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Jessica's Report

Jessica's Report is a report narrated by Jessica Sherawat which explores the background story behind BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS, part of the "REVELATIONS REPORT" DVD exclusive to Japan. It includes an interview with Jessica Sherawat conducted by Excella Gionne and a subsequent report on the t-Abyss virus. The interview and report take place one day before the events of the game.

Project Umbrella Translation

The Case of Terragrigia

It happened in 2004 at Terragrigia, the mega-floating city on the Mediterranean coast. By releasing the t-Abyss Virus like rain from an unmanned aircraft over the city, terrorists turned the ocean utopia into hell on earth. The organization claiming responsibility called themselves Veltro in Italian, like the great "Grayhound" from Dante's "Divine Comedy." How this internationally unknown group came to possess bioweapons... no one knows even today. At the time, the only thing known about Veltro was that it was nothing more than a student group that had become a radicalized guerrilla force.

According to their statement, it was a terrorist act in protest of development, but was this the truth? There's no longer any way to tell. This unprecedented bioterrorist attack changed the view of the world and was reported by the mass media as the Terragrigia Panic. The name "Terragrigia" would be forever remembered as synonymous with sadness.

It's been one year since that day. A piece of information was leaked by an organization considered credible by the BSAA, reliable information about the existence of a terrorist plot that could be launched any day and sufficient reason to suspect the the involvement of Veltro. Unbelievable, as according to official reports, all key Veltro members had been confirmed killed in an FBC cleanup operation on their hideouts. But in reality, there remains one exception. Jack Norman, their de-facto leader. There's a rumor that his body has yet to be confirmed. This information was not made public.

Jack Norman, who was believed to have led Veltro with his absolute charisma... The video he left claiming responsibility was used to raise him up as a martyr by certain extremists and is available even today on video sharing websites. Whatever the case, we need to take action quickly. It's in our power to determine the truth or falsity of this information. We can't allow this tragedy to be repeated.

Excella Gionne: Agent interview. Interviewee Jessica Sherawat. Recorded by an inspector of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies. Please tell me about the agents involved in this mission.

Jessica Sherawat: Is it okay if I speak subjectively?

Excella: Feel free to speak your mind.

Jessica: Chris Redfield... He was one of the Original Eleven members when the BSAA was founded. He has exceptional capabilities and close-combat skills. He was a member of the United States Air Force and can also fly aircraft.

Excella: Were you ever teamed up with him?

Jessica: No. Not until this mission. But don't you think this is the perfect role for me? I'll watch his back and he'll watch mine. "Jessica, are you okay?" "Yes, Chris. I'm fine." It'll be like a scene in a Hollywood movie.

Excella: Next, could you tell me about his background?

Jessica: All right. Chris' fight with biological weapons began in 1998 with the t-Virus leak in the Umbrella Arklay Laboratory, commonly known as the "Mansion Incident."

Excella: I see, it was during the time of the Raccoon City Police's S.T.A.R.S. This is one of his records that interested us.

Jessica: He's a modern day superhero... but without a mask or cape. He always comes out on top even in the most fierce battles. He honed his combat skills and eventually brought down Umbrella. His record's at the top of the BSAA, even.

Excella: I'm especially thankful to him as a member of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies. Our problem would've been bigger if he hadn't cornered Umbrella.

Jessica: It was for this reason especially that the federation created the BSAA and invited Chris to be a member.

Excella: Yes, we needed an organization and people with the necessary skills capable of fighting bioterrorism.

Jessica: Jill Valentine... she's one of the Original Eleven and came from S.T.A.R.S. like Chris. She's skilled with heavy firearms, comfortable in combat and can even pick simple locks. Oh yeah, I've also heard that she's skilled in bomb disposal. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of Jill's "goody two shoes" reputation. But I think her skills are deserving of respect. It's just business, so there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

Excella: Absolutely. There's no problem if results are delivered. Jill Valentine is one of the few survivors of the "Raccoon City Destruction Incident," correct?

Jessica: Yes. After the Mansion Incident, she stayed in Raccoon City and continued investigating on her own. It was two months later that the entire city became a biohazard. According to official announcements, the "t-Virus" had been neatly eliminated...

Excella: It wouldn't been inconvenient for anyone if the existence of bioweapons had been made public at the time.

Jessica: "For anyone"... that applies to the government as well. It was just after she'd escaped from Raccoon City that the government launched a missile and destroyed the city under the pretense of a sterilization operation... I'm sure she'll never forget that spectacle.

