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Kodoku Virus

The Kodoku virus was a special t-virus variant developed by the research team of Alex Wesker and perfected by her chief researcher Dirk Miller.


In 2003, Alex Wesker was commanded by Oswell E. Spencer to travel to a research facility on Sonido de Tortuga Island and conduct research on the t-virus for immortality. 1 Deviating from the search for immortality, she formulated the Kodoku Project based on the theory of optimal survival of the fittest and developed a virus to create an ultimate controllable B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) with high intelligence and combat abilities.

In 2006, Wesker abandoned the island and travelled to her stronghold on Sushestvovanje Island in the Baltic Sea, taking all of the researchers, test subjects and research material with her, but leaving behind Miller with the developmental virus. Over the next eight years, he disguised himself as a shaman to the local village, avoiding detection by Spencer's men and taking advantage of the islander's superstitious nature as a means to obtain test subjects.

In 2014, Miller perfected the virus by pitting B.O.W.'s against each other in combat and extracting the recombined virus from each victor for subsequent experiments until only a single B.O.W. remained. He then created two superior B.O.W.'s using the perfected virus. However, he was killed by Julie, a female agent of ordered to steal the research results of the former Umbrella Corporation. She successfully stole the virus, but was forced to use it on herself to avoid death following a Zombie attack.


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