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Personal Data

Date of Birth: c. 1977
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian


Leon S. Kennedy

Leon Scott Kennedy was an American agent and former police officer. He survived the viral outbreak incident in Raccoon City and became involved in activities focused on destroying the Umbrella Corporation, harboring an intense resentment for bioterrorism. He had a strong sense of justice and put the safety of others above his own with excellent physical strength and decision-making ability. After receiving special training as an agent, he displayed a great degree of comfort in dangerous situations by telling jokes on top of his general lack of fear. He was a calm, composed and witty individual with the flexibility to take bold actions in any situation. 1 2 3 4 5


Early History

In 1998, Kennedy graduated from a police academy. Although he had little practical experience, he was able to make up for it with his youth and abilities. He held a passion to do everything he could to help those in need, but would get annoyed when others didn't follow orders he felt were in their best interest. His personal handgun was a Heckler and Koch VP70M he nicknamed "Matilda" after the movie "Léon: The Professional", and his personal emblem was a skull. 6

Around the time of his graduation, he was intrigued by the bizarre murders cases in Raccoon City and applied for a position in the R.P.D. (Raccoon Police Department), which had set out to recruit new officers to deal with a growing level of crime in the city. After his successful application, he visited the city police station, where he received the R.P.D.'s newly-issued armored uniform and met several officers to arrange his training, including Kevin Ryman with whom he quickly became friendly with.

On September 28, Kennedy broke up with his long-time girlfriend and passed out in a motel after getting drunk at a party in an attempt to ease the pain of his break-up. As a result, he overslept and began the long drive to Raccoon City already late for his first day. Due to the media blackout surrounding the city and the lack of radio contact with the R.P.D., he was oblivious to the ruined state it was now in. The R.P.D. itself had already been wiped out, a fate Kennedy avoided with his lateness. 7

Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)

At around 20:00 on September 29, Kennedy was able to enter Raccoon City despite the military blockade thanks to the military's decision to pull back to avoid casualties. Shortly after his arrival, he encountered "Zombie" creatures in the streets and met Claire Redfield, who had also just arrived in the city to search for her brother Chris Redfield. After saving her life, they were separated and resolved to meet up in the police station. After reuniting and discovering that the R.P.D. had been wiped out and Chris Redfield had already left the city, they decided to rescue any remaining survivors and escape.

Kennedy witnessed the deaths of several survivors and encountered William Birkin, who had transformed into a creature known simply as "G." He contemplated the thought of committing suicide, but refused to give up due to his determination to save Sherry Birkin. In the police station's underground parking lot, he met Ada Wong and believed her story about searching for her boyfriend, an Umbrella researcher. Their cooperation gave them time to be close together, and after he saved her from being shot, her feelings began to change. After initially leaving him to search for the G-virus, she returned to save him from a Tyrant. She was seriously wounded in the process and confessed to having fallen in love with him. 8

Enraged over Wong's apparent death, Kennedy took the G-virus sample she had acquired from the pendant of Sherry Birkin and threw it away. Unknown to him, this allowed Umbrella agent HUNK to recover it. He regrouped with Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin in the underground transport tunnels. However, he was confronted by the Super Tyrant. Wong returned and threw a rocket launcher to him which he used to destroy the Tyrant, filling Kennedy with doubt about her survival. He boarded a freight train to escape and finally eradicated "G", and successfully escaped the city with Redfield and Birkin. He swore he would not rest until Umbrella was destroyed.

Due to his wound and Birkin's weakened state, he exchanged contact details with Redfield and told her to go ahead and find her brother. Afterwards, Kennedy and Birkin were taken into custody by the U.S. military. However, they had both learnt too much about the existence of biological weapons the government wished to keep confidential. Kennedy was detained by an intelligence agent having attracted the interest of a secret military agency as a rare individual; a survivor of Raccoon City with anti-B.O.W. combat experience and excellent survival skills, physical strength and decision-making ability. The agent proposed that he work for the organization or be killed. Kennedy closed his eyes and accepted in order to ensure Birkin's safety. 9

The fear and tragedy Kennedy experienced in the Raccoon Incident triggered a strong resentment for Umbrella, biohazards and bioterrorism. He joined the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team, a secret military agency established within U.S.STRATCOM (United States Strategic Command) under the direct control of the U.S. President. He was given a primary mission named "Anti-Viral Weapon Protocol No. 7600", the eradication of the viruses manufactured by Umbrella, and began to receive special agent training. He participated in O.R.E. (Operational Readiness Evaluation/Exercises) as part of his training.