Excella: Is that because you experienced the same thing?

Jessica: Yes. But the only thing was able to feel then was a feeling of helplessness.

Jessica: Parker Luciani. He's an FBC trained agent.

Excella: Like you, right?

Jessica: He was a colleague from the FBC, so I know him well, good or bad. He's stubborn and doesn't listen to reason... Excuse my language... but he is a clumsy shit.

Excella: I see... So why did he join the BSAA?

Jessica: Parker joined the BSAA a year ago. I think you know why... the Terragrigia Panic. Unable to deny the truth that the decision made there was to save the FBC's face... this left him wondering. He tried to drown his problems with alcohol at the time... In the end, he decided to transfer to the BSAA in order to fight and protect even more people.

Excella: Yes, he certainly is a clumsy shit.

Jessica: Sort of endearing, but still... Keith Lumley and Quint Cetcham. It's easier to describe these two together.

Excella: It's fine if you talk about them as a pair.

Jessica: Indoor versus outdoor. Thinker versus doer. Cautious versus impulsive... To understand them, pair up every opposite you can think of. Quint specializes in information analysis and is good with machines, and Keith specializes in Special Forces operations with combat  experience... They're always having a difference of opinion and may appear to be fighting, but their skills are best utilized when they work together as a team.

Excella: What a perfect team... compensating each other's shortcomings.

Jessica: BSAA Director Clive O'Brian... He's taking direct control for this operation, so everyone's quite nervous.

Excella: That's unusual. Until now, he'd hardly ever taken the lead.

Jessica: He prefers to stay behind the scenes. He always says, "let not your left hand know what your right hand does."

Excella: "Matthew 6:3" from the Bible. The motive to seek fame is impure in itself.

Jessica: That's not all. "The wise pierce the silence." He used to walk around all high and mighty and never show his hand. His clothes are always rough and messy, but he's actually quite crafty.

Excella: He wouldn't be able to lead the BSAA if he wasn't. Wasn't he the only directly dispatched BSAA member during the Terragrigia Panic? I heard he'd had some feuding with the FBC regarding the solution.

Jessica: Hmm. The FBC should've had control on the ground. O'Brian's opinions as an observer could've been ignored.

Excella: Can you also talk about the FBC?

Jessica: The director of the United States anti-bioterrorism agency, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, or FBC. Morgan Lansdale. He was the FBC's first commissioner and is the only commissioner the FBC has ever seen. In other words, his power in the FBC is absolute.

Excella: You could call him a dictator. Nothing in the FBC, no matter how small, happens without his approval. There's probably a lot of information only he knows.

Jessica: But in the end, the FBC is the world's largest anti-bioterrorism organization. By appealing to the public, having newly learned of the threat of bioterrorism, he won Congress approval for a major strengthening of the organization. You could say that even this was only possible with the strong will of Morgan Lansdale.

Jessica: FBC agent Raymond Vester. When Parker and I were at the FBC, he was a bright-eyed new recruit. There are still stories about him sometimes.

Excella: I don't hear much good about him. Forceful searches, exclusive and non-cooperative with local law enforcement. I hear that he's also interfered with BSAA operations, and not just once or twice.

Jessica: Certainly seems that way. I haven't contacted him since joining here. So I don't know anything more than that.

Excella: Thank you. Your comments are very interesting. It's been a great help, including getting to understand you better.

Jessica: Your welcome. And my reward...? Oh yes. Could you approve the leave request I recently submitted?

Excella: ...All right then. But under the condition that you turn in some homework.

Jessica: Wow, I didn't know this was high school. All right then. Look forward to a great report.

t-Abyss Report

OK, let's get started. Sometimes, trivial things can grow into huge things in this world. Perhaps because mankind's true nature is trivial... A viral weapon is one of these huge things.

Most people have probably heard of the name "t-Virus." This viral weapon, developed by the former giant pharmaceutical company Umbrella Corporation, was famous in the industry. The t-Virus has a special characteristic of rewriting the genes of creatures it infects. The most prominent example of this is the infection phenomena of humans, commonly referred to as "Zombie." The true purpose behind this nightmarish virus' development was the production of biological weapons known as "B.O.W." genetically manipulated with the t-Virus' power, and exclusive control of the resulting arms industry. Hunter. Nemesis. Tyrant. So far many B.O.W.s have been developed.

