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Personal Data

Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White-Asian


Jessica Sherawat

Jessica Sherawat was a TRICELL agent who infiltrated the anti-bioterrorism organizations FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission) and BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance).

Her combat skills were high in contrast to her beautiful looks and fashionable dress sense, particularly with rifles. Her marksmanship rivaled the best of the best and she was especially skilled in logistical support. She was known for her extremely flirtatious personality, but was also a calculating individual and excellent spy. Her personal handgun was the Glock 18 Jessica Custom II.


Terragrigia Panic (2004)

In 2004, while undercover in the FBC and partnered with Parker Luciani, Sherawat was deployed to Terragrigia during the bioterrorist attack perpetrated by the terrorist group Il Veltro. The two saved FBC recruit and fellow TRICELL agent Raymond Vester. After the Terragrigia Panic, she became a triple agent by joining the civilian-led BSAA ostensibly to act as a mole for Morgan Lansdale. In truth, she reported information on both organizations to TRICELL executive Excella Gionne.

Veltro Resurrection Incident (2005)

In 2005, she was ordered by TRICELL to recover the t-Abyss virus. She collaborated with Raymond Vester on the mission while he also acted as a triple agent appearing to side with BSAA Director Clive R. O'Brian. Many of their later actions were deliberate feints to maintain their cover as they manipulated each faction. Misinformation spread by O'Brian led her to suspect the revival of Veltro.

She was partnered with Chris Redfield and sent to investigate a mountain range in Finland based on a piece of information supposedly leaked by an organization considered credible by the BSAA, reliable information about the existence of a terrorist plot that could be launched any day and sufficient reason to suspect the involvement of Veltro. Prior to the mission, she was interviewed by Excella Gionne and subsequently uploaded reports on the events that took place during her espionage until that point. 1

The pair witnessed a plane crash and went to investigate, uncovering that the plane was to land at . During the investigation, she repeatedly questioned Redfield about his relationship with Jill Valentine. After arriving at the airport, the pair discovered the Veltro crest and reported to O'Brian, who informed them that Valentine and Luciani were missing on the Queen Zenobia cruise ship somewhere in the Mediterranean. Redfield and Sherawat immediately set off to search for them by flying over the sea. After receiving presumed coordinates to the ship they immediately set off to find it. Upon boarding, they discovered that they were actually on the wrong ship, the sister ship Queen Semiramis.

Sherawat was instructed by Lansdale to destroy the ships to eliminate evidence implicating Lansdale in the development of t-Abyss. She arrived on the Queen Zenobia with Redfield and shot a masked man claiming to be with Veltro, a disguised Raymond Vester. Afterwards, Sherawat partnered with Luciani once again and went to the ship's bridge to delay it sinking. She suggested splitting up and prepared to activate the self destruct system in the bridge. Before pressing the button, Luciani aimed at her and revealed that Vester revealed her role as Lansdale's mole. Vester himself appeared and prepared to subdue Sherawat but was reprimanded by Luciani. She reached for her gun and fired at Vester, but shot Luciani instead as he threw himself in front of Vester. These actions were a charade in order to facilitate their escapes.

Some time later, Sherawat and Vester met in a café and she received a t-Abyss sample from him. She then instructed him to file the report about the incident for TRICELL.


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