Despite his exemplary capabilities, he needed to learn much more than he learnt at police academy, and his training as an agent required many days of hard work. Even after becoming an agent, it was rare for Kennedy to speak about the Raccoon incident. Government officials curious about the circumstances of the incident asked him about it out of interest, but he simply avoided it. The only person he spoke to about the incident was a high-ranking official named Adam Benford, the man whose interest in him led to his recruitment. Their like-minded sense of duty to eradicate bioterrorism led to them becoming friends. 10

Anti-Umbrella Activities (1998-2002)

In October 1998, Kennedy requested for a private detective friend named Ark Thompson to investigate Umbrella's activities on Sheena Island. During the course of Thompson’s investigation, the island became the site of a second t-virus outbreak and the "Tyrant Plant" on the island was destroyed. In December, Kennedy located Chris Redfield using his connections within the U.S. intelligence community and attempted to inform Claire, but found her missing herself.

On December 27, Kennedy received an e-mail from Claire and learnt of her confinement on Rockfort Island. After relaying this information to her brother, Chris asked him to arrange a rescue mission before setting off on his own to save her. After hearing of the events on the island and Umbrella Antarctic Base from Claire and the government's own investigation, he learnt of the existence of the t-Veronica virus and Albert Wesker.

During his training, Kennedy heard a rumor that Ada Wong was indeed still alive and was actually a spy in Wesker's organization. As an agent, he began to mature and became more prudent with his behavior, but had a sense of humor and occasionally cracked jokes. He displayed proven abilities and became well-trusted by the U.S. government as a top agent. Over time, Kennedy discussed the prospect of an "agent organization" with Benford.

Operation Javier (2002)

In 2002, Kennedy received a special mission partnered with Jack Krauser, an experienced soldier in U.S.SOCOM (U.S. Special Operations Command). The objective was to locate Javier Hidalgo, a drug lord suspected of B.O.W. possession and contact with a former Umbrella scientist who had escaped American custody. During the mission they encountered a t-Veronica carrier, Hidalgo’s own daughter Manuela Hidalgo. At Krauser's request, Kennedy informed him of the events in Raccoon City, Rockfort Island and the Antarctic Base as he quietly listened.

After fighting their way through Mixcoatl Village, Javier Dam and finally Javier's residence itself, the trio managed to destroy the V Complex together, preventing the worst environmental disaster in history. Kennedy saved Manuela from allowing herself to die as a human, believing that there had to be another way to resolve her infection. Kennedy returned with Manuela, who was taken into government custody. Krauser was forced out of the military due to an injury sustained during the operation and Kennedy was later told that Krauser had died in an accident. Unknown to Kennedy, his mercy had unleashed the darkness in Krauser's mind. 11

Plaga Incident (2004)

In 2004, the government conducted careful and extensive investigation of Kennedy's background, mentality and experience. He was determined to be well-suited to the protection of VIPs. As his first assignment, he was scheduled to join the security detail of Ashley Graham, the U.S. President's daughter. However, shortly after completing his training, she was abducted on her way home from her college in Massachusetts. Normally a large team would be deployed to search for her, but since there was growing suspicion that someone had accessed highly confidential internal information, the government chose Kennedy, who had completed background checks, in order to protect the secret investigation. Before departing, he traveled to San Francisco and hired Joseph Kendo to manufacture a high-performance firearm for him. The completely new handgun was dubbed by Kennedy as the "Silver Ghost." 12

Reliable eyewitness information from the FBI on a sighting of a girl being withheld by a black-clothed group led Kennedy to a rural mountain village in Southern Europe. Upon his arrival, he encountered seemingly crazed villagers known as "Ganado", as well as other creatures throughout the surrounding region, and he was left with no choice but to engage with force. During his investigation, he realized that this was not just an ordinary ransom kidnapping and discovered that the mass insanity was a result of infection with a parasite known as the Plaga purposefully spread by a cult named Los Illuminados. 13

During his mission, Kennedy was captured and injected with a Plaga egg and later encountered Ada Wong. She both avoided and aided him throughout his mission. He also encountered Jack Krauser once again, who now also belonged to Wesker's organization. However, he had no time to be surprised by their appearances. Kennedy was able to kill the key members of the Los Illuminados, Bitores Mendez, Ramon Salazar and Osmund Saddler, and safely rescued Graham. Before escaping, he obtained a dominant species Plaga sample and was held at gun-point by Wong and forced to hand it to her. She escaped and activated explosives planted all over the island, but provided Kennedy with the key to a jet-ski to escape.

Upon his return, he wrote a report on the Ganado (known as the "Leon Kennedy Report"), a confidential document only available to the BSAA and his own agency. Kennedy's determination and success in the case earned him the complete trust of President Graham. In his mission report, he mentioned the activities of the Los Illuminados and the responsibility of Jack Krauser as the culprit behind Graham's kidnapping, but also referenced the involvement of Albert Wesker’s organization as the "remnants of Umbrella."

Harvardville (2005)

On November 14, 2005, Kennedy was ordered by the President to investigate a bioterrorism attack in the Midwestern city of Harvardville, where the t-virus had leaked in the city airport. He planned an infiltration of the airport with Angela Miller and Greg Glenn of the city's S.R.T. (Special Response Team) in order to rescue a group of survivors, including Senator Ron Davis. After locating the survivors, he met Claire Redfield again and successfully escaped the airport. After updating Ingrid Hunnigan on the situation, he continued his investigation to stop the terrorists responsible for the attack.

