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Situated in the southern hemisphere, Antarctica is home to a number of key research stations as well as the birthplace of Alexander Ashford's "Code: Veronica Project" - the genesis of the Ashford twins.
Located in the American midwest, the Arklay region was a focal point for Umbrella's facilities - including the Management Training Facility and the Arklay Research Facility.
Also known as Caucasia. Located in southern Russia, near the countries of Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. One of Umbrella's last key research facilities was situated here, under the command of former colonel Sergei Vladimir.
The cradle of humanity, Africa for the most part is a destablised region prone to geopolitical instability. The mother virus, Progenitor, was discovered here.
Europe is widely regarded as the origin of Western culture. Many central Umbrella facilities are located here, including Umbrella Europe - headquartered in Paris, France.
In order to evade international authorities, Umbrella set up a number of offshore facilities to act as laboratories and research facilities, such as Rockfort Island and Sheena Island.