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Il Veltro

Il Veltro (Italian; "The Grayhound") was a jingoistic Italian terrorist group responsible for carrying out the "Terragrigia Panic" in 2004. Its members all wore gas masks, concealing their true identities. The group's name was a reference to the great grayhound in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.


Veltro initially began as a student protest group, but gradually radicalized into a guerrilla terrorist group. Their de facto leader was Jack Norman, who commanded the group with absolute charisma. The group's name was a reference to the great grayhound in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, a creature that thrived on love, wisdom and virtue and would be the one to lift Italy out of sin and restore the country to its former glory. By choosing Veltro as their name, the group presented themselves as a kind of heavenly savior who would purify the world and crush the malignant avarice of human existence. However, their actions as terrorists corrupted them and directly contradicted the nature of the "Grayhound."

Veltro was a small and internationally unknown group for the majority of its history. However, in 2004 the group was approached by Morgan Lansdale, who provided them with the t-Abyss virus and suggested they use it in order to carry out a large-scale bioterrorism attack on the artificial city of Terragrigia. He provided them with a quantity of the Hunter B.O.W. along with a UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) to spread the virus and three cruise ships (Queen Zenobia, Queen Semiramis and Queen Dido) for use as mobile command bases.

The UAV was used to disperse the virus within the city while Hunters were released to kill those who avoided infection. According to the group's own statement, the attack was carried out in protest of exploitation. However, the group was betrayed by Lansdale, who turned the "Regia Solis" solar satellite matrix against them.

After the incident, the FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission]] announced that all key members of Veltro were eliminated in an FBC mop-up operation on their hideouts. However, Norman and the other Veltro members on the Queen Dido managed to survive. The video they left behind, which claimed responsibility for the Terragrigia Panic, was eventually used to raise Norman up as a martyr by certain extremists and was widely available on video sharing websites.

In 2005, Norman released a video threatening to infect one fifth of the Earth's oceans with t-Abyss. Meanwhile, FBC agent Raymond Vester and BSAA director Clive R. O'Brian orchestrated a fake "revival" of Veltro with copy-cat extremists in order to obtain proof of Lansdale's involvement in Terragrigia. The Veltro members on the Queen Dido were killed in a shoot-out with FBC agents, while others succumbed to t-Abyss infection. With the later death of Jack Norman at the hands of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance), the group was completely eradicated.