For the researchers, their upward aspirations, leaving aside whether these are the right words to use, knew no bounds. Even today, after Umbrella Corp's collapse, research and development on viral weapons is certainly still continuing somewhere. Then, a viral weapon worthy of being called an improved strain of the t-Virus was born. "t-Abyss" used in the Terragrigia Panic. t-Abyss is a new viral weapon that genetically crossbred the t-Virus and a new virus strain "The Abyss" discovered in deep sea exploration. At present, t-Abyss is still a virus shrouded in mystery. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to obtain some data regarding rare cases of infection.

Ooze. This is the name we call people infected with t-Abyss. Dripping, just like the meaning of the word. I agree with the thoughts of the researcher who gave this name. They look like bloated corpses. Ooze are most skilled at appearing in unexpected places. They use their body's flexibility to move through various cracks or gaps and pursue prey. Their movement patterns are unpredictable. Their behavior patterns are believed to be rooted in instinctive desire, based on the drying up of liquid. This is thought to be due to the unusual consumption of body fluids during the spread of t-Abyss throughout the body. They don't eat flesh, but rather drink the blood of their victims to replenish their body fluids. t-Abyss infected persons and Zombies differ on this point. This leech-like organ inside their mouth is an evolved tongue for sucking blood. After capturing their prey, the Ooze bite into their victims with this tongue and suck the body fluids. There are hundreds of small teeth at the end of the tongue capable of individual movement. They cut apart the skin of their prey with these teeth to drink the blood and bodily fluids.

This is Scagdead, a variant mutation of an infected victim. It occurs in cases where the victim has a stronger resistance to the virus than usual. It's believed that this mutation occurs because the virus takes much longer than usual to spread. The incidence rate is one in a thousand. There's a limit to luck. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, they have no consciousness. Like a miswired mechanical doll, they only repeat meaningless words again and again. They have very high physical stamina. Their fat, swollen exterior provides superior protection from damage for important body organs.

Data No. 2 of variant mutations of infected persons. Sea Creeper. As the name suggests, it's a sea creature. She's unrivaled in water. Yes. I refer to the Sea Creeper mutation as "she" because it's only expressed in some infected females possessing the XX-type chromosome. The Sea Creeper silently creeps up on victims in the water and uses its six arms that grew from the effects of the virus to ensnare victims and use its entire body to eat them. There's no way to escape from her arms once caught. It's difficult to determine if a Sea Creeper is hiding in a body of water. But it may be possible to detect their presence with a bio-scanner.

That's all the data I've obtained on the t-Abyss Virus. I was only able to acquire data about infection cases and was unable to verify the existence of weaponized B.O.W.'s. But considering past history... it's not difficult to imagine that Bio Organic Weapons R&D is already underway. It won't be long before we encounter a new B.O.W. strongly reflecting the genetic influence of sea creatures. Currently there's virtually no t-Abyss combat data available. If we were to acquire it, the research should advance rapidly.

Jessica Sherawat. Yes. I'm not sure if this is a good report... I'll send it later... Sorry, it's almost time for my meeting. Let me take a quick break. All right then, bye.

Our work will never end so long as there are those who find use in bioweapons.
My vacation for today is over and a new mission begins.
As early as tomorrow...

Official Japanese Transcript

The Case of Terragrigia

無人飛行機から降り注いだt-Abyssウィルスの雨と 生物兵器の市街地投入により-
テロリストは海上のユートピアを この世の地獄へと創造しなおした
犯行声明を出した組織は ダンテ・アリギエーリの『神曲』に顕れる-
偉大なる猟犬になぞらえ 自らを"ヴェルトロ"と名乗った
国際的には無名のテロリストが 如何にしてバイオ兵器を入手するに至ったのか...
この当時 ヴェルトロについて我々には-
声明文によれば 開発反対を訴えてのテロ行為であるとされたが...
果たしてそれは真実だったのだろうか 我々に最早知る術はない
世界の価値観を変貌させた この未曾有のバイオテロは-
テラグリジアの名は哀しみとともに 人々の心に永遠に刻まれたのだ
BSAAに信憑性の高い機関から ある情報がリークされた
それは近日起こりうる テロ計画の存在を信じるに足る内容だった
そしてそこには ヴェルトロの関与を疑う余地があるという
公式発表では 潜伏先を特定したFBCの掃討作戦により-
だが実のところ 唯一例外が存在する
この男の死体は 今をもって確認に至っていないとの話があるのだ
この件は 決して公にされていない情報だ
圧倒的なカリスマにより ヴェルトロを統率していたと言われるジャック・ノーマン...
犯行声明時に彼が残した映像は 偉大なる殉教者として一部のマニアの間で神格化され-
いずれにせよ 我々は即座に行動を開始する必要がある