With the help of Redfield and Miller, Kennedy uncovered a conspiracy involving Curtis Miller and former Umbrella researcher Frederic Downing. Downing plotted to sell the t-virus and t-vaccine to the leader of the Republic of Bajirib, Miguel Grandé. He manipulated Curtis Miller to orchestrate a series of field tests to record the performance of the products, and was persuaded by Downing to inject himself with the G-virus as a means to expose the truth of the government's involvement in the Raccoon City incident. Kennedy managed to escape the new G-Creature with Angela and recovered the t-vaccine and its development data after Downing's arrest.

The next day, Kennedy and Redfield explained the entire situation to Angela Miller before parting ways. Soon after, Claire introduced Kennedy to her brother Chris for the first time, even though interactions between their respective organizations were highly restrictive. She believed the meeting was an important step in breaking down the barrier between the U.S. government and the BSAA. With Ingrid Hunnigan observing, they shook hands, conversed for a little while and parted ways. The details of their conversation were kept classified.

On February 2, 2011, Kennedy became a founding member of the DSO (Division of Security Operations), a new secret military agency established by U.S. President Adam Benford as a successor to the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team based on Kennedy's advice. 14

Eastern Slav Republic (2012)

In 2012, Kennedy was taken off his vacation and dispatched to the Eastern Slav Republic under orders to investigate B.O.W. usage in the country's civil war. However, he was ordered to pull out immediately after his arrival, but ignored the command knowing that if the use wasn't stopped here, it would continue to spread. After arriving at an arranged drop point with a dying CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent, he was rendered unconscious and captured by the rebels. He was interrogated by Alexander Kozachenko but escaped after an attack by government soldiers. He fought against a new type of Ganado and escaped to a church where another rebel named JD urged him to stop Kozachenko from injecting himself with the Plaga.

He failed to stop Kozachenko and encountered Ada Wong, who warned him that the city was soon to be sterilized. He returned to the church and was forced to kill a mutated JD. He made his way to the presidential palace and discovered a re-purposed underground nuclear shelter housing a Plaga "hive." Wong explained to him that they were a synthetic species, but the two were discovered by Svetlana Belikova, the nation's President. Kennedy was able to escape with the help of Wong and cooperated with Kozachenko against several Tyrants. Soon after, the two were saved by a joint invasion force of the U.S. and Russia. Knowing that the Plaga was likely to kill Kozachenko anyway, Kennedy shot the Plaga within him. The bullet hit and Kozachenko was left paralyzed from the waist down, but alive.

Tall Oaks & Lanshiang (2013)

In June 2013, President Adam Benford informed Kennedy of his intention to reveal the full truth behind the Raccoon City incident in his speech at Ivy University in Tall Oaks. Despite feeling it would be problematic, Kennedy followed Benford's determination wholeheartedly and agreed to stand with Benford at the presentation as a witness to the Raccoon City incident.

On June 29, Kennedy was in town for the speech. Alongside USSS (United States Secret Service) agent Helena Harper, the two fought their way through Tall Oaks in order to reach the cathedral, which Harper claimed to hold the truth behind the incident. They encountered Ada Wong, uncovered National Security Advisor Derek C. Simmons as the man behind the incident, and failed to save the life of Harper's younger sister, Deborah Harper.

Kennedy and Harper managed to escape the catacombs beneath the cathedral only to witness the obliteration of Tall Oaks ordered by Simmons. Kennedy contacted Hunnigan and discovered that Simmons was making his way to China, and requested that she fake their deaths. Along with Harper, he boarded a plane to China, but this action was preempted by Simmons, who ordered that a Lepotitsa B.O.W. be prepared on-board to kill them. Kennedy managed to kill the creature by plunging it out of the plane, only for the plane itself to crash in the middle of Lanshiang.

Kennedy and Harper met Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller at the crash site, but their encounter was short-lived due to the appearance of the Ustanak B.O.W. The four fought subdued the creature, but were separated. Soon after, Kennedy encountered Chris Redfield while they both chased down Carla Radames, who Kennedy believed to be Ada Wong. This led to a brief confrontation between Kennedy and Redfield, but out of their mutual respect and trust, they allowed each other to press on with their respective missions.

Kennedy and Harper pursued Simmons and managed to defeat his mutated form, but were embroiled in a sudden attack by a missile loaded with the C-virus. They conveyed information to Redfield about Muller harboring antibodies necessary to create a vaccine against the C-virus and were able to reach the Quad Tower with the help of BSAA. They were once again confronted by Simmons. With the assistance of Ada Wong, they were finally able to destroy him and escaped in a helicopter provided by Wong, who also supplied evidence implicating Simmons' involvement in the Tall Oaks incident. Upon their return, Kennedy gave Harper back her gun and informed her of her innocence.


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