B.O.W. research.

In 2000, H.C.F. provided technical cooperation to the A-E Series to develop a B.O.W. able to bring enemy groups under control without resorting to battle.