エージェント面談記録 対象者ジェシカ・シェラワット
製薬企業連盟 特別監査官により録音

ええ 感じたままでいいわ

クリス・レッドフィールド... BSAA設立時メンバーであるオリジナルイレブンのひとり
卓越した射撃能力と 近接戦闘格闘術-
アメリカ空軍に在籍していたこともあり 航空機の操縦技術も持ち合わせている
ないわ このミッションが初めてよ
彼の背中を私が守り 私の背中を彼が守る
"ジェシカ、無事か?" "ええ、クリス、問題ないわ"


クリスのバイオ兵器との戦いは 1998年 アンブレラ・アークレイ研究所で起こった-
t-ウィルスの漏洩事件 通称"洋館事件"に始まる
ラクーン市警察のS.T.A.R.S.時代ね 連盟が重要視した彼の経歴のひとつよ
彼は現実のヒーロー -マントとマスクはしてないけど-
歴戦に次ぐ歴戦の末も 彼は必ず生き残った
そしてそのたびに戦果をあげ 遂にアンブレラを壊滅させた
その経歴は BSAA内でもトップクラス
製薬企業連盟の一員として 彼には感謝しているわ
彼がアンブレラを追い詰めなかったら 我々の問題はさらに大きくなっていた

だからこそ連盟は BSAAを組織し そのメンバーにクリスを招聘したと...
そうね 私たちにはバイオテロに対することのできる組織が必要だった

ジル・バレンタイン... 彼女もオリジナルイレブンのひとりであり クリス同様 S.T.A.R.S出身
重火器の扱いに長け 実戦もそつなくこなし-
そうそう 爆発物処理のスキルも持っていると聞きました
正直 ジルの優等生っぽいところはちょっと苦手
でも 彼女のスキルは尊敬に値すると思っています
仕事は友達付き合いとは違うから それで問題ないでしょ?

いいわ 成果をあげてくれれば我々として問題は何もない

ジル・バレンタインは "ラクーンシティ壊滅事件"の数少ない生存者のひとりなんでしょ?
洋館事件後 彼女はラクーンシティに残り 独自調査を続けた
ラクーンシティ全体がバイオハザードに見舞われたのは その2ヶ月後よ
尤も公式発表からは "t-ウィルス"のことはきれいに抹消されていましたが...
あの当時 バイオ兵器の存在が公になることは 誰にとっても都合が悪かったのよ
"誰にとっても"... もちろんそれは政府にも適用される
彼女 きっとあの光景を一生忘れることはできないと思う
そうね でも私はあのとき 無力感しか感じることができなかったわ

パーカー・ルチアーニ FBCあがりのエージェントよ
じゃあ あなたと同じね
彼はFBCからの同僚 だからよくも悪くもって意味で... よく知ってる
彼は...頑固で融通利かなくて -不適切な表現でごめんなさい-
はっきり言っちゃえば "クソ"不器用

なるほど... それで彼はなぜBSAAに?

きっかけは... もうおわかりとは思いますが テラグリジア・パニックが原因よ
酒を浴び 自分を失わせてやり過ごそうとしていた時期もあった
より人々を守るための闘いをするため BSAAに移籍することだったの

確かに "クソ"不器用ね
そこがかわいいところでもあるんですけど 本当に

キース・ラムレイとクエント・ケッチャム この2人は一緒のほうが説明しやすいわ
問題ないわ 1セットで
インドアとアウトドア 思考派と行動派 慎重派と大胆派...
彼らを理解するには およそ思いつく限りの正反対の対義語を並べてみてください
情報分析を専門とし 機械ヲタクのクエントと-
特殊傭兵部隊での戦歴を持ち 実戦で鍛えたキース
2人はいつも意見が合わず 口喧嘩しているように見えるけど-
彼らが実力を最も発揮するのは 2人を組ませたとき
互いの欠点を自然と補う...と 理想的なチームね

今回の作戦指揮は 彼が直接執っているわ
珍しいわね 今まで彼が表立って指揮を執るなんて ほとんどなかったはず
"右手の行いは左手に知らせるな" オブライエンの口癖よ

