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B.O.W. Model: "Majini"
Base Organism: Human



The Majini was a humanoid B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) created by administration of artificially improved Plaga species "Plaga Type 2" and "Plaga Type 3" with the goal to create soldiers with superhuman physical abilities and a normal human appearance at a faster rate than the natural Plaga. It was identical to the Ganado but with more violent tendencies and the ability to proliferate among a population. 1 2


After the Plaga was recovered from Europe and came into the possession of the TRICELL, the company's bioweapons dealer Ricardo Irving suggested immediate application for the parasite in bioweapons research. 3

Researchers assessed the parasite for prospective use in biological warfare and decided to increase its natural effectiveness as a weapon. Although the Plaga's growth was by no means slow, there were many hasty individuals among the company's customers. If the parasite was ineffective when required "immediately", it couldn't be marketable as a product. Through biological and genetic remodelling, they created the Plaga Type 2 which removed the parasite's weakness to sunlight and sped up host assimilation, improving its proliferation as a weapon.

In laboratory experiments, an average of 10 or less seconds was recorded between administration of Type 2 and control of the mind. It inherited features from the original species, including the preservation of intelligence and dependency on the physical capabilities of a human host. Since application as a weapon was a prerequisite, the ability to control parasitized hosts was performed through the use of sound rather than the dominant species Plaga. In addition, the parasite's assimilation rate remained the same as the original species and the parasite displayed more varied mutations within hosts as a result of the genetic remodeling. 4

Another improved species was created by transplanting genetic transcription factors of the dominant Plaga into the subordinate Plaga. This new species Plaga Type 3 demonstrated even greater mutagenic qualities and led to more severe physical changes on a host as a result of the dominant species' influence. During a field test using the Ndipaya tribe as test subjects, Type 3's assimilation rate to adult males was found to be 92%, the same level as the common subordinate Plaga, but its assimilation rate to women and children was approximately 0%. The Plaga was worthless as a weapon without a high assimilation rate at its foundation. However, it wasn't simply a failure. Rapid improvement of physical abilities was achieved to some extent as originally targeted and remarkable evolution was realized in jumping power. 5

The data obtained from the Plaga Type 3 field test enabled TRICELL to improve it, yielding further intelligence and controllability. The accumulation of practical application data with Plaga Type 2 hosts was required to market it as a product and a field test was organized in the Kijuju autonomous zone. The local infected population would engage trained soldiers of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). Samples were given to ten previously infected individuals who then spread the parasite throughout the entire town. As the parasite continued to propagate, several variations of human hosts were observed in which the parasite demonstrated alternative reactions based on varying physical properties. As in the case of the Ganado, highly adapted hosts became Chainsaw Majini, with other types including Big Man Majini and a unique Executioner Majini.


Type 2

A Majini created with Type 2 possess capabilities identical to Ganado created with the regular Plaga. However, it was more violent and aggressive and capable of creating new parasites in its body and then expelling them from the mouth in order to force the adult parasite into the mouth of an non-host human. As the parasite's weakness to sunlight was removed, Type 2 was able to reveal itself at any point during the day, but was still susceptible to sudden extreme light such as that of flash and stun grenades.


Type 3

A Majini created with Plaga Type 3 possessed increased jumping power, but displayed several side-effects. The eyes became a dull yellow and the skin began to rot off, exposing muscle tissue and giving a grotesque appearance. Its intellect degenerated and initial subjects were observed to revert to ancient customs, but the parasite was later improved and subjects retained intelligence and were capable of using firearms. Some early hosts also demonstrated an increase in height, known as Giant Majini, an effect caused by either the influence of the dominant species Plaga factor in Type 3 or a special adaptation.



The term "Majini" is Swahili for "evil spirits" or "demons" etc. Human hosts were named as such by weapon dealers based on their original location of Kijuju, where the main language was Swahili.


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