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Los Illuminados (biohazard 4)

Los Illuminados

Los Illuminados (Spanish; The Enlightened Ones) was a cult based in a rural area of Southern Europe that worshipped the ancient Plaga parasite and sought to use the parasite's "power" to gain complete control over the world.


The Illuminados' plans were initially halted by the first castellan of the Salazar family, who persecuted the the cult and sealed away the Plaga in fossilised form within the basement of the Salazar family castle.

At some point, the latest leader of the cult named Osmund Saddler managed to fascinate the young eighth castellan, Ramon Salazar. He convinced Salazar that his family had wrongly persecuted the cult in the past, and that releasing the Plaga once more would be the ultimate restitution. Salazar was charmed by Saddler and released the parasites. Later, Saddler traveled to the local village and earned the loyalty of the village chief, Bitores Mendez. They began long and public religious readings for the villagers, and recruited many to excavate the fossilized remains of the Plaga. However, the parasite managed to survive in spore-form and infected the villagers.

Southern Europe Incident (2004)

At some point, the cult managed to take over an offshore island base and organize a Ganado militia along with a heavily armed battleship. Saddler began to hire researchers and ordered for the development of a genetically modified Plaga that could allow the host to retain their consciousness and control the normal Plaga. Upon completion of this artificial species, he administered it to Salazar and Mendez and convinced the villagers to undergo a "blood cleansing ritual" that would transform them into Ganado.

The cult began conducting experimental biological weapons experiments with the Plaga on living hosts in order to create a new type of B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon). A plan was then devised to kidnap the daughter of the U.S. President, Ashley Graham, and use her to begin infecting others within the U.S. government with the Plaga. The cult hoped to control the entire nation by infecting Congress, the Department of Justice, each administrative body, the military and private business giants with which they would permeate their power and destroy the democracy. From there, they would take control of the entire world.

In 2004, the three key members of the cult, Mendez, Salazar and Saddler, were killed by U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy. As a result, the cult was destroyed.