『マタイ伝6章3節』ね 栄光を求める動機は それ自体不純である

それだけじゃない "賢者は沈黙を貫く"
飄々とした態度でかわし 手の内は明かさない
服装もラフでいつもだらしない感じだけど 実はああ見えて老獪なのよ
でなければ BSAAを率いることは難しいわ
確か... 彼はテラグリジア・パニック時に BSAAで唯一現地派遣されていたはずね
解決方法を巡って FBC側と確執があったとも聞いてるけど
どうでしょうね 少なくとも現場の指揮権はあくまでFBC側にあった
オブザーバーとしてのオブライエンの意見は ほぼ無視されていたと言っていいわ


初代長官にして 現在に至るまで唯一の長官よ
つまり FBCにおける彼の権力は絶対的
FBCでは どんな些細な事象も モルガンを通さなければ動くことすらできない
でも結果から言えば 今やFBCは世界最大の対バイオテロ組織
バイオテロの脅威を知った世論を味方につけ 大幅な組織強化を議会に承認させた
それも モルガン・ランズディールという強固な意志があってこそ成しえたとも言えるわ

私とパーカーがFBCにいたころはまだ新人で かわいい後輩って感じだったわ
強引な捜査 現地警察に対しても排他的で非協力的
そうみたいね こっちに移籍してから彼とは連絡取っていないの

ありがとう あなたの見解は興味深いわ
どういたしまして ご褒美は...
そうね こないだ出した休暇申請の受理でお願い
いいわ ホームワークの提出が条件よ
ワオ ここってハイスクールだったのね
じゃ交渉成立 素晴らしい報告を期待して

T-Abyss Report

ウィルス兵器も そのひとつだ
"t-ウィルス" この名前に聞き覚えのある人も多いだろう
巨大製薬企業であったアンブレラ社が開発した このウィルス兵器は-
t-ウィルスには 感染した生体の遺伝子を組み替える特異な性質がある
その最たる例が 通称"ゾンビ"と呼ばれる人体への感染現象だろう
この悪夢のウィルスが開発された真の目的は t-ウィルスの力で遺伝子操作を施した-
"B.O.W."と呼ばれる生物兵器の製造と それによる軍需産業の独占支配にある
研究者たちのあくなき向上心は -この言葉が適切かどうかはさておき-
そして t-ウィルスの改良型と呼ぶに相応しいウィルス兵器が誕生した
t-Abyssは深海探査で発見された新種のウィルス"The Abyss"と-
t-Abyssは現段階で まだ謎の多いウィルスである

命名した研究員の感性には同意するわ 彼らの風貌は まるでふやけた水死体よ
ウーズの特異性は 何より神出鬼没であること
彼らは身体の軟体性を駆使して 様々な隙間や空間から移動し 獲物を追いつめる
ウーズの行動原理は 水分の枯渇に起因する本能的欲求にある
体内のt-Abyssが増殖の際 過剰に体液を消費するためと想定される
肉を喰らうのではなく 獲物の血を 体液を貪り啜るところが-
獲物を捕獲すると ウーズはこの舌を食いつかせて体液を吸引する
舌の先端表層には数百もの細かな牙があり ひとつひとつが別個に稼動
この無数の牙で 獲物の皮膚を切り裂き 獲物の血液を 体液を喰らい尽くすのだ

これは "スキャグデット"と呼ばれる感染者の突然変異種だ
ウィルスが通常より長時間かけて浸食した結果 特殊な変異を遂げると考えられている
ホント ラッキーにもほどがある
残念ながら -いえ 幸運にも...かしら- 彼の意識はない
回路を繋ぎ損ねた機械人形のように 意味をなさぬ言葉を繰り返しつぶやき続けるだけだ
耐久力は 極めて高いレベルといえる

感染者の突然変異種のデータ その2
そう "彼女" と呼ばれるシークリーパーへの変異は-
ウィルスの影響で増殖した6本の腕で獲物を捕獲し 体全体で摂食する
だが バイオスキャナを駆使すれば その存在を探ることができるかもしれない

入手できたのは あくまで感染ケースについてのみであり-
だが これまでの経緯からして-
生物兵器の研究開発が すでに進められていたであろうことは想像に難くない
手に入れられたならば 研究は飛躍的進歩を遂げるはずだ
ええ どうかしら 素晴らしい報告かはわからないけど 後で送るわ
ごめんなさい そろそろ待ち合わせの時間 少しは休暇を楽しませて
ええ それじゃ
バイオ兵器に利用価値を見出す人々がいる限り 私たちの仕事に終わりはない
今日の休暇は終わり また新たな任務が始まる
そう 明日にでも...